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Originally Posted by JKSophie View Post
Many trucking companies govern their big rigs at 62 and sometimes 67 MPH (Fuel and Insurance reasons). These drivers are on the same roads you are on.

It's hard to not see an Airstream trailer. Just about the only people worried about driving 62 MPH are the ones driving 62 MPH.

Relax and enjoy the trip.

By the way, the requirement for flashers is driving below 45 MPH on the Interstate; not 15 MPH below the speed limit. It's a speed limit; not a speed requirement.

This had me looking into it further and it turns out that not only am I completely wrong, but the inconsistencies between states laws effectively means there's no hard fast rule any of us can use. Apparently in some states it's illegal to use hazards on private vehicles under any circumstance...

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80 mph

Originally Posted by Foiled Again View Post
I just drove a mildly squirrelly Avion from Ohio to Baltimore at 60mph. On the turnpike! I definitely stayed in the right lane, used my flashers liberally and pulled off to let pent up traffic by whenever possible. USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS - give other drivers fair warning. There are aggressive people out there who'll drive dangerously regardless of your situation or needs, but most people will pass you carefully if they get your hints that you're driving slower for a reason, not just to be a putz.

I had gotten into a poor habit - not using my turn signals every time I changed lanes... If no one is close why bother? This trip, the drive was so uncomfortable that I used the signals and flashers religiously - and realized that it cued other drivers as to my next move even from 12 car lengths behind. Seems like my good behavior might have been catching.

I think a 34 foot trailer would be intimidating on some twisty hilly 2 lane roads, both for me and for other drivers - but there are many nice non-interstate alternatives.

See you driving down the road (or you'll see me at least).

Illinois has a law that must use turn signals for lane changes or even pulling to side of road then must use 4 way flashers until back under way also flashers when going extremely slo. We did it yrs. ago then legislatures fig. good idea, so passed law.

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Save gas

to stay with the flow': find an 18 whlr going the speed you like & tuck in about 10' should get an extra 10 miles/gal!!!Red Green
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I hear you on the two lane highways. I do prefer them. The "great plains" states have straight interstates that make crossing a bit faster. Now you can do it at 80 mph, and why not 5 mph over the limit? German Autobahn!

We crossed from South Dakota 80 mph to Minnesota 65 mph on I-90. What a difference! I was not traveling with the majority, not the slow few, in Minnesota.

Following a 18 wheeler is a great strategy in a snowstorm. A snow plow is even better. But the big trucks do block forward vision. I hit a big ol truck tire tread that did $3000 damage to my trailer because I didn't see it as I was following a semi. I prefer to see 2 to 3 seconds of road in front of me at my velocity. That's almost a football field length.

Anyway, traveling 62 in a 80 mph speed zone was a new experience for me. I'll get used to it I suppose.

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Around here the worst truckers are the ones pulling house trailers. They are blocking almost 2 lanes weaving all over the road and going 80MPH with sheet metal and insulation flying off the trailer.

I am pretty fearless while driving but I try to stay off I-75 as much as possible. It is unsafe at any speed. I-65 through Birmingham is not much fun either.

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Don't think thirty yearold Avions have shock absorbers. Four ways while moving in Florida is illegal unless the law has changed. Minimum speed on interstates is forty five here. Peace,jim
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In Germany I had US car much faster etc. than comrades cars, they could not keep up with us, made them very mad, plus autobahn was in stage of rebuilding bridges after ww2, only 1 lane open on bridges, so comrade would go very slo over bridges as a little in your face. No speed limits were nice. When I came back to states some construction started no interstates. I also seen first const. of rt. 66 [2lane] drove many miles in Il. & Mo. Original U.S 30 [lincoln Hiway] goes both sides of my property. I see many history buffs go by that are following orig. route, it is rite up there with rt. 66 as history.
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Smile 80 mph

Originally Posted by ghamr View Post
to stay with the flow': find an 18 whlr going the speed you like & tuck in about 10' should get an extra 10 miles/gal!!!Red Green
Tucking 10 ft. behind you will not see green but red, [your blood if any thing goes wrong]. I understand rule of thumb is 1 car length behind for every 10 mph. I have seen 2 many bad rear enders caused by tailgating, and yes I go fast but keep distance from rear.
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Me F150 eco boost has instant fuel economy readout on the dash and it is amazing to watch it go to hell as speed goes over 65. At 55 she sips at 65 she drinks and at 75 she gulps like a sailor on shore leave. (almost double the 55 rate) I am no longer in as much of a hurry as I once was.
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Judging distance or space in feet or car lengths is flawed. How can you judge 10' or 100' while traveling? Does car length refer to a VW Beetle or a Cadillac limo?
The better way to control space in front of your vehicle is to keep 6 (or 7) seconds between you and the car ahead. Leave the house 6 seconds sooner.
To gauge 6 seconds, let the car ahead pass a stationary object (street sign, intersection, tree, etc.). Then begin to count one thousand one, one thousand thousand six. If you get to the stationary object before "one thousand six" slow down to create more space.

