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Rv parks: the future for us little guys

Rv parks: the future for us little guys.

I don't usually post, but when i do, I do.

Here are some random observations.

I just got the new Good Sam rv park guide. While it is useful, it makes me nervous.

The ratings are heavily biased towards the "big rigs" with the attendant life style requirements (50 amp, dog baths, pull through, etc).

Last week I saw a 50 ft fifth wheel for the same price as my little 25' safari. And it
Had washer dryer, electric fireplace four tvs, dishwasher, etc. and it was two stories high!

I spent a few nights this week sandwiched between the "big rigs". Its like living in a tunnel.
And the rv park was rated very highly by good sam. No One had views. The big rigs all were shut up and isolated from the camping experience that we as Air streamers like.

We have made 80,000 miles in our safari. Its getting harder and harder to find a cg or rv park where
the little guys can have a view, and don't have to pay for "big rig" access.

My new TV is the same model as my old TV. But its 10 inches linger and 400 lbs heavier. Kind of like the
Increasing weight of Americans, and our "big rigs".

So my question is:

Is there a rating guide with criteria that is relevant to the one-story airstream?

Or am I just getting old (er)?

Or should I be trading up?

Or should I look harder?

Or should I just give up and tow on?

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I hear you.. while we are not full time campers or at this point even own a camper of any stripe I see what you are talking about.. When we travel i try to check out camping areas and see a lot of big class A type deals side by side by side..

Heck when we drove to florida fri july 3th for a week we counted at least 100 or more RV and of that 3/4s were the large class A pulling a car/suv of some sort heading N on I95.

now we did see a lot of 5th wheels as well.. In march of last year we drove down and counted over 300 RV heading north on I-95, (the great snow bird flight) and it was split almost 50/50 MHs to TT, and of that the 5er to TT was almost 50/50. So of the 5er now are HUGH..

I think for east coast stuff you are stuck in RV parks. Out west there is tons of BLM, and other government land you can take a claim in with NO one in site. That is where i would like to be.. plus with a nice 25-28ft TT you can get in places the large MH would not dare go..

coming back out of florida i had a 6.7 L ford 250 SD pass me at more than 75 mph pulling a, must have been at least, 35 ft 5th wheel heading to ontario. the truck was sagging under the weight of the hitch pin quite a bit.

it was hot as heJJ and i was just waiting for one of the tires to blow out.. never did that i saw or at least never saw them on side of the road.

Carl, Raleigh NC
2-24-16 got a 2005 Classic 31D check it out for good rental deals
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I have been noticing this also. The check in has been putting the big rigs all around the smaller guys and making a "sandwich" of us. They are also parking the "overniters" in the middle of those that are staying; so early in the AM these big rigs are waking up the rest of us to get started on the road. I see this mostly in the private parks.
I suggested this change to the manager/owner to the park that we BELONGED to, but he said that was where the travelers requested. I said that the traveler had no request on a site and this where you parked them. his face got red.
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Boondock and go to National Forest Service parks and National Parks, and state parks. No power, you have to conserve water and be careful of waste, but it is close to camping, not parking in some lot with power.

I am in a NFS campground at Lake Alva MT as I type this. (north of Seeley Lake). It is quiet, the sites are wooded and huge and private. There is a great little lake for swimming. With my senior pass, it costs $5 a night. You live in Montana, there are lots of good public campgrounds around.

The cell net service is a bit flakey, but works. LOL
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Seems the majority want rigs with separate master bedroom and bunk room for four with its own entry, half bath and TV. Plus three or more slide outs. And then trade it plus the one ton dually every six years.

The notion of being light on ones feet (a trailer that uses the family car) is antiquated. No room for the folks gone from fat to obeastly.

Were I in the RV park business then 70' pull throughs only make sense. Charge accordingly. Etc.

A year or two back was a thread on what to include in an RV park that you may enjoy.

I'd say that trip planning should use some satellite views for those places I might want to stay a few days.

Otherwise, this time of year, some Reflectix in most windows behind the coverings to cut the heat and A/C load. And not worry about it.

