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I want 35 degrees....will replace soon

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Marathon tire failures are widespread. When searching through a boating forum that I also follow, I found that boaters also have problems with Marathons. In fact, you could just replace the words "Airstream" and "wheel well" with "trailer" and "fender", and you couldn't tell the difference in the rhetoric. (Evidently, blowouts rip the entire fender off of boat trailers.)

There was even one boater that had 5 out of 6 Marathons fail in one outing. One tire blew and took out the other two on that side, and the fender. A check of the other side showed that the belts had slipped on two of those. Sound familiar?

Also, it looks like that RV survey was done by Sam's Club, not Costco; though this is probably a moot point, since both advertise in this manner.

It's really hard to get Goodyear to admit there is a design problem, when there isn't enough of the tire left to analyze. Everyone always blames the driver for driving on underinflated tires. There are a lot of us in the southwest desert areas that know the dangers of underinflation and check our tires religiously. (Remember the Ford Exploder tire problems.) And, we still had Marathon failures.

I think the simple fact is that you get what you pay for. Marathons are around $100 and Michelin XPS Ribs (all-steel) are $275. Which do you think lasts longer, without blowouts? I am just upset that our Bambi didn't come with 16-inch wheels so that we had the option to spend a little more for better tires. I guess, of course, we can just buy whatever we want; but I feel that a travel trailer like an Airstream, for which we paid a premium, should have come with a better set-up on tires. We shouldn't have to constantly worry about blowouts and repairs to wheel wells and whatever gets torn off by alligators.

Uh, oh... sorry, got to ranting...

Anyway, I hope to have this era behind me soon with new 16-inch wheels and XPS Ribs. I weighed replacing two dry-rotted XPS Ribs that still have a lot of tread on them, versus sitting on the side of the road for six hours on the Indian Reservation in northern Arizona waiting for a tow truck to come from either Colorado or New Mexico to fix a blowout and pull us out of the Lake Powell-like sand on the shoulder. After thinking about the long wait and the $400+ towing bill, that couple of hundred dollars for 16-inch wheels and tires is a bargain, with peace of mind.

(Sorry, again, about the rant...)

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Here is the Good Sam survey:

Originally Posted by CrawfordGene View Post
Zig', good link, though the link in the link for the complete survey does not seem to exist any longer. I would have liked to have seen more detailed results.
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Originally Posted by SilverCottage View Post
Thanks, that link works.

While it's easy to criticize the survey just like any survey, it's more information than anecdotal accounts.

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the earlier posts make no mention of WHO conducted any survey/s...

simply that a summary was published in the costco club members "connections" mag.

do doubt someone in their marketing department surfed, found and summarized.

is it easy to criticize?

sure, about as easy as posting bad info or intentionally misleading info in a tire thread.

the survey is simply a COLLECTION of anecdotes.

it's a survey, nothing more.

and it's NOT about the tires, that is a important distinction to understand.

like most of these surveys

it's a collection of data about people and their thoughts and behaviours.

as it RELATES to round rubber black things.

as an example most of the people rate their "knowledge" about tires as 7 or above...

yet they don't use the tire DATE code for age, think the inflation tables are recommendations...

and so on.

again it's about the people (who RESPONDED) and their behaviors and perceptions.

basically it quantifies the random anecdotal reports (like those here) in a group of tables.

and there is no need to criticize it UNLESS the clueless readers try to make something from it...

that doesn't exist.

OR vendors use it to promote the need 4 their products or services.

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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I agree with 2air.

A truly valid study is proactively proposed with defined parameters established BEFORE the study is launched, and there must be "control" comparisons to establish statistical significance--not an anecdotal survey of experiences and observations.

His observations and comments are spot on. Because of so many individual variables we will probably never resolve the issue of "those round rubber black donuts".

Prudent initial travel and daily monitoring with tire rotations and inspections are most likely the best answers. Timely replacement of out-dated tires is also paramount.

BUT, having said all this, peace of mind is also very critical. We can alter our perspectives with information, but can we really change what we "believe"?
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once confidence is lost it is tough to restore.

and buying into "new" piece of mind is often the choice/alternative.

3-4 years ago when the gym bashing was at FULL bore,

folks mentioned how much better maxxis or LT or greenball or almost anything else was...

at the time it was clear that millions upon millions of gyms and some failures...

could NOT be compared to a few 100 or 1000s of tires from other makers.

the forum was also buried in folks bashing ANYTHING made in china,

even though most of the gym tires with issues came from ONE plant in canada, which was being mothballed,

or were ancient tires with 3 digit date codes.

switching to anything else to GAIN piece of mind is as valid a reason to switch as most other reasons...

but then when THAT new security is lost, it gets harder to find another 'safer' strategy.

whenever the axle, shock, build quality, wheel balance, tire, lp gas on/off, fridge level, 'soft ride' threads run...

i often recall the h.l. menchen quote that goes something like this...

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple...

and wrong.

