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I understand in Sioux Falls there is no trailer OR commercial vehicle parking allowed on the street or on garage approaches in residential neighborhoods. The city does allow licensed trailer parking on a paved pad in back yards. My residence is outside of the city so this ordinance is not a problem for me. I have other issues with the county though.

Click on the link to see a picture of the Sioux River falls near my home.
Eastern South Dakota is very pretty with hills, rivers, and trees.
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I love threads like this! To control college kids turning lawns into uncontrolled parking lots, our principal local reg says cars, RVs & boats must be on a developed pad or paving.

See? this topic even goes back to the start of AIRForums!
"THE" Letter !!!
City Ordinance revisited
Unreasonable Neighbors Taking Pictures!
What your neighbors think...

And we thought the biggest challenge was to keep kids from vandalizing our 'streams...


5 meter Langford Nahanni

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When I bought my house the first thing that sold me was there were no covenants in my neighborhood. I really do not like to be told what I can and can't do with my property. We have several houses that have RV's in their back yard, or the their drive way. I don't live in a high end neighborhood, which is fine with me.

I restored my first Airstream in my backyard and I am restoring my second Airstream in my backyard. I have a fence around my yard to save my neighbors from having to look at Airstream parts laying around. When I am finished with my second airstream I will clean out all the old junk and make the yard look nice again. I will keep the second airstream parked in my yard and nobody can complain about it.

I use the trailers as a temporary office when I have to do work, which requires total focus. I will sell this house in few years, or when the economy gets better. I am moving to 10.5 acres that have no neighbors.

Brian & Adrienne
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Originally Posted by MrUKToad
A neighbor from up the street stopped to talk to my immediate neighbor and inquired if I was going to keep my Airstream on my driveway. My immediate neighbor, a trailer man himself, said that he didn't know but asked why the question was being raised. The far neighbor said that he thought there was a Zoning By-Law that prohibited having any RV on a driveway. He added, as a kind of threat, that the City don't normally worry unless a complaint is made. That wasn't nice!

Now this conversation is probably quite standard in neighborhoods such as mine except that the far neighbour and the near neighbor have known each other for years and he clearly knows the near neighbor stores his own trailer on his driveway in summer and his back yard in winter. So why the question about my Airstream? If he was right about the by-law then I might have to move my trailer but so would my near neighbor (as well as all the other RVs in the surrounding streets); so much for friends, eh?

Fortunately, my near neighbor high tailed it down to City Hall and found the relevant by-law. Apparently we can't store RVs on our drives in the winter months, but we can store TWO on our driveways in the summer, so the far neighbor was wrong.

I can't understand, though, why the far neighbor was moved to think about a complaint when he knew it would impact the near neighbor as well. Some people are just mean, I think. Fortunately, everyone else in the street thinks that Airstreams enhance the neighborhood; they've all been to have a look and approve, of course.

Near neighbor has his SOB on the drive now and even though it's not an Airstream, I kind of like it now!

If I had the money I'd get a second Airstream, just so the far neighbor has something to look at when we are away travelling.
That's the spirit!!!
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I live on a corner lot and my house sits facing the long side, the narrow side is considered the front. With this, my AS sits beside the house on a cement pad which is considered the back yard.
I had a "do gooder" complain about my trailer. He was walking his dog at the time. The dog barked, pooped and sat down. I told him he was now in violation of 3 ordinances - noise, throwing out trash and loitering. And you want to complain about my AS. He got PO'd and left.
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My very uptight, severe leftist neighbors butted heads with me on several occasions (blocking my driveway, parking on the sidewalk blocking my way out, etc). I noticed his son playing out front who had a love for my rc vehicles... As I let him run several of my rc I discovered that he had never shot a gun and did not think his father knew how to shoot.

Being a lifetime member of the NRA for more than 30 years I figured I knew what to say...

"Hey AL, your boy tells me you dont know how to shoot. I've got a gaggle of guns and would love to teach him. You cant have a little boy try to grow up to be a man without some firearm skills. Why dont you and the boy come down to the range and I'll get you set up on some long guns and a glock."

Never had a problem again. In fact, they moved. Sometimes it helps to know what they DONT want to hear
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Another one of the many benefits of living in the Mojave desert. Our yard has two streams, two jeeps, two cars, two Harleys, a truck and an army ambulance.

