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what digital camera do you use?

My digital camera is getting a bit out-of-date. It is a Sony Mavica FD 91. When purchased in 1998, it was near state-of-the-art and it has served me quite well for the past five plus years. While the convenience of the 3.5" floppy drive for storage of photos really seems dated incomparison to what is currently available, it still works with the equipment that I have and is compatible with the units being utilized where I am employed (in fact the cameras being used there are even earlier models in the FD series).

Given my very positive experience with the Sony Mavicas, the replacement for my FD 91 will likely also be a Sony - - it will just be a matter of selecting the best replacement when that time comes.


Kevin D. Allen
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Thumbs up My New Camera Olympus C750UZ

I got my wish for my birthday. I now have an Olympus C750UZ digital camera. It is an amazingly compact 10X optical zoom, 4 megapixel camera. It can be fully automatic or you can manually set it up for shooting. It seems to have every bell and whistle one could hope for in a consumer camera. Pictures are outstanding. One has to dumb them down quite a bit to post them here. I posted a couple in the Odd New Year Day thread.

It takes AA batteries or those lithium ion battery packs. The memory card is the xD-Picture Card, 3/4 x 1 inch in size. That's a shade smaller than a standard postage stamp. That's tiny!

I went with this camera mainly because of the 10x optical zoom to do point and shoot nature photography. It has 40x digital zoom but I will forego that and crop in Photoshop to get the same effect.

When you connect the camera to the Mac computer the pictures import straight into Apple's iPhoto software. You don't need the supplied unMaclike Camedia software.
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My digital camera's are my trusty F-100s(that is right a film camera). I predominately shoot slide film, and if I ever need an image digitized(rarely), I scan whichever image is needed with a nikon coolscan 4000 acheiving quality far superior to any digital camera, while retaining the image on the 35mm. slide, which has the best saturation and detail quality of any but larger format films. Maybe I am biased, but film is so well perfected, excellent, and reliable, I have yet to find a need for any over-priced, difficult to master, fragile digital camera. That said, since more and more of my customers are demanding I shoot their events digitally for reasons they cannot articulate, I am probably going with a Nikon D-100, or the higher end Kodak or Fuji SLR's that can still utilize my fine collection of lenses and flashes while retianing the 1 by 1.5 aspect ratio which is how I still see the world.
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the reason a lot of folks like digital - besides the hype - is the same reason the Polaroid was popular in the 60's - instant gratification.

For snapshot use being able to avoid the hassles of film developing and being able to share pictures of travels while en route also make a difference.

I agree with you on the lenses. The major problem in using lenses designed for 35mm film is that the CCDs are smaller so the lens to film size ratio can require some adjustments.

At a wedding this last spring I got to thinking how a wireless lan automatically forwarding images tor storage could make the wedding photographer's life easier. It could also be set up so the ol' fogies (parents and grandparents of the bride and groom) could sit on a couch and watch the pictures coming on a TV set while discussing past times over a favorite libation.

BTW, it is possible with digital imaging to exceed film in matters of color depth and contrast ratio. But there is always something about film, especially slides in the 35mm world.

So many choices and options!
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My Future Digital Camera

Hi Gang,

The following link is to what I consider an excellent interpretation of a digital film camera.

and here is the half price equivalent (!?)

or this if you're into more modern cameras

Any of these cameras should answer most of the problems plaguing the current crop of non-slr digitals, especially shutter lag, which is my biggest complaint. I have an ancient Canon A-50 with a 1.5 second shutter delay (or so it seems!!). Nice optics and pictures for a 1.3mp camera, but in sore need of upgrading. I like film Leicas (own one) and any mostly manual camera, so it came as no surprise to me that I just had to have the new Leica. It seems to be the perfect blend of past and future.

Please don't dwell on price as Leicas are very expensive, but they last and posess arguably the finest optics of today. Optics are the real limiting factor in today's digital world. The sensors are capable of more that the typical lens can give them. That's where the Leica and Panasonic and Sony Zeiss T* optics stand out.

Quality costs, and we all understand quality don't we fellow Airstreamers!!! (The Panasonic should cost about half of the Leica with nearly the same optical quality (licensed production in Japan) and the same sensor. It should be an excellent value.)

Take care,
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Digital vs Film

I think the consumer market is going toward digital in a big way. Despite costing more, digital cameras outsold film cameras in 2003 and I suspect by a very wide margin this holiday season.

It is more than instant gratification. It is also convenience and flexibility. Considering that _most_ consumer film users take 24 unknown exposures in and wait for a minimum of one hour and up to a week to view 4 x 6 prints or 35 mm slides and then throw away 75% you can understand why digital is going to take over when your can do...

I photographed the America Lung Association polar dive in Lake Minnetonka New Years Day at 9:30 AM singlehandedly with my digital camcorder and digital still camera. I set the camcorder on a pier bollard, aimed it and turned it on. I managed to click off three stills of each of the 3 family divers before entering, in the water, and emerging. I printed out 8 x 10 prints for all family participants, emailed pics to other family members in Anchorage, Hartford, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Houston. I then made an iMovie combining video and stills employing transition effects, Ken Burns effects and titles and burned DVDs for everyone. Before dinner we were watching it all on TV.

