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We picked up 2 "Sharper Image" models at Bed, Bath & Beyond about a year ago. They were about 2-3 year old models that were being clearanced, but do the same thing as the newer ones.

They are great dust collectors. We use them around the house. If I face the unit, it clears my sinuses instantly. But that is just a one-time thing. Our daughter claims some irritation when we had it in her bedroom. Ozone is not a good thing in any concentration. (Think acid.)

But these units have their place.


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Ozone is considered a pollutant in the atmosphere. It can aggravate allergies or other breathing disorders and I would think it can cause breathing problems over a longer period of time, but you wouldn't notice it at first. Ozone is good for antibacterial uses in certain places such as hot tubs, but I wouldn't use it in such a confined space.

I don't know what is in those plug in room deodorizers, but i have read it's not good for living things either. When in a motel where there is one plugged in, I unplug it.

I'm not happy with the chemical smells in the trailer when it's been closed up for a while. It may be formaldehyde. Periodically we air it out with one of the fans running. When we use the trailer, we air it out frequently, if only to reduce moisture, food odors, formaldehyde, etc. Haven't seen any rodents, but a mousetrap is not dangerous to humans (usually).

Those air cleaners sold by Sharper Image were rated as useless by Consumer Reports. Sharper Image sued CR. I don't know if that suit was ever resolved, by CR is still alive, Sharper Image is gone.


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Thumbs up Ozone Gens worked for me

See "ALUMIN8" post on previous page.
Ozone is a strong irritant to those of us with bad lungs or other allergies. Be carefull when using.
That said, here is how I used an Ozone Generator.......

The PO of my 34' AS was a VERY HEAVY SMOKER and had 2 little dogs that never went outside.. There was about 1/16" tar & nicotine on everything. A fingernail scraped down the wall left a grove.
After removing all fabric, cabinet doors & hardware, carpet and anything else not bolted down (and some that was) and 3 hard scrub downs,(had to hire it cleaned) I rented an Ozone Generator and ran it for a day with the trailer closed up.
I then left all windows and door open w/ fans running for 2 days. I was finnaly able to be inside the AS for more than 3 minutes without my heavy duty air mask. I have COPD. After removing the rear section of floor (7') I rented the O.G. again.
Painted the exposed frame with Por-15, installed new insulation, sub floor.
And again rented the O.Z. for another day.
The cost was $40.00 a day but now there is ZERO smell of the tobaco or molds.
I am going to rent one again come spring but then will only need it for about 4 hours. Very effective and for $15.00 for a part day, well worth the $$. I will just open all cabinet doors and fire it up, followed by a good ventilation process.

So, if it is mold or odors you want to get rid of, the O.G. is the way to go.
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....ours is a peak 03 purifier...left knob turns ozone on and off...right knob controls ionizer. The ozone can 'clear' the air...I however had not heard of its effects on plastics. So heres my question....what is ion or ionization, and what does it do....I know people who live near large bodies of water feel better and feel worse when they are much further inland (away from water) Tell me I want to know!
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I use an OasisAir purifier and am most pleased with it. Kills mold, fungus, viruses, and helps keep insects away. Air Purifier - UV air purifiers for Indoor Pollution

I also have a salt lamp, which generates negative ions, and like it very much.

But, the Airoasis has made such a drastic improvement, that I'll make sure I always have one.

I run it all day, all night, every day.
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You should also know that ozone deteriorates rubber, plastic, paint etc.

When your tires dry out and crack, or when plastic panels in an old trailer crumble, that's ozone at work.

I have an ozone generator and use it to dispel smoke and bad odors in my home renovation work. But you should use it cautiously and as little as possible. Close up the room, turn on the generator and leave. Let it run as short a time as will do the job. Then go in, shut it off, open the windows and leave for at least half an hour so the room can air out.

The ozone works by oxidizing everything it comes in contact with.
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Ozone is an unstable molecule consisting of 3 oxygen atoms. Oxygen has a valence of 2 and, thus, the stable molecule is two atoms of oxygen. Ozone has a negative charge since one of its free electrons is not shared. It is highly reactive and oxidizes other molecules, including those that cause odors of mildew or worse. When they are oxidized they don't stink anymore. Ozone can also oxidize other molecules, apparently including plastics...don't know much about that! We have used an ozone generator in the bilge of our previously owned boat and it was very effective in eliminating bilge odors.
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By the way some nutritionists recommend taking "anti oxidants" for better health and to slow down aging.

So breathing something that CAUSES oxidation seems like a step in the wrong direction.
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Ha! I would take everything in moderation...We use a peak 03 and use the ionizer full time...and the ozone (03) part, we use when we go out on errands (full blast!) and then clear out the house upon return...all the while researching and asking people like yourselves about ozone and what it does...I had heard that this ozone process causes whatever impure thing is floating around, to adhere to any nearby surface...We currently are in Southeast Oklahoma where there is plenty of dust and got tired of wiping dust from monitor screens (tv pc etc) Before on certain days you could see dust particles hoovering in a sunbeam....
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I purchased a "Fresh Air To Go" by Ecoquest and started using it in our Airstream about a week ago. It's designed for approx 500 sq. ft. or less. I have been running it full blast while I'm at work, and the trailer definitely smells fresher when I return. Sometimes I will run it at a lower setting in the bathroom or bedroom, while I'm in the trailer. I'm trying to be cautious, though, because of some of the warnings I've read here and elsewhere on the internet about the effects of ozone on the respiratory system. These units retail for around $250, but they can be found on Ebay for about $50 or so (I paid $70 including shipping for a new one on Ebay).
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see this company. they developed a line of ozonizers for travel trailers: Protea srl - Promozione Tecnologie Ambientali
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He is dead on about the dangers and hazards of Ozone. Ozone is produced by breaking down oxygen (O2) in the presence of UV light. You end up with unstable ozone or (O3) which breaks down into (O2) and (O) atomic oxygen. Atomic oxygen will react with anything it touches. It will eat plastic tarnish metal, and it will burn any part of you it touches. Plastic reacts with Oxygen in the air slowly and becomes brittle and cracks and so do rubbers. Ozone is the equivalent of Bleach, or Hydrogen Peroxide. It breaks down odors because it breaks them into smaller molecules. It is a great antiseptic.

Space craft in low earth orbit have a hard time living with atomic oxygen. It will eat plastics, paints, and anything organic. The medical industry uses atomic oxygen generators for sterilizing instruments.

Just for background, the atomic oxygen in low earth orbit is the product of UV breaking down O2 into O3 which breaks down into 02 and O. O3 ozone is a strong absorber of UV and blocks a lot of the more dangerous UV before it hits your skin.


Originally Posted by SilvrSausage View Post
Ozone generators are GREAT for intractible odor cases. For this use, you'll need to spend pretty big bucks for an industrial strength one.

Ozone is VERY reactive, it will accelerate aging in plastic, fade some fabric, that kind of thing. You want to use it for a few days as a "shock treatment" not a constant always-on device. For that, use a HEPA filter with or without negative ion generation.

DANGER! Ozone is dangerous to living things! A mechanic I know was running one in a boat he was working on, and he ignored the warnings. He almost died, literally. For months afterward, he was having lung problems, and coughing up dead, sloughed bronchial tubes! DON'T use it in an occupied space, and air out your trailer (or whatever) before going inside!
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I have read and confirmed in my own case that after a while, your sense of smell becomes de-sensitized to the smell of ozone. It appears that your ozone generator is not putting out as it did when you first purchased it, so you run it longer and longer. It definitely will degrade plastics. I only use mine for short periods of time and do not breath it in when it is running.

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