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Question Why should my family buy a trailer?? Please help!!

PLEASE HELP US WITH FIGURING OUT WHY, LIFESTYLE WISE, WE SHOULD BUY A TRAILER?? If we do buy one by the way it will be an Airstream forsure!!

I need to find out why people buy trailers over using the classic camping tent. Let me start by saying that my wife and i are 31 and 33 years old respectively and we have the cutest little 11 monther know to man,...we would also like to have one more child to round out our family in the near future. WERE A YOUNG FAMILY,...NEITHER OF US ARE RETIRED,...WE DONT LIKE GOLF,...WE LIKE CAMPING, HIKING, BIKING, AND BEING ACTIVE!! We have camped all our lives in a tent and we just recently tossed around the idea of getting an Airstream trailer,...TRUTHFULLY, IM NOT SURE WHY?? We admit that there is definitely a certain romance about being in a trailer out in the woods but is that level of romance worth having one of these cumbersom monsters for??? By the end of this thread i would like to come up with as many reasons as possible,...aim for 20 of them, to why we should buy an Airstream let alone any trailer based on our situation over sticking to the trusty tent. Thank you all!!!


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OK I'll start.

1. You don't have to set-up your Airstream in the rain. You get in.
2. The ground is not cold when you lay in your sleeping bag.
3. The trip to the bathroom is not as long.
4. Walmart does not allow tent camping.
5. Tents are cool. Airstreams are cooler.
6. Chicks dig them.


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We started out in tents when the kids were in diapers, went to a used pop-up and then a new one. That eventually led to a new 30 travel trailer with bunk beds and then it all came to a sudden stop when we could no longer work camping in around our teenage kids schedules. We sold the trailer, took a 10 year break and then in 2008 my wife and I purchased our first AS for just the two of US. No bunk beds, no working around kids schedules. It is just for the two of us. So buy the trailer and enjoy. You will have no regret:-) And if the kids still like the tent.....more room for you in the new AS.
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Hi, we also started out in a tent in the back of our car. I don't know if we could have afforded even a used Airstream....this was in the 1950's and we taught school.

We ran the gamut....tent-truck camper-trailer-motorhome-now Airstream trailer. I consider the Airstream "spendy"; we finally bought one in 2002. It is the best for our needs now....arthritis, less stessful towing.

IF you have the $ I would go for it but do not impact your life or add stress to the budget. Airstreams last longer and are a better value I think. We bought ours because we were indulging ourselves.

We would have saved a lot of money and stress if we had purchased an Airstream in the early 1990's.....the motorhome was a very poor use of $ at least for us. We are 70 years-of-age
Kistler & Brenda

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7. Bears will have a harder time getting at you for luncheon purposes.
“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
...John Wayne...........................
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OK, I'' stop shouting if you will.

Realistically, a trailer might not be for you (right now or ever) but:

The additional shelter can expand your opportunities to enjoy your activities like biking and hiking. I will admit that there is still setup and tear down with Airstreams, or any RV. However, it's not like dealing with wet tents and sleeping bags. You should be able to start your other activities sooner, too.

A kitchen. Cooking over the campfire is great and you can still do that, but when the weather turns bad it's really not that fun.

You have an 11-month old. In a trailer, you will have a bathroom with running hot & cold water, a sink, either a shower or shower/small tub, and a toilet. Can be big pluses when dealing with little ones. You may want to check with your wife on this.

Additional security. Relatively solid walls between your family and all the critters (of all descriptions) you encounter.

Why don't you see if you can find a place where you can rent an RV and check it out for yourself. You won't be able to rent an Airstream, but as you pointed out, much of your concern is why any kind of RV at all. It will give the three of you a chance to really evaluate the pluses and minuses of each with no real commitment. When the trip is over, just take it back.
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Because it's FUN!
you have a real bathroom
you have a real frig and sink and stove.
And .. my personal favorite...
you have a REAL bed with no rocks or sticks under it.
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Mike and I were in a similar sort of situation (minus baby) and we also like everything outdoors, tents, hiking, canoeing, etc. We never thought of a trailer. Last summer we went to help add on a new addition to the family farm which doesn't have electricity or running water. We thought we'd camp for 10 days while doing a family style "habitat for humanity build" and enjoy nature in the stream when it was too hot to swing the hammer. Well, dad brought down his trailer and said - you guys will want to try this. The appeal of not sleeping on the ground was irresitable, if just to say, nah, we prefer our tent. And you know, Dad's are usually right. Long story short, on the drive home from Ohio, we decided we wanted to get a trailer. Loading, unloading, storing stuff in the car trunk, trekking to the privvy, cooking in the rain... We decided however we didn't want a big "box" and during that long drive we decided - vintage - airstream - unusual. So, that is how we ended up with our 1948 Curtis Wright - considered "vintage kin" to Airstream. You'll hear alot about Wally Byam on these forums, and he did a stint at Curtis Wright too.

We jumped in really deep water because the trailer we acquired needs restored to be usable, so we've taken the tent out a couple of times in the "mean time," but one day soon, it will be the annex for the teens .

If you know someone with a trailer, try it out for a weekend. You'll be amazed at the additional time you will have to enjoy nature and not set-up and break camp.

The hardest part will be deciding which trailer once you start looking. But, that's also the fun part.

Good Luck!

