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Originally Posted by DanielB View Post
I'm thinking a .22 should be fine. And some mace would be good I guess..
You could look at what various professionals use for guidance. For example, police officers primarily have human advisaries, and I am not aware of any police departments that use a .22 as their service weapon.
Game wardens and Forest Service personnel may have both human and large animal predators confront them. Again, I am not aware of any that chose the .22.

Regarding the question of safeties, they have been omitted on many modern pistols, so you are free to chose either a revolver or a pistol without a safety.

In addition to a firearm and pepper spray, you might also consider a dog.

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Another go at the gun thread. We've had it here before and it's a staple of RV forums netwide.

We all make our choices and if a .22 is your choice, well good for you. Some of my friends are firearm enthusiasts, and I believe they would suggest that perhaps something larger might be more appropriate. Ask around at the many gun forums.

South Carolina requires permits to carry handguns, which are only issued to residents of South Carolina or in some cases property owners who reside out of state. They are not difficult to obtain but do require a background check and instruction. Familiarize yourself with the laws and customs of states where you travel.

If your .22 is a rifle you should still be careful of state and local laws that may limit what you can do.

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Well trained, socialized. Loyal.



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To the OP,

A firearm is one of many viable forms of defense. If it is your preference may I suggest knowledge and training. You can gain knowledge over at calguns although it is a California based firearms website. It is a civil place to gather info.

If you don't have experience shooting take a course or two. You need to be familiar enough with your gun to be able to use it properly under duress.

Defense like winter wear is layered. In our trailer the first layer is situational awareness then big dogs and it escalates from there.
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"Situational awareness" is one of those wonder phrases that automatically gives me a sense of respect for a person.
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Originally Posted by 2airishuman View Post
if the intent of this thread is 2 discuss boondocking and safety issues,

that has been well covered in several older threads like this one.

read it and TRY to keep or achieve the same quality of posting therein.

it's one of the FEW threads that includes the G word which hasn't been closed.

There are many, many issues discussed on here that are discussed in many, many other threads. So what?

Don't like the subject matter? Politically incorrect, perhaps?

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A couple items for your entertainment

When danger is at your door, the cops are only minutes away.

Fellow is stopped by the local gendarmes for some minor mechanical issue.
"License and proof of insurance please" requests the officer.
Right here officer, I also have a firearm carry permit.
"Oh? do you have any firearms with you?"
Um, yes I do, I have a .40 cal pistol in a shoulder holster,,,,I also have a 9mm in my belt holster and a .38 in a ankle holster,,, and a folding knife,,,,,Oh and there is a AR15 and a shotgun in the trunk.
"Sir, are you on your way to a shooting range or a competition??
Then what are you afraid of?

Not a darn thing Officer, not a darn thing

prepared, not paranoid

If you choose to keep a weapon there are many factors that go into the choice of hardware, too many for anyone to make a blanket statement that "this one is better than this one" lots of variables go into the choice.
Most overlooked is lots of training with the equipment, awareness and the mind set to be able to make hard decisions NOW.
Oh yeah, the first rule of a gunfight is,,have a gun :~}
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Originally Posted by Foiled Again

Well trained, socialized. Loyal.



Need a BIG shovel. To bury what's left after the rottie has dinner.
or a friend with a pig farm
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we have several sharp weapons @ hand @ any moment, 2 dogs, several baseball bats & have a rifle on the way... best friend also works for Xe Services... add all that w/many years of customer service & we are a campsite you don't want to mess w/if not invited

I have no quams on beating the **** out of some scumbag that tries to break in & there will be no evidence in scums wake... there will be no wake

life is Organic... life is Random... life is GO... so what are you waiting for? peace~ TREZ
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Originally Posted by aluminomad View Post
add all that w/many years of customer service
This line had me laughing out loud!

*Witness to Police Officer*

"He just seemed to snap and it was just like the Tasmanian Devil in those old cartoons. And when it was all over shreds of the badguy were hanging in all the trees around the campsite."
I'd rather be boon docking in the desert.

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Some will remember.....a couple years ago there was a great Vintage Airstream for sale here. Beautiful except for the evidence of a shotgun blast to the fridge and entry (from the inside) and a couple of large caliber bullet holes ( from the entry door area) to the front drivers side above the gaucho. Don't know where the Airstream ended up....I'd love to hear the story.
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For years have traveled with a "short barrel" 12 ga pump in it's home on the far side of the queen bed. It just lays on the floor but is out of sight and handy. The box of 00 shells are next to the breaker box in the overhead minus the 5 kept in the weapon.

Recently I got a CW license here in Georgia and yes, carry on my person in those states that have reciprocity with Ga. Sometimes a .22 revolver in a pocket and others a shoulder holster with 1911 style 45..........

Best peace of mind is a simple motion detector type alarm posted at my campsight and aimed down the side of the trailer/truck........God bless.....Dennis
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Athough my preference for home defence would be a 12 ga shotgun, I don't think this would be prctical in the AS. If someone was considering a pistol I coldn't imagine having anything smaller than something in a .380 ca. (my preference is the Walther PP or PPK which could be a whole different thread) On the larger side nothing beats the.45 but my wife has some diffuculty with it.
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Originally Posted by Dave Park View Post
I have to contribute that I think a shotgun is unsuitable for defense of an Airstream. They have several shortcomings:

1. They're too long. You cannot hold the gun pointed at a person, and turn 360 degrees without lowering or raising it. It's too long. Even a youth model would have this problem.
2. They make a terrible mess at close range. In the event you have to use it, you're alright, but you'll have a 1" hole in your trailer with a lot of biological matter on the entire wall behind it.
3. They're bulky to store. Where can you put it that you wouldn't rather be putting fun, travel-enhancing items?
Apparently, Airstreams are smaller than duck blinds.

Hopefully, you will never have to use a gun, but if you do, you definitely want to have the power to knock tha assailant down. This is why the police use 38 specials or 9mm. The problem with pistols is that you have to be an excellent marksman. Furthermore, they may not be allowed or may be illegal in many locations. On the other hand, unloaded rifles or shotguns are legal in most locations, including Canada.

The advantage of a pump action shotgun is the sound of the action when you chamber a round. Most if not all criminals do not want to be on the wrong end of a shotgun because they know that you do not have to be accurate, assuming that you are using anything but slugs, and that it can be pointed and shot from almost any position, including from the hip. Therefore, if they hear a round being chambered, they will most likely go somewhere else. If you do have to use a gun, a hole in the trailer is the least of your worries.

Dogs are good for early warning but they can be overcome and your "wheels" are useless if you are in the trailer when you need to escape. Finally, I am not sure how effective your "frontal lobes" are when you are confronted with someone that wants to do you harm.

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