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Originally Posted by riffin-rich View Post
Along the lines of Doug's post about the Sewer Solution, I saw the Thetford SANI-CON displayed in CampingWorld and couldn't help but wonder if folks were using it and whether or not it was worth the cost over a standard slinky setup.
The main problems have to do with weight, size, and power requirements for the pump. These systems can work well if permanently installed, as they are on many motorhomes. I sketched out a couple of setups on paper and decided it was a bad idea.

A fact to consider is that macerator pumps of any kind are prone to clogging and failure with regular use, and are, how shall we say, somewhat unpleasant to clean and service.

Also, regarding black hose/slinky cleaning, do you guys soak/bleach your hoses after use?
No. I typically rinse them a little.

One of the things that I've concluded from being on this and other RV-related forums is that people's individual tolerance for dealing with sewage systems varies widely. I wash my hands with soap and water when I'm done fiddling with the hose and call it good enough.

I saw that caps are available for garden/drinking hoses ... seems like a good idea to keep foreign matter out of the hoses once they're dry (assuming it wouldn't be good to cap/seal wet hoses).
I just connect the hose to itself after draining it. It keeps water in the hose so it doesn't spill onto the floor of my shore connections locker, or onto the electrical stuff.

Jammer, I'll be sure to add a HAZMAT suit and Scott SCBA to my list too. :-)
There are some hot deals on ebay right now on the old ones with aluminum tanks. If you keep hydroing them they're good indefinitely unlike the new carbon fiber ones.

I still have my "sewer solution" and it's fine for when I need it, which is when I'm dumping tanks uphill into the drain in my garage. For general use I think it's a poor choice. Obviously you wouldn't want to use it at a dump station because it's so slow and it would inconvenience not only yourself but the people in line behind you. For full hookups it will work OK but you have the added water connection and the possibility of clogs.

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Silly question - preferred lengths for campground hookups (hoses, cable, etc.)

To the OP about the 100" cable...

Yes. That would have been a typo.
I think you got this tiger by the tail.

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I carry 2 x 10ft sewer hoses. I only need to use (and clean) one of them 95% of the time. A 15+5 combo would meet most total length needs but I bet you will be cleaning out the 15ft one more often than the 5ft.

The 25ft fresh water hose length is great, but I would carry 2 of them. You can join them together if needed (rare) and you'll have an extra if the main one fails, or after a year of use.

You will probably want to get a 25ft grey-colored water hose as well - for flushing your black tank.

I also recommend a brass water line connector (Y-splitter with shutoff valves) so you can divide a single faucet feed into two lines, one for the fresh water hose and one for the black tank flush hose.

One 30ft coax should work for you. I carry two 15ft ones and use a coax connector if I occassionally need up to 30 ft.
Happy Trails,
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- 15' RhinoFlex Kit plus a 5' extension for 20' total length
Been using 15' one since May, haven't had any issues or been in a CG where it wouldn't reach, but came awfully close. 5' extension probably not a bad idea.

- 25' Camco 22833 Premium Drinking Water Hose (5/8"ID x 25') - Lead Free
(options are 10, 25, 35, 50)
I bought a 35'. I HATEIT! It's so thick and inflexible in the morning when it's cold that it's nearly impossible to coil back up when hitting the road. I cut it in two, one 15' and one 20' to make it easier to manage. Only used the 15' since cutting it.
I keep looking for one of the super flexible hoses that gets great reviews, zerogravity seems close, but I'll wait. A white 1/2" will be more flexible.
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We all do things different, I never hook up to "city water", never hook up to sewer. I really like 1/2 inch 25 ft water hoses, 2 of them. They coil so much easier. I like 10 ft. sewer hose with elbow to go in whole.
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I have. 10ft and 20ft slinky, for 30 ft total, and a time or two, barely enough, most of the time it's overkill. Two 25 ft water hoses, never a problem yet on sites with water, but not enough to fill the fresh tank from a community spigot in electric only campgrounds. 30ft 30 amp cord, and a 30ft 30 amp extension, but with the choice of front or rear connection spots on our 30 ft rig, I have never need the extension.... Yet.
Coax, I have a 20ft hunk, and a second 20 ft when someone let it behind at Americamps in Richmond, VA. The coax was the last item on board, and has been used maybe four times now. TV is not a priority for us, too busy seeing the local area first hand.

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Does Airstream supply hoses, cords, etc with new Airstreams? I know that some SOBs do. We have a new Camping World in my area. They provide to all NEW trailer RV buyers a kit that includes all necessary hoses and cords. Also in the kit is a bucket, sponge, soap, wax, black tank treatment and some other goodies. This all comes in a large Good Sam/Camping World tote. Of course not everything that will be needed but enough to get started with the basics.

