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I think all vehicles should come standard with split mirrors on both sides, and especially pickups and SUV's that come with a tow package. I like a flat mirror on the right side when I'm backing, gives me a better view of how close I'm to something. And on the left side I usually glue on a small convex mirror to clear the blind spot on that side.
I drove a semi for 10 years and people just don't know how to drive around big trucks. You move over to let traffic merge and then they wouldn't let you back and flip you off for not getting out of the hammer lane. Of course it goes for anyone pulling a trailer.

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Everyone keeps saying the VW did an illegal maneuver, and since he kept moving to the Left even though the truck was beside him, I agree, but I think Slowmover and others are implying it is illegal to pass on the Right, and it may be in some or many states, but not in Texas. I have no knowledge of where the youtube video was taken, but this is from the Texas Driver's Handbook, the one you must read and understand before taking a driving test in Texas. Also note the paragraphs about if you're driving slower, keep Right, and also the one about making an effort to stay out of the passed driver's blind spot.

Passing on the Right
In Texas, you can pass on the right only when conditions permit you to do so safely.
1. The road is clear of parked vehicles or other things and is wide enough for two or more lanes in
each direction.
2. You are on a one-way road.
3. You may pass on a paved shoulder when the vehicle you are passing is slowing or stopped on the
main travelled portion of the highway, disabled, or preparing to make a left turn.
Do not pass on the right by driving off the paved portion of the highway.
When You are Passed
1. Do not increase your speed.
2. Keep in your lane.
3. When being passed on the left and the lanes are not marked, move as far to the right as you safely
4. Make it as safe and easy as you can for the other driver to pass you.
Blind Spot Driving
Don’t drive in another driver’s blind spot. Either pass the other driver or drop back. When you pass a car, get
through the blind spot as quickly as you can. Approach cautiously but once you are alongside the other
driver, speed up and get by quickly.

Keep to the Right
Never drive on the left side of the road when:
1. Pavement markings prohibit driving on the left (a “No Passing Zone”)
2. There are two or more traffic lanes in each direction
3. Within 100 feet of or crossing an intersection or railroad crossing.
4. On a hill, curve, or any other place where vision is limited
5. Within 100 feet of a bridge, viaduct, or tunnel
Always keep to the right side of the road except when:
1. Passing another vehicle on a two- or three-lane street
2. Driving on a one-way street
3. The right side of the road is blocked

We can go on and on about this, but the fact is several things were done wrong by both the VW and the truck drivers.

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The Volkswagen driver was being rude. She thought she was entitled to "cut the line" that the truck driver had been patiently waiting in.

This can get frustrating, and I will admit that when I have been in my personal vehicle sans trailer I have denied these interlopers, but never to the point of actual contact.

In the commercial driving world, the driver may or may not have gotten a ticket, but if his companies safety department was performing to standard he would be charged with a "preventable accident".

The charge of a preventable accident may be, and often is, levied even when the other vehicle is deemed legally at fault.

A preventable accident is a black mark for a commercial driver that will usually always result in sanctions, "probation" and "retraining".

A couple preventables usually means termination.

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Makes no difference who was right or wrong as that incident was avoidable by both drivers. However, the VW driver was just plain stupid. You don't challenge a semi truck with a're going to lose. Unfortunately, on the open road, the biggest, heaviest vehicle is going to get the right of way.
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Right side mirrors were changed to convex to deal with the "blind spot." I think that most people who pass do not know about waiting to see both headlights of the passed vehicle (all of us) in their rearview, and are ignorant of the distance distortion in the side view, even though it's written on the mirror.

When we pass with our rig, we take advantage of our Sprinter's standard flat mirror over convex mirror config. We set the flat mirrors fairly outboard (enough so they pick up the side of the Airstream, but not the side of the Sprinter) for an accurate view of vehicles as they approach us or after we pass them, and the curved mirrors cover the blind spot fairly well (but a quick lean forward while looking into the curved mirror absolutely covers it.)

We originally purchased clamp-on mirrors to be able to see better down the side and in back of the Airstream, but found these vibrated too much for an accurate view. We were convinced by a service tech at our local dealer that we didn't need them, and got rid of them after the first season and found that he was correct. After a few thousand miles of towing, we are both very aware of what the mirrors "see" and don't see. No way we would ever pull back into the right lane after passing without checking the flat mirror for the passed vehicle, and then the curved one to make sure that some yahoo hasn't slid in between us and into the blind spot while we were passing (isn't that fun--what are they thinking!) Interestingly (and verified in parking lots where we can control it), our passenger side flat mirror is adjusted so that it 'works' just like a rearview mirror when you're not towing--when we can see the headlights of the truck that we've passed, he's at a VERY safe distance for us to move back into the right lane. In fact, seeing one of his headlights is adequate--but we prefer to go for two.

