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While wife is packing inside the AS, I am working outside. Last thing is to pull the power and coil it up. We then secure the AS doors, do a 'final' walkaround then hitch up (we both work at it for speed/safety. Then one more 'final' walkabout.. I have only left one hose behind....

So.. about 15-20 minutes to get the AS setup if site is 'level'.... adjustments by placing blocks / spacers under the lowside tires and rolling up onto them changes the 'setup' requirements and time requirements. The rest of the setup process is standard.

Prep to travel.. takes a bit longer to clear and store hoses and blocks... then coiling up then stowing the power cord and we are ready.

With our 'tire air pressure sensors' we do not need to 'check' each tire.. just turn on the terminal and check after about 5-10 minutes and we will know status.

Visiting with others... varies...

Peace and Blessings..
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The answer to your question very much depends on a couple of variables including but not limited to how much residual "stuff" you have hanging around your campsite and how many times you have to stop and chat with folks about the AS. We took our first long trip last summer and discovered that if we get up and get going before 9 a.m. it takes less time than waiting a bit later when the rest of the campground has woken up. Average time for us is about 30 minutes. A quick one night stay while we were in transit from one location to another longer planned destination was usually a faster hook up because we would not unhook the TV.

We used to have a sailboat and found that well established roles in setting up and taking down eliminated mishaps on the water, like forgotten drain plugs. We adopted the same thing for the AS. We each have specific tasks that we complete simultaneously and that gets the job done faster. We didn't sit down and assign the tasks on a piece of paper. We kind of morphed into it as we went along. We do a switch right before we leave and each checks the other's work to make sure we are secure and ready to go.

All in all, the time doesn't really matter to us because we are either looking forward to the next destination, have had some interesting conversations with fellow travelers, or excited to explore the new location we are parking in. So, have fun and enjoy the ride!

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I spend more time taking down than setting up. The usual reason is that I sweep the big patio mat that I lay out and dependent upon the tree cover, I sweep the debris off the awnings. I would say that total time from getting unhitched to pulling out chairs, electrical, BBQ, outdoor chairs, hoses, sewer lines, jacks, satellite dish, extending the slide out, and awnings runs around 45 minutes. Obviously if we are in a electric only site, we can cut out about 10-15 minutes off the time since we aren't playing with water filters, hoses, sewer hose and its support base and connectors.

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Our setup varies depending upon the state of the doggies bladders. If they need a walkabout all stops till that's done. Park, hookup and pass doggies through the screen door user to wife/kid inside then crank stabilizers and jack to level, hook up sewer and water plus power is usually 20 minutes.

Tear down usually a bit longer because I walk around three times to be darn sure I picked up, retracted stabilizers and jack, pulled and stowed hoses and cables, loaded doggies into their crate in the TV and got everything inside stowed, tied, and ready to go. Verify pump is off, etc. Then one last round to retract steps, double lock door, kick the tires and hitch to be sure it's ready.

Crank up and go after yet another walk around. Dogs are asleep by then😄.

We flat don't hurry on a trip, and this avoids dumb moves for the most part.

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well for me it depends a lot on whether that first drink has been mixed during my set up! Barring the bar opening up, I check for level first. If I am not level add from 3-10 minutes depending on how far off I am. Then I set my wheel chalks, pull out my base and start lowering the jack on the tongue. Note I remove my sway bar and loosen my torsion bars before I start backing up. Disconnect truck power, connect shore power and sewer. The connections only take a couple of minutes unless I have to connect multiple hoses for the sewer. I keep the big hoses in their own tupperware box in the bed of the truck for easy access. I also have a box for all the fresh water components if we will be there long enough to want to set it up. Drop the stabilizing jacks in front and back and barring the issues that cause delay this is less than 15 minutes. you can then spend any amount of time setting up astro-turf, chairs, BBQ, awnings and refilling that drink!
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as for leaving. it depends on how long the TT has been in one place. If it is just over night I have a short mental checklist. pretty much the reverse of the above. However, if we have been sitting I check tire pressure, lug nuts, lights, all latches for the awnings, the locks on the tinted window etc. I check the TV the same way. so departure can take anywhere from about 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on what you need to do.
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Originally Posted by BNowlin View Post
Yes, I love the idea of the laminated check off sheet. Maybe I should add 1,2,3,4... I thought about notes stuck to the steering wheel for the really important reminders and someone else suggested placing an old wheel chock on the front seat every time he stopped and used them so not to forget to remove them.

Mine is on my iPhone. I have to check off each task

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Originally Posted by m.hony View Post
It seems like a very short time to:

1. back in

2. chock the wheels

3. plug in to shore power

4. hook up city water

5. uncouple from the truck

6. deploy steps

7. turn on air conditioner

8. turn on water heater

15 minutes or so for those basics/bare necessities- then:

9. get something to eat

10. build a campfire

11. visit others at their campsites

12. and so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-

I forgot deploy TV antenna and tune TV-
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I never timed either activity though breaking down tends to take longer as we clean as we pack.

"You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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Wife has duties. I have duties.
As I am chocking, uncoupling, hooking up shore power and city water she is deploying steps, unlocking trailer, turning on air, turning on water heater, deploying TV antenna, tuning TV-
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It takes me 40 minutes +- alone. In that time, I am able to unhitch, level the trailer, deploy stabilizer jacks, attach tire chocks, connect electric, water, and sewer and move the truck. It takes time getting out the hookup cables/hoses from the trunk and putting things back. I have been able to get the awning out too in that time but it varies. The hitching/unhitching takes about 10-15 minutes either way. I have timed this so it is fairly accurate for my speed. The hookups take about the same time and moving the truck and leveling with the blocks, etc are the rest. My truck bed storage bin with all the goodies in has made the job go faster.

Hitching up and prepping for departure takes me longer as I triple flush the tanks and mess with that for a while. If I am in a hurry I do not unhitch and just plug in electric and water or boondock as I am attempting to do more often. That takes about 10-15 minutes if I hook up.
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We used to travel with a check list-- I think it was one from that history of the Airstream coffee table book. It had good advice like, when breaking up camp, check under the trailer to make sure you haven't forgotten your lawn chairs or left your dog still tied up (just kidding.)

We quickly morphed into the guy-outside, girl-inside sorts of chores. Some of the inside work is important, however, like making sure the hatch is down.

Just some thoughts about breaking up camp for anyone new to RVing, is:

* empty the water out of the toilet bowl. It will splash around, especially over gravel roads.

* to prevent your entire roll of toilet paper from unrolling during a drive, secure it with a rubber band. (We've had this happen.)

*If dishes rattling or sliding around inside a cupboard are a problem, cover them with a big towel.

* after you've done your usual routine, just walk around and look at everything inside and out another time or two. This should include inspecting the tail-lights. It's so easy to overlook something.

* Have a wonderful journey.
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It typically takes me 10-15 minutes. One thing to consider is the amount of time it would take if you were staying in a hotel to load and unload a car. I find a trailer takes considerably less time. The one exception is if you have to wait in line to use a dump station when leaving a park without dumps at each site. This can be minimized by trying to leave at non-peak time.

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