I'm probably done with film forever now that I moved up to 4 megapixels. Both my Canon Elura camcorder and Olympus C750 still camera will fit in my coat pockets. I like that convenience. I would still like a tiny shirt pocket digital still camera like the Canon SD100 and I would also eventually like to move up to a more flexible 5+ megapixel SLR with telephoto lenses for some serious nature and birding work. The C750 represents the instant gratification compromise for now.

Speaking for the consumer market.
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I'm not sure how I feel right now...mad, sad, disappointed, all the above. We just got thru purchasing a new Sony Cybershot DSC-W1. Price wanted it for the nice big LCD screen. We felt we were splurging to get the camera, plus new accessories (our old camera accessories wouldn't work w/this one), but felt Sony was a reliable name and good product. One of the accessories was a wonderfully padded case to hold precious camera and extra memory stick and few batteries. We haven't even had the camera a month and the LCD screen is destroyed. The camera toppled off a low ledge (in the well padded case, by the way) and now the LCD is nothing but a white blank w/what looks like a pink and black ink blob on the right side. I called Sony and it doesn't look promising for the 1 year warrenty, plus I have to send it down to Texas for them to look at. I can't believe it could be sooo delicate, especially w/all that padding around it, but guess this is just to warn any who might be looking toward new digital camera purchasing.
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Sorry to hear about your new camera. I recently bought the Canon Powershot Pro1, and absolutely drag it with me everywhere! I generally carry it in my bag, but have even put it into the saddle bag of my dog's backpack when we are out. I guess I've been incredibly lucky. All of my cameras have held up well, analog and digital.
Seems to me you have a long letter to write to Sony, and your camera LCD may prove defective. Please let us know what happens?

Cheers, Linda
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We have 2 digitals. One is a Sony FD 90 with a 32 MB memory floppy the other is an Olympus Stylus D-390 It uses the little RAM cards. The Mavica takes better pictures but is a beast to carry. The Olympus is nice for the snapshots that we want to take, and both have an LCD screen for review.
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Originally Posted by Tin Hut
I had the Nikon Coolpix 5700 until it was stolen recently. Great zoom and optics at 5 megpxls. However, same complaint, push the shutter button and there was a delay on snapping the picture.
I also use a Nikon Coolpix 5700 and think is is an awesome camera. It has preformmed better than I expeceted as it will get really close and takes great pictures far off too with it's built in zoom.
As far as the delay when snapping the picture all you have to do is press the shutter button part way down and wait for the light meter to read then you just snap and its right then................
Tin Hut, sorry to hear yours was stolen. I kow if you snap a lot of pictures as I do then you must really miss it.
Just adding my 2¢ worth

John G
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Nikon D100. All the pixels you'll ever need... And... it lets me use all of my Nikon lens.
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I use the Minolta Dimage Xt with a 256MB memory card. I can take about 300 pics before downloading.

I have used a bunch of digicams and this is it for me. It fits in my shirt pocket or even the back pocket of my jeans. It is TOUGH! The zoom is very cool as it is all done with a high quality prism inside the camera body. When you turn the Dimage off, a cover closes to protect lens.

I take it everywhere. Fires up in about 1 sec. Small and light, it may not be a photographer's choice but it is so easy to have around that you actually use it all the time. You can shoot movies with it too.

I am rarely this emphatic about things (this camera and my A/S, it seems).

5 stars!


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Older Canon D60 DSLR - 6 megapixels - Canon and Tokina Lenses.

Canon seems to have the best battery life of all the digitals, both point-and-shoot and SLR. Some of the lower cost P&S cameras eat batteries. My D60, and friend's newer 10D, will do several hundred pictures on one charge. I also have a Canon G5 as backup (5 megapixel, P&S) which uses the same battery, and it also provides long battery life.

If you get one of the upper-line cameras, be sure to use it in its highest resolution mode - that's what you paid for. Memory cards are cheap and easy to carry, so buy a few extras.

You might want to get a tripod also. Doesn't take much camera shake to loose the high resolution you pay for.

If you're really interested in photography, buy more than you think you may use immediately - it may save you an upgrade in 6 months or a year.
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Originally Posted by Soarhead
Nikon D100. All the pixels you'll ever need... And... it lets me use all of my Nikon lens.
I almost bought that one, but really didn't want to change the lens a lot, but liked the idea for wide angle shots. I settled for .8 less megapixles with the Nikon Coolpx 5700 and saved around 700 dollars too. If that camera had been down around 1000 I probably would have bought it instead, but 1500 was a bit more than I wanted to pay for a camera that bounces around with me all the time and stands a chance of getting stolen.
That's a nice camera and it has lots of great options too...........................

Just adding my 2¢ worth

John G
1975 31ft Sovereign International
........Rear Bath Double Bed Model
Tow Vehicle:1999 GMC Serria SLE Classic 1500 5.7Ltr
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