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some pics

Just taken
-Some of the walls look cloudy- we have found it best to strip off the vinyl then go back and do a final clean up. We paint on the stripper (chemical), use the brush to loosen the last bit of goo then wipe (while still wet) in 1 direction with a paper towel. The trailer is 34 years old- I don't want the wall to look perfect and polished- it is what it is!
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There is no distribution by Surf-Pro for the 'Glue Buster" in the USA - its a Canada only product.

The MSDS ( lists Methylene chloride (>60%) and Methanol (5-10%) as hazardous ingredients; the remaining components would be gel agents and skin forming compounds to reduce evaporation, etc.

Methylene chloride is hard to find in the States, usually it is a minor ingredient but there are a few exceptions, I've got it as sole active ingredient in an automotive gasket remover aerosol that I will try out.

There are also some of the paint strippers that still have it as the major solvent - read the labels & warnings, do some research to get the MSDS, read the labels, etc., and did I say read the labels?

And last, the new-to-me idea of covering the area with plastic sheeting is a great one, THANKS for passing that along!


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Jasco Works Great

I read this thread and had my doubts that it could be as easy as some said. Home Depot only carried an aerosol Jasco stripper, but I was able to find the good stuff at Ace Hardward. My local Ace carried the quart cans and was able to order it in gallon cans for me once I tested the product. I had to put 3 to 4 coats on but made head way pretty fast. I will try the plastic wrap idea tomorrow. It does burn if it hits your skin, but if you wash it off right away it is not too bad! I was thinking about painting, but I think that would be a lot more work. I love aluminum.
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this is awesome ive been searching this forum all day for this advice!! going to try to tackle my 62 globetrotter this weekend!
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Instead of starting a new post... Just thought I'd share my experience of this last weekend of stripping vinyl walls... It took me 3 days (by my self), probably 6 hrs a day... And went better than expected. I still have finishing touches to do but am pleased with majority of it being done! Hope this helps those looking to embark upon this project. I bought the stripper at Lowe's
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vinyl stripped then I decided to polish

The outside of our '73 Overland is looking great after polishing it so we decided to do the same to inside. Now I am not sure what to do.

The finish is very spotty meaning some of the areas look great and other spots are still very cloudy. I have tried using the stripper again just incase there was glue left on the aluminum and I have polished the cloudy areas longer. No luck making it look smooth and uniform.

I wonder if a different grade or quality of aluminum was used on the interior since it was going to covered with vinyl wallpaper.

I could use some advice!


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I'm curious as well...
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Removing Zolatone painted Vinyl with wood laminate floors?

I am thinking about stripping the Zolatone painted over vinyl on the walls in a portion of my 1970 Sovereign. I will probably simply paint the front living area, but the sleeping quarters would look awesome with the aluminum finish. Problem is she already has a lovely wood laminate floor installed by the previous owner. How likely is it for the process of using the Jasco stripper to damage/ruin her flooring? Any recommendations?
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Originally Posted by Anna View Post
It's taken my husband a few weekends to strip the interior. It would probably go faster if I could help him, but I'm busy watching our 1 year old. We are going to paint the end caps red using car paint I think.
Happy Holidays,
Anna, What about the other vinyl and plastic pieces, like kitchen window trim, fan, AC trim, etc? I may do the same stripping in my Sovereign, but if I did, I was thinking silver paint for the interior plastic and fiberglass parts. I was going to be a rebel for the outside trim, and use red, instead of blue, but not sure about the inside. Please post pics, as you progress.

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I could not find Jasco Stripper where I live but I was able to find Aircraft Paint Remover at ABC Auto Parts. Aircraft Stripper could eat its way the Earth's core faster than a nuclear meltdown. I would be very careful and cover floor with heavy cardboard and wipe up anything that drops on the cardboard. Update on the hazy polished walls - I went back over everything with one more coating of Aircraft Stripper. Then carefully scrubbed the walls with 0000 Steel Wool and sprayed it with GooGone and wiped it again with 0000 steel wool. Then I used lots of paper towels to wipe down the walls. The paper towels were very gummy and yellow gray colored so I think I had glue residue on the walls which caused the haziness.

Susan - SCopp
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We are currently doing a full monty on a 1976 29 foot ambassador. After reviewing this forum I decided to attempt to remove the vinyl. The difference is for me that I am working on the removed walls that are laying on the ground. The process is pretty much the same that everyone has mentioned above. The difference is that I have noticed that the weather can effect the process. If the sun is beating down on the initial coat of remover it ill sizzle and crack and you have to work very quickly to paint it on, but it seems to pull off easier. The down side to this is that on the second coat that removes the leftover glue is that if you don't remove the paste before it starts to dry you will end up with major cloudiness. I pressure wash after the second step to help remove the glue. If you do it this way make sure to do it when it is a little cooler or in the shade to avoid the cloudiness.
At this point my results are fair. The vinyl was in terrible shape, stained, damaged and smelly, so even if our results aren't perfect yet, it is better than it was. My husband thinks that once we polish the aluminum we will be very pleased with the results. Everyone who has done this in the trailer is viewing it in filtered light and we are looking at it in the bright sunshine.
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Hold on! I have a 1976 Overlander. Does this have aluminum walls behind the plastic walls?
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I am guessing that it does. I am no expert but I believe all the walls are aluminum inside and out. They are just covered with a vinyl sheeting. They did a very good job of attaching it and removing it is a chore.
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Take your time and let chemicals do the work!

I have been working to remove the vinyl wallcovering on our 72 Overlander, thanks to this thread and other info. Here's my little bits of advice:

1. cover yourself heat to toe, wear safety glasses and work boots. Even a splash of the Jasco remover is going to hurt! I kept a package of baby wipes nearby and swiped it off as soon as it hit. It will go through your clothes quickly.

2. I had to purchase the big gnarly rubber plumber gloves from Harbor Freight. Even the heaviest chemical box gloves weren't a match for the Jasco remover.

3. Let the stripper do its job! The most important advice I can give is to paint on a good first coat of stripper, wait 10-15 minutes, paint on a second coat, wait 10-15 minutes again. It helped me to have other jobs to do to keep me busy while I was waiting. After the two coats did their job the vinyl wallcovering often came off in one giant sheet. Amazing.

4. There were a few spots where it appeared extra glue had been used. Just be patient, and apply a third coat. You may have to pull fairly hard on the wallcovering. This stuff is amazingly strong, can take a LOT of pull without tearing. I braced my foot against the aluminum for fear of bending it while pulling off the wallcovering.

Good luck! We LOVE the look of the aluminum inside.

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