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Talking Inside - indeed

Originally Posted by cazual6 View Post
wait a minute, wait a minute. You actually offer them to see the inside? I know they all look some what the same, but what makes you comfortable enough to show them the inside? That is one thing that would seem to me like a line is crossed. I am not saying I have anything private or embarrassing or anything. Would that be considered "Rv'ing" etiquette to allow people to see the inside? (or ask to see the inside) Especially with shoes ON? I'm of the asian culture where no shoes inside is our norm.
Your response reminded me of how much culture impacts our perception. I was taken aback when someone (non-Asian) came in and took off their shoes. In my mind it indicated being a bit too intimate, giving a we are at home and taking over your place feeling. As to your original question, we gladly show our AS to admirers and I love looking at others as well. The more years you have an AS the more they become customized. That said, don't do anything you are not comfortable with. A "thank you" and perhaps what you particularly like about it is a great response to a compliment.

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Just say thank you...

We are very new Airstream owners but have had other brands before. We never received any compliments on our other RV's but our 2003 Classic 30 gets a lot of attention. A simple Thank You seems like s good response and we answer questions when asked.

We love our paid for used but well cared for Airstream. We are making it our own by adding our personalities to it . We are very blessed to be able to own the trailer of our dreams.

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Hey, 1973Argosy,
i understand your point, me in person, i do not understand, why Argosy is "just number 2".
The better windows (wrap arround!) and first Mitorhomes were Argosy, the cute "Minuett" was also "just" an Argosy.
I love them very much, so does my son!
If i ever can "catch" a small 22' twin axle Argosy with rear door as a "bunkhouse" for our 345 motorhome, i would be more than happy!
Let the "silver owners" continue to raise their nose and enjoy with pride your self restored Argosy!
They are GREAT!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸😃
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I've been mostly traveling solo since getting my 345 motorhome, so do enjoy the friendly interest it attracts.
One of my favorite visits was while stopped at a viewpoint along the Big Sur section of the PCH. A 30 something Chineese American man and venerable Grandfather visiting from China came over to admire the coach. They came aboard for cold drinks and a chat.
Turns out the Grandfather was on a last of many world travels, as at 85 years old his health insurance would no longer cover him while traveling out of the country. I got a bit of a chuckle thinking of this later. This older man from a very different place and time. Having to deal with first world burocratic hassles just like the rest of us.

One of the beautiful aspects of travel is coming to realize how much we all have in common, as well as the interesting differences.

Cheers Richard
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Every encounter is different

A couple walked by our campsite a few mornings ago while I was out front checking some things on the truck. The guy said, "Hey, I like your camper." I just said "Thanks", and then he said, "There's just one thing I don't like about it." I said, "What's that?"

"It's not mine".

Then we both laughed, and I said "I thought you were going to say you didn't like silver". Then they walked on. I've still never had anyone ask to see the inside while we were camping.
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@ Roquefort,
Don't get me wrong over the years we have met some really great Airstream owners as well as SOB owners, who have been very interested in our little Argosy. I can't tell you how many AS owners have come into our Argosy and left jealous over our "real" cabinet doors and other features. So many AS owners don't realize that Argosy is AS. The problem I take is the AS owner that bought simply as a status symbol and take no real pride in the AS heritage or lifestyle . I am a Gen X'r and maybe that is part of the problem as so many of the fellow streamers seem to be baby boomers or older. When we bought our Argosy it was a dream come true, not about the nostalgia but the ability to carry my family camping. The more we traveled we began to understand the nostalgia side of it. If I can help anyone understand the history and heritage of AS I am more than willing to show our Argosy off and pass along my knowledge. I am a lifetime owner as I have yet to find anything that compares to the quality of AS.

My door is always open to anyone that shows intrest, be it at a campground, fuel station, rest area, ect. When a compliment is paid a simple thank you is always returned.
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We recently bought a '93 Excella Classic, very well maintained. Our first one, long sought after, it is a beacon for comments and head-turning. We are somewhat bemused by it all, but do not crave attention. When asked, we reply, but never show the inside, as it is our home. We have a gentle but fierce looking dog who keeps some of the curious folks away. We are Canadian, and AS,s are rarer than in the USA, and everyone seems to know they are tops and yes, are still made.
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Stay CazuaL
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Great responses. Gives me a different perspective on the way I felt before. I'm very friendly and can chat up worth anyone. Thanks team!
"No job is so simple that it cannot be done wrong."
"Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege."
"Either I will find a way, or I will make one."
"Sweat is your fat crying"
WBCCI 9164
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"If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it."
- J. P. Morgan
The Morgans
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(Is there no respect for an 8-ton GCVWR truck? *sniff* )
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Originally Posted by Trailer View Post
I always reply $150,000+
Actually, the new Bambi Airstreams are a lot cheaper new-- $55K for the 19-footer. Also, when people are genuinely interested but blanch at the price, we let them know that they can get a gently used one for a discount, or a mechanic's special fairly cheaply. My niece and partner got an old 31-footer for $7K, but then they were willing to put the work into it.

