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Campground Etiquette (Subtopic: Rants!)

Hi all!

We camped for a night on July 3rd, and came across some things that really made us think about how we camp and what it looks like to others.

We always try to take care not to inconvenience others, but there are a lot of people who don't feel that way, obviously. Please post your thoughts on the subject, or rants about what you have experienced. Maybe this will help you look at how your style of camping affects others, too.

Here's ours:

We were between two SOB trailers, both with light displays from here to the moon. The folks on the right had three major-wattage lights at their pavilion (between us and their trailer) and were apparently going to leave them on all night (they packed everything up outside and retired to the trailer around 7). Our bedroom in the moho was strongly illuminated, even through dark curtains. I finally had to go over there around 11 p.m. and politely ask them to turn them off. She acted as if I was majorly incoveniencing her, told me where to unplug them and closed the door.

The folks on the left had rope lights strung all around underneath their trailer, which they left on all night (but didn't bother us since they were not overly bright), plus a flagpole with an American flag on it with a bright spotlight on it that stayed on all night (didn't bother us since their trailer was between it and us). However, they had small, yappy dogs, one of which came under their trailer and threatened us (barking continuously and aggressively) on our own pavilion space. Brad was ready to drop-kick it back to their space. Their kids came back from riding bikes and it ran back. Later that evening, it was peaceful and we were enjoying the river, the breeze and the quiet. All of a sudden, the woman next door started up a gas-powered blower and proceeded to run it for at least 20 minutes. I finally went over and looked, and she was either drying off stuff the kids were playing with or blowing sand out of it. VERY annoying. At least it wasn't 11 p.m.!

So please think about what you're doing, and do stuff like turn off your outdoor lighting before you go to bed (or earlier, if you are staying up late). If you have to bring along enough lights to illuminate the Empire State Building, please at least position them so they won't be shining (or reflecting) into others' windows. Please keep your pets on leashes (they were supposed to be, at this campground) and don't leave them outside to bark the whole day away around other campers who may be trying to relax, if you know they are barkers. That can spoil a nice day very quickly.

Okay, what's your rant?


"Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it remains?"

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Easy for me to say but,

Sounds like you got it from both ends The odds are that sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where your ( or my) idea of ettiquete is out of sync with the neighbors. For me it's a balancing act. Is what's annoying me worth allowing myself to be annoyed? If it is I speak to my neighbors, if it's not I suck it up.

I also recognize that being human I can be annoying. I try to anticipate this and check in with my neighbors pro actively, letting them know it's OK with me to let me know. Most of the time I can accomodate them and most of the time people who bug me accomodate me and we actually end up as friends.

99.9% of situations can be handled this way. For the remainder I can allow myself to be annoyed, try to find someone tho enforce campground rules (ususally doesn't help) consider sabotage, or leave. I espouse the saying "do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy". I try not to forget this is supposed to be fun.

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We've been the offenders, in a strange way. In a COE campground we were in, in July, I got a knock on the door from our next door neighbors (staying in a tent). Seems the rumble of our air conditioner was keeping them awake. I try to be accommodating, but I'm NOT going to sleep in the trailer in the middle of Summer, when it's 85 degrees and 95% humidity, when I have a perfectly good air conditioner I can use.
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some folks leave lights on for security reasons...

while others make up rules (for other people) that don't exist.

the bible for a commercial cg is the office flyer.

if it don't say "turn off the lights at night" don't expect that folks will.

camping on big holidays in commercial parks is always a challenge...

since many folks are only out 1-2 times a year, with the kids and dogs and boats and other toys and noise makers...

there is a really long thread here with pissnmoan posts about other campers behaving badly.

this isn't it.

but proper forum etiquette, suggests searching before starting new threads on common issues, and others silly rules....

someday everyone will be perfect, like me.

there are et' threads on dogs,

kids, boondocking, courtesy parking, washing, rallying, walmart, waving at each other,

and other subjects where proper people 'imagine' rules for others to follow...

but dumping seems appropriate here...

personally i despise anyone who uses the word etiquette.

or rant

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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You'll find ding-bats just about everyplace, thankfully in relatively small numbers. Bad Luck strikes when you happen to wind up beside one of them; Extreme Bad Luck strikes when you happen to wind up between two of them!

