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I'm reading this laughing, and then relaying each story to my partner. They're great beware stories.

Wherever you go, there you are
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Does Off Topic Ooops Count?

If so, I've got a good'n from 19 and 52. My director was sawen ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ at the time, however, it was quite the scene!

So, if interested, let me know and I will planet here, as well!

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The afterglow ain't too shabby either!


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Originally Posted by Mrs.Mod View Post
Just this week, we went camping at a local lake for our very first trip in our AS. My husband is a pro at taking a one-person job and making it a two-person job. It's not that he can't do things, he just loves having me assist him. We park, I open up the trailer and start setting up a few things while the hub starts unhitching. A few minutes later he calls "Honey, come here. I need you to pull the truck away."
So even though he is much closer to the driver seat of the truck, I come out walk allllll the way around the truck, hop in the driver seat, put it in drive, ease on the gas. I suddenly gathered from the pyschotic screaming behind me that the trailer was still attached. I'm usually a really good double checker. Such things you just need to check with your own eyes. But this time I relied on shoddy male-female communication.
That's hilarious. I wouldn't even think of having my wife move the truck since I'm the one unhooking, and getting the truck out of the way is part of unhooking. She's usually busy setting up other stuff anyway.
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Too tired to think

Last summer with our SOB 5th wheel it had been a long weekend at our area lake.. Temps in the 100f to 105f and not a breath of wind anywhere.. Could not stay the entire time inside with the AC,, after all we had to roast weenies on the large open fire..

So we got home in the heat of the day,, (another 103f).. and went to park our camper and unload. Well I did not like the spot it ended up at as it needed to be over another 3 feet off our main driveway.. So I had it all mapped out in my head.. Just back up about 10 feet and steer it hard to the right and it will be just fine..

I had forgotten that one of our 6 kids had parked an old Van with a tire carrier on the back door without a spare tire.. The tire carrier lug bolts tore a nice 2 foot long rip in the side of our SOB..

The sad part is my wife was standing right at that spot on the other side of the trailer and did not see it coming.. So from this point on we made a rule that the trailer is never backed at all without a spotter,, and a FULL walk around to see what dangers await to reach out and bite our trailer.

Now that we have a nice 40 year old Airstream Overlander without any major dings,, the rule is enforced to a higher level....

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Originally Posted by Skater View Post
That's hilarious. I wouldn't even think of having my wife move the truck since I'm the one unhooking, and getting the truck out of the way is part of unhooking. She's usually busy setting up other stuff anyway.

Exactly my point. But I was trying to be as helpful as possible on our first outing. When we were finally relaxing by the fire, I reassured him that we would 'smooth out' the set-up process. Especially since our 3 year-old had the job of setting the landing gear.
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Apart from the ding on the first weekend, we've been reasonably Oops-free. I have tried to lower the trailer onto the ball with the stabilizers still in position (doh!) but my favourite was trying to pull off a campsite pad with the x-chocks still between the trailer wheels. In mitigation, it had been a steamy, wet night and we were just desperate to get back on the road so it was easy to see how we'd overlooked the chocks. No damage was done, thankfully, because there was so much mud gathered on the pad from the night's rain that the four locked wheels just slid across it. Also, Mrs T always watches from outside when we move off, in order to spot any such problems and stopped me before I'd gone more than a couple of feet.
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Originally Posted by MrUKToad View Post
...I have tried to lower the trailer onto the ball with the stabilizers still in position (doh!) ...
I did the opposite. Tried to lift the hitch off the ball with the stabilizers down. I remain impressed at the lifting power of the jack, and the sturdiness of the rear stabilizers. Glad it was the Bambi.

Okay, full disclosure (So that others may learn from my mistakes ). Here is an excerpt from a post, and a link, about our maiden voyage to Florida:

So... we were gassing up near Clermont, Fla. It was just starting to get dark so I turned on the headlights and the fuse that controls tail light/instrument cluster pops. I replaced it, and it immediately went out again. We found a campground in our AAA Campground book that was only about a quarter mile down the road. They assigned us a nice level pull through right in front of the park office. I set up and unhooked the cable and replaced the fuse. It held, indicating the problem was with the trailer. The site was so level that I left it hitched up. I would tackle the electrical problem the next morning.

