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So have they found the source of the water?

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We believe it is coming from the beltline. Right above the sewer holder compartment. Looks like the bead wasnt large enough.

Hey, its handmade. Made by humans.

Im not upset. Having a handmade product.. Well things happen on accident. Airstream is making it right. Thats all that matters to me. Airstream also said they are gonna test it for other leaks.



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I am so impressed by your laid back attitude, and that is not a negitive comment - I have blood pressure meds to prove it. BUT, testing for leaks will not show leaching in from the beltline - that usually is a slow wicking of water that comes in contact with the wood and is drawn in. Did they remove the inside skins to look for damp insulation? Mold? the wood - once wet - will continue to degrade over time - it is now compromised as a structural member. Do they warrenty the repair if it fails (over the 90 days they will give you in this repair visit) since they are not replaceing the wood?

Do they read this - you are darn right they do. If only we could have a visitor list to each thread for viewing. It would do no good as they would log on as a guest. How do I know? I started one of these when I went there for my repair - not as nice as yours. I had a real good visit (sarcasim).

Best of luck - document everything - all conversations and people you see. Pictures work good for proof. Remember, that mold will stain through the new flooring in a year or so. It won't go away.
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Do they really read this?

Doesn't matter to me. I'm honest and I believe they are being that way to me.

Gonna go back to the Mothership in the morning,...I'm sitting here in piqua,Ohio...watching tv drinking a beer. I honestly won't sleep much tonight because there is just something about being there. I'll post more tomorrow.


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Thanks for the report Shane and the way you are handling this thread. We are all interested in the outcome. This airstream is still very new.. im sure they will do the right thing.

"Old fashioned service on your late model Airstream"
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Originally Posted by THEPILL View Post
I'm going back in the check the progress. I want to see the whole floor with furniture removed. I'm already out fuel,now 5-8 nights of hotel fees...close to 1500.00 bucks....not to mention food,time lost from work,,etc...I'm not halving anything.

Cost per mile on that truck of yours (since it is non-deductible, unlike for work, the full cost applies) is well above $1/mile for a 2011 Ford 4WD diesel. In a sense, these are not miles you "chose" to drive (even though transportation of the trailer could have been otherwise).

I'd figure it at $1.15/mile, all miles.

And I'd want a new floor. I'd never stop thinking the rot would continue. Will support your choice. Great shots of the shop!!

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Hey Shane,
Glad you made it there safely and are in good spirits. It is unfortunate the circumstances in which you are there, but you seem to be enjoying yourself. I would recommend you take a machinist's scribe, scratch awl or ice pick and probe the perimeter of the floor to ensure it is sound. If it is sound, GREAT, if not, you need new sub floor. I would also recommend they remove the interior skin in that area to inspect/replace any water logged insulation. If the water entered the trailer from the bumper trunk area, I don't think you'd see that much water on top of the floor. With the interior skins off, you can see evidence of water intrusion, or not. Just my thoughts. Keep up the great attitude. I know mechanics will do a little better quality work for someone with a pleasant demeanor.

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I agree with TOP. Your on top of the problem and have a good attitude. Why not come home and let them do an appropriate job. Then fly back (I figure those trips cheaper than hotels.) Then come home and come over to the lake here and we can break in the new flooring. By the way...I don't see any early 50's in the maintenance line up. They sure made 'em good then. I had leaks in my Cloud but nothing in 55 years like yours. Check in regularly.
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Originally Posted by THEPILL View Post
I'm going back in the check the progress. I want to see the whole floor with furniture removed. I'm already out fuel,now 5-8 nights of hotel fees...close to 1500.00 bucks....not to mention food,time lost from work,,etc...I'm not halving anything.

I'm just going slow and gonna think before things get put back together.

Thank you for all the advice....I have been told by several people in my life I take things too relaxed sometimes.

I might need a advisor representative standing next to me when I get back there....

I think I would want to see exactly where the water was coming in,,,, as in running water on the outside and watching where it is coming in at. That way after the repair is made they can repeat the test and see if it worked.
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The water test they use at JC in the service center is a portable shower (bigger than the one in the bathroom, but not really large). They pull the trailer outside and spray it for a while. How well this compares with a driving rain that goes on for hours and hours while driving 65 mph is questionable. A poorly done sealing job may not show up for weeks until you are somewhere far away.

It is lunch time in Ohio now. I wonder how it is going today.

