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We camped with 5 kids in the Globe Trotter we still use (1971). Dan was two weeks old on his first camping trip. Becky was still recovering from a Cesarian section, and sitting next to the Clarion River in the campground was just the recovery treatment she needed. Infants are not much trouble at all ....but look out when they start walking !!! Infants don't get up and run away when you turn your back for a second. A small portable crib can be used inside and out ....just remember some mosquito netting to protect the baby outside. We didn't have a dog, so sometimes the baby was just sleeping on the floor in a corner. We put a hammock up in the front street side corner that we used until the kids turned about ten. The youngest one was the one in the hammock. We just used a plastic dishpan in the sink for bath time. When baby outgrew the sink, we sat them on the floor of our wet bathroom and used the handheld showerhead to wash. You'll appreciate having an Airstream with hot and cold running water when you see what kind of messes that a baby can make ....something's always oozing out of one end or the other!!! You'll appreciate how sturdy the Airstream is built when the baby begins to try to destroy it (you'll see what I mean). You'll have a great time ...don't wait long before you go.


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Once a child gets to toddler age, you can have a little fun with sleeping arrangements for them while camping. I bought a kid sized tent for my nephew and furnished it with a big fluffy pillow that covered the bottom of the tent completely. (Okay, it was a doggy bed I got from PetSmart, but it makes me sound awful to say I made my nephew sleep on a doggie bed!) Since we were already "camping" it was easy to get him to want to sleep in his own little tent. He would play in there for hours during the day, and I didn't have to worry about him rolling off of one of the beds at night. To get it out of the way, I'd throw the pillow/bed on top of our bed, and fold the tent up. It was one of those self erecting deals that had spring steel supports, so it was a lot like folding up one of those windshield visor things. The whole thing folded up in seconds to be about 18" in diameter. To put it back up was just a matter of taking it out of the storage bag and letting it pop itself up. Too bad he's gotten tall enough that he no longer fits in there!

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It's all mind over matter.

In 1985 my wife and I purchased a Catalina 25' sailboat to use for overnight adventures. Our first night sleeping on it we had a 5 1/2 year old girl, a 4 year old girl, a 19 month boy, and a 3 week old boy. We spent more nights sleeping on our boat that year than many other years. It was a great way to spend family time. As they grew into teenagers we needed to get a bigger boat and purchased a 30' sailboat. We now look back and wonder how we ever did it. It's easy; you do what is important to you.

We have since moved onto land camping as we now use our Airstream. The kids have since left the nest; that does happen - sooner than you think.

Do it and have fun.

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Congrats on the baby-to-be! I wasn't lucky enough to have my AS when my kids were babies - we used the tents. Definitely go with the pack and play - that hammock looks cool, but you'll find that after the first 2 weeks your little tyke will move around too much for you to feel comfortable leaving him in there!
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After I posted I talked to Steve he said check where your furnace as this could be a safety issue. Also our Excella had normal outlets on the inside of the dinette, you'll want to plug or switch covers just like baby proofing your house.
I haven't used the Hammock so sadly I can't offer you advice. But my 3 year old can still use a pack n play in a pinch for sleeping, and he's on the bigger side.
I was a baby wearer and I incourage you to try. I loved my Hotsling but Steve couldn't use it. I had no luck with a ring sling. We both loved and wore the same Moby wrap. One wrap multiple wearers and comfortable enough to leave on without the baby. But Ethan did get to big so we bought an Ergo since it's one of the few carriers that goes to higher weight limits. We bought our Moby for $10 second hand and still have the Ergo. The Ergo costs $$$ but might be worth it if't the only one you buy.
If you have any questions or I have more thoughts I'll post more.
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April, We both have very similar rigs. Halle was about 8 months when we got the trailer. At first we used a pack and play, but found it took up way too much space. After one trip we were tired of setting in up and putting it away. I bought a roll out blocker. Not the right name, but it is a barrier to keep kids from rolling out of bed. It is a frame that goes under the mattress and up one side. We just put it on one of the twins and problem was solved. Halle was very proud to have her own bed. Last year we did not need the barrier any longer. They grow up faster than you can ever imagine. As far as the dogs... not sure. We have a Chesapeake bay retriever and he is just too big for the trailer. We leave him at home and a neighbor takes care of him. I know this is your first child and you want to cover all your bases, but as some one pointed out, they require a lot less stuff than you think they do. Parents today tend to shelter their kids from any possible danger. I personally feel it is good for them to learn what not to touch and where not to step. I am not advocating not supervising them, just to not worry so much about getting hurt. The best thing about falling down is it teaches them not to do it again. One of the joys of streaming is that it harkens back to a simpler time without all the gadgets.
Beth and I are so happy for you. We look forward to watching all our kids play together for many years to come.
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Hi April, congratulations!

