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Originally Posted by cwf View Post
Yes, Sir...
My comment wasn't meant as a criticism of you— it's just that your comment made me think of what I wanted to say. If you thought otherwise then I owe you an apology.

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Hi from AZ. . . Campgrounds or 'RV resorts' are actually a little above societal norms, IMO. People are so rude & self absorbed these days it's ridiculous. Cut you off in traffic, jump in front of you in a store, boom their taste in music at you, etc ! Because of this generally bad behavior, we have rules we may or may not like. The places we've traveled have been populated with generally pleasant people who are respectful of others. the occasional loud music, or unleashed dog notwithstanding, seems like most folks in charge do a pretty good job 'refereeing'..... just sayin. . . . regards, Craig..........

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Early in my career(s) I was a UPS driver. There were 2 common statements, normally said pretty close together:
1. Don't worry, he/she doesn't bite
2. Goodness! He/she has never done that before

Once, after statement #1, I was walking with a poodle firmly attached to each leg, biting my pant leg and growling. I had one owner tell me, after their Irish Setter sat quietly behind a screen door, "He must like you, he went through that screen at the last UPS driver". I have many other stories but you get the idea.

Dogs are animals and as such, they are NOT 100% under verbal control. I couldn't care less about the intensity of training.
Dogs will go past an invisible fence
Dogs will chase you while their owners are yelling at them
Dogs will defend their perceived territory from anyone they feel threatens it

For the past 18 years I've been a runner, same story, same 2 sentences. I carry mace and I've used it. If the owner is there I tell them if their dog bites me they will be getting a letter from a lawyer, I will sue. Win or lose, they're going to court. They call me every name in the book. One lady even said "well, he doesn't like you". I said, "...and you let him out without a leash?"

Some animal "lovers" seem to think the rules don't apply to them. They don't seem to care about others' feelings and how much a dog running at full gallop, barking and snarling, will scare someone. I go to the camp hosts, park rangers, anyone in charge.

We no longer have a dog but when we did, she was on a leash/chain or behind a gate/door. If there were visitors I made them aware of our dog. Other than the rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels, our dogs never chased anyone.

Rules are rules and apply to everyone. Follow them and everyone will have a good time.

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Originally Posted by pmclemore View Post
People never start campfires when the wind is blowing into their own trailers.


I am DEFINITELY the exception to this rule! Earlier this month (at the CoE campground I mentioned), I intentionally opened our screen doors and turned on the fantastic fans to draw the woodfire smell in to our trailer. For the next week in storage, I stopped by once or twice to catch a whiff and remember how great it was. When we took it out the following week to a site that had no fires (and it was rainy all weekend anyway) the smell faded away to not being there anymore and I was really bummed out.

I'm not making any of that up. I truly love the smell of a campfire. I do get bummed when the wood is isn't really ready but if I am forced to buy that from the campground, I go with it.
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Originally Posted by Piggy Bank View Post
This is an interesting topic.

We have only been campers about a year now, but the few times that we have had annoying or unpleasant experiences, it has had to do with our "space" feeling violated.

Campgrounds put strangers pretty close together. For this to work well, there has to be a common understanding that one's campsite is ones "domain". And that it is impolite to impede on another's domain.

I can imagine the rest of the scenario you described. Ugh.

And I wanted to share something related to this concept too. At the same site where I mentioned the loose dogs, the camper next to us in a motor home didn't back in (as everyone did to their sites, but he went in face first. Not necessarily a big deal, until you realize he just put his outdoor living room in my outdoor living room.

Not the worst thing to happen to us, but it did feel like an insensitive violation of our space.

They too used it as a base for a family gathering so when they brought the 3 kid couples and 5 grandkids out - ok, everyone should have a good time - but it's a bit intrusive.
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I had a job that put me in peoples homes with their dogs for decades, I never did get bitten.

My strategy was simple, when I perceived what might have been a threat, I squared up to stay facing the dog while intently thinking while meaning it, "if you try and bite me, I will kick you to death".

I think dogs can perceive this.

