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I never even thought about trip planning software. What kind do you use?


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We bought a new Gateway about a year ago, it came with "microsoft trips and streets" pre installed. There is also Mcnally "Plan a road trip" at

With the Microsoft program, you decide were you want to stop, how long you want to travel in a day, the capacity of your gas tank, ect, and it gives you a print out, point by point.

The Trumpowers
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I can't talk from experience because I have only towed
for four hours straight. But safety first. and I do know
it takes a whole lot more concentration and a higher level
of alertness for me when I have The Retro Rocket behind me,
I have a few 6 hour trips coming up and I plan on a power nap
near the half way mark. The power nap thing kinda bums out the kids tho.
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How far can you drive in a day?

Greetings Stephanie!

never even thought about trip planning software. What kind do you use?
I have used Rand McNally TripMaker software for my route planning for at least eight years. The optional campground and attractions module is quite helpful if you are traveling on or near the major Interstate routes as it will suggest campgrounds near your travel terminus each day. You can also select an option in the software that will calcualte your fuel refill needs (based on personal data that you input into the program) and suggest fuel stations near that point (generally within 100 miles) - - the only problem is that no information is provided as to whether the station has RV friendly pumps. There are at least four different optional modules that add value to the package - - I noticed the most recent release is often bundled with most of the optional modules for very little more than the base program was two years ago.

I have tried MicroSofts "Streets and Trips", and find myself always reverting back to the Rand McNally product - - I think that more than anything else its a familiarity thing after using Rand McNally for more than eight years.

Good luck with your decision!

Kevin D. Allen
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We came to the conclusion long ago (pre-retirement) that marathon trips were decidely un-vacation like and we really try to avoid them - but will do an occasional "run" when needed.

On most days we don't anticipate leaving a campsite before 9 AM - after our ritual coffee, breakfast, walk and shower (maybe a card game) - after driving we start shooting for "end of day" between 4:00 (earliest) and 6:00 (latest). Along the way we take in any sites worth seeing - and stop for a picnic or restaurant lunch. This is an easy pace and we enjoy the trip.

Occasionally - if there is nothing but 4-lane highway in front of us - we will do a "run" - gone at 6 AM - done by 6 PM. We plan ahead for the day to be efficient - vehicle is gassed up and trailer hooked up the night before, lunch is packed and ready to go, pop is on ice. Only planned stops will be for a Tim Hortons morning coffee (a Canadian thing) - and short stretch breaks every 3 hours or so - tied in with gassing up. No sight-seeing. At the end of the day we are pretty tired.

Our driving speed is always to road conditions but never above 100 KM/HR (60 MPH).

Regardless of how we are travelling our destination is a campground - where we can stretch out in our camp chairs, go for a walk, have a BBQ and enjoy the surroundings. No Walmart power naps.

This seems to average about 500 KM daily travel when on the road.

Life is good - we like it.

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Originally posted by Stefrobrts
I never even thought about trip planning software. What kind do you use?
Microsoft Streets & Trips is about the best overall . I like their feedback mechanism for errors or omissions in the maps. They also seem to keep the most up to date on new roads. One thing I really like is the ability to mark areas as "avoid". That makes it easy to bypass known congested areas or construction.

I also use DeLorme Streeet Atlas, but they have ruined the human interface in the last few releases and also seem to have a lot more errors in their maps such as unconnected intersections. In some cases, you can't even force a correct route by putting in vias. They let you input your own new roads, but it is awkward at the best.

The Rand McNally program comes in a distant third; in short, I think it was a waste of money. I still have a copy, but seldom runit.

Actually, each program has different strong points and, if all the strong points could be merged in a single program, it would be one heck of a great program.

On long trips, I run noth Microsoft and DeLorme to get the best routings and stopping points.
John W. Irwin
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I haven't posted since before I left for my trip, but this is a good topic.
The '65 Globetrotter towed like a dream with no problems, failures, or glitches whatsoever.

As far as towing speed and distance in a day, on day 3, I had to get my dog to a vet. I drove 80-85mph on the open road. I was nervous when I looked at the speedometer, but the trailer floated behind me.

I drove from Ft. Stockton in West Texas to South Padre Island at the southern tip of the Gulf Coast in 10 hours. Not sure how many miles that was.

Dog ended up being OK.

Day 1 of the trip was 60-65 mph and about 300 miles.

The pleasant surprise was finding so many RV parks along the way. I could get a safe place to sleep, full hookups, laundry facilities and showers for $12-$15 a night. I never made reservations, just looked for a place towards the end of the day.

