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Eric-Welcome aboard!

Paula has it right! Take old stuff from home, and keep it simple for now and find out what you need down the line.

Some more specific thoughts: As the other gentleman said, Airstreams have very limited storage AND you're going to want to keep weight down, anyway. So for any item that you find you MUST have, it wants to be both small and lightweight. For example, for chairs, we recently replaced our folding captains chairs that you find anywhere with some super lightweight chairs made for climbing/hiking. they don't look comfortable, but they are, and they each fit in a bag about 3x4x12", freeing up a tremendous amount of precious storage.

You're setting up a kitchen (galley) for the road, too. So a good set of pots and pans, melamine dishes, bowls, cups and flatware are good to have. If you can start with older stuff, you'll learn what you use and then replace with a pretty and useful set to design coordinate with your interior and your lifestyle. Dishes are a great way to add color accents to an interior at mealtime.

The same is true for your bathroom setup. Towels, hand towels, etc. We added an extra bath towel rack and hand towel rings to our 2010 28' International, and spent the bucks to match the AS provided ones--pricey, but they look nice and work great. You're going to need some fundamental cleaning supplies, of course. Like the dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" we've found Windex or other glass cleaner to be great for windows, countertops, and especially for cleaning the vinyl flooring. A collapsible broom (thetford makes the best that we've found, although it usually only lasts one season) is a must for sweeping out several times daily, and we'll clean the floor at least every other day to keep things sparkling. We used Simple Green for the first couple of years, only to find a mysterious white buildup around the edges--removed easily with Windex, and haven't had the problem since.

If you're a BBQ kind of guy and don't have room in your TV, the limited storage area and opening in most AS's make for a challenge. We recently update our small stainless marine unit to a Napoleon Grill--the Blue one (sorry, don't have the name handy--and have been very pleased with it. It perfectly fits through our under-bed opening and doesn't have a large footprint, while it is a fairly good quality grill at the same time.

The starter kit provided by the dealer is just that--a starter kit, and good for your first weekend. If they provide a slinky sewer hose, that may last you a season or two, but you'll definitely want two good quality RV water hoses--one for your sewer washout and one for fresh water. It can be helpful to have them two different colors, or one with a blue stripe and one without, so as to distinguish. And you can't have too much RV or single ply toilet paper on board! Or paper towels!

My partner in travel has been very good at maximizing closet storage space with stackable drawer units. She has even done this in our main wardrobe, and we've been able to store spare paper towel rolls behind it to maximize space. We keep our backup cleaning supplies and bathroom supplies in a plastic bin on the top shelf of the wardrobe, so that it's out of the way but there. Many little tricks throughout the coach to maximize storage for each part of your home away from home.

You may find things that we all now take for granted a bit daunting at first. There's a procedure for every part of setting up camp and breaking it down. Checklists are a great idea to make sure that you don't overlook something, and a final walk around even after the checklist is complete is a good idea, too. But all the stuff that you may have to do with instructions initially will eventually become second nature--it just gets easier--so don't get discouraged, and have a wonderful time!

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You might want to consider extra fuses and maybe a quality surge protector. I just recently purchased a 50 amp from Progressive. I don't know how many other owners do this, but I also carry a water softener.
You'll figure out what you need over time.

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Congratulations! You are starting your Airstream life with an awesome trailer!!! My best suggestion is to have an extra set of keys that you can store in a hidden place on the outside of the trailer (Duct tape is your friend here...). We didn't do that to begin with, and lived to be very very sorry!
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Originally Posted by kdickinson View Post
Oh - and a spare hitch pin, boy is that no fun when you misplace that darn thing and it's time to go

Oh Yea...Lost too many when I left the pin on the bumper. Now I make it a rule to keep it with the hitch head or the Hensley stinger! A 5/8 bolt will do in a pinch!

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First, Have deep pockets as you will find that things are not cheap. Amazon will be come your best friend.

We bought our first AS and have travel over 9,000 this year WITH ONLY 2OR 3 PROBLEMS.

