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Real world mpg on Ford F250 Gasser

We're having a change of heart - we were looking at going with a diesel, but the upfront cost is gagging us. Anyone out there driving a later model F250 and can give us gas mpg both towing and not? Our AS is a 25 footer and we don't exceed 60 mph when pulling her. Thanks in advance.

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The rule of thumb is to deduct 30% from the highway figure. This works whether a 1965 or 2015 gasser. Can be forty, but not quite likely.

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Sorry I cannot comment on the F250. Other than to say the extra 8-10 grand is only the beginning as the fuel is about 30% more than standard gas. I can confirm we (averaged) 13.5 mpg with our f150 eco-boost on a trip of about 10,000 miles. This mileage was a combination of mountain and prairie driving pulling our 28'.

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Rollster, sent you a private message on a used F250 Diesel, it was my truck and is at a dealer now. I sent you the link - NEVER a bit of trouble with her and I think it only has about 12,000 miles on it.

Good Luck


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My Excursion gets 8-9 MPG towing and that is usually running 65-70 MPH. You might get 10 out of it, if you drive like grandpa or someone with a handicap tag. It has a V10 and a 4:30 axel. It was cheap to buy and is cheap to maintain. No more 15 quart oil changes, fuel filters, coolant additives, DEF fluid, expensive fuel, and that is if nothing breaks. Just a minor out of warrantee repair will cost more than I paid for my Excursion. It has the same basic running gear as the 2000 era pickups. The engine and the axle ratio will affect mileage.

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Are you looking at newer V8 250s, or older V10 250s, or both?

If you're thinking about the V10, there's a forum member called pappy19 who is a big proponent of those (to put it mildly!) Send him a PM if you want to find out why he likes them so much.

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Carol I had a 2014 GMC Sierra 5.3l gas and switched to a 2015 Sierra 2500 Diesel. Fuel has been about 25% more expensive but my mileage while towing has run 26-28% better and around town has been about 5% less. I keep good records. So the fuel delta is minimal. Only reason for me doing the diesel was I live in Colorado and lots of mountain driving. Just simply pulls better and the diesel brake on the downhills really helps control the speed.

If you are flat lander primarily the gas would be fine. Diesel purchase is higher, you have the cost of DEF (exhaust) fluid at about $24/5,000 miles. Oil changes will be more because of more oil and filter cost is higher.
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Hi from AZ. . . My '08 F250 4 door FX4 with the V10 got about 10 mpg. Didn't mind that when pulling my Safari 25 across country, but ALSO got that taking me solo to the land of orange aprons (aka HD) Talked to lots of people about improved mileage ideas & they all said 'yeah 10 mpg, that's what they get' Great towing truck though, if I could have afforded a separate daily driver, I'd have kept it. ........regards, Craig
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I have a 2008 F-250 with the V-10 (6.8) and have 150,000 miles on it. I average about 11 mpg solo and towing our AS, I average 8.5 mpg. Never a moments trouble, $19.95 oil changes and $10 fuel filters. I Seafoam the tank every 10k for another $15 to keep the injectors clean.

The newer Ford V-8 (6.2) has been a trouble free engine as well. The newer trucks all have the Ford Torqueshift transmission that has been bullet proof for many years. Ford took the best qualities of the Allison and improved the internal parts to make their new tranny. A good used V-10 from 2005+ is hard to find. Also finding a well equipped new V-8 is equally difficult. I ordered mine from the Ford factory equipped the way I wanted it built. You might also look at a lease instead of a purchase as you will save a lot of money that way. At the end of the lease you can buy the truck or give it back to Ford.
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Two cents on an f150 pulling a 25'.

@65---12 mpg avg two years
@70---11 mpg avg (I creeped up to traffic speed with MS2 truck tires on occasional stretches now)

Reg v8 4.6 3V for comparison
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Here is something else to keep in mind. In Toledo, Ohio at a circle K yesterday regular gas was $2.74 and diesel was $3.93, and that's just the cost of fuel. We average 10.5 towing with a F250 6.8 V10 with a 4:10 rear end gear. Our trailer weights in at 6020 lbs.
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Diesel is only 95 cents a gal higher here.
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F 250 gas mileage