St. Louis, MO
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Originally Posted by Aage View Post
7. Bears will have a harder time getting at you for luncheon purposes.
"Harder time" - not impossible. To a bear ALL RV's are crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.

Airstreams - great
  1. if the kids get sniffles
  2. it rains for 3 days
  3. it's may fly season
  4. you get diarrhea
  5. you go to the wrong gas station bathroom
Airstreams - not so great
  1. SWMBO says "I cook, I clean, I do dishes - Airstream or Home, where's my vacation (buy paper plates - you do the grilling - teach the kids to clean up after themselves!)
  2. You can't afford to put money in a college fund for the kids because you bought the effen Airstream
  3. You end up with yard art and don't make the time to make the camping weekends happen
  4. You have a kid who is allergic to everything green and everything that is an insect or an arachnid
  5. You'd rather sit at the TV than spend time with your kids
It's a very personal choice. If you really want to spend time camping WITH young kids, the Airstream is a GREAT choice.

Happy trails, Paula
Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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Hello and welcome,
Although our Airstream has been in our family longer than I have it had a neglected midlife. A few years back my took ownership and started the rehab. We have a now 9 year old and a 3 year old and they have never camped in any thing else (well oen trip to Mo. in a popup). I will tell you that the baby will nap better in a trailer! A "pack and play" fits real nice where the kitchen table goes. Air conditioner (can be used on "fan only") makes just enough noise you can put the baby down in the evening and enjoy the campfire for a while without kids. The microwave works nice to heat up a bottle. Diaper changing area is as clean as you left it the last time you used it. Oh man could I go on and on. Been there and done that and have the T-shirt with an airstream on it to prove it.
Have a great day!

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We bought ours 2 years ago this July. As a young married couple we started camping in the back of a little Ford Courier PU. We camped in tents for several years. Then we (I basically) quite camping. Hubby still tent camped. So two years ago as we were thinking about retiring, I came up with the idea that we should get a trailer. Hubby (rustyrivet) said if we were getting a trailer it was to be an airstream. So for our 35th wedding anniversary, my 60th bday and his 65th bday, we treated ourselves to our 2005 - 22' Safari. We have dumped a ton of money in it and we love it. Can't wait to get out. We can get in from the rain, bugs, heat. We sleep in our own bed that is comfortable-unlike a blow up mattress on the ground. We are warm in the cold and cool in the heat. If we are boondocking by the river, we have running water and a toliet. What's not to like? Susan
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Because you want to? That's the only answer that works in the end.

Anybody is always welcome at a forum rally (tent, motel room, or any camper in tow). Tour some Airstreams. See what it's about. It's hard to do this as a mental exercise.

One sees hordes of rental Class B van-based motorhomes when you visit any national park these days. But understand that most nat'l parks don't have plug-ins to run the air conditioner. Therefore on a recent trip to the warm southwest we tended to use private RV parks with our neighbors 10' away ... . I'm a lifelong tent camper who finally had to give up on Thermarests -- no longer was sleeping comfortably at night. My happiest nights are those spent away from other campers. Boondocking rocks!

5 meter Langford Nahanni

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First, LMAO:
To a bear ALL RV's are crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.
Now to address your post;

We are also young and married (29/32), no kids yet. when i think of camping, i think "backpacking on the AT" camping - for me, an airstream is not camping. its a hotel on wheels.

We didn't buy an AS to 'camp'. we bought an AS to TRAVEL...CHEAP! our total investment is about $11000. Considering a hotel averages $150/nite (+$$ in many areas) plus taxes, we will break even after 73 nites of travel where we would have stayed in a hotel.

For example, in September we are going on a 4 week, cross country road trip, staying in Napa for a week (you know that aint $150 a nite!). so thats 30 days right there.

fortunately, my hubby works for a european company (gets LOTS of time off) and i am self employed (web based) so we have 6 weeks/yr to travel. so after 2 years we break even on our investment and never have to pay for a hotel again!

2 other benefits;

- we also travel with our 4 parrots. surprisingly, the parents aren't as in love with them as we are. so fine, we'll stay in your driveway!

- we are in the process of building a house in NC. it's going to be a NECESSARY to have shelter when we visit / work on the house there. Airstream to save the day!
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Currently Looking...
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Just checking in to see what has come in to the forum,...and so far so good,...keep it coming!!

The AS trailer we are looking at is about $40,000 used,...this is quite the investment!! We just recently went on a vacation to Europe with our 11 monther and it was great but it was quite a burden logistically to take care of jet lag, diapers, feeds, and in the meantime sqeeze in the sights. One of the things we were thinking of after this trip was possibly buying a cabin in the mountains and using that as a future vacation / weekend destination,....costly, huge maintenance issues, do we want to go to the same place every other weekend?? The other thing we also thought of to mitigate some of the cabin negatives was the possibility of getting a trailer and using that for future vacation destinations. I want the trailer,...i think its super cool and it would be a neat experience to wake up in the morning and look out of those wrap around windows at a postcard forest or the ocean and have the rain pitter pattering on the roof, a great day off with a game of scrabble with some tunes playing through the speakers with my wife. Then we start thinking that $40k will buy a lot of nights in fancy hotel rooms or a huge deluxe rain tarp and the best lantern ever made to make our camping experience that much more comfortable.

Lets keep the forum going,...I want to want the trailer, me justify buying a $40k trailer at this point in my life!!

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travel trailer

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