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NileThe burb has more 12v outlets then Virginia has smokers. I'm not so much worried about people peering inside, me and my pal Bill Ruger travel together.

I don't want the thread to end up talking about Marathon tires...So...what's your favorite vodka?

I think the PP has some pluses, I won't become a full timer for another 2 months, hopefully I'll have a better view of whats out there first.

Thanks for letting me know what to expect with a flat (nothing). Of course, if my TT was a Fiat, I'd hear it first making that noise "wop wop wop".. Laugh! It's a joke and I'm 2nd generation Italian.

Nile-that is really scary, witnessing it on a bike behind is a religious experience, you never follow a truck the same afterwards

I'm a true bum, working less and living longer.

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I don't dump on Marathon tires any more.
I dump on the whole ST 65 MPH class of tire.
I have had failures of Marathon and other brands.
I have read of others who have had nothing but trouble with the ST tire on other than Airstreams.
Castita is an example.
They have had their fair share of ST troubles.
The Federal Government requires the ST tire class be a 65 MPH tire to be labled ST, so the industry builds down to that standard.
So be it.
In my mind any tire that you have to check the pressure in every time the tire cools down is just bad.
I have only added pressure (dry nitrogen) once to my LTs and that is because the temperature has dropped over 50 degrees from when the tires were installed on the rims.
Its not just Marathons, its the entire class.
To date my Pressure Pro had not alarmed falsely one single time (two seasons). I bought it when I had ST tires on my trailer. I continue to use it because it is cheap insurance, very cheap.
Like I said before "slow down or buy better tires". I run between 60 and 65 MPH. I bought better tires, not higher load range tires.

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Vodka! we don't need no stinkin' vodka!

Originally Posted by jacarape
I don't want the thread to end up talking about Marathon tires...So...what's your favorite vodka?
Anything. Since it only goes in the drains.
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We noticed our blowout...

I'll speak up for other side of flat tire experience.. We had tread failure and blowout at freeway speed on our 25' tandem axle, and it was immediately noticed. There was a change in noice level, and a vibrating or buzzing sound associated with tire no longer perfectly round passing over pavement... Trailer did not handle noticeably differently, but it was obcious from driver's seat and buzz in steering wheel that something to the rear had changed status...

After coast-down and pulling off the freeway onto exit lane (conveniently placed by Cal Trans for our use..) it was the front tire which failed, and the tread exited under the rear tire, thus sparing the sheet metal and plumbing, and leaving a few rubber pieces and cord fragments dangling from the jack stand screw and rear bumper beams... It is possible to drive trailer with 3 of 4 tires functioning, at slow speeds and for short distances, which is perhaps better option than remaining stranded on busy highway in unsafe location...

In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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Effective warning system

My experience with tire monitoring systems is with the OEM equipment supplied on my 2005 GMC Yukon. The system warns the driver with a message when the tire pressure drops below a threshhold value. I recall it to be in the high 20's. I can then monitor the decay rate in the specific tire and react accordingly. This allows me to stop before the tire overheats and fails from low pressure. Very effective when the cause of the pressure loss is due to puncture by road debris.
If the pressure pro system works similarly, then it can save a lot of grief and expense.

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Flat Tire

I was going down I64 happy as a lark.
My wife had just checked the pressures of the tires prior to entering the Hampton Roads Tunnel. All was at 65 PSI.
Upon crossing over the Little Creek overpass (heading East) the monitor alarmed. at 57 PSI.
I pulled over on the wide sholder of I64 between Little Creek Road and Tidewater Drive, monitor just alarming.
I got out and noticed the tire pressure indicated, it was 28 PSI and the right rear tire.
When I got there the tire really didn't look flat. So I waited.
It finished going flat.
I changed the tire.
I was sold on the monitor.
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leaky valves often start just after checking air pressure. my dad was very talented for that. with a monitoring system, he could call me daily with the current tire pressures ;-)
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We can tow it!
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Rivet Having had four trailer flats in 2007, count 'em 4

Originally Posted by jacarape
I've not yet experienced the joys of a flat or a major failure, but from the cab of the TV, what alerts you to tire problems that require immediate attention?BR-michael
Fortunately we had no blow out flats so far, knock wood, for us 2007 has been the year of the flat. My hubby is ready to work in a pit crew changing tires... Our tow vehicle itself gave us no clue, its a Dodge 4x4 pick up with Cummins diesel so its pretty strong.