I was gone for 2 weeks, but now it feels like it never happened. I think I need to plan a 3 week trip!
Pet Sitters take the "Board'em" out of Travel !
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Florida Trips from Hell


Our family made one Indianapolis to Clearwater, FL trip in 1955 pre-Interstates. My dad had a new red body and white top Chevy station wagon. We went with 9 people in all. My dad, mom, aunt, uncle, older cousin, older brother and younger brother and sister. Six in the seats and us three youngest loose in the back on pillows and blankets. We did it in two days and stayed overnight in Georgia in a motel on the way. My dad did almost all the driving. After we got to Florida he keeled over and fainted in a restaurant from sheer exhaustion. We never did that again. The rest of our vacations were on lakes in Wisconsin.
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We left St. Louis at 5 PM on a Thursday to attend last year's RM VAC rally, and we arrived in the parking lot of the Target in Colorado Springs at 4 AM St. Louis time Friday morning where we crashed for a couple of hours while we waited for the caravan. I think it was around 800+ miles in about 11 hours with both of us trading off behind the wheel. Fortunately, Interstate 70 across Kansas is a lonely place in the middle of the night.

The worst of it was that it was the very fist time we had taken our Tradewind out after buying and restoring it. Wiser and more prudent people would probably take a 40-year-old trailer for a test run before pulling it on a 2000-mile round trip, but fortunately for us, the trailer performed beautifully. We were exhausted, though, and spent much of the first day of the rally sleeping. We had one full rally day on Saturday and then left Sunday to drive straight through to St. Louis.

I'd only do that for a vintage rally. We normally try to stay under 400-500 miles a day pulling.
Both Alex, my Argosy, and I are kids from Versailles, Ohio!
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fortunately, you drove across kansas in the middle of the night.....

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Ok, I don't know if it's ok to resurrect threads after so many months but I'm new here and haven't gotten yelled at yet.

One of the reasons we got the idea to buy a trailer and get setup to haul both the trailer and our Harley, was we were sick of the long hauls and hotels and restaurant food, mainly getting there and back.

We ride 2-up so I get to do all the driving. When traveling across the country, that means a day or 3 each way, getting to and from our actual destination, then a day of rest. See I like riding as much as the next guy but the whole riding the interstate to get somewhere that you really want to ride, just gets a bit old.

Anyway, our 2 longest days on the bike were:1) Hayden, AL >> Baraboo, Wi. 850 miles in 15 hours, including a 1-hour tornado "experience" in lovely Rockford, IL.

2) We left the coast of SE Maine and ended up that night in a hotel room in Ottawa city( Canada). I don't know the mileage but if I ever see another hiway sign in N. America, all in French...I'm turning around and leaving.<G> This entire trip was Baraboo, WI >> Nantahala, NC >> Merlefest >> Blueridge Parkway >> Maine >> Trans-Canada >> Lake Superior >> down the Mississippi to Prairie du Chein, WI >> Baraboo. 3,500 miles total. Great fun!!

There was an article just recently about a guy that rode from the northern most road in Alaska to Key West, Fl in 100 hours(on a BIKE). I simply could not believe it but supposedly it was all verified by the Ironbutt Assoc. (really..that's the name). He averaged 56 miles per hour covered (total miles/total time from start to finish including rest stops). This is EXACTLY what we averaged on our one-day Alabama >> Wi trip and I was whhhhhipppppeed. My wife poured me "one on the rocks" when we got home and I was asleep in 20 minutes.

So anyway..getting back to the point .. I sure was hoping we could put on more miles by tag-team driving. I would think 850, especially on the blue-roads would be possible. We actually have plans to haul to Alaska in June, 2006.
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The biggest Iron Butt I did was we had a family emergency in Detroit. My sister and I were meeting up with my mother there when My grandmother was having some health problems. In Knoxville we blew the transmission out of my mothers car. Got it towed to a transmission shop. Got a rental car and were back on the road after a few hours. Got to about Dayton OH and my wife called and we had a second family emergency back in Atlanta. So turend around and headed back. About 950 miles pretty well non stop except for getting the car towed. I averaged 63 mph once you take the 3 hours of down time with the car out.

Did Dallas TX to Marietta GA one time in 13.5 hours.

When I was younger I had a few fast cars. One of them was a 86 RX7 I bought in 88. I ran Gulf Shores AL to Marietta Ga in 5 hours. I averaged 74mph. Them Rotory engines can run high speed all day.

I won't be running over 65 in the burb with the Airstream unless I get a gear vendors OD. 65 is it's sweet spot where it seems happiest when pulling.
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We are going to get from FL to Yellowstone in 3 days. I know its not a record but it sure will be a long drive 2400 Miles.....ouch
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trip to remember

The last week of june, my wife and I went on vacation. We left Manchester, NH about 4 am friday morning and arived in Rapid City, SD 40 hours later on Saturday evening. That was about 2000 miles non stop.

We slip seated the drive, I was a little tired but after a glass of wine and a good nights sleep I was ready to vacation.

Would I do it again, absolutely.


-Life is a journey, not a destination.
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