Things we have added:

1. Another 5 foot on the sewer dump hose, a 10ft will not work in some camp grounds and you will be out of luck finding one for a reasonable price or QUALITY on the road.

2. Good flashlights, none of those cheep one, can be a life saver or help find your way to the outhouse.

3. A Trailer-Aid, Change a flat on your tandem wheel trailer without a jack and practices at lease once, you could find your self somewhere you can not get help in changing a tire.

You will find that a lot of this is trial and error, take your time and GOD willing you will become a AS guru.

Most important is when you see other AS, take time to say hi and ask them what works for them and you will learn a lot.

Most dealership will only give you an hour or two to get you out the door and say good luck, join the WBCCI and find member close to you to help with question, and don't forget the FORUM.

You get to AZ let us know.
David & Nancy Ames
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And Warning Triangles, 3pk. Protect yourself during roadside emergencies.
David & Nancy Ames
WBCCI # 9403 -- AIR # 95597
2015 FC 25' RB
2013 Chevy Tahoe LTZ
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I love the plastic shoe box containers. In the Classic two fit into the top compartments and are so easy to slide in and out. Also a tote for inside the bottom of the closet where I can store tall items.
Another great idea for the closet is a hanging shoe organizer. Takes up little space and can store several pairs of shoes.
Enjoy your new adventure.
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When you take delivery of the trailer the dealer will suggest things- help-
Sewer hose and water hose are a must-
Nice extras installed at the dealer are screens on the furnace and water heater covers to keep bugs out, covers for the roof vent so it can stay open in the rain, etc.
They may have an "RV starter kit" which includes some of these items.
They may have some sample products laid out for your viewing when you arrive.
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Things for new airstreamers

torque wrench:


Don't know if your Airstream needs this fuse-mySOB did: Bussmann BP/ATM-2 2 Amp Fast Acting Mini-Fuse: Automotive

Hose support:

Potable water hose
Water Pressure regulator (attaches to your white potable line at the hose bib)
Non potable water hose for tank wash
Black/grey tank dump line (will be in kit but you'll need a better one)
Plastic bin to keep black and non potable lines away from everything else. Don't know the correct size for Airstream
Sharpie to label container holding sewer line So never the twain shall meet
50 to 30 amp converter (assuming your trailer is 30 amps)
Power defender 30 amps. I got the one below but there is another brand used by many:

144 pieces or something to that effect tool set.

Duct tape and blue tape.

TP will be in starter kit as will be some black water treatment.

Paper plates, plastic silverware, solo cups, coffee cups, bottled water, sugar, cream, salt, pepper, paper towels, garbage bags
Lighter-six inch
Hand held broom and dustpan
Diaper wipes


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Boating stores are great places to buy trailer items like cookware with a removable handle. Saves a ton of space. For your cookware, get a steamer that fits the cookware and it can double as a colander. A "Water Thief" for campsites without threaded faucets. Multi tools like Leatherman save space.
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One of our earlier trips, we met a brand new owner of a 19" Flying Cloud. His predicament had been the water heater drain plug had cracked. Fortunately, as we were in Austin, he was within 30 miles of a source in Buda. So, I carry an extra. A small hammer, crescent wrench pliers and medium size regular and Phillips screwdrivers are necessities, maybe an extension cord for decorative outdoor lights. And what I call waffles, to place under the tires for leveling...a pack of 6 has been plenty for our single axle. I think you will find out what you need, but for us, limited storage has limited the extras we carry along. Sometimes ya gotta punt!
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All dishes/cookware came out of the house.
Also, all bedding, towels, toiletries came out of the house.
2013 Classic 30 Limited
2007 Silver Toyota Tundra Crew Max Limited 5.7 iForce
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Eric, when you are done buying all of the stuff listed in the first 26 posts you will need a bigger truck to put all the stuff in. Common sense and the best advice is start with nothing and add as you go along as has been mentioned. Doubt that anyone doesn't have stuff they wished they had never bought. Congrats and enjoy your trailer. Nice Christmas present.
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A flyswatter. Masking tape. Clothes pins.

The Evans' Family
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