We noticed flat #1 and 3 through our mirrors, flat # 2 having a person run up to us at a stoplight, and flat #4 finding it when we got to a campsite. I guess its just good luck we didn't find out in a disastrous way. The hard part in cities you don't know well can be finding a decent place to pull over and safely change the tire.
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One way to at least reduce the chance of a blowout, is to have a good tire shop replace the air in the tires with nitrogen.That way, the pressure will remain fairly constant, especially when driving on blisteringly hot asphalt in the hotter regions that many of us travel to.
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73% of what we put in our tires is nitrogen. The principal difference seems to be moisture. See here and here (and too many others to count).

5 meter Langford Nahanni

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True enough about the 73%, however the effectiveness of 100% nitrogen can not be disputed in high heat/low heat/high load conditions.
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Funny you should ask that, Jacarape. About three days earlier, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at 10:30 AM after a potty break at a Mississippi rest area, we experienced a catastrophic flat to the right rear of our 25' Excella that has resulted, so far, in over $2500 in damages... and we ain't fixed yet!

TV is a '99 1500 Suburban with the 5.3 V-8. Seems we must have hit some metal or other debris as we departed the rest area and started up the hill. Couldn't get up to speed. Nasty thumping and jerking, but no loss of control. Topped the hill, got up to speed and knew without a doubt that "Houston, we have a problem." Long slowdown to the shoulder tore the living daylights out of the trailer outer fender, inner wheel well, radius moulding, freshwater fill, pump and wiring to same, and destroyed the forward end of the aft lockers.

It was an hour and a half on the side of the Interstate for this 57 y.o. open-heart surgery survivor to change the tire. Not a soul could be troubled to stop ... not even Mississippi State Police. Changing the tire was the easy part -- it was hacking away at the ABS outer fender with a Ginzu knife that had collected as a hard lump of plastics between the two tires so the tire could spin freely that took all the time and nearly put me back in hospital.

A lovely, soft-spoken young woman at Camperland RV Sales went above and beyond the call of duty to help us find a pair of tires at Ed Cheney's Tire Sales in downtown Meridian.

They got us fixed up with two tires and checked all of our tire pressures and back on the road in less than two hours on the day before Thanksgiving! Amazing service. A tip of the old fedora to the guys down there for helping out this old reprobate yankee hippy!

We made it the rest of the way to our destination in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before 7PM. Here we sit. At least there's a service ceneter only 30 miles away. If this had been home in Maine, it'd have been closer to 200 miles! My wife's job is in jeopardy because we have not returned in a timely manner.

Neither the local shop nor the manufacturer's service department in Ohio would be able to see us until after the seasonal holiday period. Given my growing distaste for snow and cold weather, I decided that having to stick it out here in sub-tropical Louisiana beat the heck out of freezing my beard off in the parking lot at Airstream in Ohio in two foot of the white crap (with more on the way). I guess we'll just have to let my house freeze this year. Miss our dog, though. She's having an adventure as guardian of a young lady about to have twins! Looks like Willow the Wonderdog will be around for the blessed event!
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On my '77 Excella 500 31' towed by a '92 Chevy 1500 Z71, I heard a loud noise like a shotgun blast and then a shudder until I pulled off the highway. The rear streetside tire tore itself apart and bent the rear outrigger parallel to the ground. One and a half feet of sheet metal was torn and dented in toward the floor. Insulation was observed floating down the highway as viewed through my side view mirror.

On my '86 Sovereign 25' towed by my '01 Chevy 2500hd, the front street side tire blew after intense heat from the drum burned up the inner bearing lube and the bearing failed. A broken brake spring caused the shoes to rub up against the drum making it cherry red. I heard what sounded like a high powered rifle going off behind me but felt nothing from the trailer. I don't know how much the Hensley hitch had to do with this but a tire monitoring system is in the works in the future.

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By the way, make that a 25 foot Excella.

Damn fingers...

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