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Originally Posted by flyfisher View Post
The RV park where we spend the summer has one community campfire in front of the park's office/store. It's far enough from all of the the individual campsites that smoke on your own site is never a problem.

For me, it's the best of all worlds. The park's owners supply all the wood, and chairs (unless you want to use your own). Like any campfire, there is naturally smoke, but you can always move your chair around the fire to get away from the smoke if you wish(I do!), or move closer or farther from the fire.

Weather permitting, the fire starts every night at 7:00pm, and lasts until us regulars decide to leave and put the fire out. It's a good way to meet many other people, plus there's always those sinfully delicious flavors of ice cream that're sold in the campgound's store.

I have often thought this would be a good way enjoy a campfire and control those that seem to think a bonfire is the way to go!

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Several years ago we were planning a trip to CO. Only half the state seemed to be on fire.
There were no campfires allowed.. I started calling forest service offices going north until I found a place that had enough rain they would let us have a campfire..
That's how we found New Fork Lake Campground, just north of Pinedale, WY.
We were willing to drive a extra day north and west just so we could have our campfire..
We travel without a TV, microwave, dog, generator, etc. Just the sound of a crackling fire for me.. All is well at that point.


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Originally Posted by GettinAway View Post
We travel without a TV, microwave, dog, generator, etc. Just the sound of a crackling fire for me.. All is well at that point.

Amen, brutha!
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Originally Posted by GettinAway View Post
We travel without a TV, microwave, dog, generator, etc.
TV, microwave and maybe the generator and I'm with you. But I can't travel without my dog. (He's not a yapper).
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Originally Posted by Wayne&Sam View Post
TV, microwave and maybe the generator and I'm with you. But I can't travel without my dog. (He's not a yapper).
I agree - life just wouldn't be right unless our Border Collie is with us - He is a part of the family. - I'm for a nice controlled - hot burning, non-smokey campfire.
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Originally Posted by teagues View Post
That's my kind of campground! But where is it?
Yellowstone's Edge RV Park, along the Yellowstone River, 35 miles north of Yelowstone National Park.

And, yes, even Wayne & Sam have been there!

In the daylight hours (Mountain time zone )you can even see where the campfire is located, by going to the RV park's website webcam at: Edge RV WEBCAM You can personally navigate the webcam to look at various things in and around the campground.

Just click on the "large" picture view, then click the "start control" button on the lower right of the screen. Just to the left of that start button is a drop down dialog menu - from that menu, go to "Arrival Parking" where you can view a live view of the office where the campfire is located.

There is a slider bar beneath the picture where you can zoom in - and you'll see Bruno the Bear in front of the office, and a big pile of wood beside him that's been deposited a couple weeks ago waiting for someone to put it into the wood shed for the upcoming season.

No fires there yet though as the RV park doesn't open until May 1.
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Campfire is for me.

I think it started with my time in the Boy Scouts and learning various techniques for starting a fire, it was a true skill and passing the skill onto a Tenderfoot was a part of the BSA. It was also the norm for cooking at that time and it still is for me today.

We have a fire pit in the back yard and about 1 cord of split Oak available, I hope to spend a lot more time watching the fire do its thing to unwind your head.

At SP campgrounds I'll have a fire and it will be for cooking and evening time. But I like others have pointed out bring good wood and build it w/o big smoke.

One thing that irritates me is seeing someone use charcoal fluid to boost a smoldering lazy fire, dangerous.
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Good old fashion campfires should always be available to campers. If special request for non-camping sites with non camp fires are needed, and a campground is available that provides a non camping facility, then all the best. As in smoking and non-smoking rooms in motels, smoking and non smoking bars and restaurants (I am not a tobacco smoker), the buying public will determine the availability of such sites.
We have a fire pit on the farm, not propane fueled. We have a wood stove for winter heat, not propane fueled. We purchased our camping trailer to camp with campfires and would not like being told somebody in the campground has allergies, so no campfires are allowed in the campgrounds.
If it is a matter of fire danger season, I think we all abide with the no fire restrictions. I just don't feel no fire restrictions should be enacted to all campers whom are in search of a camping experience in a campground. That is what Holiday Inns are for.
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Love em except when they're upwind from our Airstream.
In dog years, I'm dead!
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Originally Posted by LFM View Post
...As in smoking and non-smoking rooms in motels, smoking and non smoking bars and restaurants (I am not a tobacco smoker), the buying public will determine the availability of such sites....
By law in Georgia, there is no smoking in/near public and commercial buildings. This means no smoking in restaurants, bars, department stores or government buildings. This, despite the expected outcry from smokers and the demand by a segment of the buying public.

