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Summer road trip with 2 young kids in 22 Sport- tips?

Hi Y'all,

I have been reading threads for a while now, but this is my first post so here goes.

We are proud newbie owners of a 2015 22FB sport.
Heading off in 2 weeks from the east coast. Starting in Acadia, wrapping up in LA around the end of Aug. Everything in the middle is TBD...

This will be our first long trip with the kids (4 and 6), and so we figure we could use some advice from more experienced members!

Any special gear we should take with?
What are we missing?, what are we not thinking about?
Also, any specific spots that we really really shouldn't miss? we will probably go for a northern route.

Any and all suggestions are most welcome and appreciated!



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Just to be clear, are you ending in Los Angeles, or Lousiana?

I did a ~2 wk trip last fall with a 2 1/2 year old. Half way through the trip, we stopped by Best Buy and bought one of those portable in-car DVD players. We initially thought we could get by playing videos via an ipad, but discovered that we were doing so much driving in the marginally covered hinterlands that streaming was just not that good of an option. I resisted being one of those parents that props the kid up in front of a video, but caved in when I realized everyone's sanity was dependent on entertaining the child.

The other thing to be conscious of is that traveling can potentially wreck whatever routines you have established, in terms of meal time, nap time, and bed time. So if you have a routine, do what you can to maintain it, as getting off the schedule may casue a variety of problems (the above mentioned sanity, the childrens' regularity, etc.).

good luck!

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Len and Jeanne
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Just that the national parks and other popular tourist destinations can be super-booked if not crowded. The lovely Airstream idea of "go where the wind takes you" was probably penned in 1963. If you don't have revs now for places you want to visit, I'd suggest making them now, so you're not managing kranky kids plus No Room At The Inn.

Then shorter days are probably better than longer days on the road.

KOA has its limits, but they are very family-friendly, with facilities like swimming pools. If you become a member, you get discounts on their stays.

Frankly, young children are often just as happy throwing rocks into a small creek or making s'mores over the campfire as they are seeing the large-scale scenic wonders.
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Make the driving days short and the family time long and eventful. Have a great trip. Take lots of pictures. Make a lot of memories.

The St Louis Arch; a national park stamp book; see zoos; Old Faithful; Garden of the Gods; HW50; HW550; the train between Durango and Silverton; Fishing; Spend a night under the awning; view the Grand Canyon; stop at all the crazy road side attractions you can find; hike to the sights in Mesa Verde; see the Great Salt Lake; visit the Sequoias; stop in Joshaua Tree; drive through Death Valley early in the day; walk on the beach; look for the riverboats on the Mississippi River; See if Elvis is still in the building; and don't miss out on any of the fun along the way. Pat
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What fun..but that is pretty intimate living. You might consider a top of car fold out tent that sleeps two for a little more breathing room. It can also serve as a quiet get away! Yakima and Tepui both manufacture them. They can open and close in 5 minutes and they sit on top of your tow vehicle. They run around $1000-$1200. Have a ball!
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The kids will love The Henry Ford, and you will too. Just along your path in Michigan. Enjoy!
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Try visiting a covered bridge. They are not all tall enough for the trailer, but it's fun to find one that is. In any case a day of visiting bridges with a picnic and some associated exploring expands the family adventure.

Fires can be great fun. However, the dry areas in the West are not so good because of wild fire danger. Good to work on your fire starting skills in the Eastern states where it's less dangerous and back off on that activity when open fires are not encouraged. Don't forget to practice your fire dousing skills too. Never leave one unattended until it's out - really out.

The National Parks have Junior Ranger vests that make for a fun addition to the kid's wardrobe, but a hat may work just as well for less financial outlay.

A journal can be a great activity to fill empty time. Drawings of places the kids visit make good additions each day.

The kids need back packs to carry stuff. The trailer needs organization and pickup daily. The more orderly the space stays, the more usable it will be and the happier all will find the adventure.

Good luck - drive attentively and stay safe. Only pet the animals in the petting zoo. . Pat
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Traveling with small people

We completed a GA to WA RT Last Aug/Sep. our lessons learned with a 2, 4 &6 yr old. Plan gas stops at truck stops and get fuel,food and potty stop at same time. Plus when you can stop at a McD’s or some other place with toys, the kids can stretch their legs. Consider Netflix with Its downloads for remote areas. Pack clothes for the kids in pairs so their is little question on what clothes they will be wearing. We kept scivies and Sox in mesh bags. In car my grandson had a wonderful time playing with small cars and studies. Have plan b in your hip pocket for everything based on kiddos behavior particularly on rainy days. Have fun building memories your kids will remember forever.
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In 2016 we took our son who was 6 at that time from NJ to Yellowstone with multiple stops along the way. (Our normal drive time was 8 hours with a break in the middle for lunch) I just wanted to tell you the things I brought along with us to keep him entertained. I did bring those magnet board games and a few other toys he could play with to keep his fingers busy. But I actually got the best results from 2 things - I got the game Rubberneckers on Amazon. It's a card game where you pull a card and have to look out the windows to find whatever is on the card. It kept us all busy & we certainly were seeing the sights. We didn't keep points, but we all were paying attention to what was out the window and we'd get excited to be the first to find it. He loved it. We still use it when we go on trips.

