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A place to overnight

Quartz site is really a lot of fun!
Yes it is crowded and a little dusty, but is easily overlooked!
You need to do a little planning and prep prior to coming....
You'll need to stock up on groceries as there is little selection locally, laundry is a hassle too. I suggest you invest in a 55 gallon drum to haul water in, otherwise you're towing the AS just to get water. As you leave it can be sold to the next in need. There is a guy in Phoenix that sells them clean and very cheap!
The BLM has a free 14 day pass or a season long pass for $140. The latter gets you campsite, a water station and dump, trash and a whole bunch of memories!
Quartzsite is a very solar friendly place. It's a good place to research buy and install your equipment. There are 2 solar stores with a plethora of inventory Ns knowledge.
Should you want to Tay here but not boondock, I have connections that can offer full hookups for $15 a night or less per month. It's clean very quiet and you'll have lots of space.

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Spent some time looking at the Quartzite Google satellite images and the views along the area roads. Can't seem to pick out the available areas. Assume it is a lot easier on the ground. It's not a place that would be a destination, but we will quite likely travel I10 when we go South. Going to have to stay a night just for the experience. Dust, heat, noise...... not so good..... great folks, yes.

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When I'm in Quartzsite I usually stay in the Plamosa Road area with a group of Escapee boondockers. PM me and I'll send you the coordinates and dates.

For replenishing the fresh water supply I have 2 5-gallon blue plastic jugs that I carry in the back of the truck. Every time I see a spigot I fill these jugs, and when I get back to my AS I decant them into the fresh water tank. I do this by placing the tank on a step ladder and running a piece of hose into the AS fresh water opening.

As far a crowds are concerned, the camping in Q is "dispersed" camping - i.e., you set up where you feel comfortable within the confines of the area (there are some parts that are off limits for camping).

Parker AZ is just about 30 minutes away, and has both a Walmart and large Safeway grocery store. There is also the Desert Bar (just outside Parker), which is only open on weekends during daylight (all power is solar).

For those who like to browse flea markets, Q is the mother of all flea markets!

As for getting solar in Q, there are 2 places - I've dealt with both, and will only recommend Discount Solar.
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The Florida Rest Area thread got me to thinking about what we liked and didn't care for in a RA. We checked on quite a few, both for the comfort station and to understand the potential of a stop on future trips. If we were to design one, it would be three separate areas. One for trucks located close to the road, one for cars located behind the restrooms, and one for campers and picnics with distributed parking spaces at the back of the site behind a hill. Truckers, travelers, and campers all need a safe place to stay. No reason a nice state park should not be on the side of an interstate.

What we don't like are cramped pullovers with insufficient facilities for the prevailing traffic. We stopped at a RA in Massachusetts. The parking was parallel, limited and lined with broken glass. Probably the worst we visited, but suspect there are others we would skip.

We also did not warm to a practice we saw in Nebraska. It may have been done for good purpose, but seemed short sighted. The shoulders leading into and out of the rest areas had posts placed so trucks could not park in those areas. Seems like getting past a parked truck is easier than a multi-mile backup from a sleepy driver accident, but maybe those parked trucks at the entrance to a RA are more hazardous than I perceive them to be.

We stopped on a car trip a couple of years back at a Wyoming RA that we really liked. The configuration was a standard drive through, but had a large gravel parking lot next to it. May be possible that the area was built to accommodate the large number of oil field equipment trucks heading through the area and we just hit it on a slow night. We only stayed for a nap so it may have filled up later.

We thought it sad that a Rest Area off I81, where we did spend several hours, had a large parking area at the back, which was blocked off from use. We hope it was just under reconstruction and not permanently closed. The Truck area of that RA was absolutely jammed by the middle of the night when we left.

We normally do not like the NV RAs with pit toilets, but we stopped for a break at one about sun down. It was relatively quiet and relaxing. Guess having your own toilet makes an area with limited facilities significantly more inviting.

Rest Areas are not the best place to spend a night, but we find that well planned sites do a real service for travelers and appreciate them even when we drive on by.

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So, a couple of years down the road from when this thread was active. Time to review and update.

Our style has shifted to mostly FHU parks, but there are areas where the limited inventory of commercial parks precludes finding a quiet solution. We mostly eat our own food, so restaurants get a miss and we have moved away from the practice of using rest areas, Walmarts or truck stops. Generally the trucks need them and we would prefer to not encroach on their turf.

We recently planned to stay at a park in Tehachapi, CA. We found the entry road to be horrible, the gps instructions confusing and the location unappealing. We turned around and left. That put us back on the road without a good solution and reinforced a concept that we had been considering for a while. We need to shorten our travel day. We also need some solid backup overnight solutions. Reading back through the thread helped a bit.

