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I love it!

Very cool, makes me want to have two trailers - my Argosy for family outings, the Basecamp for quick me and the wife getaways.

I think simular discussions happened when Airstream brought out the CCD's - traditional vs. new design. Porsche faithful have had heated discussions about the new Cayanne SUV.

Now that would be cool - Cayanne and basecamp...... of course, I'll be picking these up on the used about 10 yrs


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I vote 'cool'! That's a pretty neat looking little guy. It looks rugged, like you could drag it into rough spots in the woods, and still have a little civilization when you got there. Personally, I like sleeping in a tent and being a little closer to the outdoors (but it's a fine line between being closer and being too close)!

I think it will really appeal to people who want to get into towing/camping without all the hassle we went through of finding the right hitch and tow vehicle, which was very stressful even with our tiny AS. Folks with just about any little SUV could hook that guy up and go. Pretty cool if you ask me. And maybe when they get tired of the tent camping, they'll find their tent camper is still in one piece, unlike some of the cheap plastic pop-ups I've seen. Then they can get some money back out of it and go buy a Bambi

I don't think it's a bad idea at all...


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Originally posted by Leipper
That aging fleet represents a market for Airstream - just ask Andy! Thor could leverage that market with upgrades, repairs, replacement parts, modification kits, information, and more. And this effort could complement a modern line. Can you imagine being able to buy an 'empty' shell that you could outfit with custom parts to suit your needs, budget, and personal design goals? Parts designed to 'plug in' with a consistent style theme, quality level, and fit?

That would be so stinkin' awsome...

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I can't agree with that. These are 2 seperate markets. My purchase of a vintage trailer did not canabilize Airstream's new trailer sales any more than the purchase of my dodge canabilized Mercedes Benz's sales. (well, ok, "techncally, my dodge IS a mercedes benz, but we won't go there).

The reason I did not purchase a new A/S is because I don't have the means. and I doubt that many people that DO have the means are going to be into the toil and tribulations of old-trailer upkeep. sure, perhaps new A/S owners don't trade up as often as SOB owners. But I can think of at least 2 examples right off the top of my head of forum members who have traded up after a relatively short period of ownership. ANYway, Airstream, Inc, was never in the competition for my $$. Perhaps they will be someday.
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Old 12-05-2003, 12:22 PM   #33
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Can you imagine being able to buy an 'empty' shell that you could outfit with custom parts to suit your needs, budget, and personal design goals? Parts designed to 'plug in' with a consistent style theme, quality level, and fit?
That is brilliant! Rather than run down the same path as everyone else what about playing into the customization we all do anyway with our pre-owned Airstreams. Leverage the consitency in decades of AS engineering and offer "updates" for older units.

This is essentally what we plan for our 345. We just began removing the interior in phases to update to a more modern (CCD-ish to be honest) look. If I could purchase modular concepts from AS (and could afford it) that would be fantastic!

You need to work in Jackson Center!
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Yeah, it seems like Airstream should be protective of its reputation for longevity and premium features, but I don't think that's necessarily at odds with the development of entry-level products. The Base Camp can introduce people to the Airstream brand, build loyalty to the brand (and the local dealer), and encourage them to buy Airstream again when they are ready for the TT.

Like Chuck (and a lot of other vintage owners) I liked A/S but wasn't ready to drop $30k+ into my first RV. So I took the entry-level Airstream (a vintage unit). If it hadn't been available I would NOT have bought a new one, so I don't see how that sale cannibalized anything. On the contrary, the experience of owning a 35 year-old Airstream has proven to me that -- if I ever buy a new one -- it will be an Airstream. That's what they are after.

Airstream is being smart, IMHO, in introducing a product that can show off their quality and dealer network that more people can afford. I think the Base Camp can be built with a level of quality, features and workmanship that will separate it from all small SOB trailers -- if Airstream is smart about it.

And don't forget that this opens the market to the tens of millions of folks who would like an RV but (due to vehicle choice) can only consider pop-ups. We were in that boat and it felt like the RV industry hated us: "Get a truck or tow one of these cheesy pop-ups!" Neither option appealed. Now Airstream is opening up a third option. I like that.

