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Off to LA....The Adventure begins

Well, The first major trip with my new AS. Packed and ready to go south to Newport Beach.

I did add a bunch of MODs of sorts to it.

1. Addressing the bathroom door and having no room to sit on the lav unless the door is open. Problem - people can see unless I intend to darken the shades everytime.


Bed Bath and Beyond: Goal is to have an easier way of adding privacy. Using the slider rail for the built in room divider bought 12 shower hooks (luckily they come in packs of 12. and a Cloth Shower curtain. The distance from floor to rail is 74" and shower curtains come in 74" lengths. One panel is enough to screen.

2. Home Depot: Polished Aluminum hooks @ 3.94 a piece. elegant design and placed on inside of bathroom door, and outside on wardrobe doors - now a place to hang robes etc...

3. Key and Hats. Bed Bath and Beyond - coat rack from Umbra - hangs on the front right of the top cabinets over the couch. Nice sleek "Airstream" design. (Yes they said 'Air Stream" design. Brushed Aluminum.

4. Napkin Holder: Neat design - sits at the door on the laminate where the stove is. Design prevents paper towels from just flying off during travel.

Will post pictures after my arrival.... Anyways - everyone have a fabulous weekend - shall catch ya on the flip....

4. Aluminum

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Hi Jody,
wish you a wonderful trip!!
Have loads of extra fun for all of us who have winterized already!

We have your same floorplan and many of the same little problems. Curious to see your pictures and compare how we solved them differently.

Love your coloured hanging wine glasses! Where do you keep the bar?
We have modified a tray to hold wine bottles in the cabinet under the spice rack.

Keys/wallet/sunglasses - that's a big one! I just bought a small alluminum bucket to hang next to the door but I'm not yet totally convinced it's the best solution. I know Umbra well, have other products from them (made in Italy ) can't wait to see your solution.

Garbage - this is a major one! In the few weeks we have owned Titan we have already changed 3 garbage cans and at least 5 different places for it.
Our winter project is to find (or build) an alluminum garbage can shaped as half a cylinder that we can mount under the collapsible end shelf near the stove - seen a few but all too big. It must be no deeper than that gap between the stove cabinet and the door frame. We can't put it on the floor because that's where we keep the dog's bowls (moved those many times, that's definetly the best spot. Already bought matching alluminum bowls that fit).
Any ideas?

Buon Viaggio!

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Knowing LA traffic, may I suggest that you duct tape your left fingers together. That way you can not extend the middle finger which you may want to(many times)while driving there. Another plus, waving a duct taped hand is that some drivers may think you are injured and be more courteous. Have a GREAT TRIP!!!!
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Will you be staying at the Dunes RV resort ? I highly recommend it

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I am located just a few miles up SR55 from Newport Dunes.
Look me up if you need anything. I've got space and tools etc., just in case.
Check your PM for info.
Good Luck on your trip!
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Uodate: It is now Wed, and finally figured out that to get my cell to work with my laptop - don't be inside the AS.
The drive was uneventful until I got down to LA. As you know from the news - fires are raging all over So Cal. Once I got past downtown - as my first night I was staying at a friends in Carlsbad... it was white knuckle driving... (never had time to flip people off as I was too worried about having to slam on brakes. Between the fog, the smoke and the ash that I had to drive through for 25 some miles.... I realized two things:

1. Why the marijuana laws exist in the state (to mellow you out - isn't road rage a ailment?)

2. I can never have kids because you have to balls of steel to drive 70mph in traffic towing a AS on I-5..

I am indeed staying at the Newport Dunes resort - which is not too bad. First few days were actually miserable weather wise. With all the smoke and ash being blown in - did not make for enjoyable outdorsy adventures.... But today at least wind is coming from the ocean and its nice and clear.

Kimili - I have quite a few ideas.... when I get to a land line I will post some pics of additional stuff I did....

Hope everyone is well!
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Kimili - there are more in my photo album here and later my website...

Shows shelf added above microwave, paper towel rack, towel rack, and picture frames on cabinet door.

Shows the Umbra coat rack as a key / hat solution.

Towel Storage solution in bathroom
Jody - Jody's Website
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Some good ideas

I especially like the idea of the key hooks on the end of the forward overhead cabinet.