I know you asked about Fords. However, you might look at the Ram 6.4 gas engine. So far very favorable owner reviews. It gets about 10 towing and maybe a lucky 15 or so solo. As a comparison my Ram Cummins gets 20 solo at a steady 65 mph hand calculated and 13 towing 8000 pounds. And where we live diesel is not that much more than gas. The Cummins is a real workhorse if you are thinking diesel. The 6.4 gas has cylinder deactivation to save on fuel when the engine is not working hard. The 6.4 is worth a look!!!
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My '11 F-250 with the 6.2L gas engine has slurped 9 to 11 mpg towing a sailboat where boat and trailer and stuff (including anchors, chains, one cat ,,,) weighs ~8,000 pounds and I drive ~55 mph. The boat probably has a lot less wind resistance than a travel trailer. The truck is an extended cab short bed and weighs (I guess) ~6,500 dry, and measured 7,000 with my wife, myself, and 35 gallons of gas. The truck is white (high in titanium dioxide) and that of course helps.

Around town, not towing, I can average >14 mpg since I have few hills and get into and out of town by interstate at, again, 55 mph. Accelerating or climbing with 7,000 pounds is costly. Traveling cross country (not towing) I've never had a tankful at 19 mpg but 17 isn't hard (at 60 mph) and 18 is doable.
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Slowmover is dead nuts right on with the 70% factor. My Tundra 5.7L 2wd is rated at 18 mpg highway and I get 18-20 highway. I get 13.5-14.5 mpg towing gently at 50-60 mph.

If I were going for a new truck I would look at all three of the 3/4 ton gassers with big V8's and 6 speed minimum transmission with 2 wheel drive. I would get a mechanical limited slip differential also instead of 4wd. You should be able to get 13 mpg towing gently. By ordering one you will get only the options you need and want.

Good luck, Dan
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So here's my story. We bought an '02 F250 V10, 4x4, extended cab, white with silver trim, all the bells and whistles, about 15 months ago. Nice truck, especially for it's age and mileage (about 155,000 right now). Its last owner was a service manager at the local Ford House, so it seems to be in pretty good mechanical condition. One thing we had to do was have the rear differential seal replaced when we bought it. Also had to replace the right front brake caliper. That's all the money we've had to spend on it, other than routine maintenance. The PO towed a fifth wheel with it. We've only put about 3000-3500 miles on it so far, but all is well (can you tell it's used mostly for towing the 'Stream?) . It's a monster. Pull yer house off the foundation.

MPG is odd with this truck. We get anywhere from 9 to 14 MPG. Actually gets better mileage towing than just around town. Filled up today, 9 mpg, but all in town driving. We're heading out for an extended trip shortly, so I'll check it again and report back.

Pappy19, I'll be sending you a PM shortly. Would love to hear more about yours.


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Pull a 27FB witn a 2011 F250 SuperDuty 4x4 w/towing package. Sans trailer, 13-17mpg depending on speed and amount of stop and go. Towing in mountains, 10-11mpg. Rolling hills 12mg. Total flat prairie at 55mpg, MAYBE 13mpg. Overall average with tow and everyday gad about, about 12mpg. We've been full-time for a year, generally with 3-10 day stops, travel days of 3-6 hours, 50/50 towing interstate and US/State routes. Facts as best guessed at, your mileage may vary... ;]
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Ford 250 gas mileage

I have a 2006 Ford F250 V10 purchased new that pulls a 2004 25' Classic Airstream that gets 10 mpg (60-65 mph) on interstate driving, 14+ mpg interstate driving not pulling trailer and maybe 8 mpg in town driving. Truck has 60,000 miles and has only needed front brake caliper replacements this summer after right front one locked up on camping trip to east Tennessee.
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We have the 2012 F-250 Lariat CC 4x4 6.2L gas truck. Got about 36k on it now and have been using it for both towing our 25 ft. Classic and light ranch work. Runs very smooth and mileage is pretty consistent at 13-15 non-towing and 10-12 loaded to the limit and towing the stream. The towing average includes lots of West Texas flat land, the Texas hill country and everything the Rockies has that's paved. Its not a diesel so I don't blow by semi trucks going up grades but it handles them with out a problem. We also drive the speed limit of our tires (65mph). I favor gas because it works for me.
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I pulled our 34 footer at about 8500 pounds with an E-350 passenger van with the V-10 and 4.10 axle ratio. It was a year 2000. We booked 9 to 11 consistantly while towing. And we booked 13 to 15 around town. We had the van for 8 years.

Wind conditions and hills make a huge difference in daily towing mileage.


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