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Where do you fit in the Trend?

Not sure where this thread should be - but thought it might be kind of interesting to hear everyones take on this ever increasing trend.

This is an article that was writen in the London times recently (London, Ontario that is)

My take on why Rv'ing is increasing...and not in any particular order.

Population in general is Older - closer to retirement more free time.

Retirement funds are more limited and need to be spread further best bang for the buck.

The above fact also affect lower income seniors to live in RV's as housing costs have become prohibitive.

Lakefront properties prices and taxes have become prohibitive making the RV more attractive.

International travel - fear factor!

Flight costs - outrageous!

Family morals returning - life is too short syndrome.

Respect for planet - get back to earth syndrome - and for a city slicker an RV is as close to the ground they will get

Desire to see country and neigbouring country - spent whole life in one spec of the continent and want to venture out while the health is still there.

Purchasing just before retirement so that the unit can be paid off before retirement hits.

People can see the light at the end of their working careers and start dreaming of "travel" and before they know it they have found a project in the field - with a few years ahead to get her ready.

Nothing else to do with the time but travel, eat, drink and meet so many unique people......

So why are you doing it???

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Originally Posted by GT6921
So why are you doing it???
Initially we got a trailer because the ground got hard!

We chose an Argosy because the SOB's looked like little white monopoly housing and were unspeakably bland. The great community we discovered came later and is a wonderful bonus!

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Add to the list:

Most hotels are gross. The sheets aren't changed, carpet is dirty, etc.

We bought our Airstream after we stayed in a hotel and (1) smelled someones cologne in the pillow and (2) the matress was all stained and looked like it was chewed up by rats (a national chain mind you). Even nice hotels get minimal cleaning. We stayed at another hotel recently and encountered a 1/2 used shampoo bottle. Needless to say, my wife wants another RV!
Fred H.
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Where do we fit in????

As college types in the 60's.... we loved the out of doors, always went camping. Been through the entire scenario. Camping on the ground, tent, VW bus, teardrop, borrowed folks small motorhome, inherited folks small motorhome, got a 5th wheel, then started counting the tires we were buying...

Retired! Still have the teardrop ~ too cute to part with, and fun to take out. But it isn't quite so fun in the rain. Loved the little airstreams from first sight and started looking. Finally found one affordable enough. Glad we aren't pulling a huge 5th wheel. My brother thas one of those side pop-out (3 pop out parts no less...) behemoths...has to have a huge truck to pull it, takes him 3 days just to get it together to leave town. We can hop in our little truck, hitch up the Bambi and we are gone.

We have found the older we get ~ the less maintenance we really want to do and the more time doing the camping, meeting nice folks, and seeing new things provide the agenda for the day! I won't even get into fuel prices....

Mrs. NorCal Bambi (traveling in S Tardis)
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So why are you doing it???

My wife and I decided to buy (25 International) because we figured our kids, 7 & 4, will really only want to hang out with us for another 10 years if we're lucky. After that point, apparently as a parent you get stupid for about 10 years then your children notice that maybe you're not that bad after all!

Anyway, the main reason right now is family, family, family. The kids really like camping, the outdoors, out of the city aspect, as do we. We also wanted to buy a trailer that wasn't going to limit our capacity for growth and adventure - thus the Airstream. The 2 + 2 equation equalled 4 and we can travel pretty much anywhere our hearts desire and provide the boys with a fun and hopefully educational envirnoment while doing so!

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I'd like to say "respect for the planet" but that would be hypocritical because of the amount of gas we burn through to pull the dang thing! But we love being outdoors and seeing beautiful mountains and forests, so I guess it still applies.

-With the Airstream we can bring the babies and dogs and still travel as much as we want to. Camping is much easier and the kids feel safer in a familiar environment. they stay cleaner too (as clean as kids can anyway).

-Its hard to childproof your hotel room when you stay in a new one nightly on a long trip. Ditto on the cleanliness (or lack of) in hotel rooms (hotel carpet, ewww!)

-Flying with 2 people, one toddler, one infant and 2 dogs is expensive and a recipe for disaster. Not an option. I dont need that stress.