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We've had an 80 MPH speed limit on many of the interstates here in Wyoming for a year or so. However, it seems to me that most people still drive 75ish, except for people with green license plates (Colorado). They drive 90. The State Patrol really likes green license plates. I personally rarely exceed 75, or 65 when dragging the trailer.

In some remote parts of Wyoming, the interstates are the only realistic route to get anywhere, like from Buffalo to Sheridan. So it's not uncommon to see really slow vehicles, like tractors and agriculture equipment on the interstate, and its all perfectly legal. Usually though, you can see far enough to avoid problems. Fortunately, the volume of traffic here is much lower than in most other parts of the country. There are parts of I-25 that if we can see more than two or three cars at any one time, we start feeling stressed by all the traffic.
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to the OP "More states are upping their speed limits due to safer vehicles and safer highways."
This is not my view. People are idiots and legislators are idiots too. Everyone likes to drive too fast. The laws of physics have not changed in 40 years, and when the crash happens the results are predictable.
And why is everyone in such a hurry? Just because they left too late, or to see the person they are talking to on the phone while driving.
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Pulling your Airstream at 80mph so you can relax when you get there. It doesn't make sense does it?
Fuel consumption on all of my rigs goes up exponentially over 55mph. Wear goes up too. If there is a catastrophic failure at full speed.....WD hitch failure, blowout, deer in the road, PIO, wind, and the list goes on. I would prefer to white knuckle it at 55 or less.
Every AS I have seen on the Interstates around here drive at 60. I get it that some people love lurking around the edge. I have survived way to many close calls to toss the wisdom out the window. Hey, I've got a bullet proof vest, Shoot Me!

I remember seeing a scaled down model of an Airstream at the AS dealer here in Arkansas. There also was one of a SOB. You could place them on a pad that had a fan. Push the button on the SOB and away it went to the floor. Do the same with the AS and it wouldn't budge. Lesson learned: Just cause it's aerodynamic-al, don't get stupid with it. That was back when I was 15. Haven't forgot it. Yet.
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I suppose drafting a big truck might save a little gas, but the truck has air brakes and you have lousy electric brakes on the Airstream plus your truck brakes—which do most of the stopping. The truck can probably stop faster than you can, especially if it is empty.

We usually go 65 when we can. Any faster just doesn't feel right (on a really smooth highway, it is easy to be going 70 before I notice, but cruise helps). Slower would get me better gas mileage, but it would take me longer to get there—and another night at a campground. So no money saved.

Keeping a big space in front of you when there's a lot of traffic doesn't work very well when cars are always cutting in front of you. So I drop back a bit, but someone squeezes in anyway. You just do the best you can. On a 6 lane highway, I try to stay in the middle lane because it is the safest—no on and off traffic from the exits. But if traffic is light, I use the right hand lane and stay out of people's way. I try not to change lanes very often because it can be hard to see everything behind me, especially the tailgater drafting me who suddenly decides to pass on the right.

If I had a sports car, 80 would be fine though a bit slow. Fastest speed limit I've seen in Colorado is 75 and that feel pretty fast in our SUV especially when I'm not driving. I try not to be a passenger when my mother-in-law is driving because she has a lead foot and she's 90.

"We've had an 80 MPH speed limit on many of the interstates here in Wyoming for a year or so. However, it seems to me that most people still drive 75ish, except for people with green license plates (Colorado). They drive 90. The State Patrol really likes green license plates. I personally rarely exceed 75, or 65 when dragging the trailer."

I've seen cars fly by when I'm going 75—they must be from Wyoming. There are very few green plates (actually, white on green) in Colorado any more. The colors were reversed about 10 years ago, but Wyomingites still call us "greenies". I don't know what to call Wyomingites—there are so few of them anyway. They have a bucking horse on their plates which means less space for numbers and letters, but they don't have more than a few thousand cars trucks; they mostly drive tractors. Since everyone in Colorado is stoned, we drive about 35 at best, even in Wyoming. It sure feels fast.



The Airstream is sold; a 2016 Nash 24M replaced it.
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