My only neighbor who is 7 acres away likes to blast his 12 gauge into the air at night to shush the coyotes.
I'd rather be boon docking in the desert.

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CA 4
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That's what I live about living in the country. My neighbor 5 acres away occasionally nails a groundhog in his back pasture with a 7 mm Remington.

I will never understand horses, though. He can shoot that 7 mm and the horses don't even look up. But when he took a backhoe back there to dig some drainage they freaked out. Had to get them calmed down and into the stable before he could do the job.
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Bob, I have about the same lot size as your brother and live in a city that only allows 24 hr street parking but you can get longer parking if you notify the PD. I have an unknown neighbor who calls the PD practically the first hr my RV is parked out front. It became so silly that the police wait 48 hrs before answering his complaint now and by then it is usually gone. Some people need a life with some real problems.
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Here's my story: post #8; or here it is pasted for those who would rather not click the link:

But i won !!!
I have battled "The Lakewood Forest Fund" for years. Following are two pieces of my correspondence concerning my Airstream which are the "meat" of the matter:

From: withidl
Sent:Thursday, September 25, 20035:37 PM
Subject:FURTHER REPLY - Account #0912025 - Trailers stored in
Backyard; ACC (Architectural Control Committee) approval is necessary

This e-mail is in response to your subject letter dated September 24, 2003 wherein you state: "The ACC has disapproved your request due to the height of your large trailer".

You letter completely ignores whether the travel trailer is "OBSCURED FROM GENERAL VIEW" and peripherally invokes "HEIGHT" as a declination rationale. Additionally, your letter completely ignores approval of my utility trailer which is completely "OBSCURED FROM GENERAL VIEW".

I require the ACC's PRECISE "LEGAL" definition of "GENERAL VIEW" contained within item #7 of my deed restrictions (the dictionary defines "GENERAL" in part as: "of, for, or from the whole or all; not particular or specialized, not precise; vague; without specific details).

Item #7 makes no reference to the "HEIGHT" of a travel trailer (they, and all motor homes are by definition "HIGH"), but DOES state that (a HIGH) one CAN be parked on a lot if "OBSCURED FROM GENERAL VIEW”, which again, REQUIRES the ACC's PRECISE "LEGAL" definition of "GENERAL VIEW".

I require the ACC's definition of "SCREENING" or "FENCING" as used within item #7 of the deed restrictions. Please SPECIFICALLY state what screening the item #7 deed restrictions require to make a HIGH travel trailer be "OBSCURED FROM GENERAL VIEW".

I require from the ACC the percentage, square footage, etc. of a travel trailer which can be IN "GENERAL VIEW", as being "OBSCURED FROM GENERAL VIEW" implies that some of the trailer can be IN "GENERAL VIEW", or is there something I (or the Fund) doesn't understand about "General View". If the travel trailer must be completely/entirely obscured from view, than item #7 should read OBSCURED FROM "ENTIRE" OR "SPECIFIC" VIEW, not "GENERAL VIEW"!

As I stated in my first letter to you, I have stored the travel trailer in it's present position for the last 2 1/4 years without the Fund becoming aware of it. If it had been WITHIN "GENERAL VIEW" I would surely think the Fund would have noticed it long, long, long ago; or are the Funds "drive through inspection(s) of section 9" only conducted every 2 1/4 years?

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT - I require the Fund's LEGAL clarification of the above because the Lakewood Forest Fund has in the past attempted to intimidate me into replacing my roof by MIS-using the "NUISANCES" clause of the deed restrictions to ILLEGALLY address perceived maintenance matters. You'll find in your files much communication on the matter. I sat in on your board's meeting of April 3, 2001, because of the roof matter, and heard your Treasurer, Kenneth A. Harlan, state that: "The Lakewood Forest Fund had no legal leverage to correct another home owners complaint about a neighbors cesspool, furniture piled in the back yard, dead vines growing on the outside of the home, etc.". He further stated that "in the matters taken to court the judge ruled against the Fund due to the deed restrictions not addressing maintenance matters". EVEN THOUGH THE COURTS HAD RULED AGAINST THE FUND, THE FUND WAS STILL TRYING TO INTIMIDATE ME INTO REPLACING MY ROOF BASIS THE NUISANCES CLAUSE. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!! In a subsequent phone call to me from Michael Gainer, your fund lawyer, on April 4, 2001, he tried to persuade, cajole, etc. me into chemically treating my roof to make it more presentable. I told him not to send me any more threatening letters, just send me a court date. That ended the matter (the roof has since been replaced at a cost of $17,000 basis an insurance claim for hail damage, not basis the Fund's intimidation).

