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Hi and happy Thanksgiving!
I don't think this has been mentioned before, so I'll throw it out there. There are several new Airstreams out there now that were in a flood and have been put up for sale since as "slightly water damaged". Perhaps one of these could be a donor trailer for your project. They would need to be completely disassembled to repair them properly, but you are already doing that anyway. You may find one with a perfect body to replace your severly damaged one, and swap interiors. The extra parts would help finance the repairs, and you might even get that $1100.00 AC as part of the transaction.
It's a long-shot, but may be worth looking into before you purchase thousands of dollars worth of parts.

Good luck with your project!
Rich the Viking

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You can order the end shells assembled if you pick them up at the factory.

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Well, i have made some progress. The camera was dead, but i will post some pics here soon.

I have pulled some of the interior panels down now, and i got anxious to start drilling out the exterior rivets. So i have drilled out most of the rivets that are holding the front end cap on the sides.

I did as much as i could without a ladder. So that will be my nex purchase.

The rivets, drilled out pretty easily. I took the advice from some other threads that i read. To use a center punch on the rivets first, so the drill bits won't run all over.

I broke a bit or two, but i think thats gonna happen. Just using the cheap 1/8 bits from Harbor Freight.

I pulled the chrome adhesive off of the rub rail, and am starting to taker out the screws, that hold that on.

After that, i will just need my ladder to get roof rivets drilled..
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Originally Posted by mgm View Post

I did as much as i could without a ladder. So that will be my next purchase.

After that, i will just need my ladder to get roof rivets drilled..
I got one of these, they're kind of pricey, but the ladder will fit in almost any space:
Welcome to Telesteps
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Well, i splurged. After my last factory tour, i have kind of been on the look out for a larger trailer. A couple of you guys had told me to look into the Georgia flood trailers, for parts and the sort.

And i just ended up buying one. The 2007 Safari LS SE 25ft FB trailer. It should be alot less work then Bambi and with rumors that i may spend next summer in Afghanistan with the Army. I really wanted to make sure i was on the road for this one.

So i splurged...My family tells me that i have a keen eye for junk lol. But i think i should be able to have this trailer road ready in a matter of weeks. Now i just need to work my way down to atlanta to pick her up. I will post more info or pics when i can.

I was told the trailer was all cleaned up and i got a great deal on it. Worse case scenario, i have no problem pulling the interior and replacing the insulation below the windows if need be.

Today is my birthday and i send my deposit tomorrow. I'm excited.

Not sure what i will do with Bambi...if i can afford to keep her, she may turn into a longterm project. I will just wait and see how my finances go in the next few months. Storage is my biggest issue for her. And as of lately i just didnt have the time to work on her as much as i planned. So i'm on the fence as what i will do with her, i will make a decision after i pick up the Safari
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Originally Posted by Goin camping View Post
If the repair price is too high just tell anyone that asks it was damaged by pirates in Somalia.
Hey - I lived in Mogadishu (Somalia) when the US Marines came ashore. I can assure you - if the Somali's got their hands on that trailer, it would simply not exist, certainly as a recognizable RV. The USA had only JUST completed a brand new (declared impregnable) embassy. It was completely stripped in a matter of days.
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Originally Posted by mgm View Post
Well, i splurged...And i just ended up buying one...So i splurged...

happy b'day!

i was young and impulsive once, although my weakness was fast cars and loose women...

the rest of my money was wasted...

20k$ seems like a good deal on a reasonably new 25, but this one?

i dunno.

at the very least the rest of us in cyberspace will (hopefully) get to see what issues exist...

and you aren't totally UNaware, from the many flood thread/posts here.

so take lots of pics (close ups) of the inner recesses and hidden mysteries there in...

did u have anyone inspect before u bid?

ah hell, just go get it.

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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OK, that's it, I need to up the ante' on my birthday presents the cat gets me. Obviously he's been slacking if someone else is getting an Airstream, even if it needs some work.

If Smokey Bear thinks he's going to continue to get Tuna treats he's got another think coming until he bucks up and gets me something "good" this year. And no kitty footing around either. He either bucks up or he eats what he catches and given he considers us the worlds best hunters because he has never had to I suspect he'll get a tad skinnier pretty quickly. Not a bad thing either the little porker.

Oh yeah, MGM, happy birthday to you. You really know how to do it up right. Congrats on the new trailer. So it needs work, so do 90% of the trailers most of the rest of us buy and you are obviously well aware of the possibilities for both damage and what in the end you will have. Good for you.