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Hey 2air,

I knew I had seen threads on this topic before, and did a pretty involved search for them, including going to the forums and going through the titles one by one since a search on "etiquette" and "good campers" and "campground" on both Airforums and Google did not bring anything up. So I posted this one!


Edit to say we also do our best to overlook all but the extremely annoying and insensitive when we go camping. If we let every tiny detail get under our skins we would not be able to go camping any more!
"Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it remains?"

1984 310 Limited Motor Home "The Rockin' A"
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Originally Posted by Alumatube View Post
Hey 2air,

I knew I had seen threads on this topic before, and did a pretty involved search for them, including going to the forums and going through the titles one by one since a search on "etiquette" and "good campers" and "campground" on both Airforums and Google did not bring anything up. So I posted this one!

I'd have to say the "search" function of this forum is worthless. It turns up so many unrelated stories that I don't bother using it anymore. If I have a question I'll throw it out there. Besides, if we can't talk about what's already been discussed, the forum would waste away! There's truly nothing that new to talk about.

Rant about other campers...? How about yappy dogs, (keep Fido quiet or leave him at the kennel) people/kids cutting through your campsite and the annoying nascar-esque golf carts that buzz around like drunken fools.

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You've cited most of the reasons we stay home for Labor Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day- someone mentioned it earlier - most of the folks in CG's on those three weekends are one or twice a year campers and don't worruy too much about their neighbors.
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I dont camp on holidays either for the same reason. I would rather camp in the winter when the camp grounds are closed
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My pet peeve is those who love the sound of their (usually, but not always, diesel) TV or MH idling. Few things can disturb quiet enjoyment like the over-loud rattle of an idling vehicle.
If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion - The Dalai Lama

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As Steve Susan and Mustang say.

Those three holidays are sometimes the only time when people like that get out to camp. Add to that the combination of not knowing how, lack of common sense and brain cells, non-nuetered animals and abundance of liquor, now you've got the makings for campground Jihad.

This year we went out on Memorial Day, sort of breaking our cardinal rule and if it hadn't been for Monday when we finally left, I may have been writing this in an 8 by ten prison cell for murder. Fortunately the booze finished me off before I could finish them off.

We met some aquantances who were at a site about five away from us, and their neighbors were just a bunch of horny mid-aged she-beast women doing kareoke. Until 1:00AM.

Now that's something I may have been entertained by....but my head can't take another Griswold cast iron-pan tap from the Mrs.

I'm good for about three of those a season.

Bottom line, avoid holidays if peace and quite are what you are looking for.

Sometimes I wish I were living in the stone age. Then I would know I'm the smartest person in the world.
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We avoid Holiday outtings except when our kids and grandkids can join us. They are working folk and we try to give them as many 3-4 day weekends as we can. ALL are considerate campers and we if we can we select a camp site that is roomy and with as few neighboring camp sites as we can. Our daughter and family joined us (separate camp site) for a recent Rally. They were treated to how considerate campers Airstreamers are .
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Have to agree about the holiday weekends...
but unsupervised pinheads can run amuck anytime, anywhere.
And just add some beer and it's amazing what they can do.
One of them toilet papered some lovely old trees at a campground
right along the sand at the beach.
Rally on,
and no, those photos are not me.

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Our pet peeve is the condition people leave their campsites in, especially in public parks. At Allatoona COE, the grill was filled with cigarette butts and the previous occupants left their bag of garbage under the picnic table.

In Kentucky, at Levi Jackson State Park, the fire ring was an ashtray again and to top it off it appeared that the previous occupants had tethered their dog to the "bear" pole as there was a ring of dog excrement all around it.

Naturally, I donned the old disposable gloves and cleaned all of it up but damned if I can understand why I should have to.

On the other hand, I live in South Florida where people routinely throw their trash out the car window, let their dogs run amuck in public and have dueling boom boxes at every public venue/event so being away from there is usually an improvement regardless.


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