I perceive that the above declination of approval basis "height" is just more of the same tactic as used with my roof. My deed restrictions specifically state that I CAN HAVE A HOUSE TRAILER ON MY LOT IF OBSCURED FROM GENERAL VIEW, "HEIGHT" is not a part of that equation! LET ME REPEAT, "HEIGHT" IS NOT A PART OF THAT EQUATION!

NOW HOW DO WE GET THERE FROM HERE without getting in a legal hassle, which I am more than prepared to do???


February 4, 2004
Mr. withidl
Houston, TX
Re: ACC visit to your property, January 23, 2004.

Dear Mr. withidl
The ACC report of the referenced visit was presented to the Fund's Board of Trustees at our regular monthly meeting of February 2, 2004.

The consensus of the Board was that your parking place of the trailer shown to the ACC during this visit—in the back yard, backed into the space between two wings of the house—meets the requirement of the Section 9 Deed Restriction by obscuring the trailer from general view. In the interests of neighborhood harmony, we also request that you plant some shrubbery inside your side fence in the vicinity of the play structure. This will serve to preclude any future complaints.

As we have asked other trailer owners in your section, please note the limitation on parking of these vehicles in any street or drive way specified in paragraph 7 of your Section 9 Deed Restriction.

Thank you for your cooperation in resolving this matter.



Lakewood Forest Fund, Inc.
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Before I retired I took on some HOA's for clients and really enjoyed it. The covenants are often badly worded and vague. They may contradict state law—some states have been adopting statutes to control the worst HOA abuses. The board or their employee often don't understand the covenants, but usually interpret them broadly. When you stand up to them, they tend to back off. The last person they want to see at a board meeting is your lawyer. Their bluster disappears very fast.

Many years ago one client brought me to an HOA board meeting over a parking issue—not an RV, a commercial truck—and they caved pretty fast. This was in a very snobbish subdivision. About a month later (this guy was always calling me and was usually in some sort of trouble) he told me that he paint balled their houses. I said "why are you telling me this?" Since he told me after the fact I had no obligation to turn him in, but it did make me nervous about representing him. What if I angered him? I do know they left him alone.

When we move, we will definitely look for a house without covenants, or at least ones that are easy to challenge. Municipal ordinances (bylaws in Canada) are usually better written and it is harder to get city, town or county employees to back off, so we will especially avoid those places if they have anti-RV ordinances. Several years ago there was a story about a town that tried to ban pickup trucks in driveways, so this stuff can go pretty far.

I can understand how people don't like to look at RV's. Maybe it is the bad reputation trailer parks have for "trailer park trash". Some RV's are pretty ugly too. Some people want to live in manicured plasticized subdivisions where everything looks the same—they probably hope the grey flannel suit will come back. But where RV's are permitted in some fashion and someone gives you grief over it, and they do it passively aggressively (telling your neighbor, for ex.), then trouble is coming. It's especially bad if it is your next door neighbor—we've had bad neighbors and that is not fun. Now we live on 37 acres and our house and RV cannot be seen from the road or any house. No restrictions here either. But we want to move—if we can ever sell our house—closer to a fair sized city and will have to check out any restrictions. Having to store a trailer means—rental fees, difficulty fixing things, difficulty packing and unpacking, more chances for theft. That's not for us.

I think it is very possible you can live somewhere with an RV and no problems and then the municipality bans or severely restricts RV's. There may be a grandfather clause, maybe not. That's a situation I hope to never be in.

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I love life in the country! I can do what I want and not annoy anyone else. Remember, if you can see your neighbors, they are too #### close.
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I'm with LJH. Right now I'm living in my AS MH. I've got a 74 Tradewind, a 76 S.O.B., 3 '69 datsun pickups partially parted out, a utility trailer & my minivan. Theres also a 8x10 metal storage shed & a washer/dryer setup right outside. Luckily the recent tornados didn't take any of it. I might be a redneck if..........

"Sometimes I wonder if the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it." Mark Twain

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Originally Posted by 3 Dog Nite View Post
I might be a redneck if..........

Ricky, you'd fit right in around here.


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