Next, I brought some books on CD. I tried a few different ones, but the absolute best was Woof by Spencer Quinn. We do love dogs, so that helps. But it would easily kill an hour of driving in minutes for us all. Even my husband and I really enjoyed it. We listened the entire trip out and we were sad we wouldn't have one for the ride home. I actually found the sequel "Arf" on Amazon and had it shipped to the campground where we stayed in Montana. We listened to that on the way home. We'd just turn it on for an hour or so whenever we were getting antsy or bored.

Good luck! There's nothing better than seeing this great country with your kids!
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You might look at the small battery powered LED lanterns. They have bails and the cover slides to provide more light. They are easy on batteries and provide individual or group lighting when you do not chose to run off the house battery bank.

Thermacell insect repellent units can be helpful to your family time.

A set of 1000 lumen flashlights are a real help for evening walks and trips to convenience facilities. Costco first sold 1000 lumen units. Then they stocked 1200 lumen lights. Now the flashlight they sell is a 1500 lumen unit. It's a good $20 investment.

Some type of rain gear is needed to have fun when the sky opens up. Umbrellas are not bad, but a light weight poncho for each person may be the best solution. At a minimum, a rain hat and a water proof windbreaker can do a lot to keep folks dry.

A set of favorite DVDs can provide a lot of family entertainment nights.

A map that each week gets updated with a track of your travels would be a great family activity while on your trip and priceless family heirloom after you return home.

Have a safe and fun trip. Pat
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Originally Posted by Belegedhel View Post
Just to be clear, are you ending in Los Angeles, or Lousiana?
Or the Florida Panhandle, aka LA...………...Lower Alabama. ?
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How fun!

Our first AS was the 22 sport, so I have some specific tips for that as well as the car time.

1-If you don't have one, consider getting 1 or 2 Yeti coolers. I recommend the 45 and the 105 sizes specifically. The refrigerator in the 22 is a good one, but not that big. Also get a softside cooler bag (I like the blue one from Trader Joes for $7). Use this with those frozen blue ice packs. (you can re-freeze in the freezer). Why the Yeti? Why more than 1?

I think grocery shopping on vacation is a big hassle. I like to plan my meals and snacks and have what I want with me.

We did a 10 day trip with 4 adults to Yellowstone from Kansas City and brought all we needed except for a restock of bread and milk. The Yeti 45 had dry ice and frozen meat. The Yeti 105 had all our fresh food. So basically it's like having a freezer and refrigerator with you on your trip. No more expensive than eating out and now we have them forever. Link for more info:

2-Those geeky headlamp flashlights are awesome! Everyone in the family needs one. Great for walking back from the ranger show in the dark, getting camp set up if you arrive late, and walking to the trash dumpster at dusk. Extra useful walking the dog.

3-Let the kids crash in your bed after you get up in the morning. Our kids were in their 20's but they still wanted to dive into our bed and sleep some more after we got up. Draw that curtain and let them.

4-Keep your hamper in the shower. We use a large bag from Ikea, but whatever you use, you can keep it there so dirty doesn't get mixed up with clean.

5-Eat lunch in the camper. It's nice. The windows on the sport are super-easy to open to get a little cross breeze. Also consider using the camper for bathroom stops vs waiting in line at the gas station or restaurant. I like to keep cut up fruit and finger food like cheese and crackers in red solo cups with foil on the lid in the refrigerator. Then these can go into the car cup holder if you don't eat it all at lunchtime.

In the midwest we have been having lots of rain and flooding. Check the state Dept of Transportation websites for road closures and check with the campground reservation systems for state park closures. Lots of campground in eastern KS and western MO are closed at the moment.

Piggy Bank
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Summer road trip with 2 young kids in 22 Sport- tips?

On ponchos, buy them to fit the height of the kid. Don’t buy one too big and expect them to “grow into it”. If the hem drags at all, it’s too long for the person.

A too-long poncho is a serious trip hazard—they can walk right up the front hem and land hard when they eventually trip on the excess fabric.

Had this almost happen many times when out in the field with younger Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts during rainy weather. Happens when they get too tired and lose their footing.
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I meant Los Angeles

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