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You know, its all boils down to showing our fellow travelers/people some respect. That's all. But society has changed (look at the politics)....its all about MY wishes and MY satisfaction and MY way of doing things that's important....
I miss the respect we used to exgtend to our fellow beings. Lets practice it, and safe travels. Respectfully: jon
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The emotion on this topic is like politics and everyone has a strong opinion. In the end it is a rule just like a posted speed limit or a rule that you have to park in your campsite and not on the road. That's it - follow the rules - all the rules. The rules aren't applicable to some people and not others and we accept those rules before we drive up, sign in, and set up.
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Usually, the people who complain the loudest about rules are people the rules were created for in the first place.
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This does not matter. RV folks, including Airstreamers, pick and choose their own rules. That is my observation. Still better than a hotel room with all kind of strange noises coming from the next room!
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Camped at Letchworth SP in NY a month ago. A family of 7 ignored rules and signs to stay out of the river. There are 3 waterfalls there and wouldn't you know, they were all swept over the lower falls. 5 Were seriously injured and 2 youngest children killed. The father may be thinking a long time about following rules, but I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to sue, stating that there should have been a fence.
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Some people are terribly afraid of dogs and while I enjoy the company of pets I have always thought animals on a leash is a good idea. Especially in campgrounds.

Not everyone has good common sense. Hence we have rules.
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Some campgrounds have just a few rules (expecting the rest to be common sense) and other have rules that go on and on. I don't care either way - it's their campground.

My pet peeve is the campground that has rules that it doesn't enforce. One of my favorite CGs is in Pigeon Forge, TN. Perfect in every way except that it has no hosts and no employees on site during the night - and this is a large CG. When we had late night unruly neighbors there was no one to call. The next day the CG employees told me that if it happens again to call the police department and they will come into the CG to address the matter. Really? I'm sure in a tourist location like Pigeon Forge local law enforcement would rather be doing something other than policing campgrounds.
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Originally Posted by SteveSueMac View Post
Perhaps a different topic on campground rules in general. While I'll start with a dog example, that's not the point - please, no breed discussions. Let's stick to the concept of rules...

In a recent discussion around dogs on leashes, a perspective was shared by Dexterpix and McDave that suggested (my inference here) that the rules aren't about leashes per se because owners who have trained their dogs well can command them to stay or heel and that's as good as a leash.

In an effort to talk about all campground rules, I thought we could use this as an example to start a different conversation regarding why the rules matter.

If we start with leashes, we could say one aspect about this surely ISN'T about leashes, I'll agree there. However, that aspect is only from one's perspective as the owner.

The reason why a rule about leashes would matter (as far as I can see) is from the perspective of everyone else in the campground (with or without dogs, with or without certain physical disabilities, with or without prior experience of being told by other owners their dog is under control yet that was not their experience, whether or not an exceptionally well trained dog follows a primal instinct jumping to his death chasing another animal that enticed it....all examples we're heard elsewhere).

The perspective of the anxiety some dogs (mine for sure) experience when on a leash and another free roaming dog approaches "her territory" is key. I don't believe for a second the owner who lets his/her dog roam free intends any harm. However, my dog was nearly choking herself at the end of the leash, crying and howling at the sight of a "free range hound". The fact that I had to ask the owner to pay attention to his own dog, off leash, walking in to our site (owner not even watching his dog or listening to mine clearly in distress about it) shouldn't ever have to happen.

So yes, had that owner trained his dog better, been paying more attention, acted more responsibly, the issue wouldn't likely have happened. But that's still not the point. My uncle was a cop with a K9 partner. The training was long, extensive and expensive. Most owners don't come near that level of training with their pets and even the very best trained animals are animals and can from time to time do animal things.

At the end of the day, rules (like the leash rules) are there for reasons. If there were an off-leash campground, I would be happy for all the off-leash proponents to attend to their hearts' content. But I would never sign up for something like that myself.

So why obey the rules? Because failing to keep your animals on a leash at a campground that requires it means you're making me sign up for something I didn't. And that's really the point.

So perhaps we could discuss the value of all campground rules and their impact not only on each of us as individuals and all other fellow campers. What do you think?
Great preamble!
What was the question

Rules were made for the guidance of wise men, and the education of fools.
I don't consider myself to be a wise man or a fool; therefore I ignore them.

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