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Originally Posted by Lumatic View Post
Driving in the right lane approaching an entrance ramp with entering traffic I will move to the left if I can. But if I can't move to the left lane there is a lot of entering traffic that just assume you will let them in
I had that happen last year in Amarillo...I was in the right lane of I-40 about to exit north on 87 when a fine citizen almost hit my right side as he attempted to merge onto I-40 from the Ross St ramp. He then let me know how pleased he was by passing me, merging into my lane and then performing an Antilock brake functional test. He's lucky he couldnt hear what Mrs HiHo had to say AND that I didn't have my GoPro camera recording at that time...

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Originally Posted by HiHoAgRV View Post
He then let me know how pleased he was by passing me, merging into my lane and then performing an Antilock brake functional test.
Nobody gets more upset than someone who attempts to do something wrong and is prevented from doing so. Human nature.

In one memorable example, someone did something similar to me, except instead of an anti-lock brake test, he simply slowed down to about 25mph on I-10 in Kenner, LA (where I-10 is three lanes wide), and stayed at 25mph. Every time I tried to change lanes and go around, he changed lanes to cut me off and he was creating a major traffic jam behind us. This went on for a couple of miles until I had my chance; a car passed me in the middle lane, and I cut right in behind it so that if numb-nuts wanted to cut me off he'd have to side-swipe the car in front of me. Which he did. Since I was expecting it, I managed to avoid rear-ending the car I cut behind.

I felt bad about getting a third driver involved, but no one was hurt, and the joker who was playing games didn't drive home; he got to try on a pair of handcuffs and ride in a real state trooper's car.

In hindsight, I probably should have just pulled off the road altogether, let him get tired of the game and go on his way, and then merge back into traffic. But merging into Interstate traffic from a dead stop in an urban area is scary.

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My wifes step sisters husb. did brake check on I44 in Mo. to semi because he hated them. I was in back seat we had words I made his wife drive & never was in a car with him since that time, and yes I was scared s*******, takes lots too scare me as I raced stock cars, midgets, sprint cars, & motor cycles on dirt, motocross, & ice, plus aerobatics.
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We were having warranty work done at Jackson Center, OH in 2008.

There was a larger trailer than our 23 foot Safari that the owner had side swiped a pole and did similar damage on one side. His insurance, if he had full coverage as it was a vintage model, would only cover an "up to so much for the repairs". This work was for a different kind of rivet (Pop Rivet) that is not done the way Airstream at the factory assembles the shells. The exterior finish would look different along the rivets, although only to those looking close (?).

He was there trying to get the Insurance Company to pay for having the replacement parts be riveted the Factory process by taking out the interior, and I guess stripping out the interior skin as well.

We were there three days and he had been there for ten or so, going back and forth. I had the impression that he finally settled to have the exterior skin removed and the rivet process he did not prefer.

I add this to the discussion as apparently Airstream will be able to repair the skin with pop rivets OR as they do on the assembly line, but costing more. So you may want to ask which kind of riveting process is being used and the cost differences.

... and by the way. This guy wanted me to check his brakes on his trailer as he felt they were not adjusted well. So he hooked up and I asked him to manually switch the brake controller while driving around the vacant lot around the factory area... nothing. No brakes. So... I recommended he have a brake job while at Jackson Center.

Book Value for trailers, including Airstreams, is a lot lower that you would have thought. It would not take much to "total" your trailer with minimal skin damage.

Our Insurance Agent said that one out of three drivers in the Denver, Colorado area have NO insurance. They have various statistics about insured/non insured drivers in various parts of the country. It does make you wonder who is protecting US from uninsured drivers. This did not include the under insured minimum drivers.
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Originally Posted by dan hartman View Post
would personally tow it to the factory for repairs! been there did that! have it back in no time anddone right!!! off factory takes forever!!!
I agree, go to the mother ship for this type of repair.
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Glad to read that you guys are all right. Way too much traffic and lots of bad drivers out there. I am confident that your trailer will be made good again. Best of luck.
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The nice thing about going to the factory is that they have ALL of the parts, bits and pieces in stock. Or are making them for production units. And they have several teams of really experienced repair mechanics.

I had the lower roadside rear panel replaced at JC. The difference between bucked rivets and olympics was about $500 extra.

You can leave it there safely, or hang out for a week or so while they do the work. You won't be able to live in it while the work is being done (they'll have half the panels OFF over several days, but there are nice hotels in nearby communities.

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Unfortunately those HornBlasters cost $600-$800 and are illegal in some communities as well. (They are LOUD tho'.... severely LOUD! I wanted to hear then at the truck accy installer's place and ...even tho' I was EXPECTING the BLAST.... it made me JUMP!)
A nice side-benefit, however, is the 5-gallon, high-pressure compressed air-tank which can be used to air up the tires and shocks, tools, etc.

