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At near 50 years old, it isn't nearly as important for me to be the fastest up hill racer as it used to be.

Practicality is under rated.

The fact that I am opinionated does not presuppose that I am wrong......

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Originally Posted by Ridgerunner3 View Post
The cost of fuel is a state to state variable in the cost analysis. I have seen highway diesel be as much as $0.80 per gallon higher than 87 octane gas in the last 10 months where I live. Diesel seems to have averaged about 40 to 50 cents more per gallon than regular gas, for several years, in the areas I typically travel. I never have understood why diesel costs more than gasoline. It must be the taxes on highway diesel.

Supply and demand. The oil companies control the supply, the demand is close to constant. So diesel cost more when the oil companies want it to.

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Love my 2012 F-250 6.7 Power Stroke. And I tow with a diesel because I CAN :-)
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Oil change on my Cummins is 59 dollars at the dealer. Jim
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Discussions of tow vehicle preference seems to bring out the passion of personal preference. Various members' Airstream trailer choice/preference does not seem to result in same sort of discussion. I don't think I have ever seen two groups of folks taking a stand about an FC 25 vs. a Classic 30.
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I think most people realize there is more than one way to skin a cat.
The higher your expectations the fewer your options.
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Originally Posted by zigzagguzzi View Post
Oil change on my Cummins is 59 dollars at the dealer. Jim
That ^ is a excellent deal ! I can't do that good with synthetic Shell rotella and either a K & N, Baldwin or Wix filter. China-Mart raised the price to $21 a gallon for the Rotella synthetic. Its good to have the synthetic in the winter time.

I can do a little better if I use the regular Rotella 15w-40 in spring -summer changes, but that's just me.
I wouldn't take a plugged nickel for my truck ! No P rated tires on it.
I have always heard around here, 'real trucks rattle.'

Have a good one !
Ra, Chelle & Natasha
For my next trick, I will use my new Airstream & Dodge Ram 2500 CTD to make this pile of money disappear.
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Reading threads like this were very helpful to me before I purchased my Airstream. I already had a TV and I would not have purchased my Airstream when I did if I concluded that I needed a different TV.
Fortunately or unfortunately half of the posters had opinions that gas V-8's were fine and the other half felt that diesels were necessary. I took the plunge and have no regrets. My 5.3 gas with the factory towing package is great and unhitched my truck rides like a car.
It takes some time on the Forum to learn how to sift through all of the opinions and advice. I agree that tow vehicle opinions seem more polar than anything else, except maybe hitches.
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The Mercedes ML and GL are only made in Alabama. The engine options we in the US are allowed to know about do not include the small diesel V8 (4.2L) that is available EVERY where else on the planet. That V6 diesel will still be available everywhere else on the planet as it has been the perfect engine for the ML. The V8 would make the GL a very viable towing machine in the US.

BTW. I travel to the UK at least three times per year and Asia. I have my straight six 2002 3.2L turbo diesel powered station wagon (called an Estate in the UK) still serviced by Mercedes. That engine will still be running when the sheet metal falls off.

The service center literature rack always has very detailed information on every model for me to scan while waiting.

Only the US drivers are in the dark about diesel. Ford and GM make very small diesel powered cars in the rest of the world and one can see 1.3L sub compacts with diesel power everywhere.
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Our 2011 Duramax was the first year of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) debocle. We are now approaching 70,000 miles on the truck, and the only problems that we have had are associated with the DEF system. Computer glitches have caused ominous warnings about impending engine shut-downs. In each case the dealers didn't have a clue how to fix it. They just threw parts at it until the warning went away, and could never explain to me what was wrong.

SuEllyn & Brian McCabe
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I'd sacrifice a few miles to the gallon any day to have a dependable, reliable tow vehicle, knowing that I can go anywhere and get gasoline. I don't have to worry about winter fuel, fuel additives, DEF, regen or a plugged exhaust box. I don't have to worry that my wife or kid fills my diesel tank with gasoline by mistake and I don't have to hear my wife bitch about the diesel fuel smell on me or her after filling. All this I don't have to worry about, and all for 3-4 more miles per gallon less than a diesel engine.