We find that the vast percentage of 18 wheeler drivers are courteous professionals. They really are appreciative of safe and courteous driving on our part, too.
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I kept reading posts about the Trucker and the VW. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on the situation. After watching this, and HD quality as well... it is obvious to me:

The Trucker was using his truck, probably the company truck, as a deadly weapon.

The VW was signaling. The trucker began to increase his speed. It was intentional on the trucker's part that this accident was avoidable, yet had no intention of avoiding this accident by maintaining a constant speed but began to accelerate. The trucker was well aware that he had video streaming into his cab.

While the VW was merging he sped up. Then, for whatever reason, decided to maintain his speed and then pull to the left and merge back to the right. There was no attempt by the truck driver to avoid the accident. No brakes were applied. Only after he began to push the VW down the highway did he... notice.

The VW driver was gaining on the slower truck in the right lane. This trucker, creating this situation, was not traveling as fast as the other automobile traffic that was being forced to pass him on his right, then merge back into the left lane in order to maintain traffic speed. Was the trucker too busy communicating to someone at this time? His delayed reaction after forcing this accident was enough to tell me he was well aware of what was going to happen.

I would have like to seen the previous FIVE minutes and if this trucker was constantly in the right lane of traffic and forcing traffic to pass on his left...

Had I been a juror and saw this video... the trucker is guilty.

As I have said earlier. It is not your job to enforce the laws on the highway. Just get over it. This is a very good example, to me, WHY you avoid this pissing contest to begin with.

I heard too many posts about REAR view mirrors and passing. I hope you did not think you were towing your TRAILER and could see traffic with the rear view mirror.

Somehow having the "Right of Way" means ARROGANCE of safety and common sense on this Thread. Going slow in the "passing lane" and claiming Right of Way because people are forced to pass you on the right... does not preempt common sense.

I am thankful being constantly aware of my surroundings and to avoid those who have nothing better to do than intimidate others with malice. It reminds me of a group of Jocks wanting to have some FUN... at the expense of some innocent bystander, having nothing to do with them being fools and the Jocks finding it comforting to abuse those that are not among their... group and "soft targets".
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... and while I am at it.

Someone misread a typo on a post. And went through some effort to be critical. I read this same post and realized in the context it was a typo. Even I have typos. If people reading these threads have such little capacity to understand that we are not professional writers and spell check does not prevent a missing letter, why even bring it up?

Many posts consist of two sentences. They add little to the conversation. They have 10,000+ three word to two sentence posts in five years on the Forum. Maybe the number of WORDS should count more than posts that have no use, no merit nor anything to do with the subject at hand.

I can understand why many do not post in some of the conversational Threads, as this. Unfortunately for me, I used my real name and address. I should change this now, if I can. I do not hide behind some avatar or made up name. I have always tried to bring up subjects that might improve one or more Airstream owners knowledge and their traveling. None is meant to insult, demean or reflect poor manners on my part. But... even I find some of this banter disgusting rhetoric. After awhile the tone changes in a Thread to mindless chatter. Like this...

It is so much easier to just to drop off and not get involved. Some of us do have experiences to encourage those with questions to inquire. But some... some people must be mindless and born with poor judgment and manners. It is not necessary.

Post #84: "I would like to see the previous FIVE minutes and if this trucker was constantly in the right lane of traffic and forcing traffic to pass on his left..."

The first write should have been a let and the next let should ahve ben a write.

There... mooning the grammar geeks with my failure to catch my right/left and the left/right error.

I would like to see the previous FIVE minutes of this video, which is absent, and if this trucker was constantly in the left lane of traffic and forcing traffic to pass on his right...
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If the number of words count Ray you have that cornered by a LONG shot.


Smiling with you.

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Re: right of way - when I was in high school my Driver Ed instructor put it in to perspective for me (but I can't pretend I'm so angelic that I adhere to this lesson every moment...).