Pictures would be really important. We have this need to see.........

Barry & Donna
Life is short - so is the door on a '51 Flying Cloud (ouch)
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Hoping to pick it up towards the end of the month. I'm excited. Everything should be working and ready to go. I will see what happens in the long run, if any issues arise i will post them.

For starters I will be ordering new cushions and the sort from JC. But it looks to have a new mattress already and the gentleman i bought it from has been super. So i really think i should be ok.

The Insurance company has gone over it and it sounds good and dry now. Believe me i read all the posts, and am aware of what i bought. But for the price, i couldnt beat it.

So wish me way or another. I will be making my way West in an Airstream this summer.
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Looks like you're getting aluminitis...two Airstreams and still in your 20's. Keep that Bambi, it'll be good therapy for you, when you get back from OEF. I've been the lucky recipient of 68W and 18D work, when I was in Kosovo with 10th SFG(A), so surgery on aluminum should be a cinch for you.

Good luck with your new acquisition.
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from hero to superhero

thanks again MGM for your service. I hope we are worthy of the sacrifices being made everyday. I am flabbergasted that someone on this forum FINALLY is able to get one of the Geo. flooded AS's! I figured with all the negative energy around a flooded unit, noone would buy one, and if they did, would never expose their flank to the forum! Well done. I personally think you have made the (2nd) purchase of the decade! (the first was the bambi-and I second the idea of trying to keep it!) Please keep the forum assessed of progress/usage/smells/frustrations or lack thereof with your Georgia Flooded Airstream. Sheez, even 2air said "...go get it!..." (paraphrased). Cool. I am jealous!
Look me up if you get West-I will you if and when I go East.
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My thoughts....

I read all the threads and opinions before i bought the trailer and believe me, i thought long and hard about it....I mean even the last owner of this thing-said he wouldn't touch it.

But heres the deal. The initial clean up has been done. The trailer is clean to the naked eye, and i will tackle the rest. I have no problems pulling the interior if need be down the road. Hell, thats easy and i can do that in a matter of hours. The floor and and future problems, i will just keep my fingers crossed. I'm confortable with the risk.

I have been told everything will be up and running. So i will take her from there, when problems arise. I will do my best to solve them.

You guys see Bambi lol. So if you thought water would scare me away, you have me wrong, I called the guys in Utah a few times and inquired about their trailers that they picked up from the flood, and i feel good about things. I will keep you guys posted
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Here's the deal, as long as the trailer has dried completely, and you keep the humidity below ~50%, the mold (and there is mold) will stay dormant. That doesn't mean the dormant spores can't hurt you, it just means they won't reproduce.

At the very least, I'd pull the interior and the interior aluminum walls and remove the insulation, clean with a good anti-mold cleaner, install fresh insulation, and reinstall everything.
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My plan is to pull the interior and replace the insulation and do some extensive cleaning of the panels. I will do my best to track down whatever hidden problems arise. I have been assured that everything works in the trailer and thats enough of a start for me. I will take her from there and do my best to document all my findings and photograph everything.

as far as viking's comments...

The wrecked Bambi in my previous post was not the water damaged one. In the thread the OP says he just bought ANOTHER messed up 'stream! Some people just have ALL the nerve.
I hope it came with a jumbo-size can of Oust!
Rich the Viking

I appreciate your candor and i realize that most people wouldnt take on the projects, that i have elected to attack. But hey, to each is their own and I'm not scared away by hardwork or spending $$$$. And i'm hoping i pay more in sweat but am prepared to spend some $$$$ too. So believe me, i don't think the Georgia Trailer's are for everyone. And the Utah guys, are definately a 'little' off when they say "light" water damage.

But rest assured, no comments will take the wind out of my sails and i appreciate all the advice that everyone has given me.

I have served a few tours overseas and will be heading back that way this time next year. And All i wanna do this summer is travel and make some memories when the Army gives me a break. So sure, i have spent some of my hard earned money on some big projects.

Truth is, i enjoy long nights in a garage with a radio and a few handy friends. And if i don't get them finished, well then i will just have another reason to dream of being home.

I have alot of projects ( boats,cars, vending machines...u name it) and mabee i take on too much...But i have a habit of doing this and in the end I always end up smiling....on the water or cruising down the road.

I read the forums and i know what i'm buying and what i have bought and am quite content with the risk.

Its choice, not chance. And i'm prepared for the worse, but i'm hoping for the best.

There are worse ways to waste money....and in the end. I stopped worrying about money quite some time ago.

Its about life and living, so wish me luck.

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