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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everything 2air said and more

I have 3 trailers, a slide in truck camper, and a 390xl motorhome. I have had my share of tire issues, however, in the years/miles I have used RV's, I have found that tire issues have decreased conversly to the amount of attention I spend maintaining my tires. I have done this for 3 reasons: safety of me and those I care for, protection of my equipment (trailers, truck, mh,etc), and to stop the un-necessary reduction of my checking account!
Through the continued attempts to educate myself during this duration of time, I have discovered that for me several issues are important.
a) weighing my units is absolutely necessary to find out what tire capabilities are required ie. size, weight ratings,etc
b) knowing the weight ratings of my trailers, mh's and trucks
c)utilize the above knowledge along with weight tables to KNOW what tire pressures are required for each unit
d)with the resulting knowledge, make sure every morning, prior to sun heating of the tires, check and adjust the tire pressures to the proper setting; and make sure I do not overload the unit or the tires!
e) Protect the tires from UV rays! When stored, I use covers. When traveling, I use a GOOD UV protectant such as 303 on the sidewalls.
f) I used the knowledge gained from a and b to buy the proper tires when a purchase was needed. My tire purchase now is guided by the standard of 5-6 years for trailer tires, and 7-9 years for the motorhomes. Truck tires normally when wornout. The trailer and MH tires very rarly have the tread worn out. The time sequence is suggested by many tire manufacturers. They say, tire emolients do not migrate through the tires as much as desirable due to the fact most RV's are not used as frequently as our autos& pickup trucks. If they are, then the manufacturers say change sequence times can be increased.
g) when making my tire purchases, I insist on tires whose birthdates are very recent- refusing them if the tires are more than 3-4 months old. I also insist on new valve stems every time.
Not saying this would help anyone other than me, however, I do use all these units, and I have not had a tire failure in the last 6 years. Not saying it won't happen again, however, it sure has been nice as the problems reduced in frequency, and, as you can see, most if not all were actually free!
safe travels all,
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All this is informative but a mute point once you have a bad roadside experiance . I had a 28ft dico trailer for 7 years and never changed a tire and it sat around in storage much more then my coach does and I had it fully loaded with construction equipment for the duration I owned it. I really dont remember ever checking the tire pressure either. Somebody explain that without mentioning luck. The fact is everything and I mean everything is being built cheaper and corners are cut more then ever even the newer Airstreams seem to be built cheaper then they once were but the price never seems to go down or even stay the same. Take the form fill issue that seems to be a hot topic, how much extra would it have cost AS to avoid this issue? My quess is not much. I believe and it's my opinion that AS is living off of their past reputation much like Goodyear.

No amount of defense of Goodyear will change my mind. I will try every other tire manufacture before I even think about going back to Goodyear. The crux of the issue for me is that I expect expensive things to perform up to their expectation and if 3 years is all science can get out of a tire then they need go back to the drawing board.

I decide to purchase an AS because I understood that they were the top of the industry. Their price leads one to think it must be true. I spend way more time then I expected to maintaining and tinkering with it to keep it ready for the occational trip. When I think about just how much it costs me per day to stay in my AS as compared to a 5 star hotel makes me wince a bit . I have used my coach 30+ days per year since I bought it which I feel for a guy who isnt retired yet a fair amount of time. This tire ordeal isn't AS's fault but it's just a part that takes away the joy of owning an AS. It's one of the weak links in the chain that has me seriously thinking about riding my life of one more thing that just doesn't measure up to the hipe.
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Originally Posted by steelbird312 View Post
I also insist on new valve stems every time.
When I bought my new Towmasters and HiSpec aluminum wheels they installed stubby rubber valve stems rather than the metal valve stems. Their reason was that the metal valve stems can cause damage to the finish of the wheels.

I have always worried about the durability and safety of these rubber valve stems at 60 psi.

Who is right? Metal, rubber, or does it matter at this pressure?
Mike Brumback
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When I bought our last tires from Discount Tire, I asked them to install "high pressure" valve stems, since we would run 80 psi. They told me that the rubber valve stems they install on truck and trailer wheels are rated for that pressure, even though they look very similar to the ones used for passenger car tires. The Maxxis tires we bought in 2008 were run at 80 psi for the past 2.5 years, and the valve stems worked fine for this period.

Perhaps the Discount Tire representative on this site could comment...
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They told me that also when I noticed that they had replaced my metal ones with the "high performance" rubber ones. Two valve failures in the first 6 months convinced them to replace the stems with metal ones. I have had no failures with the steel ones in the past 18 months.


Wally Byam Airstream Club 7513
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the v s discussion has happened in several threads with relevant info...

there CAN be issues with 'externally metal' stems...

and there are 'internally metal' stems with rubber coatings.

pressures vary by CORE specs generally.

so there are low pressure full metal and high pressure externally rubber versions...

the MAIN issue is if one is using an external stem mounted tpms,

the stems need to LOCK/bolt (securely) on to the rim holes...

there can also be issues related to hub caps or improperly seated stems...

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Originally Posted by azflycaster View Post
They told me that also when I noticed that they had replaced my metal ones with the "high performance" rubber ones. Two valve failures in the first 6 months convinced them to replace the stems with metal ones. I have had no failures with the steel ones in the past 18 months.
I think also if you have a TPMS and if it is the type that comes with sensors that screw on like valve caps, they recommend metal stems. In fact the TPMS I bought came with a set of metal stems.

Good thing this subject reminded me though, because I'm hoping to get new tires in Tucson next month at Discount tire, so I;d better make sure they replace the existing metal stems with new metal stems!


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