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My 2007 27FB had a leak issue at the rear bumper, like many other FBs manufactured around the same time period. It was out-of-warranty when I discovered it. I took it to the mothership and they did a great job repairing it. I didn't kickup a fuss with them. I mentioned that apparently this was an issue with this year group; as identified in the Air Forums. They didn't outright acknowledge a problem but the non-verbal cues indicated otherwise. They did an awesome job fixing the leak and the repair cost was very reasonable. The mechanics have a very pleasant demeanor and are reasonable people. It isn't their fault that there are sometimes design issues on the production line. Knowing that, I keep my attitude in-check; although it does make me a little disappointed that something so expensive and in production for over 70 years can have such an obvious, factory preventable design flaw in that year group.

Pill, if you are still concerned with leaks, try to find an RV repair shop that can perform a pressure test with the Sealtech 430R. I own one, and it is a great tool for finding leaks. If you are ever in the Washington DC area, let me know and i'll test your trailer.
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I get there this morning and she is completely gutted. Had a fan drying the wood. I walked out there and felt the wood to confirm,,no soft spots at all. So Paul takes me over the trailer in the next bay and explains that there is insulation ubder the wood that was holding the water. So for future,...IF there ever becomes a leak, then the slit in the insulation will prevent water from collecting between the insulation and the wood. Which is what exactly happened to mine.

Here is a picture of the old flooring removed....DRY AS A BONE everywhere...even where I had the front Pano replaced because of a leak......

BTW,..this whole floor repair gives me a huge peace of mind!!! I know I dont have any leaks and my baby is solid...Peace of mind is a wonderful thing!!

Then I asked Rick about the classic floor color. I like the color better. He said not a problem and I'm having it installed. Here is a picture before and after........

Before Paul put in the new flooring,...well he laid it in and is keeping the drying wood open for awhile,,another day or so. I asked him if he could remove the wall over the leak so I can see the insulation and the wood under the wall to check if there was any rot. Paul said Absolutly..I went and sat down and about 10 minutes later he came and got me. The insulation looked brand new. I placed my had low and underneath the fiberglass and bot in the slighest damp or wet. The i examined the wood at the base with my knife....SOLID!!!!!! I caught this leak at the right time and am EXTREMELY satisfied with Airstream. The Service is impeciable and the employees are Family and are proud of their work.

Added note, with the added darker floors I talked to Amy about getting new replacement sliders for my top bins because they getting scratched too easily....Well look what she found for me,.....

This with the CCD walls,Darker Floors and and now Bamboo sliders....I have a custom Airstream REBULIT...LOL by Paul.

I almost Forgot....The leak Test Picture.....Paul says he is suppose to let the water run 30 mins,.....But instead he did a FULL hour!!!! Then we both went in the trailer for inspection......DRY DRY DRY!!!



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Sounds like it all worked out, Shane.

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Mine - I didn't catch it in time, but on my rear panos, the 2006 model - the corners of the center pane weren't welded but caulked - and that leaked down between the walls. I also had mucho problemo with the bottom trim line leaking.

I personally think that the sprinkler is a very weak test of the the seals. There are so many sources of leaks:
  • one loose rivet,
  • the drain cap over my center window
  • around the running lights,
  • around the tail lights
  • every seam,
  • every window frame and window pane
  • the fantastic fan
  • the antenna
  • the effen cheapass skylight (twice replaced now)
If you aren't pressure testing it from the inside trying to create bubbles on the outside - you aren't sure it's not leaking. There's a member here who lives in the DC area who bought a pressure tester that fits over a fantastic fan. It's been only a few months since I had my work done, but I'm planning on making very good friends with him, and paying him to let me pressure test "foiled again" twice a year. Living on the foggy bottom east coast of Virginia - I've got to expect moisture to be a constant problem.

I've also bought a small dehumidifier for the same reason because I know I'm contributing moisture from the inside out too (fulltiming!).

Both are facts of life in a wet climate. I wish Airstream would think about US - who need a "Swampstream" that will drain it's moisture out through the C Channel....

And I will definitely NOT buy that gorgeous 30 Serenity until they offer it with weepholes in the C-CHannel AND a Nyloboard floor. ... or when pigs fly whichever comes first. (Yes I would even pay $1000 upgrade fee for the Nyloboard floor.) Gads I put that in writing, didn't I? Also in writing, I will not have another wretched skylight, but will take a 3rd Fantastic Fan!

(Now big mouth - put more money in that "new Airstream savings account" just in case they not only read but LISTEN to and ACT UPON this thread!) If they never do those things? Well I'll be paying for a custom vintage unit with a NyloBoard floor, etc! And it just might be an Avion or Silver Streak.


Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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floor, jackson center, rot

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