My 63 Olander is similar to your 61, except for one major difference-- there is no gaucho or dinette or anything up front. Just a wide open area. I've just completed the back-half renovation on mine, and the plan was to complete the front-half reno this Winter, including a full u-shaped dinette that converts into a queen-sized bed.

BUT, right now, since it's completely empty up there, we just use a pack 'n' play for our 2-year-old daughter, and a small bassinet for our 4-month-old son. They both fit nicely in the front lounge, with room for a couple of folding chairs as well. The bassinet has a large storage area under it where all of the diapers fit, along with the creams and wipes and mats and everything. And the pack 'n' play has a changing table built-in.

That probably won't help you much since I don't think you want to rip out your entire front lounge area, but you can probably still fit a pack 'n' play up there even with the gaucho extended.

As far as baby gear, it's really not that bad. Babies don't require much of anything, the large majority of the gadgets are for YOUR convenience, so you'll end up making decisions on what you want to take with you, and what you do not-- just as you do with your OWN gadgets when you go camping.

The things we really like to have are the infant's vibrating bouncy chair for sitting outside, and the exersaucer when they get to be a few months old. When those items get in the way in the Airstream, I just throw them in the back of the TV.

Anyway, congrats, and good luck!

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Originally Posted by utee94 View Post
Hi April, congratulations!

That probably won't help you much since I don't think you want to rip out your entire front lounge area, but you can probably still fit a pack 'n' play up there even with the gaucho extended.

Funny you should mention ripping out the gaucho- we noticed front frame separation on the way home from the Wilds this past fall and are about to tear into the front section of the trailer to see what is going on... I suspect the cross beam at the back of the A-frame area is rusted and needs replaced/rebuilt. So maybe we just leave it out for a little while and set up some camp chairs for us?! I will have to suggest that to Andy.
April & Andy Hershberger
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I would have thought that removing all that furniture up front would have a negative effect on the TT's balance, perhaps lightening the load on the hitch too much...?
“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
...John Wayne...........................
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Originally Posted by Aage View Post
I would have thought that removing all that furniture up front would have a negative effect on the TT's balance, perhaps lightening the load on the hitch too much...?
It's just the gaucho- no water tank or anything like that- battery isn't even up there. You wouldn't cause any issues with weight distribution.
April & Andy Hershberger
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Bunk Bed Pics

Hopefully this download works. This is the PVC loft that I put together. I attached the base to subfloor. The rest of comes apart in large pieces that fit nicely in the closet directly across from the bed. Might not be too pretty but it is a sturdy bed for a kid. And if we go camping without we can take it all down.

Click image for larger version

Name:	bunk bed.jpg
Views:	67
Size:	28.1 KB
ID:	93967

Click image for larger version

Name:	Bunk bed 2.jpg
Views:	80
Size:	32.5 KB
ID:	93968
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Originally Posted by FlashSilver View Post
Question: Why wouldn't you put the 10 year old and his pal outside in a tent? Just asking, that is what we did with our two kids, but we live out west. Are there too many bugs to sleep outdoors where you camp?
She (not he) and her pal are always free to tent it if they like...

although May thru Nov down here you would be hauled away by mosquitoes..

but they'd probably choose chillin' with a dvd (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" (great movie), "Teacher's Pet" (art by Gary Baseman!) and anything "Simpsons") on the gaucho..

(the real reason I want the bunk is so me and my four-piece psychobilly band can hit the road for groupies, grub, and ole grand dad, yknow, toss a few tv's off the roof, set random fires, that sorta thing... at least that's what I tell my wife.. ;-)

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baby, family, modifications

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