We decided that since we were so close to a supermarket, and it was such a beautiful night, we would get some exercise by walking to get dinner. While we were in the store, there was a torrential downpour (Hey, after all, it was Florida). We decided to wait out the storm before we walked back. After about 30 minutes of waiting we borrowed an umbrella from the store and walked back to the park. When we arrived, imagine my surprise when I saw the Bambi with water lapping at the underbelly. Since it was still raining, I had a decision to make... yank off the water/sewage hoses and that 30 AMP cable, and risk electrocution, or watch the brand new Bambi submerge under water. It was an easy decision. Did I mention that it was dark, and I was in knee-deep water? After I carefully laid the end of the cable on top of the only stationary object that was not afloat or underwater, I got in the truck and moved the rig to higher ground. I estimate if we were five minutes later, the trailer would have started to take on water. After a careful inspection, I discovered that not a drop of water got in the Bambi. Our neighbor, who was on slightly lower ground, was not so lucky. His TV was submerged past the door panels. The next morning the campground refunded our money (their idea), and apologized. The attendant said she had been there for over eight years and had never seen anything like it."
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Your a lucky man!

Originally Posted by MrUKToad View Post
---- it had been a steamy, wet night and we were just ------- .
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Great stories! So far our oops stories have mostly involved leaving things like ladders leaned against the side when we use the tongue jack: crash.
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Love all the stories!! And this thread goes back to 2003??? I wonder what the longest running thread is, anyone know?
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Jacks and Brake controllers

So sad when it happens to you and so funny to see it happens to others as well. I have also jacked up the trailer and disconnected the truck only to have the AS roll forward off the blocks I had under the jack. Skye was inside and can tell you it was pretty scary. Embarrassing but no real damage to anything other than the ego. Chocks happen first now. Always.

But as a newbie we had only had the trailer for about a month and went to a rally. Leaving the rally with all my new-found knowledge we came up on a little intersection, with a 4 way stop sign. Turn left and get halfway thru when the trailer brakes all lock up. We now have the entire intersection blocked. And let me tell you that trailer will not budge when the brakes are locked. We got out, and as cars began to back up at all sides, tried to figure out what was wrong. I am thinking worst case, catastrophic failure but could see no problems. Skye sees the brake controller cable had pulled loose and says sweetly, "Is this wire supposed to look like this honey?". Now we were new, I had no idea if it was a one time use thing or what, but I popped the cable back in and the entire rig, truck and trailer, lurched forward a few inches as pressure was released. I am running back wondering if I had even put it in park when it all settled down on its own. No one ever blew their horn or gave us a nasty look. I suppose it is hard to be mad when you are laughing so hard. At home we investigated and the cable had been shortened several times over the years and had caught on the TV rock guards as we turned. New much longer cable was installed before the next trip. Sheesh
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Originally Posted by masseyfarm View Post
Your a lucky man!
Not with the kids on board.........
Steve; also known as Mr UK Toad

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Driving back from Wyoming pulling my camper traffic began to back up badly on a two lane road. Stop and go, getting aggravated I eventually came to a police officer waving me in the direction of the rest of the cars.....turning onto a narrow lane, beautifully manicured and flowers everywhere I realized I was now in a funeral procession. Ignoring the glares of the mourning I had to ask for help turning around in the graveyard. Horrible but I couldn't stop giggling as the police officer stood there shaking his head.....
It reminded me of a quote a friend once said:
"I want to die in my sleep like grandpa, not screaming like everyone else in the car."

"I want to live to 100, die in my sleep in my beach house in Hawaii, and my husband to be so upset he has to drop out of College"......Me
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OMGOSH Kittypuke!!! This is so hillarious!!!! Thanks for that visual!!!

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