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I think some parks have changed with time as the population of Airstreamers has declined. Palmetto Cove in SC was A/S only, but last time I was there they were allowing other brands to camp there and they were encouraging rallies from the FMCA and Holiday Rambler groups.

Christmas Airstream Park in Florida allows other brands, as does Land Yacht Harbour in Melbourne, FL - they have allotted 50 of their sites for non-Airstream products.

TCPC in Crossville, TN is A/S only, but they will allow lot owners to have guests park on their lots with other brands.

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Greetings Jim...from a Happy Steamline Countess owner...

Delighted to see your post!! I purchased my '71 Streamline Countess over a year ago.

It had been a long-term goal for me to, one day, own an Airstream. Airstreams danced through my dreams every night, I talked of nothing but of my desire to own an Airstream, I looked at thousands of Airstreams on the net, in the newspaper and at deal lots.

The day had arrived, I had saved and dreamt long enough!! What I discovered, to my disappointment, is that I had missed the boat. The Airstreams that I could afford on my humble savings had been well used and abused and I was in no position to take on a project of that desire was simple: I wanted to nest and camp in my new trailer. One day, while perusing the RV Trader, I saw her!!!

She glimmered, she gleamed, her lines were curvy and soft...she had nary a pock mark in her perfect aluminum skin and she was donning a fresh new awning. My heart stood still. Best of all the price was right, and a little spare change too. Her wonderful being and good nature seemed to have gone largely unoticed by the herds of aluminum lovers, AH HA... my good fortune!! With sweaty palms and heart-a-racing I drove to the nearby mountain town where she lived. As I turned the corner and saw her radiant self sitting in the drive way I knew...with no doubt she would be mine. As I crested the glorious threshold of her well designed entrance and my eyes fell apon the divine spaces within, I was thrilled beyond belief. Very little had been altered of her interior and she was 99% original and functional. She had been well loved and cared for by her 3 previous owners. I discovered that day there were also many things that I truly prefered in her design and function. And, the better I have come to know her the more in love I am.

I have traveled and lived in my Streamline as a workamper. We have been to New Mexico, California, and now Colorado. There have been virtually no surprises, and I whole-heartedly recommend Streamline. The biggest challenge for me has been connecting with other Streamline owners. There don't seem to be a vast number of them out there and there is little to no information to be found about them.

If you purchase a Streamline I hope to hear from you. I'd love to see a forum for us that would provide information and insight into these fabulous tin cans!!

The Countess

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After reading your replies and thinking on this awhile, I think perhaps I had the wrong idea about these parks.

I was formerly under the impression of a sort of "snobbery" by excluding all other brands. But I'm thinking now that maybe many of these parks were set up long ago in the spirit of Wally's caravanning and primarily toward his idea of "land yacht harbors." As such, maybe only the Airstreamers were the only ones doing the serious traveling, and these parks were created by that group to support themselves.

Also a very good point was made about pulling into the X campground in the polished tube among the sea of white corrugated metal and getting grilled by every other guy in the park. I've not yet taken my Airstream camping and so have not experienced this. I could see where that could get to be a drag.

So anyway, I shall concede that I may have been dead wrong about the Airstream-Only parks. When I get mine back on the road, I will definitely have to check out a few.

I still like Streamlines though !
- Jim
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When I was in Floyd, VA Camping ( I had a popup at the time) on the return trip home I stopped by Highland Haven, was welcomed with open arms. I stopped by just to look around, seeing as I was in the area. Was even offered a site to spend the night. Didn't take them up on it(had to get home), but did chat with the host for the better part of an hour, talking about Airstreams, and assorted good stuff. Having since upgrade to an AS, should stop by during my travels and tell them I made the jump!
As for Top of Georgia (my unit), I stopped by for a trial run, it's fantastic.

Interviewed Willa for my blog. How could you get nicer than her? definitely helped us out a lot on our first trip of the season.
Buddy rallies allow for non AS campers as well, was told about that.
No matter where you go, there you are.
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Giving Credit, Where Credit is Due

Originally Posted by JimGolden View Post
Well I was just curious. I find it strangely amusing, humorous in fact. It borders on being hoity-toity.

If one does the history, they find that Streamline was created by some guys at Airstream who thought the quality was slipping and so set out to build a better mouse trap. Those guys later on couldn't agree on how beefy to build the frame and Silver Streak was born. I believe Streamline uses two main frame rails (generally beefier than Airstream used) whereas Silver Streak used three.

