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Be an awful easy run here in Tennessee. On some of those Maryland roads I have been on and in traffic it might take quite a bit more effort. Might depend on if you have to find a campground and set up (we start looking around 3-4 pm) or if you are going home and can just park it in the street or something. I sorta like 8 hour days with a couple hours for lunch and look-sees along the way when we are traveling. And no, I am not heading back 2 work very often. Can you leave earlier?

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I also try and limit day's driving to 200-300 miles. If it is just an overnight stopover I strongly attempt to get a pull through spot where I don't have to disconnect (or even a long back in). I've had day drives as little as 100 miles, and rarely 450 miles.

I'm unlikely to do a whirlwind tour with the trailer at all (meaning lots of driving and just a night at every stop). I'll take the car and motel it, for single traveler its cheaper and easier, and the driving is more fun. I find the trailer at its best for a few days at least at each destination.

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Urn', a good question. Before Airstream we knew how far we could go in a day, but had no idea how that would change while towing 3 1/2 tons of metal behind us. Both of us drive, so that helps a lot, and before Airstream on cross country trips we could do an occasional 700 mile day and lots of 400-550 mile days. We'd average around 50-55 mph depending on the highway and traffic. Averages include eating, gas stops, bathroom stops, and sightseeing. A 65 mph or higher average on interstates drops to 50's very fast with stops.

With the Airstream, averages have dropped to 45 or less on winding 2 laners. On interstates and other expressways or good 2 laners with no traffic, we don't go over 65 mph. If we went 75 on interstates, on a 10 hour day, we would be 100 miles further and that would happen without towing. We don't stop as long for lunch by eating in the trailer and don't have to look as hard for bathrooms (we bring one with us). We have to buy gas more often as the Tundra's tank is too small for towing much more than 250 miles. The stops are good to walk around and stretch out the ossified muscles, but take more time.

If we are going long distances, we can go 400-500 miles or even more on good roads, but after 5 or 6 days, we are not in good condition. So at least once a week to avoid being put in intensive care, we stop for 2 nights, but the off day is usually consumed by looking around. Naps become very important and sometimes we stop at 6 after an 8 hour day (or later after a 10 hour day) and crash, wake up anywhere from 8 to 11, have a quick dinner, crash again and next thing we know, it is another day. We like to leave the trailer hitched because it makes it a lot easier to get out in the morning, but some campgrounds have short pads and it is difficult to do so. About once a week we have to flush the black tank, and that adds another 30 to 45 minutes. Towing is more tiring because you really have to be more attentive.

The first day is usually short by our standards. We try to get the trailer and truck ready at least 2 days before we leave and do standard maintenance before that, but things don't always work that way. It is amazing how much stuff seems important to take with us—food we can't get on the road, about 15 days of clothing, towels, etc. Tools, extra gas, generator, maps, tour books, things to read like novels and magazines, etc. The laptop! The morning we leave there's food we use each morning, so we have to pack that. Lots more stuff we couldn't pack until then. The longer the trip, the more stuff. So although we aim for 10 am, the crack of noon, like Moosetags, is likely, sometimes later. Soon we are hungry for lunch and we have often stopped at a sandwich shop with a big parking lot in the next town. So we may go from 175 miles to 240 miles, although when we go to Santa Fe, we do the entire 350 in one day. Then, since we often go far, we start the 400-550 mile thing until we get somewhere we want to stop.

Going to Alaska is a real test. Fairbanks is about 3,500 miles and we could do it in a week if we have reservations at a Fairbanks hospital when we get there. Last year we averaged 180 miles per day (around 10,000 total) which seems short to us, but there were many days we didn't travel at all, just drove around in the truck. Travel days were much longer.

As we age, this gets harder, but we try to take care of ourselves (diet, exercise) plus we love to travel and see things all over the US and Canada. If you don't love travel like we do, I'm sure it makes it harder to go far. A positive influence is that we sleep in a better bed than a motel bed, and we have the food we like rather than bad restaurant food.

So, it depends where you are going, what roads, what you want, your physical condition. You can make some estimates based on what you have done before you had an RV. I guess we are covering 60-70% of what we used to.