Diesel heads, I was once one of you, and I mean big time, but I saw the light. Nothing wrong with being a diesel head, but I truly believe the newer gas rigs are a much better deal in every respect but getting to the top of the hill first, you win.
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Originally Posted by Bob4x4 View Post
Another reason to avoid a gas tow rig.Not trying to pick on you Pappy but the worst mileage I have ever gotten has been 13.5mpg.Granted your trailer is a bit heavier than mine.My friend with the Long trailer like yours has never been below 11 and his truck is over geared with 3.73 gears and some 35'' tires

.Right now we are experiencing some foul weather in northern Ohio. We had a lot of head and side winds coming across the prairie states. I plan on publishing my mpg on this trip at the end for our 2008 V-10. Our last trip I averaged 8.6 mpg towing around 5,000 miles.

2008 F-250 4X4 Lariat V-10
2002 Airstream Classic 30' w/SO #2074
2007 Kubota 900 RTV
1996 Ford Bronco
2007 Lincoln LTnother good reason to not tow with gas
My trip last year was about 5,000 miles and I averaged 8.6 mpg on that trip but I didn't experience as much head winds as this year. I know my mileage will be less on this trip, but not home yet so haven't got the final figure. The other thing is that my truck with my heavy front/rear bumpers, all my crap and my 47 gallon Transferflow tank, weighs in at 8450. That's almost 2,000 lbs more than a bare stock truck. I have the stock 4:11 gears and stock 18" tires.
2008 F-250 4X4 Lariat V-10
2002 Airstream Classic 30' w/SO #2074
2007 Kubota 900 RTV
1996 Ford Bronco
2007 Lincoln LT
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Moose, I feel like you are leaning toward the diesel. Get what you want.

I drove an older Dodge with the Cummins pulling a 30 foot white box over the passes in Idaho and Montana quite a few years ago. It was an amazing experience. While slow out of the gate, once up to speed this thing never really slowed on the hills. I was, and still am, impressed by the performance.

The issue for me is more of a lifestyle thing and a true need for such a rig. I have driven throughout the west and have pulled my 25FB over some big passes in Wyoming, Washington, Montana and British Columbia and have made it just fine. My gasser slows a bit on the big hills but I seldom am holding up traffic. We don't travel as much as you do so I really don't "need" a diesel.

That said, if I were full timing in a large trailer the diesel option might make more sense for me. The up front cost and increased maintenance issues keep me away from the oil burners. Some of the arguments presented don't hold much water for me. I haven't experienced difficulty pulling into gas stations and haven't seen diesel prices below that of regular gas in the places I travel. I am more interested in day to day costs of owning a TV and don't want to wait 5 years or more to pencil out the numbers. I like to buy new and all I know is that there is a very large price to upgrade to diesel and the maintenance is much greater than the typical gasser.

These are not necessarily bad things provided a diesel would be better for your situation. But for me, it isn't necessary so I will stick with my truck. Best wishes with your decision. You will make the right choice.
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So far I am very satisfied and pleased with my new diesel TV (2015 Ford F-250.) This thread is hopefully interesting and useful to someone making the diesel vs. gas decision for their TV and otherwise amusing to those of us who are already committed one way or the other, so it is serving it's purpose. I has been generally amusing to see the proponents of each type of engine advance their reasoning for preferring one over the other. Kind of like Macintosh vs. Windows! In my case, it's simple: "because I can!"

But, as a member of the pro-diesel crowd, let me make it perfectly clear to anyone facing this decision: you do not need a diesel or even 3/4 ton TV, any gas powered 1/2 ton PU, most full size SUVs and even other "lighter duty" vehicles properly equipped with weight distribution hitches and in some cases beefed up hitch setups can tow most Airstreams of 28 feet or less in length. Just pay attention to the payload you are placing on your TV and your hitch setup and you'll be fine. You might not win the race up Tioga Pass with a gasoline TV, but then who really cares? Let your diesel buddy get to the campground five minutes ahead of you and scope out a good site for each of your Airstreams! Then crack open a cold one.

Bob Martel
WBCCI# 5766
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