As well, Wally Bam didn't invent the aluminum semi-monocoque trailer. Hawley Bowlus (a former production manager at an airplane factory) did, and Wally was one of hs salesmen who bought him out when the company was going under.

I own an Airstream, I like it a lot. I've not yet made a side by side comparison to a Streamline or a Silver Streak. Nobody I know has either of the other two. But from everything I've been able to find out about them, they are made at least as well as Airstreams are. Most people say they're made better.

It puts me in mind of the Harley Davidson guys. I've ridden Harleys. Some of them are nice bikes, but there are other brands that are at least as good and some are much better in many regards.

A person posted some pics on here just the other night taken at a storage facility of a bunch of Airstreams. Several of them were actually Streamlines and Silver Streaks.

Anyway, I was just curious if it was Airstream brand specific or Airstream in the generic, as the term "Airstream" is pretty much used like the term "Kleenex" or "Windex" or "Scoth Tape" to describe any riveted aluminum semi-monocoque style trailer.

Personally I treat campers pretty much like I do bikes. There are several really good ones out there and I like many of them.
To Whom it May Concern

Wally Byam founded Airstream in 1932. He saw that Bowlus had problems and took over the Bowlus product. He redesigned it and made it his own. The Silver Streak was born when Wally separated himself from Curtis-Wright in 1946-47. Wally brought back Airstream. Streamline if I'm not mistaken was a take off from the Silver Streak branch, not Airstream.

Whatever, the aircraft constructed trailers have a place in history, and pride in ownership.

The hoity-toity reference is rather poor. You need to understand that in 1955 Airstream owners, not Airstream, wanted to form a Club for Airstream owners only. Good Sam's club came later, and if you wish, is open to all makes.

Like anyone starting a copycat product, you may try to make it better, different, and competitive with the mother-product.

Avion was made from taking an Airstream apart, rivet-by-rivet, cabinet-by-cabinet. Also they tried to pass their product off, at the beginning, as the same as Airstream.

At their first public viewing at Notre Dame, they used Airstream literature. Their product they were showing was an exact duplicate of the Airstream.

History is interesting when we talk about Airstream. I don't believe that any Airstream history buff dismisses that Wally didn't originate the aircraft construction methods used by Bowlus. They take pride in the man that was able to do this in the middle of the depression. That is very noteworthy.

The difference between Bowlus and Byam, is sucess.

The difference between Airstream, Streamline, Silver Streak, and Avion is Airstream is still in production.

Just a few thoughts.
"Keep the road straight, the sky clear, the glass full, good friends and the laughter loud!", Pee Wee
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Originally Posted by whacksplat View Post
When I was in Floyd, VA Camping ( I had a popup at the time) on the return trip home I stopped by Highland Haven, was welcomed with open arms. I stopped by just to look around, seeing as I was in the area. Was even offered a site to spend the night. Didn't take them up on it(had to get home), but did chat with the host for the better part of an hour, talking about Airstreams, and assorted good stuff. Having since upgrade to an AS, should stop by during my travels and tell them I made the jump!
As for Top of Georgia (my unit), I stopped by for a trial run, it's fantastic.

Interviewed Willa for my blog. How could you get nicer than her? definitely helped us out a lot on our first trip of the season.
Buddy rallies allow for non AS campers as well, was told about that.
Congrats on your puchase! We'll be looking forward to your return visit to Highland Haven and hope that you'll enjoy yourself and all the good company up on our mountain.
In dog years, I'm dead!
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Penn Wood's Policy

Being a board member and leasee at the Penn Wood Airstream Park near Clarion, PA I can tell you that our policy is as follows...

"Normally Penn Wood is an Airstream-only park. However, other brands are permitted, providing it is not during a Pennsylvania Unit or WBCCI rally, as follows:
a) they are the guest of a member of the association
b) they are traveling together with an Airstream owner
c) they are in a "restored" vintage RV, 25 years or older
d) they are a member of a non-Airstream group which has arranged for a rally."

The park and the people are great so if you want to stop by, but don't own an Airstream product, you can usually find somebody to "sponsor" yor stay. Another nice thing is that you don't have to be a WBCCI member to camp.
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Originally Posted by JimGolden View Post
My grandpa used to stay at a campground that switched to Airstream Only while he had his owned/leased/whatever-you-call-it site with his 35' Holiday Rambler. They let him keep it there, but he had to pay more than the Airstreamers. He since sold the Rambler and got a '73 25' Airstream.
Curious...which park was your grandpa in that made the switch to Airstream only??