The interior will be key. If it looks and feels like a cheap SOB, Airstream will have blown it. My guess is that we'll all be favorably impressed by the quality of the interior if they ever launch this thing.

But Leipper hit it on the head. What I really want is a new shell that I can customize! That would be absolutely INCREDIBLE and I would buy that in a heartbeat.

-- RL
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We probably could have bought a Bambi, with financing, but were'nt sure if we'd enjoy RVing, so we opted to spend less money on a vintage and see if it suited us. We love it, of course!

In fact I'm glad we didn't buy a new one because of the quality issues we've all heard about. I think those quality issues are a much bigger deal than worrying about a pop-up diluting their brand name. When you discover that people buying $35k+ new trailers are having more trouble on their first trip out than we had with our $6k 35 year old trailer, that's something they need to worry about.

Experimenting with new designs and concepts is a good thing, as long as the quality is there. Maybe it will be a success and change the general pubilc perception that Airstream went out of business years ago!

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Change is hard. Especially when you get old like me. When I first saw the CCD's at last years RV show, I thought A/S had gone off thier rocker, but as we stood inside one---wow-- most of the people coming in were overwhelmed & really liked it. Again at the local A/S <?> dealer they had one on the floor & watching peoples reaction was interesting, as most of the people I saw going thru it, really liked them. Guess it's my age or my long sought dream for an A/S, but I like A/S as they were , are & ???. Now Bryan's idea of a shell ready to customize, is interesting. Remembering how Dell & ??? took over the computer maket with thier customizing & easy to upgrade computers? An interesting concept A/S.
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I am sure if you contact Airstream's commercial department they will sell you a shell as you like it. With or without whatever windows you want, etc.

I think the base camp is a cool idea. We skipped the tent/pop-up stage and went from truck camping right to a 74, 27 foot overlander. The cost of the overlander was in line with a new pop-up. If the base camp is in that same range as a pop up similarly equipped then I think it will be a model to contend with. BTW my understanding is that it was designed to evoke the shape of the original plan built unit like Dr. Holzman's torpedo.

It will be interesting to see how it is equipped and what features will be offered. I would bet that fully equipped this will weigh less than 2K. That would keep it under the tow rating of 70% of the cars on the market today. Talk about a wide open target market!

My opinion on the tent portion of the unit is that it is just a different style of awning/screen room. I doubt it will take as long to put up as some of the screen rooms I have seen installed on trailers do.

Those that make the point that Airstream has no entry level product are to me hitting the nail on the head. Most younger working families cannot or will not spend 40K on their entry into the RV hobby. renting is not really an option as the only thing to rent is a Mini Winnie and most folks that rent one say that after that they would never buy one.

So I for one think it is a step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see it play out.
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Re: Say it ain't so, Wally

Originally posted by Rog0525
I hope it is well recieved by the RV crowd in general, but I first bought a TT to get away from the nuisance and inconvenience of tent camping. Combining canvas and metal to make halfbreeds like this IMHO should be left to the SOB crowd, not associated with the Airstream name which to me has always symbolized quality, longevity and the ultimate camping experience.
Why the beancounters at Airstream would feel the need to compete in the pop-up market is beyond me but maybe I'm just an old fogey.
Can't you just envision a campground full of Pontiac Aztecs pulling these things and spending half of their time setting up/taking down their rigs?
I'll pass.

I have the camping kit for a (sp)Aztek sitting in my living room. Anybody want it?
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Base Camp

Interesting concept but why not do something along the lines of the TAB or whatever the small European teardrop trailer is called? Looks like a good wind would rip the tent portion off not to mention that you would be bear bait in many of the areas where you might be able to use this type of trailer.

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If this gets younger people into an AS, I'm all for it. I just think the average age of Airstreamers needs to come down.

And I think this will work. It sure is cool looking and that's an AS trait!
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Re: Re: Say it ain't so, Wally

Originally posted by argosy20

I have the camping kit for a (sp)Aztek sitting in my living room. Anybody want it?
Got a picture? might work on my redneck special
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Did anyone else get the Airstreamer newsletter that had links to articles on the Basecamp last week? None of those links now work, anyone know more on what's going on here?


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