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2004 25' Safari
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Same as Roger...forgot to take the shore powerline and caught it just as I was moving it....lucky for me the plug came undone from the wall and saved the outer connector from damage.....


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two weeks ago while rushing to get on the road I walked into the corner of the back window and put a 5 inch gash in my forehead.


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The Painted Pig
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My wife and I bought our 1963 Airstream and set out for our "shakedown" trip to (of all places) a flea market with RV parking in Columbia, SC. It was raining when we arrived, so we looked forward to stretching out in our new-to-us trailer.

We sat down on the gaucho and saw water on the floor, then felt water hitting our faces. We both looked up at the same time to see the escape hatch (about 24"X14") was gone and rain was pouring in. So, we got back in the truck and went home!

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Originally posted by 63wind
We sat down on the gaucho and saw water on the floor, then felt water hitting our faces. We both looked up at the same time to see the escape hatch (about 24"X14") was gone and rain was pouring in. So, we got back in the truck and went home!

You shoulda just gotten a piece of plywood and a couple of bricks and fixed that problem real fast. I wouldn't have let a little problem like that send me home.

Before I got into Airstreaming, I had a SOB trailer stored at my deer camp. I came up to check on it after a hail storm and found all 3 plastic skylights busted out. Those bricks stayed up there quite a while until I got around to fixing it right.
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Old 02-12-2004, 08:21 AM   #33
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Confessions of my dumbest Airstream act

I was driving the trailer off from a campsite last week. My wife was outside, to check the site when the trailer was pulled out. Why was she jumping up and down and waving her arms? Had her home team just scored? Or had I left the power jack down??????????
That only rates 4 out of 10 on my dumbness scale, but yesterday's stupidity could rate a 9. I had removed an aluminum framed roof vent to replace the outer plastic skin in the double skinned plastic window, which had detriorated with sunlight. The frame and plastic was covered in 17 years repeated applications of Vulkem and silicon. It took over an hour of scraping, steel wool and paint thinners to bring the 14 inch square vent to bright shining condition, ready to fit the replacement new polycarbonate sheet. The vent was still fitted with the inner skin of plastic, so the vent was like a bowl, now that the top skin was off, and the whole was pristine clean, ready for the new Vulkem. I needed to profile the 4 corners of the polycarbonate sheet to match the curved corners of the vent, and I found that one of our coffee mugs had just the right radius of curvature when turned upside down. I fetched two of the mugs, and in the second I put a whole sachet of drinking chocolate powder, ready for my 11 a.m drink. While admiring the refurbished vent, and aiming to scribe the cut line round a mug, I absent-mindedly reached out for one of the mugs, and turned it upside down above the middle of the vent ..................................
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Last summer, in our SOB, we were in a site with a steep down grade at the front. The tongue jack wasn't long enough to level the trailer so I got some 2X4's to put under it. I decided that I might as well put a few (about 4!) there since it's a manual jack and it would save some time. I pulled the pick-up away and went in to help Deb finish setting up the inside. As soon as the door closed the trailer shifted, I forgot to chock the wheels. The nose dropped and sank into to soft ground burying the hitch. It felt like we'd been hit by another vehicle.
It took almost two hours to dig, jack, reposition, & level the trailer again. This time I chocked the wheels and only used one 2X8 to keep the jack from sinking into the ground.
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This happened while I was camping alone (the year the wife was overseas in Africa) and, had no one to blame but the Airstream~!
It was getting rather late and, I had decided to step outside one more time before going to sleep. I had just shut the door, when I heard a "click" coming thru the door behind me. The vertical tumbler lock on the inside had dropped down on me. I didn't figure it was a big deal until I started fishing for my keys~
LOCKED OUT. My Burb keys were inside the Airstream and, the Airstream keys were in the Burb..Oh much for spares..
Try calling around for a locksmith on a late Fri night~! All you get is an answering machine. I even tried calling the local police dept. but, they said they stopped doing that service.`
Finally, after numerous calls, got ahold of a young man who was willing to drive out to the beach..(had his girl friend with
After working on the door of the Burb for nearly 20 minutes, he got it open..It cost 40$ and, ever since..I've always keep a set of keys in my pocket~
Always keep a spare set of opposite keys in the each unit. Plus carry one on you and, you should never have this happen to you.~
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The very first trip I:
1) lost the refrig access door
2) didn't close the front door
3) Pulled away from the trailer with the umbilical cord still attached.
Its hell going Through life being a dummy
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The previous owner of my trailer redid the copper pipes.
I don't know when he realized that he routed them right
where the drawers go. Not a problem. With extreme conviction,
he " reformed " the drawers ( with a saw ) to accomodate
the plumbing upgrade. No wonder why they wouldn't open.
BTW ...Ron fixed it by replacing it with PEX where it shoulda oughta had to be.
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Old 02-16-2004, 08:02 PM   #38
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just got our AS three weeks ago and could not wait to go to a Rally the first week we owned it. Checked everything twice and got on the road. Well, I left the key on a long crocheted ring especially made for the key hanging from the lock. Asked my husband if he locked the door, no, didn't I. After a quick panic we stopped....There it was worse for the wear...
I am sure, according to all of you experienced AS'rs, that this will not be the last of oops for us... I am really learning what to 'try' not to do...
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The Painted Pig
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Forgetting the keys! LOL!