As a Shore Haven shareholder I can say that you could most likely find someone at the park to sponsor your overnight with an SOB. They would most likely relegate you to the Rally field vs offering you a site - Rally field features three point hook-up (no sewer).
Morrison's Airstream Page
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2airishuman! Where have you been?
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Originally Posted by pamelake View Post
2airishuman! Where have you been?
. . .absent from this thread for 3 years after having last posted here.
Fred Coldwell, WBCCI #1510, AIR #2675
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Airstream Life
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Note from the originater

Hey all you late comers,

I started this thread three+ years ago. You need to read the entire thing before you start berating me. Somewhere around 17 I say something to the effect of maybe I was wrong about the parks...I see that it's like a club. OK, well and good. That's cool.

That being said, I have been snubbed by Airstream guys on many occasions. And I even owned one at the time! But the best one to date was while pulling my current rig, a 1987 34' Avion 34X (I'll put it's build quality against any other trailer) when a guy in an Airstream started to wave at me, then pulled his hand back really quickly when he realized it wasn't an Airstream. That was funny!

But anyway, I have no malice toward these parks. More power to them. I was just curious if they were truly brand specific, or more type specific.

I think the place my grandfather was staying that switched over might have been that Christmas RV park. It's some place not too terribly far from Orlando. I think it's between Orlando and Cape Canaveral, but I've never been there. I thought he called it Christmas FL or something like that. But at any rate, he had a 35' Holiday Rambler there for years. Park switched over, and they let him keep it there for awhile but he had to pay a higher rate. I think it might have changed owners again and I believe they told him he had to get an Airstream if he wanted to stay there. So he got a '67 26 foot Airstream and fixed it up enough to roll and took it down there for one year. I guess he sold the Rambler in FL. But, that Airstream didn't have enough room for he and my grandma so they came back north in January. He then sold the 26 footer to a guy down the road here who fixed it up really nicely. Guy made new frame sections and everything for it. But anyway, I'm not sure the name of the place but I think it might have been the Christmas park.

I guess after all is said and done, the Tin Can Tourists are more for me personally than the WBCCI. I like ALL the silver trailers. I liked my 31' Airstream, I really like my 34' Avion, I want to buy my grandfather's '58 Airstream Traveler (I think that's the official/unofficial name of's a 17 or 18 footer), and the stuff I've read on the Silver Streaks and Streamlines make them look really good to me. I like them all. So I'd like to go to a rally where I could see all of them.

Although like the one other poster said, I really go camping for the location and not so much the company. I'm usually the only silver camper there. And even if it's not an Airstream, I shine her up nice and deploy the five blue awnings and I usually get some compliments from guys with rigs that cost a whole lot more than mine. Nice thing about these silver take care of them and it's hard to tell if it's two years old or forty.

Anyway, I'll still wave happily at you guys in the blue hats, even if you don't wave back Just try to be nice.

See ya on the road,
- Jim
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My MIL moved to an Airstream Only Park 20-25 years ago in Dade City. The members were smart enough to realize that if they were to survive, they opened it up to others. They are doing very well today.
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Jim Golden,
While I'm new to the AS world and w/o an AS TT (soon I hope) my thoughts on AS only campground is that of some surprise, especially in this PC world. I don't necessarily disagree with it but I wonder if it could lead to problems for the owner as to discrimination. I've RV'd all over the country and have never seen a campground that required a certain type of RV (maybe I need glasses), I have seen some that were price restrictive (keep out the riff-raff???) and some that were length restrictive (all about the size, no matter what she tells you!!) and some membership only places but overall everyone is very welcoming. RV snobbery is the same as car/motorcycle envy and while I own some nice cars/bikes, its more because of personal taste and satisfactory experience. I do own an H-D motorcycle but I bought one after they were offered in fuel injection. My Honda Gold Wing and Suzuki Cavalcade were better bikes in many ways but mine had carbs and I had to mess with them in the Spring to get them to run well(even w/Stabil) and got tired of it. My first H-D was an AMF (Italian nightmare, LOL), and my cars are pre-computer so I can change the oil w/o having to go to the dealer and have the computer reset. Back to AS ownership, what drew me to ASs is their history and I think they are a part of America (just like apple pie) and from what I can see their styling is timeless. Your 70's trailer can look as new as a 2015 model, there is so much potential in an AS that is is not found in an SOB which are basically throwaways. I look forward to some great experiences in my AS (people and places) and hope she will be one of the last TTs I'll ever need/want. Good luck and safe travels...
James and Rebecca
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Some AS only parks are operated and owned by clubs in the WBCCI. Hence, AS only. Private clubs. I was never in an organization more discriminatory that the Hog Club.

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