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There is no such thing as a "perfect tow vehicle".

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Originally Posted by Thiatt55 View Post
I tow a 25' FC. THE PERFECT TOW VEHICLE is an engine and that is a diesel engine for power and economy nothing else comes close. if you rule out trucks then there are few choices left. I do hear that Nissan and Toyota are coming out with diesel engines next year and at least that will be a smaller truck. I have talked to towers using gas engine and they were getting 6 MPG and with diesel I get 12-14. With that you can calculate how fast the diesel engine will pay for it self, not long. good luck.
you do have to figure in that the diesel costs you $5 to 10 thousand dollars more to begin with and the fuel is more expensive so it may not pay for itself as quick as you think!

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VW Touareg TDI

We tow our 25' International with a 2014 VW Touareg TDI (Turbo Diesel & 8 speed automatic transmission). The WD hitch was setup by Can Am. The Touareg is a great day-to-day vehicle and tows like a tank! We are very pleased.
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if you like bmw then get a bmx x5d.
we bought a used 2011 to tow our 1965 caravel and it works great.
the reason we did is just what you are stating. we wanted a car that we would enjoy driving when not towing, and this fits the bill perfectly. it is a fabulous vehicle.
the diesel tows really well with lots of torque.

the only caveat would be if you think that you may have some size creep and will eventually want a bigger trailer. if thats the case then just go for the truck.
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Lots of factors.

The SUVs and the Pickup Trucks have a higher center of gravity than Cars. Fact. This is less safe from roll, yaw, stability standpoint . -1 Pickups and SUVs

The SUVs generally have better independent suspension than the pickup trucks, this is safer as the wheels are more likely to stay on the ground which is good for traction. -1 Pickups

The Pickups have longer wheelbases however which is more stable than the SUVs from a rollover standpoint. Pickups +1

The Pickups and the SUVs weigh more which is an advantage from an inertial standpoint with respect to sway initiation. +1 pickups and SUVs

Pickup trucks have a box to carry stuff in. SUVs are generally hatchback for loading stuff. Cars often have a trunk to hide stuff in.

A heavier vehicle takes longer to stop for the same braking and tire contact power. -1 Pickups and SUVs

Diesel engines have a theoretical advantage over gas, but your choice of makers is limited in the "small" car and SUV space, the truck engines have a host of unproven and potentially costly technologies going in. +-?

Unibody is more rigid than frame.

If the original poster enjoys towing with a German 6 cylinder lux car, MB, VW/Audi, and Mercedes all have options if she wants to swap for a diesel vehicle before she puts on 800000 miles.
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forgot to mention overhang,frame stiffness and clearance but whatever
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different strokes for different folks. 2014 gmc sierra 5.3 6 speed auto camper top 23 ft. 2013 cornor bdrm. 12-13 hwy.. 19 -21 around town. gmc everyday drivearound vehicle. love it.
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Originally Posted by Iowa Bumpa View Post
I have pulled 5th wheels & travel trailers 40,000+ miles per year since 1992. One year, I had a brand new F-350 Crewcab diesel and put 48,000 miles on in only 9 months. I have seen it all in the past 22 years, literally. I started out with an old Aljo 35' and pulled it with a 1990 F-350. Pokey it was, but no problem stopping it. And that is my point, here. You can pull an Airstream with anything. But try stopping it in an emergency with some of your toy cars and SUV's? As a highway patrolman once told me, "if people would only think about protecting themselves in the worst situation possible, they would never, ever consider pulling their trailers with what they do." I pull a 25' Airstream with a F-350 Ford Crew-cab diesel 4 wheel drive with a 8' box, topper, a hand-built slide-in tool box with 2 slide out 6 to 7' drawers, a 4 piece platform cover cut to fit the box, carpeted. I carry a Honda EU3000is fastened at the rear of the platform, but inside the rear topper door. I have never had an accident in over 800,000 miles, but have had incidents where I had to stop really quickly! I cannot imagine keeping that trailer under control pulling it with an SUV. Sorry, my two cents. Would a F-250 work? Sure. Would a F-150 work? Sure. It's your choice. I can only tell you what my expectations are. If my wife and I have our 5 grandkids with us and an emergency stop comes up, I know our protection level is more with what I use. What if we rolled over? What if? What if? Prepare for the worst - expect the best! Merry Christmas. Iowa Bumpa
Assuming that bigger somehow automatically means safer is a mistake. If anything, the opposite can easily be true.