If smoking were not a hazard as far as second hand smoke goes, there would probably be little issue. However, there was a time when restaurants and theaters had smoking lounges...this was back when people had manners and didn't require laws and policies to govern their actions in public.
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Campfires and cigarette smoke have ruined many a night for us in our Airstream. Even our dog was miserable due to one one neighbor's particular perpetually smoldering campfire in a Connecticut RV park. These people would come out of their trailer long enough to throw a wet log or some trash on their smoldering heap then go back inside. Never once did I see them outside around that 'fire'. All of the neighbors moved to other sites en-masse. If those smoky campers were looking for solitude then mission accomplished. Too bad we were all paying the same price for that misery.
When we started staying at RV campgrounds I was shocked that most allow open fires. Having an open fire near a trailer or RV with propane and/or fuel on board just seems like an unsafe idea. While I love a good toasty campfire like anyone else, I think that RV campgrounds should not allow them. Not only for safety, but for the likelihood for smoke to invade other camper's trailer/RV/tent. After all, the only people enjoying a campfire are those people who are using it...nobody ever enjoys someone elses campfire smoke, do they? We're all camping with the same goal...enjoying ourselves and relaxing. I can't imagine that not having a campfire would prevent anyone from having a good time, rather I do see a slew of comments from people who have had bad camping experiences due to smoke-filled campers or tents. I keep looking for campgrounds that don't allow them but have yet to find one.

Since I'm already ducking for cover I thought I'd throw this one in too...

Nobody really wants to smell second-hand cigarette or cigar smoke and it is a public health hazard. One smoker in any crowd is polluting the air for everyone around. When people camp I would assume that enjoying nature and the outdoors, including fresh air, is part of the pleasure. I wish smokers at campgrounds (and everywhere else!) would be more considerate and not pollute the air for the rest of the campers. I know that it's unrealistic to expect campgrounds to regulate smoking.
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I'm surprised at the number of people who have had issues with smoke from other campsites. We camp 30-40 nights each year and always do so in non hook up NP or SP campgrounds where almost everyone has a campfires, that and we occasionally boondock. In all the years we've done this I've never once had an issue with someone else's campfire bothering me. Of course I might be strange in that I actually enjoy the smell of the a campfire, not just mine but the general campfire aroma in a campground. I also don't mind the sound of children playing and having fun with their families. Since most private campgrounds don't allow campfires and most NP & SP campgrounds do, I think the system is fine just the way it is. It gives everyone a choice.

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There is certainly an unresolvable disagreement here.

I have asthma and take a lot of medication for it, but wood smoke does not bother me, although other allergens do. I like the smell of wood smoke. We have a wood stove in our house and I have tried life with and without using the wood stove. There's no difference in my symptoms.

I hate perfume—sometimes it makes me sneeze and cough and the effect can come in a few minutes. The smell from some women who drench themselves is obnoxious, but when I have a severe allergic reaction that adds injury to insult. I have (so far) refrained from telling them what I think. I just get away as fast as I can and in 10 or 15 minutes the reaction subsides.

Another air pollutant is the cellphone. I once had to listen to a woman all through our breakfast in a restaurant babble incoherently and loudly to her daughter on her phone. I did tell her what I thought as we left—she got livid and I was glad to upset her. I've heard many people in restaurants on their phones, but she was the loudest.

I don't mind cigarette smoke most of the time. Occasional exposure to second hand smoke would seem to have no health effects. There are plenty of other things that have negative effects—diesel exhaust, industrial smokestacks, stationery engines, every stage of oil and gas production, chemical plants, old cars and trucks, agricultural burning and on and on. Yet, there seems to be a lot of acceptance of all those pollutants of the air. When more than half the population smoked it was very rare for people to complain, yet now that one fifth smoke, there are constant complaints. I find that curious.

It obvious that many people do enjoy campfires and many do not. Charlie has a point—public parks often have campfires, private campgrounds do not. There's a place for everyone.

When can we ban perfume?

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When we started staying at RV campgrounds I was shocked that most allow open fires. Having an open fire near a trailer or RV with propane and/or fuel on board just seems like an unsafe idea.
Actually, propane is quite safe. It is after all, there to make fire with - whether on your stove, water heater or refrigerator. Your stove (or other appliances) is much more likely to cause a fire in your trailer than a nearby campfire.

When can we ban perfume?
I'm with you on this one Gene, especially when they think that "a little smells good, so a lot will smell real good".

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