-We love the kitsch factor of having an old Airstream too. Its a very stylish way to travel! Great way to meet people too.
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Once upon a time my wife and I were at Heathrow Airport. We had just completed a lovely New Years trip to London, Salisbury, Battle, and Hastings. Arriving at the airport three hours early we had time to wander and my wife saw this charming Paddington Bear plastic dinner ware set. She purchased tit for our grandson. Since this was a time of my life that I was confined to a wheel chair the escorts got me through the security checks with out delay. The young lady pushing me around and I sat at the end of the line waiting for my wife. We heard a racket and then watched as she was pulled from the line and taken to a "special" section. My pusher got me as close as possible but I was unable to communicate with my wife. She was being interrogated. Next her carry on bags were opened and each item was carefully removed unwrapped and inspected. Eventually this protector of our liberty found the Paddington Bear plastic dinnerware set. His face turned into a wry smile as he said something to my now bewildered but very frightened wife. He tore open the box and removed the knife and fork leaving the plate, cup, and spoon. Then she was lectured for attempting to pirate such items onto a plane. Eventually my wife joined the chair pusher and I and we were now late getting to our plane. Throwing abandon to the wind the young lady wheeled me by obstructions and past barriers, avoiding ramps to speed things up down the aisle. There it was the gate, we had made it on time. My wife presented her ticket and I presented mine. then they asked for my doctor's release to fly. I said, what? They said you need a doctor's release to fly. I said I flew here on this airline and now am going home. To get here I did not need a doctor's release but now that I am late I do? They said yes. Then a supervisor came over and I thought my problems were finished. She said all I needed to do is tell them my medical condition they would check with a doctor who would call the pilot and he would make the final decision. Right. I have a disease called Isaac's Syndrome. It occurs in about thirty out of one million people. Most doctors have never heard of it. I told supervisor this information and she called a doctor who agreed he never heard of it but called the pilot any way and I explained to the doctor while he relayed to the pilot what the disease is and how it affects me. the pilot eventually allowed us on the plane. We were so happy until they told us our seats had been taken but there are two seats in the middle towards the back which are empty and they will check with the person who is on the aisle to see if they would move over so I could have the aisle seat. I told them that I would somehow make it to the back of the plane. When I arrived at the back of this enormously long airplane they told me the person refused to move and I had to climb over her to get to my seat. My wife got in first and I followed, falling hard into the seat.
I vowed then and there that I would never travel again unless I could drive to my destination. The addition of our first Airstream was a natural and Chummy is the perfect follow up. And for those who are wondering at this point in my life I am not even using my cane.
Chaplain Kent
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We really don't like hotels and motels.
We like to prepare our own meals, and tea time is a must each day at 4:00 pm.
We enjoy having our dogs with us ever since our first great Airstream adventure in 1996 when we couldn't find a place to board Duchess the Dog. A trip of Biblical proportions that lasted 40 days and 40 nights would have been much less fun without her. She is gone, but the replacement dogs travel with us.
We love remote places of scenic beauty.
And for no rational reason, we like funky old Airstreams.

And since I really don't believe that man is the cause of climate change, and since the Saudis say the have enough oil to meet the needs of the United States for the next 200 years, I intend to burn every drop I can pulling that Airstream every chance I get. (This should liven things up a bit)
Ken L
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Interesting set of reasons to go RVing. But our reasons were none of the ones listed in the first post.. We were really looking for a different kind of vacation. We have not stopped staying in hotels (ever stay at the Ritz in Maui? It's not too shabby) but we did want to do something "different" than flying to our destination. The interesting thing we found were we learned there are some really nice advantages of traveling with the trailer... In particular the amount of stuff you can bring on vacation such as bicycles, golf clubs, fishing poles, pets, food... I also kinda like sleeping in my own bed and waking up in familiar surroundings
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I bought my Airstream in 2004 at the ripe old age of 32. I grew up camping in a tent trailer, and my grandparents had a 77 Excella that I thought was SO cool. I guess I fit into the "fastest growing category" of Gen X'ers referred to in the article.
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I just needed a way to launder the money that was in my safe.

I haven't read the article so I shouldn't be posting anything, but I'm going to guess I don't fit into any of the catagories very well - I never do (is that one of the catagories?).

I do like the idea of going trailer camping I just haven't been able to pull it off yet . . . although we are ever so close to having a trailer in our possession that can both roll down the road and be habitable. We'll see.

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Originally Posted by AirstreamFan
I bought my Airstream in 2004 at the ripe old age of 32. I grew up camping in a tent trailer, and my grandparents had a 77 Excella that I thought was SO cool. I guess I fit into the "fastest growing category" of Gen X'ers referred to in the article.
Here Here! - the few - the picked on - the misunderstood - the gen-x'ers
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Just cuz

Memories - Two families w/kids travelling together in SOB across dusty road and arriving in Bodie CA. Like another world w/just enough wonder added to make it stick. Seeing LA freeway traffic out the window while using the toilet. Seeing the black New Mexico night splashed with stars down a lonely road on the way to Albuquerque, and still feeling safe on same lonely road in the middle of nowhere. Our Bambi is paid for so no matter what happens to the economy or real estate market, we will always have a home.
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All of the above but only in part. We got our trailer for a couple of different reasons. One - tried tents, bed of pick-up, borrowing a pop-up. Have matured beyond all of those and want to have a better way to travel. Two - a way for Julie, the Mrs., and I to spend quality time together so she assisted () with the restoration and now we try to take a long vacation at least once a year in it. Just us two. We travel well together and enjoy seeing new places and planning as well as taking our trips. An other common denominator that strengthens our relationship.


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