First, if your trailer doesn't stop itself, then you've got a problem with your setup, a problem that needs immediate attention. This is true regardless of the size of your tow vehicle.

Second, a bigger truck does not come with extra stopping power built in, in fact the opposite is often the case. In real world tests, the larger trucks often have a significantly longer stopping distance than their smaller cousins or SUV/vans with a lower centre of gravity, a wider wheel stance and independent suspension.

This is especially true for older heavy trucks which tend to sport extremely primitive, by today's standards, suspension and axle setups. Whenever I see one of these rigs on the road I give them loads of space because I know they might end up needing it.
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"but no problem stopping it. And that is my point, here. You can pull an Airstream with anything. But try stopping it in an emergency with some of your toy cars and SUV's?"

In years past there may have been some truth to this idea, but with trailer brakes, and the current version of no skid disk brakes, it is not a concern for anything but the biggest loads, and as someone else said, if your trailer does not have its own braking that works, you are already in trouble.
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This thread is rather amusing. The OP asked for suggestions of tow vehicle that is NOT, suv, mommy van or truck. And that's pretty much all that has been listed.
Here's one for the OP: go find yourself a nice clean older sedan like a Caprice Classic ...have it modernized and hook up and go. Very likely this could be done for far fewer dollars than what a new or late model vehicle would cost.
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Amen. Every single thread concerning tow vehicles eventually boils down to:
"If you don't tow with a monster diesel truck you're a menace to society"
vs lots of folks who happily and safely tow with a variety of other vehicles but their real world experience is meaningless

Eventually the prospect of massive lawsuits after you wipe out a bus load of orphans comes up.

Then the prospect that some state authority is going to weigh your rig and check it against your door post sticker.

We should just copy one of the many, many threads on the issue, sticky it, and then post it immediately to any poor newbie's new post about TV's

It would save a lot of time.
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I don't worry about the state weighing my rig. I do worry, not a lot but am aware, that if forbid I am in any type of accident, my fault or not, that insurance companies will look for any thing and everything in their favor. So being overweight on the TV would fall into that category. Easier just not to go there. But the great thing about our country is that each of us can assume the risk we are comfortable with. Just need to accept the responsibility and accountability that goes with making that choice.
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The brake comments always comes up from large truck owners. I wrote this in another thread but it still holds true and is relevant.

Smaller vehicle or larger vehicle, trailer brakes are just as makes no difference. My vehicle may weigh less but it has large vented rotors with 4 piston Brembo callipers and excellent cooling. A large pickup truck wouldn't have any less to bring to a stop.....actually quite a lot more because all else being equal with the TT the TV probably weighs an additional 1000lbs. My Q5 stops from 60-0 inside 110ft repeatedly with no fade, more than 30ft sooner from 60mph than a typical pickup truck.... with much more control and using tires with more grip. It's actually more like 35ft...yes, 35ft sooner. Does the large truck miraculously gain braking force when you strap on a trailer? Perhaps I should ask you if your 6500lbs+ truck has enough braking force to not pile through 2 or 3 cars on the highway if an emergency stop would occur (even without towing a load) or if you could maintain control while doing so.
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The heavy duty diesel pickups have exhaust break, so you can go down hills without even applying the breaks. Very nice feature not available in sedans/SUVs.

Also, most folks using underrated vehicles spend money modifying it in aftermarket. Nothing stops truck owners from doing the same. For example, You can get TRD performance breaks on your Tundra which improved the breaking of the truck.

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