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Last year we went from Miami to Seattle and back meandering about all the way. Added it up and we traveled 16.5 thousand miles and burned 1288 gallons of regular at an avg price of $2.94 (total was $3800.00). Took 6 months doing it.

If I could, I'd do the whole trip over again. Even if gas went to $4 a gallon it would cost me roughly $1200 more spread over 6 months. Definitely worth it.

Heck, I could cover that switching from Heineken to Rolling Rock...

Go. Go now. You never know what will hold you up "next time"


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Exactly. We are hitting the road this summer with the expectation that even as expensive as fuel will be this summer, it will be even higher next year. I want my family to enjoy the open road with me while we still can. I will be look for me local opportunities, but we will be making one big trip to the Seattle area this summer.

If anything, slow down. If driving at 55 get me 10-15% better milage while towing, then I'll drive 55 when it's safe.

Chris and Christina- Boerne, TX / Evergreen, CO - TAC TX-7
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Originally Posted by Gen Disarray
The price of fuel took another bump yesterday and I was forced to rethink the spring break trip to Big Bend National Park. Reluctantly I have concluded that although I could go I am better off not doing so. Instead, I will be staying at the local wildlife refuge with maybe a side trip somewhere more local.

Have you figured out where else you may end up after the local wildlife refuge? You are saying side trip, does that mean sans trailer? As many point out there are a lot of great areas around most places that are actually a draw to tourists and that as locals we seldom see ourselves, although if I remember right you are new to the area you live now.

I was looking for places within a tankful of gas of us today just to see what that would do for us and I am amazed. Besides big chunks of Vancouver Island (Victoria, etc) we have areas around Whistler (home of the 2010 winter olympics), the Olympic Peninsula (all around Seattle) and many other areas east and south and all have pretty outstanding camping.

Barry & Donna
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Wink State, National Parks (& Walmart)

I recently had to travel to Monterey, CA from Seal Beach, CA for a 3-day conference. Susan & I decided to spend 5 days in Big Basin Redwoods State Park before driving down to Monterey (about 1.5 hrs away). Just for the conference, hotels (3x $150/day= $450) and food ($60-$75/day for the 2 of us when eating out) and driving our Prius (figure $65 - $75 for gas), it would have been about $725 for 3 nights. Instead, we spent a total of $83 per day (gas, food & lodging), for the 5 days in Big Basin ($115) AND 3 nights in the Monterey Fairgrounds ($35/night, with full hookups!). Total: $670! That meant having almost all our meals in the Bambi, but we still ate out a few times in Monterey. It also helped to stay overnight free at Walmart in Paso Robles, and again on the way home, we parked on the side of Pacific Coast Hwy in Malibu, CA. Clearly, with a little planning, cooking ahead of time, and using state parks, we did much better camping for 8 nights than we could have for 3 nights in the city without the Airstream. The cost of fuel is only part of the picture.
"I have found through trial and error that I work best under duress. In fact, I work only under duress." -Ed Abbey

Jerry & Susan
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Maybe it's the 60's in me... I dunno.

Somehow or another, with the exorbitant profits the oil companie$ are getting and the benign interest HalliBush, Inc. pays to the experience we're going through, I keep wondering, what's the payoff here keeping folks close to home? Limiting travel? Re-distributing the wealth?

We can expect more and demand more. Status quo is maintained only through silence.

Fuel prices determines the future of what we do and where we go and who we see and how we do it (not to mention everything else that's delivered to where we live!).

Airstream says, see more, do more. And I'll add, "expect more" from those we elect.

In my humble opinion...
Bill & Kim
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The trouble with trouble is it always starts out as fun...
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Ditto to the Health Stuff

Hi all - I am new to this forum so please bear with me...
In the last year, both of hubby's parents died, his sister came to visit with a blood clot in her leg and hubby ended up on the floor with chest pains at work in China.

We decided enough was enough and looked over our finances. We quit our jobs and bought an Airstream. The day we bought it, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. We looked at each other in the doctors office and both said at the same time, how soon can we get this taken care of? 5 weeks later we hit the road.

We have not regretted a moment of it. Yep the gas is one of our higher expenses but we compensate by giving up or doing other things. A bit more boondocking. Not throwing food away. Etc. Etc.

Maikel (hubby) is now doing finance articles on our website telling folks how we did it. We get numerous questions about how can you afford it. It's the "latte factor" mostly.