Nothingmakes the use of a trailer more pleasureable than those little items that the manufacturers either never include or do a very poor job of including. Something as simple as a hook for hot pads that is convenient to the stove.
John W. Irwin
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Oh, but that is the fun part, putting your special touches on your trailer. AS does a nice job of starting you out. The details are up to you and your needs. Nice job there Jody.

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Update on Trip....

Well met Uwe (great guy) while in Newport Beach. He recommended Pisbo Beach when driving up the Coast and have to say that was awesome for a stop. Best six bucks in a long time spent on camping - as you pull right on the beach. The only drawback was all the quads running around but after awhile you get used to it....Headed up the coast on RT 1 as much as possible until hitting around San Fran. Got some decent pics of the Golden State Bridge with the AS in it...

Then I decided to head to Reno, NV. Was told it would be great weather and a good time... it was like 18 degrees for the day I was there. It was actually just a bit too cold for my blood so I continued west to visit a friend in Traverse City, MI. In Wyoming, a piece of sand got in my eye as a 18 wheeler went flying by kicking up everything known to be on the road. It was snowing and of course the road was salted and sanded and lil ole me always leaves the window cracked for fresh air (those vent visors are supposed to keep stuff out)....

Huge snowstorm in the long run and so I pulled over at a TA to get the sand out of my eye and rest. There was so much black ice that it was difficult to drive anyways... Needless to say, for six hours the pain in my eye kept getting stronger.... until wsuch a point it was unbearable.. I must of flushed it 50 times and ended up driving to the Emergency room after about six hours of dealing with it... Ended up with a scratched retina and pupil... talk about pain too.... Well I took the day and rested.

I ended up back on the road and pulled that evening into another travel plaza looking for diesel - hit ice again and wrecked the entire right side of the AS. All the way down the side - but the good news is that I won and the concrete pole it it hit went down....

Made it to MI and visited friends (stayed at Holiday RV PArk in traverse City) and Monday drove down to Jackson Center and they are in the process at the moment reparing the damage... I have to say that hanging out at the local establishments does help get work done. They brought in two more people to start the work on the AS so I could be back on the road by the weekend... Visit Cooters the next time you are in Jackson Center - the owner Joe Smith - has a wealth of information about the history of the town and Airstreams. Apparently the bar originally was a cabinet manufactuer for the cabinets used in Airstreams around 68-75. Great drink prices as well and the food is your typical bar fare - but the atmosphere is really awesome and a number of people who frequent know people at Airstream - which is how I managed to get in so quickly. Joe also says that Dickey (President of AS) visits the establishment on a regular basis.

Mods I made on the road were the addition of blue LED lighting to all windows of the trailer so it has a blue glow at night.
Also got a new camera - the Canon EOS Rebel is a AWESOME digital camera which takes fabulous night shots....

So at the moment - all things considered - everything has been a good as to be expected considering the circumstances... I am staying in Sydney at a Holiday Inn for the next few nights as the AS gets put into "pre-loss" condition....Planning on doing the tour tomorrow and getting many more pictures of other AS that are in the travelers park at the Airstream Service center... But SOOOOOOOO looking forward to the drive back and getting home and what not....
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.......wrecked the entire right side of the AS


Not to be gruesome, but do you have before and after pics, and the cost of repair at AS?

"Suck it up, spend the bucks, do it right the first time."

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Hey, I'm going to Kirkland, WA for Thanksgiving week! I've thought about icy roads, but I figured that since my A/S is four wheel drive, it can handle anything (doesn't the rear four count as such?)
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How did you post several pictures in one message? I have been under the impression that you could only attach one.

What a trip you've had!

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Pics... damager estimate is somewhere around 9-12K - hit every lower panel down the side plus awning supports and door...

damage - door got the brunt of it....

Long View of the damage

Here is same side with my blue LED lights mod in place....

To add multiple pics just add multiple [ img ] with http://url (if in the Airstream photo album - drill down to the image and right click on pic and bring up properties - it will give you the url and you can clip and paste it... I typically open a notepad file and get all the pics urls - add descriptions and paste back into post) end with the [ /img ] without the spaces....

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