Good location to a major metro area is probably not ever going to be scenic. It's convenient is what matters. Doesn't stop me from getting a hotel room for a few days if that is more appealing. Get out of the TT.

Maybe it's the time to do some serious cleaning and such. Facilities, as with location, mattering more than a view. Restaurant access. RV dealership. Etc.

Try to look at the TT a different way. Were one on business in that place. Works for me as to expectations.
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Thumbs up ...we hear 'ya

......or here?

Easy choice for us, just hope it lasts.

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Originally Posted by ROBERT CROSS View Post

......or here?

Easy choice for us, just hope it lasts.

Gotta agree with that. RV park for emergencies only... outta water, outta tank capacity no campground space etc
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what Idroba said.
We NEVER use private parks unless it is a rally .
We have noticed the Much nicer and more spacious sites like the Forest Service and other agencies provide are less and less used as people become so hook up dependent.
Our camping bill for 2 months in FL was $10. not counting 2 rallies we attended.

We just spent 5 weeks in New Mexico and other than the VAC pre rally and the International we had no hook ups. I would not trade any of the sites we used for a free night in a resort park

There is no doubt there is a trend toward bigger rigs and some are not even cabable of dry camping.
I don't mind because they are not cluttering up the places I want to be
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As soon as I see "resort" in a park description I know that I will not be staying there. Give me nice secluded state or federal parks with trees and water views. I have no desire to "camp" on a paved parking lot.

Do you know what a learning experience is? A learning experience is one of those things that says "You know that thing that you just did? Don't do that."
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I don't at all mind where RV parks are going - mainly because we don't use them - the exceptions are occasional overnight accommodation while on the road - mainly just a one-night-stand (no pun intended). I do get a kick out of those times when we do overnight in a busy RV park - almost always we are the little kids on the block - the time we were in the middle of a Prevost rally was a genuine hoot (very gracious and welcoming neighbours I might add).

Our main destinations for longer stays are almost always National, State or Provincial Parks - where camping remains an outdoor experience.

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The only trailer that was smaller than mine at Oasis RV Resort in Amarillo, TX was a Casita. Not a bad park, level paved sites and full hookups for $31. Hot and windy so you couldn't sit outside but it was fine for an overnight stop on the way to Utah.

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Every cloud has a silver lining

The festivals that I attend are like rallys. Folks want to park where the action is. BIG rigs often want to camp next to me. Then apologize for camping next to me. This ain't my first rodeo. I have them park Southside/street side of me. Space is tight and their awning is close to my camper. They provide lots of shade, and often let me hook up to charge batteries, to make up for me having to listen to their generator.

If I wanted a view, I wouldn't be going to a festival, rally, or KOA.
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having trouble posting photo

But here is a festival view. Do I look like I care what rig is parked next to me?
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Rv parks: the future for us little guys

As above, the big parks (resorts) often have facilities (laundry, pool, showers, c-store with propane, a list of approved RV techs, etc) which make them useful. Don't discount it if you're out on the road awhile.

Helps to think of them as professional drivers think of the big national truck stops chains: Food, fuel, clean, truck service. Predictable. And more secure.

A bunch of RV services all in one place, in this case. And more nearby.

With a Wally World and Camping World nearby, you betcha!

All that's needed (and I'm not quite kidding) is a McDonalds. Fast food has its place. Get in one night, do the round of errands with some fast food energy, and get ready to get back out again. Have dinner delivered. Do no cooking kind of thing. Time efficient.

The closer these places come to the modern travel plaza concept of serving trucks and four wheelers, the better. One stop. Short trips, if that.

See them as being useful. Not as a destination so much, but as a place to get work done, re-supply the vehicles, and move on.

Looking down ones nose misses the point.

Choose one well as to location near suppliers and services, have a list to accomplish and use the convenience to do more in less time.

After all, there are some crappy campgrounds near metro areas. Or that are more scenic, but location means far more hours to finish a list of needs. I'd rather be in a "resort" two nights than the alternative for three.

1990 35' Silver Streak Sterling; 9k GVWR.
2004 DODGE Cummins 305/555; 6-manual; 9k GVWR.
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