Huggs - Susan
The Adventures of Maikel & Susan
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Hi, no motels for us! We bought our trailer so we would have our own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. [motels are disgusting] So why would I want to rent a car, rent a room, and dine out? If you rent a car and you are makeing payments on your tow vehicle, you are virtually paying twice. If you rent a room [motel] and you are makeing payments on your trailer, you are paying twice. Good food is expensive [referring to dineing out] and cheap food is crap; so cook your own food in your trailer. Yes the gas prices hurt, but not reason enough for you to pay for everything twice. Waste less so you can enjoy more.

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We bought the Airstream to travel when we retired. We retired last September and spent 33 days and 4,500 miles on the road. We're heading to Bozeman in June and hoping to spend about 75 days on the road.

When we bought the trailer in 2006, gas was just hitting $2.00 and people thought we were nuts. Now with gas closing in on $4.00 we have to watch the money more closely, but we're still going to do it. When we evict the oil barons from Washington DC later this year, maybe we'll see some relief.

The alternative to not traveling though, is to sit here watching the grass grow. We'll cut back on other things to be able to travel while we are both healthy and able. As Ganglin says, there's no do-over when your hourglass runs out.

Randy and Pat Godfrey
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance
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We're taking our dogs with us this camping season ....
We have three Scottish Terriers and paid someone to watch our dogs while we were out 80.00/day we can buy alot of diesel! (4.29/gal today)
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Full Time!

Of course if I look at my real history, I got rid of a 3500 sq ft house three years ago. I had it almost paid off, and I put quite a bit into investments, plus bought an 03 Suburban and a 22 ft CCD. I still work, so I pretty much full time in one location with 8 or so big trips per year.

Cost of the bigass house per month - Well over $2K, even though the mortgage was only $600.

Cost for fulltiming per month:
$60 wireless internet
$60 cell phone
$112 membership in a timeshare campground where I camp 280 days per year
$75 private campground rental - for balance of year
$15 in propane averaged over a year
$475 payment on Airstream #2
$275 Silverado payment
$350 diesel fuel
$120 personal property tax (va sticks you)
$80 maintenance on Airstream (estimated but close)
$80 maintenance on vehicle (estimated)

$1702 per month. Plus when I travel I never have to worry about other people's DNA or being allergic to cleansers, air fresheners, etc used in hotels.
I'd also like to point out that the vehicle expenses while higher for a tow vehicle ($705), were NOT included in my household expenses. I include them in my fulltiming expenses simply because a tow vehicle is integral to having an RV.

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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Cut back on Streaming? No way!

Cruising down the road, boondocking or visiting sights and attractions bring happiness into our lives. We'll brew folgers instead of Starbucks or whatever else it takes to keep our disease (Downsy roadsy Airstreamitis) flourishing.

When diesel hits $10.00 a gallon we'll still be hitching up one or two fridays a month for our 48 hours of happy. We'll continue to spend two weeks a year exploring and experiencing America and maybe Canada too. Life is too darn short and uncertain to limit your joys or experiences.

We'll quit when niether of us can drive anymore.
I'd rather be boon docking in the desert.

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I'm not sure if I'm calculating this correctly, but in my area we're accustomed to paying approx. $4/gal plus plus for quite some time now. Our wallets are always taking a hit - it's like the devil you know and live with.

We recently just bought another little car for my husband to cruise around town in (little Honda Civic) instead of him always using the truck to save those $$.

We've got a trip lined up to go to Florida next month - we're all so looking forward to it that we wouldn't dream of cancelling it. I think it'll be about a 2800 mile round-trip extravaganza.

As some others have mentioned - life is short. I want to live it to the fullest while I'm here.
[SIZE=1]Michelle & family
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My long cross country trips are ending. I cannot afford to keep going when the cost of diesel has gone up 50% since I started doing this.

That with my changing job situation I suspect my trips will fall to one short one a year.

I also considered getting a smaller car or SUV. The cost of the vehicle offsets at fuel cost savings.
Michelle TAC MT-0
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Originally Posted by Jaxon
Maybe it's the 60's in me... I dunno.

Somehow or another, with the exorbitant profits the oil companie$ are getting and the benign interest HalliBush, Inc. pays to the experience we're going through, I keep wondering, what's the payoff here keeping folks close to home? Limiting travel? Re-distributing the wealth?

We can expect more and demand more. Status quo is maintained only through silence.
Excellent post. I feel abused with gas prices climbing daily for no good reason. As another person who remembers the 60s well, power to the people!

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