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The power cord comes with the trailer.
The water hose and sewer hose are usually in an "RV starter kit" supplied by the dealer with the purchase of a trailer.

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I carry a 20' sewer hose and found that in my experience it does the job. One of the things I learned early on was to always buy the heavy duty hose rather than the low cost ones. In my early days of trailering I remember always getting pin hole punctures from rocks and other ground debris. I now carry a sewer hose support.
This will prolong the life of your hose and takes care of those sites where you find that the sewer pipe sticks up out of the ground or where you find an uphill slope. It also protects the hose from those sharp objects on the ground. I'm still using the same hose I bought for the trailer back in 2004 due to its HD construction and the use of the support.

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I think what you carry depends on the type of camping you do. If you go to events with lots of rigs and limited connects, long water hoses are a must.

I mostly camp in state parks and commercial campgrounds.

Here is what I carry:

10' & 15' Rhino flex. The 15' fits in the storage tube. I cut the ears off and removed one end. The 10' and other sewer stuff (rest of kit) lives in the rear slide out drawer.
1 Plastic sewer hose support. I screw on the missing connection when the 15' is needed. Rarely have I used both together.

10' & 15' Camco 5/8" blue drinking water hoses. See Camco 22853. They are reinforced. Had a hose blow up one time.
1 Camco 40064 Water pressure regulator with gauge
1 Camco 22463 90 degree water faucet. I replaced the plastic part with a brass part from a big box store when the plastic failed.
1 Camco 40003 Fresh Water Tank filler for filling the fresh water tank
1 Camco 22484 Water bandit that I have yet to use.
1 25' flex hose for black water flush and general use.
I used a Camco 22505 90 degree elbow that I attached to the city water input on the AS. I fabricated using store bought 5/8" clear reinforced fresh water tubing (about 40") to connect to the 90 degree fitting on the city water input so when setting up I can run the clear hosing out the hole in the bottom of the water compartment for faster hook up and I can close the compartment door. Your set up may be different.
All hoses have quick connects for faster set up take down. After trying several brands I settled on Dramn which I find to be very reliable and don't leak.


I carry one set of Anderson 3604 levelers and love them. Much easier than building ramps.
Rounding out my list is the tried and true Linx levelers. Currently I carry two sets, but will probably drop that to one set as more than one set is rarely used. Handy for placing under stabilizers.

Hope this helps
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All good suggestions . I tend to go with overkill on lengths. I carry 30' of sewer hose. 75' of h2o hose and 50 ' of power extension. When we went to the north rim of the grand canyon we stayed at Jacobs lake . to get level in the site we were a 45' from the power pedestal that was at the front of the site. Same thing happened in Estes pk co.
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Carry shorter ones for hose and sewer hose, you can always buy a longer one at your campsite. This question you are asking has many answers based on experienced. As others have said, you will develop your own.

Because it works on one, doesn't mean it will work for you.

I think that is part of the adventure, don't you think?
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Shorter electrical extention cable

My trailer pigtail is attached and only about 18' long. I seem to regularly need just a little more cable to reach the power box. My solution was to take my 25' 30A extension cable and cut it into an 8' and a 17' adding new cable ends at cuts. Together they are still 25', but 8' is much easier to use, has less voltage drop, and I don't have 25' of cable coiled at the box when I only need an extra 2'. You can do the same with a 50A extension cable.

Camco 50A and 30A fittings are available on Amazon for $15-$18 each and if you have prime, shipping is free. They are about $25 each at RV stores. They come with easy to follow instructions so you get them wired right.

The hardest part was cutting back the heavy plastic jacket and not nicking the wire insulation. I used an Exacto knife cutting out away from the wire for the jacket. Of course, use wire strippers on the wire then it screws together.
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Hi, as for sewer hoses I switched to Dominator 20' kit and three 10' extensions. I have a total of 50' and each 10' section collapses to 3' for easy storage. Most of the time, one ten foot section will be enough.

I have one 10' water hose and two 20' water hoses. Almost always one ten footer will be enough.

I bought a 25' shore power cord extension; So far I have never needed to use it, but you never know. I also have a 50 Amp dog bone and have used it three times. Rarely, but a few places only have a 50 Amp receptacle at the power post.

I have a water pressure regulator and only use it when the camp ground has very high water pressure; They will let you know at the office if they have extra high water pressure. I use it at the spigot to protect my hose.


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