Only did that once when we went to check on our AS after a hurricane. We didn't plan to sleep in it anyway.

My wife gets me with the key thing on almost every trip and I fall for it everytime.

"Did you get the keys?"

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Arriving home after a long trip, unhitched the AS and had some excitement watching it roll down the driveway. Forgetting to chock on a hill, tsk, tsk.

Drove two blocks when I was flagged down. Door was open.

But my favorite oops wasn't really my oops, per se. I was driving down a county road, woods on both sides of me when a deer came out of the woods and ran smack dab into my newly polished trailer. He was a little more shocked than me, I think.
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On the second day of Boon docking the sun came out hot.
MGW thought we should back the Clipper a little further under the shade of the big fir tree.
Yes, that worked great, but had to replace both Fantastic vent covers that I had up when I backed up.
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2003 25' Classic
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Red face #1 and still the winner....

It's always best when the dumbest thing, (damage), happens on the first trip.

On our first trip to our favorite and most familiar campground with our brand new 03 Classic. We had been there many times with our 63, very cocky and self assured after 18 Seasons. Sunday morning on our last day and we, for once, were ready to beat the crowd to the dump.
Now theres a one way wooden bridge on the road out, just before the Ranger station, and oh yes, with a slight turn on the approach.

DW was watching as I pulled out, and all of a sudden the arms started flailing like a wave off on the flight deck.

'Ya know something....the Classic is a bit wider than a 63 Safari, and the wooden bridge railing was now nicely placed on the streetside panel above the H2o access door. Already had a nice 2ft scratch and I was determined not to cause any more "learning scarz".

What to do? Well it was real early and no one else was around so of-course we started to disassemble the bridge....well only the railing really. We were making pretty good progress when the Ranger came out for his morning coffee and asked..."what the hell do you think your doing?"
"taking the railing off so I don't cause any more damage to our new AS" said I.

Now by this time a crowd was starting to gather and I did hear some snickers coming my way.
A line had started to form behind us and I thought things were going to get rather tense. But after an extensive conversation with the Ranger and some of the waiting fellow campers it was decided to proceed full speed ahead. We all pitched in, shared tools and discussed the best plan of action.

We had the new AS un-stuck and the bridge put back together in less than two hours.

And I was still first in line for the dump.

We still go back to the Campground and every once in awhile the Ranger or a fellow camper will say....."aren't you the ones who....."




Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
but Im the Husband, so we went to Cleveland. 😂

Its a crooked piece of time that we live in.
John Prine
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