I was completely stopped in my Jeep Cherokee for a puppy in the road and rear-ended by a woman driving 70 mph in a Class A pulling a NASCAR racecar on a trailer....while texting. I woke up in the back of the Jeep covered in glass and couldn't move for several minutes. The Ft. Worth police did not issue a citation to her for anything at all...( "failure to control speed" would have been appropo in my opinion)... and my insurance for 30 years "STATE FARM" was also HER, naturally, they blamed ME for stopping for livestock. (They said I should have gone ahead and run over the animal.)
WHY did they claim it was MY fault? I finally figured it out.... if it was HER fault they'd be on the hook for my medical expenses, pain/suffering/etc..,.... but if it was MY fault then they were only on the hook for my policy's $2500 medical coverage...minus my $1K deductible, of course.)
The failure of the Ft Worth police to cite her was their license to make the decision. I'm certain the cop saw the woman's racecar driver husband as a local and I was an out-of-towner, so he claimed that since he was not a certified accident investigator he could not issue a citation based upon the "evidence at the scene".
Moral: Make certain a State Trooper is called to the scene. They are ALL accident investigators, and INSIST on a citation being issued! I found out the hard way that being rear-ended isn't always the "other guys fault".
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Glad to hear you both are ok, accidents are never a good. While in FL the past couple of weeks we say accidents every day, Tampa area, on interstates, exits and on country roads. Some of them high speed rear enders. We figured it must be texting and that it must be legal in FL. Then I was out working our dog in a field and had K9 shirt on. A young K9 officer stopped to watch our puppy do some sent work I am teaching her and we asked him about all the lousy drivers and rear end accidents and texting. He told us texting while driving is illegal in FL, but by their calculations 70% of drivers still drive and text every day. Should carry the same penalties as DUI,which should be much stiffer as well.

Political Rant here - Societies total disregard for anyone but thyself. It's a shame, but as it seems in this case there was not much if anything you could do, now in all probability your insurance will have to pick up the tab or a majority of it.

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Agree. Serious problem here in Florida. I was almost hit head on by another bicyclist on a sidewalk. She was texting while riding no handed. Jim
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Sometimes there is karma. A few years ago I was headed home in an unmarked unit when an idiot started tailgating, cutting off cars, etc, including me. I was about to light him up when he sped off as ANOTHER idiot started tailgating, cutting cars off, etc, including me; then he sped off. So I cranked it up some, called it in, and lo and behold a mile up the interstate they were both crashed on the side of the highway! No innocents hurt, two idiot cars smashed, and two violators, both claiming the other at fault, hauled off into the system.
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Paula, I remember reading about your accident and it sounded horrific. Glad you're back on the road!

We were in an accident last August on a two-lane highway, when an older woman fell asleep at the wheel, and flipped her car into a utility pole, which snapped. There was a lot of tension on the pole from the live wires holding it up, and the swinging pole slammed into our AS, just barely missing our truck windshield. Then we spent months haggling with our insurance adjustor-- she thought the damage was repairable for a pittance, which thankfully our hero mechanic, Doug, at Airstream of Spokane, convinced her it wasn't.

But this story has a very happy ending. Our insurance company at long last wrote off our first AS, paid up, and we were able to get a new AS in December. On our maiden voyage, we've been to Death Valley and Joshua Tree NPs, now on our way to the Mohave Preserve, Zion NP, Capitol Reef NP, and family visits in Colorado and Idaho. We love our new AS!
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I usually enjoy browsing through Airforums, learning and enjoying reading about the adventures that others are enjoying. I can understand the stories that some posts generate: we all have a lot of stories to tell. I can understand wanting to have others commiserate with you having wrecked your trailer: this is a pretty tight community and there are some really personal stories shared because some of you have formed tight friendships. I can’t wait to hit the road and enjoy the experience.

Some of this thread though, is disturbing to me. It starts with a post that shows no compassion for someone that has been injured through accident, focusing instead on a trailer that’s dented. The thread continues and maligns a young man’s character for no apparent reason other than being 18: words such as stupid, silly, idiot, illiterate, a-hole, deadbeat (implied having no insurance because of where the accident took place, not because the authors knew where he came from)... and of course, because he was 18 he was watching his screen. All these conclusions from the original post that only said that a trailer had been hit, but implied that the 18 year old was grossly negligent.

You will greatly lower your risk of a vehicle accident if you don’t drive (my father’s been hit multiple times as a pedestrian so it won't go to zero). You will also greatly lower your risk of making a mistake if you do nothing. I doubt doing nothing is too compelling to this crowd, nor do I believe that most of us have to go back very far to remember mistakes made.
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Strmy- I counted at least 7 people in this thread who expressed concern for the 18 year old driver. I haven't been in an accident like this (thank God) so I'm not sure how I would react if this were my post - I might not say anything about the kid who was taken away on a stretcher or I might have expressed concern - hopefully I never have to find out how I'd respond...

Distracted driving by any one at any age should never be referred to as an "accident" - it is egregious behavior (as is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and should carry extremely severe penalties (in my opinion). Studies show that teens and those in their early 20s are in face more likely than others to text while driving. That's just statistics - it doesn't make all teens bad (or even the person who hit the OP) but it is worth noting and the reaction to that is not very surprising to me. Yes, we were all young once and surely have all made terrible mistakes - some of which produced horrific consequences, others which escaped such a fate. Perhaps it's wisdom borne of experience that produces such an immediate and harsh reaction.

Something absolutely must be done to stop this insanity. I see it every single day - some exceedingly thoughtless person texting while driving at highway speeds - face down in their screen while they remain ignorant to the world around them.

Here's a fascinating look: which is 5 years old - I'm sure it's even worse than that today.

Was the 18 year old in this case texting or otherwise distracted? Perhaps - perhaps not. Either way, of course none of us would wish him any ill will.

But the topic of distracted driving deserves urgent talk for urgent change.

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