If you have run across any new ideas, please share. Pat
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Really enjoyed this thread. The "remove hearing aids" was spectacular!

This long post is from large to small. How big a bite.

The app I use most as a truck driver is called "Truckers Path". Brings up the mentioned sites plus others. In the RV case the usefulness is central to "any port in a storm". Knowing where one may pull off is essential to weather and traffic unplanned stops.

It also shows clusters of services as a result. Combine this with a printout of the US City Mega-Regions Map. And as a basis for those two, the main map page of the Rand-McNally Commercial Carriers Atlas. (Last is largest, and then moving down to finer detail). That double-page shows the non Interstate highways best designed/maintained for commercial traffic. Signage, shoulders of sufficient strength, and sight lines. IOW, always good choices (with the remark that the city mega-regions ought to be avoided).

Mega-regions are greater than they appear. Easy to find something suitable within one on Interstates and US Highways. Not so when well beyond. RV-specific will be at edges of the final suburb.

But RV parks and the above don't correlate. Think of them separately. Same for parks except National Parks.

The USG owns most of the West. Once near north-south IH-35 this is no longer the case (Texas has almost zip public lands). IH-35 is the dry line (see night-time satellite pics of continental US), and RV parks are usually tied to metro utilities, meaning nearly any small-town outskirts.

Once off the desert high plains one may follow water streams and rail lines, even if not a US highway. An example (and scenic) is US-60 NE out of Amarillo across the upper Panhandle. Awesome UP container trains. Lots of small towns, and some with diners and city parks (Canadian, TX, and Shattuck, OK).

US-62 across southern OK another. Follows the ancient Arbuckles across Comancheria.

The Platte River out of the Rockies, east. The Arkansas.

The Southern Pacific Route. Etc.

Water, or rail.

Rural America started its die-off one hundred years ago. So those towns aligned to these two features are most likely to enable ad hoc parking, RV facilities in city parks, and traveler services.

However, once one crosses the Mississippi, let's remember that the welfare structure has propped up towns that should have been bulldozed. NAFTA was the death-blow. So scenic attractions and the rest that draw travelers is of greater import than out west.

I shouldn't have to mention that national maps of literacy by county, and racial admixture are part of the mix. I don't concern myself with where I go, but I see no reason to try my luck, either. Valid predictors are just that.

Correlation works well, is the point. Work from a large premise. A theme may suggest itself. Within that, start to identify distances at 45-mph average for waypoints. Within that look to food or overnight parking after daily fuel stop identified. (Satellite pics for ingress/egress).

One needs groceries weekly. Fuel daily. These two are the only restrictions assuming full fresh water and propane. Thus how to look at maps is over a few days. 3-5, let's say.

It's also enough to bite off at one time. (Past three is pushing it for all but fuel & groceries. Always plan that ahead; why, is because it's too important to leave to chance). Daylight for driving. Night time for sleeping. Sounds natural, but I don't think a start at 1000 a good idea. As stopping by or before 1500 is key to a good day. Even on days when one doesn't move far. Stop by 1100 is great.
So, along with planning the grocery and fuel stops, is the daily need to be within daylight range of service in the event of highway breakdown.

When I move the rig there are defined waypoints in the next three to five days. And the move on any day (and any remote road) is the need to not be stranded overnight; if at all possible. IOW, it doesn't matter so much I use those waypoints, but that I've familiarized myself somewhat with the region.

Wherever it is "I am", is that there is a direction "I want to go" (as I've already identified waypoints). My internal compass is aligned to a "North".

Sounds like a lot. It isn't. It's background. Habit.

And it's not that I haven't just gotten off the road for any reason at all. I have. But I've found over a lifetime that "the pull" one direction or another is easier to hear (if you will) when this background exists. It's the signal for the books on ornithology, zoology, etc. History. Step into other shoes.

We are all of us accustomed to Time. Someone else's demands. To Space, takes a few guidelines. New habits. Time then re-organizes itself.

As a family we drove up Big Thompson Canyon the day before the night of the flood in 1976. The campers to whom we waved. Gone. In my travel I would prefer to have an awareness, an edge, about where to rest. Then re-create. If Spirit is to have its say, I'm to do my part. Vehicle specifics (as my fan club adores) or the exigencies of the day (reduce/eliminate left turns, etc).

Plow the road. Clear the way.
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Where are these $15 parks?.
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Slowmover just gave a master class. Nice work sir.
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Originally Posted by Lyman View Post
Where are these $15 parks?.

I have been using Passport America this past year whenever possible. I have been able to stay at a number of member private parks for between $10-$15. Most between $15-$20. That is half off their normal prices.
With a National Parks Access Pass in hand I have stayed at many National Park and COE campgrounds for under $15.


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