View Poll Results: Marathon failures on your Airstream
No problems. 81 60.00%
Tire failure was not caused by defect. [nail Etc.] 7 5.19%
Only one Marathon failed. 15 11.11%
Two or more Marathons failed. 21 15.56%
I switched to another brand tire. 19 14.07%
My Airstream never had Marathon tires. 9 6.67%
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Old 08-02-2008, 10:27 AM   #15
More than one rivet loose
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I lost one to a nail and one to a screw. I wore out the rest of them with 35,000-40,000 miles. I am on my second set with about 10,000 miles so far.

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Old 08-02-2008, 10:50 AM   #16
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Still have the original Marathons on our '05. They were made about 8 mos. prior to install. Will be replacing them before our next long trip because they've been sitting... chances are, we'll go again with Marathons and continue to check pressure/maintain.

Won't say what we haven't experienced with 'em... power of the spoken word...

Bill & Kim
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Bad Marathon, Bad Marathon

Since Marathons changed over to the radial design, I haven't had a failure or specific problem with my tires. I had one catastrophic failure of a bias-ply belted Marathon in 1982 -- the coach was a Skyline product, and the empty axle weight was found to exceed the weight carrying capacity of 13" load range C tires following the failure. The coach that experienced the tire failure was less than two years old the tires were OEM from the factory.

My Minuet came from the factory with Marathon bias-ply belted tires, and has been equipped continuously with Marathons according to the records provided by the original owner -- in fact, I still have an original spare that has never been on the ground. The current set of Marathons have been on the Minuet since 2004. My regular maintenance schedule calls for replacing these tires next season or prior to the next long trip -- I just returned from a 3,000 mile + trip with no tire problems -- maintained pressure at 50 psi for the load range C Marathons on the Minuet.

My Overlander was equipped with its first set of Marathons shortly after I purchased it in 1995. If my plans don't change, I will be purchasing new tires for the Overlander in the Spring as it is the coach that I am tentatively planning to tow to the International Rally in Madison. The tires currently on the Overlander are seven years old and haven't given me any trouble, but my only towing has been within 30 miles of home the past three seasons -- I don't want to chance the 530 mile trip to Madison with tires the age of the Overlander's current set particularly since I will be towing with my '75 Cadillac.

With all of my coaches, 60 MPH is my absolute maximum continuous towing speed with between 50 and 55 MPH my preferred rate of travel.

Kevin D. Allen
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Old 08-02-2008, 09:02 PM   #18
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The Bambi we have we bought used this spring. It's 8 years old, and had the original Goodyear tires on it. They had plenty of tread, and no weatherchecking. The previous owner had no problems with them, but the age made me nervous, so they were replaced with new Marathons. The originals were C load rated, which seemed to be marginal at best, and so I went with D rated. The original tires had no weights on them - the factory did not balance them. I ordered my new tires from Tire Rack, and had them balanced and installed by an independent tire shop (KO Tire in Elk Grove Village IL - highly recommended). I run them at 60-65 psi, and tow at 60-65 mph. They track well and seem to ride nicely - nothing out of place when I stop and check inside!
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Old 08-03-2008, 12:02 AM   #19
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Previous owner had LRC LT's Goodyears on the trailer. Replaced them in 2006 with LRD Marathons. No problems except one tire loses 1 lb per month when I am towing.

Have put 45,000 miles on the truck and I figure 35,000 on the trailer tires.
29' trailer loads out at 7300/7500lbs -600 hitch = 68% of load capacity.

Caravans to BC, Newfoundland, & Southwest. Next is the Cajun & Southeast Coast and then Alaska.
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I've got 4 on my flatbed equipment trailer. I think they are 5 years old. Starting to show some sidewall cracking. No failures yet. Hauls my big JD tractor and hay. 9000 on the tandems with the tractor loaded. Probably 6-7000 miles on tires. Been Florida to Ohio a few times.
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Old 08-06-2008, 09:39 AM   #21
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I have had Marathon's on my 98 unit since I purchased it in 2004. Life span for a tire is usually 5 years, depending if you leave unit parked long. Have had no problem with my tires but they are reaching that age that they should be replaced. I check them every time I go out on the road.
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Old 08-06-2008, 01:30 PM   #22
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So far, only a few people have made mention of the age of the tires. Tires age from the inside out. The DOT code and numbers are there for a reason.
The DOT code has either 3 numbers ( a really old tire) or four numbers at the end of the code. 0802 would indicate the tire being manufactured in the 8th week of 2002. The tires you install as new from a dealer could have been sitting on the shelf, inside a building, BUT THEY STILL AGE.
Check before you purchase.
(Rant Over)
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Old 08-06-2008, 04:25 PM   #23

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Thumbs up Never a problem..

Two AS over 20yrs, never had a Marathon failure on either trailer.

Our 03 still has the original set, with no plans to replace until an inspection reveals a problem. We are a little anal in how we store in the off season. (see attached).
Trailer never sits more than a week or two without being moved during the Season.

How many of you really change your tires because they are over age?,
and just what is too old?

