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I stole the pets idea from gmw photos - I added the wife and kids part

“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them...We are not figuratively, but literally stardust.”

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Retired and brand new to this camping thing in a tin box. Picking up our 2014 FC r twin 25 in a few weeks as soon as the snow melts here in central Wa. Compulsive adherence to checklists kept me alive during 25 years of flying everything from single engine fixed wing to jets so I am a strong advocate of this approach. Near the end of my career as a surgeon, the "cockpit crew coordination" concept that was gaining strength in the aviation industry( due to several mishaps because of mis communication) became popular in the operating room. Because of my flying, I had always had checklists in the operating room, to the consternation of some of the nurses, but we never operated on the wrong, patient, wrong hand, or wrong operation and the validity of the concept has been fully proven and formally adapted in hospitals. Because there could be life and death consequences n towing three tons of machine behind a truck, I would strongly encourage not only check lists but " crew coordination" which means that, as it did when my wife( a pilot) and I flew, if anyone said" I don't like the looks of this" or something to that effect, the " captain " not only listened but went with that decision. It kept us out of potential trouble and I look forward to my new checklists and crew concept with the A$ doing the same. LOVE the FORUM! Thanks

Tom and Mary Orcutt
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That's it...
A pre-flight check list...
I always make sure there are Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes in there...
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After all, an Airstream trailer is like a fuselage with no wings-
A wingless bird-
A land/ground Cessna-
2013 Classic 30 Limited
2007 Silver Toyota Tundra Crew Max Limited 5.7 iForce
2006 Vivid Black Harley-Davidson Road King Classic
1999 Black Nissan Pathfinder LE
TAC #MS-10
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Walk around

We treat the safety check after hook up like a flight safety check also. We walk around in the same direction and look/touch the same thing each time. It won't be long until your check will be etched into your memory. I would caution you to begin your check from the beginning if you are interrupted. Often someone will come up to say goodbye or to chat while you are in the middle of your check. If you're like most campers you will probably converse with that interruption which might break your train of thought so I always start from the beginning again.
As for nonsafety checks, we've narrowed it down to make sure you bring with you things you can't get/buy on your trip; for us that's medicines and when we go to Canada, pork roll. Everything else is mostly obtainable or we can do without.
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Thank god my wife is a big believer in lists, lists, and more lists. We are fairly new to traveling in our 310 and as our experience increases we are getting better at the "the list". I am learning though, while i continue to renovate our rig, safety first and at some point we have to "work with what you got". We will never remember to bring everything and invariably will bring things we will never need. I guess there is some balance required here, but i know i never want to get so stressed about the list that it gets in the way of having fun.
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Originally Posted by mayco View Post
Thank god my wife is a big believer in lists, lists, and more lists.
Just so long as you don't get recursive and make a list of all your checklists!
WBCCI #1105

My Google-Fu is strong today.
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Well, orcs - you and Captain Sully are on the same page:

And them there was that time I left my checklist on the campsite picnic table :-(

Added a new item to the checklist after driving 10 miles away and 10 miles back to pick it up :-)
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Working on it

The only tow so far has been to bring it home, then to storage. The PO helped me hook it up and gave me some reminders / tips, so I wrote them down as soon as I got home. On the cold days it gives me something to do. Here is what I have so far. I still want 'return to base' and 'winterize' checklists. I want to review what others have posted and update if necessary:

o A/C, furnace & water heater off
o TVs face down on bed (bring TV from home)
o TV Antenna down
o Fantastic Fan down and locked
o Rear vent closed and locked
o Windows closed
o Fridge on propane (or off), microwave - closed
o Cabinets (all) closed
o Access doors closed
o Counters cleared (kitchen and bath)
o Bathroom door closed
o Drain board in sink, cover installed
o Water pump off
o Sink cabinet bungee installed
o Main power off
o Propane tanks off, lid down and locked
o Battery box closed / locked
o Front window cover down, locked
o Water, water filter, power, phone, cable, sewer disconnected, pipes and cables stowed
o Awning retracted, secured with bungee cord retainers on extenders
o Hitch installed and locked on, safety chains installed crossed, break-away cable installed
o Mirrors installed on tow vehicle
o Lights Connector plugged to tow vehicle
o Tongue latch engaged and lock installed
o Tongue stand out, stored
o Levelers up and landing pads stowed
o Stabilizer bars installed, security pins installed, bar retention locks and safety pins installed
o Wheel covers stowed
o Chocks and wheel locks removed, visual inspection of tires
o Brake controller installed and set
o Back up camera installed and on
o Dump station
o Black (Right pull lever), grey (left pull lever), white water (if water tank was used) (in order)
o Flush black tank, hose w/red band
o Hoses, black water pipe & support stowed