This is a lot more than you asked and so I now will answer. We picked up ours, stayed at a campground nearby the first night, went back to the dealer with a list of things that weren't right, got out of there late in the morning, drove about 175 miles and stopped in another campground, drove home the next day. This was a shakedown trip and we could have gone the whole way, but were still learning. 200 miles in urban Md. may take some time, but at least you have reservations at home. It would be better if you had more time to check out things and get them fixed right away, but it looks like you don't have that option. I hope you will have plenty of time for the walk through at the dealer.

The next thing to do is to plan on some short trips so you can learn the trailer, see what needs to be fixed and get used to this mode of travel. Enjoy your new baby.

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We had a simular situation when we picked ours up. After driving 200 miles, doing paprerwork, inspections, and a briefing of the units systems we were on the road by three pm.
Our first stop was a mere 175 miles but, the first 50 was big city commuter traffic and I wasn't a proficient driver with this rig. By the time the umteenth person had cut me off I was fried!
In hindsight we would have stayed near the dealership for a day or two. (We had a lot of questions and something needed to be fixed)When we were leaving it would have been during the slow hours of traffic. 200 miles isn't a lot but it all depends on the conditions
The message that I have been giving myself on every outing is to NOT BE IN A HURRY. Take your time.
Good luck!
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Great advice. 200 miles clearly seems doable even if I left at three or a little latter.

I have allocated 3 hours, four if necessary for the walk through. It is also my intention to video portions of it. I will do a partial shake down at the house and then Memorial weekend at Tuckahoe State Park.
The roads for the most part are all highway to include the Jersey Turnpike. I suspect the most traffic will be on that and then around Wilmington De.

Again thanks for all the input. As my grandson would say "the Forum is Awsome"
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For me distance per day is not the primary issue (most of the time). I try to limit my time on the road to 4 to 5 hours per day so that I'm not very tired while driving. After all, the reason I travel is for enjoyment. If I have to go longer, I stop for breaks more often. My max towing distance for one day was about 700 miles, in 14 +/- hours, when I had to get home for an unexpected family issue. I do not recommend that distance in one day.
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Since I'm a morning person, we get up at 5, on the road by6, drive 500 miles, and are usually where we want to be by 4 pm. There is still plenty of daylight and time to relax. I do try to make our last day on the road about 200 miles or less.
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200 to 300 miles per day is our average. We normally get under way at about 11 AM. The most time consuming part of the getting-under-way process for us is dumping and flushing the black water tank. We use a sewer solutions system and it takes about an hour to get it completely clean.

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Urn', sounds like a good plan. I guess you are going to Colonial RV. 3 to 4 hours for the walk through is a good estimate. You will forget half of what is said anyway and the video will help later.

Is this the FB? Post photos after you get it so we can see what the 2012 looks like.

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We typically do around 350 miles or so, leaving at 8:00 am or so. There have been times (this last stop from Glacier MT to Chimacum, WA) that we drove for 11 hours or 650 miles! For us it depends on the terrain, the time/day we leave, and how well we slept the night before.

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We don't do that much any more. Around 250 mi. is the max with arrival by 3:00 or 4:00. Beyond that, I'm too tired and need a nap.

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We're pretty good about getting away by nine AM and find it really comfy to get in 250-350 miles a day setting up camp and relaxing before worrying with suppertime. But, as my signature says below.......
In dog years, I'm dead!
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Question How far can you go?...

Now all this talk about how far per day we can travel with our AS in tow got me thinking about our trip to California last October.

The trip West was a destination Adventure. My SIL's birthday is October 8th, the same as mine and we were going out to surprise her. No sightseeing stops planned. Of course Fado was coming too, but that's normal anytime we Stream.

Here's the surprising part. I knew it was a quick trip but I never crunched the numbers to get any averages.

We left home at 3:00 am Sat. Oct 2 2010.

Arrived Simi Valley 9:00pm Mon. Oct 5 2010

2660 mi.

56hrs on the road.

Average speed 47.5 mph.

Daily miles 1140mi.

I probably averaged more time behind the wheel, but that's still only 570mi each.

I didn't realize how close that come's to my infamous 52hr Brother's getting married, Cannonball Run of the early 70's. Guess the "old fart" still still rocks, and with the same co-pilot too!

“We were young and knew we're old and everyone else knows everything.”

"It is more wiser to ponder all things with diligent suspicion, than follow with blind assumption."

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300-350 on average, but have driven 650 when it was too hot to stop and I knew there was cool air in the mountains.

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