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Go for it...

I feel your pain. I just purchased 4 Carlisle's - D load rating for my 1970 31' Sovereign. I can't afford to buy these again for a while, so I hope they are O.K. for a couple of seasons. Mine were made 11/07 and in China. I have only put about 250 miles on them, but so far, so good. Feel good towing - minimal/no swaying.

I was in the same place you are now, because before I purchased the tires, I read and read and read about all the negitive comments on each brand. I really struggled with the decision.

I wish you the best, and can say that once you make the decision to buy whatever you choose, life will be easier.



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Hi Dennis,

We went with another solution to the tire failure dilemma: after 4 out of 5 Goodyear Marathons tires that came with our 2005 30' Safari separated, we were not going to put another Marathon tire on our trailer. We switched to 16" rims and Michelin XPS Rib tires. You can see the thread here.

So far we have 5000 + miles on the Michelins with no problems. Others we know have had a similar experience after the change-over with no negative consequences. You can adjust the air pressure in the XPS Rib tire to the load capacity precisely given the inflation chart available at the Michelin RV tire web site.

I hope this helps.


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I see that AS is using 16 x 6 rims on the new Pan American 34 footer to carry the weight of the toy hauler. But the tires are Greenball Hiway Master. Sigh.

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Paul.......I really wish I had the money to go with all new wheels.......and yes, I know how much monetary damage can be caused by ONE failure.......It's on my list to do this; but not right now......When I need axles, disc brake conversion, and then switch out the wheels..........BUT FOR NOW.......

Scott and UTEE.........thanks for the thoughts and really for the understanding of the dilema......

At any rate, we are in Destin at the Army Rec till the 18th when we move on to a shoot for the Navy over at Jacksonville.........Get up....drink some coffee.....go down to the beach......lunch.....nap......get up and edit......cook dinner....edit some more......ahhhhhhhhhhh such a life.......
In other words, I can put off the decision till we move on the 18th so can sit back and research a bit more or just trust in HIM to take care of it.......Dennis
Dennis & Susan
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I love the Florida panhandle-- IMO the most beautiful beaches in all of the USA. You're a lucky man.
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Originally Posted by DKDarrow View Post
Does anyone use Carlisle tires? They have an E that is rated at 2830 lbs at 80 psi..........

Any feedback would be apprecicated as I need a set and am not gonna go with Marathons.

Dennis, I have the Carlisle radials on my 31' load E (2830lbs @ 80psi). The PO put them on 2 weeks before I bought the trailer 2 years ago. I have since put several thousand miles on them with no issues thus far. They are monted to the original aluminum mags and I inflate to 80 psi. They have never lost pressure and I have not had any issues with "rough ride".
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Originally Posted by DKDarrow View Post
Frankly I dont know what to do. I thought that the E's would give me that extra bit of insurance...
hi dennis...

it's a complicated decision process, and especially IF you've been bitten by a bad tire or 2...

i've seem many tire dealers/market insiders comments on going UP to a higher load rating...

customers think that more is better, but the insiders suggest otherwise,

even as they SELL the customer whatever they want...

unless the trailer is pushing the weight ratings 2 the next level (yours doesn't) there is NO good reason to select e rated tires...

the e rated tires have more rubber and are 1-3 lbs heavier per tire...

they do generate more heat, hold more heat and so on during travel...

the heat issue is made worse by running them at LESS than the rated psi, even IF the pressure is 'load appropriate' ...

regardless of brand (i'm fine with the gyms) they all suggest sticking with d rated tires and running them at 65 psi.

sometime more of something isn't better, it's just more.

again IF the trailer is primarily PARKED...

heat, weight and vibration are irrelevant, so an e rated tire inflated to 80 psi has no downside in that setting...

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

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So here is a suggestion that will remain useful no matter what you decide to do.
Since the tire failures are progressive not an explosion, get a good Tire Pressure Monitering System (TPMS).
Even if you stay with the ST tires you will be able to detect a failing tire long before it starts to come apart and beat up your trailer (in most cases).
If you stay with the ST tires you will be forewarned of problems.
If you go later on with a better tire they will cover you in case you hit something (board, piece of car, licence plate etc) on the road.
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It is hard to find a tire that is not made in China. Also I think if you dig deep enough you will find Carlisle Tire is actually owned by Goodyear. I just went with Marathons and keeping my fingers crossed.

Good luck,
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Originally Posted by DKDarrow View Post
Frankly I dont know what to do. I thought that the E's would give me that extra bit of insurance; but several folks that I know and respect their advice say to go with the D's. All I really want is to PREVENT a blow out.

Brand perhaps doesnt matter, purchase the grade of tire based upon weight rather than insurance of a stronger tire, run a high PSI (60), and replace every 3 years no matter what the mileage. Would this philosophy be the way to avoid blowouts?