o Wheel chocks (starboard side) and wheel lock (port side) installed
o Tongue stand in place on 2X6 block, yellow landing blocks in place, lower tongue to remove WD bars
o Tow vehicle disconnected, WD bars, clamps, pins, retainer clips and hitch stowed
o Place level bubble in center of trailer floor, crank levelers down to level trailer
o Water filter installed
o Wheel covers installed
o Test electric power 30 amp, 50 amp with testing device
o Water line hose or fill potable water tank
o Electric, sewer, phone, cable connected (whatever is available)
o Propane tanks on
o Awning extended (stow bungees), ground straps and screw in posts; happy lights installed
o Stow vehicle mirrors installed in tow vehicle
o Main power on
o Roll yard carpet out under awning
o Put AS stored items under awning (BBQ, chairs, table etc._
o A/C, furnace & water heater on
o TVs mounted in wall brackets (fore and aft)
o TV Antenna up
o Fantastic Fan, rear and bathroom vents open
o Fridge on propane / electric (depending on hookup, if not already on)
o Sink cover stowed
o Sink cabinet bungee stowed under sink
o If using water tank, turn on pump (control panel), else pump is off
o Bleed air from water lines kitchen and bath
o Open windows to vent humidity

Rich & Yvonne
2006 Safari SE -Dora-
2004 4Runner SE

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Vodka stored in the upright position in the loose olives rolling about. Ice made for happy hour tonight! Big Airstream attached;
Antenna down, step up, wife kids and dogs in. Phone charged and in the truck.

Where are my keys? (Casually looking in the rearview mirror at the lpg bottle cover!)

Enjoy the day!
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For us one last go around of the trailer tapping on each window and storage door, including the main door ($2 flip latch that saved the suicide door which made losing one of the hatch doors seem like an small inconvenience). I try to remember to not place the WEight distribution (pipe handle) and screwdriver on the Tv bumper, it seems to roll to a hidden unknown location!
The next camper has also lucked out by me driving off with out my large 6x12"x 24" block for the jack, I think the pull forward and recheck is a good one.
My husband I agreed early on that a second set of eyes on the walk around is a must. No hard feelings or pointing fingers just thanks for watching my back.
Keep up the great ideas!
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We have a packing/preparation checklist.

One side has all of the consumables in the camper that we might occasionally run out of - from obvious things like food, toiletries, and supplies of trash bags, to things we usually don't carry like kites and a beach umbrella for beach trips, an electric heater for the winter, happy hour snacks for rallies, and so on. The items are grouped by their location in the camper to make it easier to check things. With my wife's help, we can check the entire camper's supplies in just a few minutes.

The other side has a "to-do" list. It's broken into three columns, one for "a few days before the trip", a second one for "day before", and the last one for "departure day". The "a few days before" column includes things like checking tire pressures, checking/filling the propane, filling the water tank, working on the packing list, setting up the cat's cage in the truck, starting the fridge if necessary, and so on. The "day before" column includes things like hitching up. The departure day column includes things like "load cat", "sunglasses" (something that's easy to forget if it isn't sunny when we're leaving, and I only have one prescription pair), and "jack retracted".

All three columns are grouped into three sections - house, truck, and camper. House includes things like "stop mail" (a few days before), "doors locked", "lights off", "computer off", "trash taken out", "HVAC vacation mode", and "dishwasher started" on the departure day.

We don't need to, say, stop the mail for a weekend trip, but it's easy enough to just cross things off that aren't necessary for that trip.

I started the list after a couple trips with the B190 where I forgot something relatively important, like my razor or my sunglasses, so I've been building it for 6 or 8 years now. We update it a couple times a year as needed. I can post it up here if people want to see the gory details.

We don't have a campsite departure list.
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Originally Posted by AtomicNo13 View Post

Where are my keys? (Casually looking in the rearview mirror at the lpg bottle cover!)
Keys on the LPG tank? Oh I've been there!

I'm not a list person and my attempts at maintaining said lists failed miserably early on in my Airstream days - I kept leaving the darned things behind. Routine tends to suffice for me and I've had no mishaps since instituting a "pre-flight visual" before every day's traveling.
Steve; also known as Mr UK Toad

"You can't tow that with that!"
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Do everything the same way every time.
Go around the trailer counter clockwise on the outside, and then go through the trailer clockwise on the inside...

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