Bertha, our 53 Ford still has the bias Firestone Wide Whites we installed back in 1976. According to some of the posts here I should be on my 8th set. Thats about $4800.00 worth of tires for about 1500mi of driving a year. 32years wthout an "age" related failure. Not so much as a flat. Worth it?
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I do

Originally Posted by ROBERT CROSS View Post

How many of you really change your tires because they are over age?,
and just what is too old?
A complete set of tires is CHEAP compared to an aluminum damage repair on my Airstream trailer from a tread separation failure.
Dealers advise to replace tires that are 5-6 years from their manufacture date.
Kevin with Baity the Lab/Pointer
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Old 08-07-2008, 08:05 AM   #25
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I have a 2004 25 Safari.
OEM tires were D rated 225 Marathons.
We tow about 10,000 miles per year; sometimes in extreame heat and occasionally on rough roads.
Tires are always balanced, air pressure is at 65 and we don't exceed 65 mph.
The first Marathon blew last summer in Navajo land after running 300 miles in extreame heat. Like other posters have mentioned, the failure was due to tread seperation. I purchased two no name tires D 225 tires in Moab, Utah because that was all that was available.
At the direction of my dealer I replaced the other two OEM Marathons in the fall of 2007 because the originals were three years old. The new Marathons were made in China.
This summer on a trip from Tucson to Florida one of the no names purchased the summer before in Moab blew--there was nothing left of it, except a little shreaded collar around each rim. I purchased 2 E rated Maxxis tires to replace the blown tire and the other no name.
The next day one of my "new" Marathons blew--again tread seperation. The tire wasn't totally gone like my no name. I replaced the blown tire and the other "new" Marathon with E rated Carlyses. Again that was all that was available. I continued on the rest of the trip (about 4000 miles with no more tire failures.
My conclusions:
1. It is ridiculous to have to replace a three year old tire because the OEM tires are shoddy.
2. D rated Marathons are just as likely to fail as no name tires.
3. The warranty on ST rated Marathons is virtually non existent. I was told by two Good Year dealers that the only way Good Year would honor the warranty would be if the tire was fully inflated and a piece of tread fell out. The company line in case of tire failure is the tire was punctured by a road hazard and the tire disintegrated because the negligent customer drove on a failed tire.
4. Extreme heat is the enemy of shoddy ST trailer tires. Forum posters who experience no problems are likely towing in cool weather, often for relatively short distances.
5. It would be safe to tow an Airstream at 70 mph, except for shoddy ST trailer tires.
6. If the tires were passenger car tires, people would have been hurt or killed and the tires would have been recalled
7. I can't claim E rated tires are the answer--not enough data.
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Old 08-11-2008, 05:14 PM   #26
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We switched from Marathon tires on our 2004 30 ft. Classic trailer (bought September 2004) after one tire failed in our side yard storage. Huge flap of rubber on inside wall of tire. Got prorated replacement and went on trip. Second tire failed on return home from trip, blow out on freeway at 60 MPH. No damage to trailer. After we got home evident third tire was on its way. Center tread was higher than sides. All tires failed in August 2007. Probably less than 5,000 miles on trailer. Religious about checking tire pressures before we leave and just before we leave for next location using two gauges. RossFam05BH (Paul) helped me to move to new Eagle rims and Michelin XPS Rib tires. No problems with fit or spacing in wells. Last trip digital gauge had a dead battery and could not find other gauge, the tires looked good so we took off. Made round trip of several hundred miles. Just returned home last Friday and bought new digital gauge and found my other one. Checked all tires, 65 psi on the dot. Last checked when new tires were installed last September. During trip never thought one minute about these tires except for the fact I didn't have to worry about having Goodyear Marathons tires!

Paul Warenycia/KA6NFP
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Old 08-12-2008, 10:18 AM   #27
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I had 5 new 13" Marathons on a LW Terry trailer, puchased new in 2004. So far, two have failed catastrophically, one causing damage to the wheelwell of the trailer. The original Marathon spare is now on the ground,

I purchased two new 13" wheels with tires already on em for spares (one now on the ground). I just bought a new (not Goodyear) tire for one of my original wheels and its on the ground now. I scrapped one of my original wheels because it had a curb scrape on it. One of my surviving Marathons had 3 nails holes in it which I had repaired and it's now a spare. The other original Marathon is still on the ground.

I don't know what to think about Marathons, really. Underflation was never an issue, I have a 120VAC small tank compressor & check inflation whenever I move the trailer even if it has only sat for a few days. The trailer has probably been towed about 20,000 miles in 4 years. Just recently I found that the trailer tows better with 40psi cold in the tires (as opposed to 35) so I've been keeping them there.

John Alldredge
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Old 08-12-2008, 10:35 AM   #28
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Good Luck So Far?

Granted we haven't pulled very far on our Marathons but I'd estimate they've rolled about 3000 miles. We keep em covered on concrete, and I check the pressure when we are getting ready for a trip. I had to replace one of them when a large lag bolt found it's way into the side wall.

Our luck has been much better than our friends who pull a 30 foot box type SOB and they can barely get out of their driveway without a flat. They travel with 2-4 spares in the back of their truck. No idea what brand of tire but I explained it that the tires probably sat a while before being mounted, they sat even longer on the dealer lot, and they sit in a pasture largely ignored until they load and go. Huge heavy trailer, for such four small tires. One time, we traveled with them not quite 100 miles and they had 2 flats. They traveled a couple of weeks ago to a local state park and had another flat with 15 miles of home.

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