We're just back from a family reunion, and had a kind of open house for curious and appreciative relatives. We hosted a wine and cheese happy hour for them at our site, and the Bambi proved to be a real conversation piece.

On the other hand, a new class A motor home easily sells for mid- 6 figures.
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So first a big thanks to the folks next to us @ Sunset Bay OR May of 2012. I think from Idaho. They used to have a pop top (which is what we owned at that time).

That was a very gracious peek inside but was until recently, just a pipe dream. Thanks to whom ever they were.

On our first over nighter after delivery, we had our first chat and request for a peek at a rest stop 20 miles from Eugene. Well that didn't take any time.

We've always like the modern style, probably why we built at Sea Ranch with it modern architecture...yet living lightly on the land.

It was a similar deal when building. Walkers would drop by and ask to see inside. It started in the framing stage as shape and view was developing and continue thru until we were closed in. I was excited about the project and did much of the work. It was a compliment when the walkers enjoyed the design too.

Sane delio with an AS. We have two dogs so that is a consideration, but being friendly and sharing a similar level of excitement about AS's is fun. The peek inside is a case by case....the dog don't bite....but they're not my dogs

truly, the 20 just doesn't warrant a walking tour,

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Smile Ladytraveller

Originally Posted by Lily&Me View Post
People are generally curious, and if you've ever been to a rally you would know that checking out each other's rigs is simply what is done.

I show mine wherever I happen to be...campground, parking lot, wherever they ask...and late hubby and I did the same.

If people want to see it, we show them.

Most people step just inside to look, sometimes I open the rear doors and let them see that way.

Agree Maggie. We are very proud of our 1998 34 Ft AS. We participated in an open house at our park in Texas last winter. We got as many visits as the big new 5th wheels in the park. All positive comments. No problem asking people to remove shoes. Most RVers do that any way. Most people love the retro feel - so do we!

Carolyn & Ross
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In May we were visiting the Tetons. We had pulled into an observation spot, took some photos and had gotten back into our TV. A woman came to the window and was knocking. As my wife rolled down her window the lady motioned with both hands to outline the shape of the Airstream. She then gave us 2 thumbs up and said "I like". We soon saw the whole family giving us the thumbs up. We got out and got to know them. "Jennifer" and her family were visiting from Shanghi China. They were all decked out in clothing that reflected their fascination with our country. This cute family spoke Very little English but Jennifer was able to ask to see the interior! Of course, we abliged. It was so much fun to see their reactions. I later found her husband behind the wheel of our F250 Powerstroke making engine noises while his son took a video. It was an incredible interaction with this terrific Chinese family all made possible by our 27' Flying Cloud... Ambassador!
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So funny, to follow this thread!
As i now can see, the "german" reactions of people while they see our "rivet-queen" Bangles are approx. the same, than in Amerika!!!!
We also get dozens of "thumbs-up" while travelling, often folks double us on the freeway VERY slow and take a video clip with theis smartphones.
Once parked, people came along and asked, if we are now planing to install a movie set-up wuth this "beast"...!
The reactions of "normal- people, just passi g by, are mostly friendly and fun y as well, exspecially the kids are very amazed!
Not so kind people are the "typical" german RV'ers, mainly regired people with their "odd looking" 3.5 ton 18ft class C...! They OFTEN (!!!) are unfriendly, because, we "block" two spots with Bangles, THEY complain about the gas we "burn" to move just 2 persons, the "waist" of place in our Baby, because of the "clumsy" US floorplan. (Have you ever seen these "tiny homes" like ERIBA CAR, or BURSTNER...?!)
That's a german thing, i guess. German's often have "the better opinion", very few can just say "Congrates, well done".
We began to "filter" all these "inputs" and forgot about the jalous fellows!
Next week, we will leave with the family to our anual holyday, this year it will be a "bicicle tour" thru the Mosel- and Rhinevalley! Either Anja or me will drive "Bangles" to a nice spot beside the river and install the "base-camp". Once the "sports team" arrives, the barbecue is lighted...! We will spend nice evenings outside under the awning and make "family events" (hopefully stressless with two Puber boys...&#128556
Same procedure in the morning, the "butler" will take care of breakfast and cleaning, the "sports team" leave for their daily 25 to 30 miles by bicicle!
Sounds great to me, i will for sure meet many RVers and have for sure funny conversations...!
I will share my expiriences here and post pictures on the thread Peter started: "The adventures of Bangles in Europe"!

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