So, what to do?...........thanks for your time and help......Dennis
Just to be on record, the only reason I have gone to E's is the amount of weight on my tires. The 30' Slide Out is the heaviest trailer that Airstream builds on tandem axles. I'm pretty sure we carry more weight per tire than a 34' unit over it's 3 axles.

If I didn't have this weight situation, I would have stayed with a D rating. Personally I would rather run a D at it's max cold inflation level of 65psi, than run an E, 15psi below it's max. As 2air noted that E will probably run hotter and heat is a tire killer.

Bottom line, you need to deal with a manufacturer with a good track record (hard to figure though), keep check on inflation and don't overload, keep check on wheel balance, look out for road hazzards and potholes, drive within the rated speed limitations of the tire, limit sun exposure when parked or stored, and replace the tires well before the tread indicates the need.

I don't have a TPMS, but I am going to seriously consider that in the future.

Jack Canavera
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All four of the original Marathon's that came with my 25' Safari failed (belt slipped) before three years or 25K miles. Since I'm very diligent (there are other adjectives for my astute observation skills) I've been able to catch each of them in time to have Goodyear replace them under warranty. Of course all of the replacements are Goodyear.

Last year I got a sidewall flat and the Goodyear dealer in Nowhere Maine only had a Chinese tire with the same tread pattern. I had them put it on the spare and am still on 4 Marathons. ($90.- for Chinese knock-off) My previous SOB had Carlisle's and the manufacturer paid for them to be replaced with Marathon's on a safety recall. (All 8 Airstream and 4 SOB tires = Load Range 'D')

POINT: I'm not sure any one brand is better than any other and only constant diligence will save you for now. I use feel, observation, and a digital IR temp. gauge (Radio Shack <$50.-) on hubs, wheels, and tires at almost every stop. My neighbor just returned from a trip to Houston with only 5 of the 6 tires he left with (34' Classic LTD), lots of damage and a hole in the belly pan.

IMHO: Go with the 'D' of your choice/price, inflate to 65 psi, and keep an eye on them. I'm not sure if there is any 'Silver-Bullet' for tires, a very common concern & subject.
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You guys give some really good thoughts and information......Most of all the honesty and lack of horn blowing is really appreciated.......Am going with the D's, inflate correctly, get that IR heat guage I have been putting off, check my lug nuts regularly, and stay at my best fuel consumption speed of 62.......

thank YOU all again, and please God, bless us in our travels...........Dennis
Dennis & Susan
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I also appreciate the honest feed back and advice on this thread... I have been called "paranoid" about tire failure, and I admit that it's true...the biggest reason being that we have a single-axle trailer and I do not relish the idea of dealing with a blow out or flat on the side of a busy highway. I do think Marathons have gotten a bad reputation simply because most of the Airstreams out there have Marathons, so of course we hear about those failures most often... I am convinced that it's poor tire maintenance that causes the most problems with tires, no matter what the brand—understanding that the majority of tire failures are due to a slow leak worsening—creating a heat issue—to the point of no return and total failure.

So we are doing what we can to reduce the risk of failure...we now use Pressure-Pros (which I also admit has reduced my "tire-anxiety" tremendously)...we keep the tires properly inflated, we torque the lugs before every trip, and we keep a general eye out for potential problems... I do understand that all this will not keep tire failure from happening, but it will sure help, and it will give us time to get the heck off the road if a problem is developing and we find ourselves throwing rubber and ripping aluminum.

By the way, check your spare when you check the pressure in the other tires...I have not been doing this routinely until our last trip because it was a pain to get out from under the Bambi... When I checked it I was shocked to find that the spare was down to 40 lbs! Yikes! The spare is no good to me if it isn't inflated properly! (It's much less of a pain to get the spare out and check it, than it is to have a flat spare.)
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After a lot of thought, research here, talking with 8 different tire dealers and their techs, I went ahead yesterday and got the Carlisle "D"s. Yes, I plan to be vigilant as to pressure and replacement dates. When I can, will get a monitor system for the tires; but different places for that money right now.

No real difference in towing etc; but a bit higher mileage by a mile or two.............Don't know if it's the trailer tires or the Michelins that I put on my 250 just a couple of days previously. We traveled over from Destin to here in Jacksonville yesterday and HERE IS THE QUESTION.....................

To a hand test at each stop perhaps every 100 or so miles yesterday, to a hand touch heat test it would seem that the front trailer tires were both a bit warmer than the rear ones.........Thoughts here would be appreciated as to the whys...........Thanks............Dennis

Dennis & Susan
D&D Farms, Sugar Valley, Ga
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