We're at an intersection and according to the rule book, I know have right of way, but across the intersection this 18-wheeler just enters the intersection while I'm taking my left turn and the instructor stops me by kicking on his brakes from the passenger seat. I'm yelling about how I had the right of way and he says - yes you did, and that truck is probably at least 10 tons and will crush you like a bug - how's being "dead right" sound to you, son?
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Another peeve is I'm approaching slower traffic some of idiots pull into left lane 1/2 mile back when they see trailer ahead then I have to brake lose momentum then get back to speed when finally able to pass. I now turn blinkers on get to left lane to pass to h**l with them, also they will come up then pace me a few back same deal. I drive 5mph or more over speed limit.
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PASSING AUTOMOBILES cutting it too close

That VW never had enough room at any time in that video to safely move into the left lane without endangering others. Nor did the Nissan ahead of it.

Separation distance rules. The errors began before the lane change commenced.

There was not enough distance from the right lane flatbed truck except for that Nissan and VW to brake and to slow to the speed of the flatbed to increase that separation to a safe distance BEFORE an opening in the left lane of adequate distances was available.

Too close to the flatbed, and no where near enough separation distance into the left lane. I'm sure that neither car driver had any idea of what the distance was from the camera truck to the vehicles ahead of it.

The Nissan was in just as much error in moving to the left lane. An "opening" of three car lengths at that highway speed would NOT be adequate distance. In fact the Nissan cut off the separation distance in the left lane perilously. Far too close to the vehicle it wound up behind, AND shortening an ready too close following distance by the camera truck.

The distance from Nissan and VW to flatbed should have been multiples of their length. We should never have actually seen either car had they been driven by safe drivers.

The Nissan and VW had no intention of operating in a safe manner. It was reckless behavior from beginning to end. And is a common feature of traffic today.

The camera truck was technically too close to the traffic in front of him during his pass of the flatbed. There was adequate passing speed of the flatbed, but there was absolutely no room for that Nissan or VW to safely pass as they did.

It's a textbook example of how truck & car accidents are almost always caused by the car.

You want to criticize the truck driver it was that he was on the telephone in traffic too heavy AND while passing.

And not watching his mirrors to cut off this problem by accelerating -- if his truck was not against the governor -- before those two ever got far enough along in the right lane. To avoid this AND worse problems which can ensue from a wreck of this sort.

I'd bet he had cars jammed behind him given today's typical driver. Which is why those two were making that pass on the right. Damn poor traffic management on his part, IMO, as this is common. Looks like he was driving an International ProStar, usually a fleet truck and generally equipped with engines of only adequate power.

And note how far it took that flatbed to come to a non emergency stop.
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Several posts were removed today that strayed off topic. Remember that if you see an inappropriate post, the best action is to REPORT it using the red triangle button, and ignore it. We will come evaluate it and clean it up if necessary. Please try to stay on topic, be polite, and above all, be nice to each other!

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PASSING AUTOMOBILES cutting it too close

Originally Posted by SteveH View Post

. . And, the fact that you consider drivers of cars "foe" illustrates your combative, truck driver, mentality. Does your company no give defensive driving classes? I know when I was working in the oil field, we attended them annually.

I think we covered that this was a typo. I can assure you that Houston is far from the worst big city in which to operate an unwieldy combined vehicle. In fact it is almost the best for a top ten metro area.

However, the word "foe" actually works from a defensive driving standpoint. I am best off in believing that the improper actions of others are not simply mindless, but actively antagonistic.

This works by conceptualizing WHEN their bad actions end. I have had "them" illegally pass me as did that Nissan. And then hit the brakes to try and cause an accident. Were I to believe that their bad actions ended with the "pass" I would be unprepared for the follow up. They are indeed foes, in that sense.

But in a big truck I can hardly "hunt them down". Action on my part in a big truck is essentially meaningless as there will be no chase, etc. It is so unequal a contest as to not be worthy of that name. So, the use of the word "foe" does not do justice to the unequal tit for tat. But it's in the right direction.

Expect that the worst out there will stoop to irrational behavior.

As to those who would blame that camera truck driver I expect that they, too, indulge in this behavior. Mighty important folks, they are.

That camera truck steering wheel holder wasn't paying adequate attention, didn't have the skill to head things off, but his actions weren't far off from correct. It's easy to turn over a big truck. Hard as hell to stop it at that speed. Considering how lightly damaged that VW was I'd say he did just fine. There was no multi car pile up and a Life Flite helicoptering in.

It's the flatbed driver who deserves commendation. Am I the first to note that?

1990 35' Silver Streak Sterling; 9k GVWR.
2004 DODGE Cummins 305/555; 6-manual; 9k GVWR.
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