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our vote for Sirius.

Radio Shack is running a one day sale: $30.00 for a Sirius sat. receiver!

join the club and enjoy

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happy with XM (especially with MLB coverage)

Originally we went with XM because our truck and trailer had XM ready receivers. It was a relatively easy and inexpensive mod to connect the XM "black box" for the Sony in the trailer. Everything works right through the head-set with excellent sound quality. I wish there was more NPR coverage, but we enjoyed what was on almost all day up at the Grand Canyon last week. I really enjoy the baseball coverage. Every game that is played on a given day is available with XM. We just upgraded our non tow vehicle (VW New Beetle TDI) and purchased it with XM playing.

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Sirius for US

The biggest reason we went with Sirius is that Howard Stern starts with them in January and they carry the NFL and NBA. XM on the other hand carries pro baseball and the NHL. If that's what drive you, this may help you make your choice.

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Our Bambi came with a Sirius radio installed. Before activating it, I was thinking about getting an additional car kit to be able to use it in the TV but, except for on the internet, they were hard to find for the Streamer unit (made by Blix) and cost between $40 - $50. I found a Starmate model on sale at Radio Shack for $20 (after rebate) which included the same antenna and power cable as in the Airstream, so I can move the radio between the AS and the TV. Regarding the differences in programming, if XM is anything like the channels that DirecTV now provides, I'd say the edge goes to Sirius.
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Old 12-21-2005, 05:59 PM   #33
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I bought an XM Roady XT today and have the antenna sitting on the top of the Fantastic Fan motor (Thanks, Driftwood!) and the Roady broadcasting (tinycasting) to my 1979 Motorola stereo/eight track that came with the Airstream. It's plugged into the 12v outlet in the credenza, and I'm enjoying Ch. 40 so far. While I am no audiophile, I think the sound is good and the variety good. I would prefer it with no announcers at all (the device shows the group and song name), but I think that I'll drop Napster in favor of this. Somehow, it's neat hearing the Doors through speakers installed in 1979... and the audio quality is probably about the same as the old radio is capable of, too. Gee, I can hide this thing, but I like to look at it, too. (I'll get the real Dodge adapter for TowHog, but this is cool so far.)

Maybe I should get the remote for it, too. Then I can really hide it.

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Hey there Lamar!

I like the remote control. As you know, my receiver is mounted aft, above the rear bed, and I can change stations or mute when needed from the front couch. I use the remote in the Tow Vehicle also. Helps avoid looking down to change channels while driving.

When in bed, I just aim the remote at the wall mirror forward, and it works just fine.

Sirius - XM, who cares, as long as its satellite.
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Norm, you're the guy that got me interested in this! Now I'm listening to Otis Redding's version of "White Christmas." This is fun.

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1979 Excella 500 31 "Betsy"
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We have an Airstream buddy we travel with occasionally. He has an XM thingy installed in his trailer and VthatTs.
Found out last summer up on the California coast at Kirkwood campground (which never gets much of anything via the airwaves) that I could tune my radio to the station he was listening to and get the same station in our trailer!!! Really cool!
I had to occasionally go over and have him change channels so that was not all that good. And we have to ask him to travel with us if we want to listen to NPR on XM.
We'd probably opt for Sirius as it seems to be the only one to carry one of our favorites, "Car Talk" on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
At this time we have plenty of CDs and prefer not to subscribe to yet another service provider.
But I am thinking about this....
Thanks for lots of info on this subject. I'll be watching and listening.
Gary & Susan Norgan
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Had a Kenwood Sirius receiver put in my Titan this week. So far, I really enjoy the commercial free aspect. Look forward to Prairie Home Companion pretty much wherever I happen to be....

The Kenwood came with both the car and home kits -- I put the home kit together in about 15 minutes -- basically, you snake the antenna feed in through a window, feed the audio output into your home stereo and fire it up.

I had a local car stereo shop put in the car kit -- they did a real nice job hiding all the wires. However, I did manage to get ripped off for a $50 RF Modulator that I didn't need (the Kenwood comes with an RF Transmitter that broadcasts right into your car stereo -- it works just fine).

For my Airstream, Fairley, I am going to order another home docking kit. I suspect I'll run the ant lead down the reefer vent.

Radio Margaritaville is my A-1 preset.

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Our trailer came with an XM capable radio, but I canít justify the cost for the service considering that there will be long periods when we will not use it. The trailer has been in storage since Nov 1 and will stay there until late March (winters are generally cold in Nebraska). Does anyone know whether XM offers a special rate for Travel Trailer subscribers? Perhaps it is possible to start and stop service as with a newspaper?

We do receive Serius music on our dish system. Especially channel 72.
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I subscribe to XM but bought a boat load of Sirius stock for around $2.00 a share awhile back. I have two receivers, the first one costs $8.43 a month because I paid for two or three years at once when the price increase was announced. The second subscription, I think, is $7.00. I have a car kit that I use between two of my vehicles and my TV is hardwired, but the receiver is removable. I have a radio in the kitchen of the house, stereo connector for the big system in living room (which also gets Sirius via Dishnetwork) and a boombox for outside on the patio, which I take when ASing. I also have car kit in the AS but bring the boombox too, so I can have music inside the AS or outside. I have a SKY-FI II receivers and love the flowing visual stock ticker feature and the ability to see all the NFL scores real time. I like the alert feature that tells me when artists I have selected are being broadcast on another XM station. The ability to record a program is pretty cool, too. I have hundreds of CDs (pre satellite radio) that I burned onto a harddrive and make discs (CD) of audio files or MP3 files for travelling. Since SAT RAD I haven't bought a CD in over 3 years. Can't stand commercials and I'd pay twice the subscription rate XM or Sirius ask just to avoid them, or I'd go back to my CD collection. I make decisions about purchases the old fashion way-- the internet. Ha, ha!

Regarding mounting in the AS and vehicles: RAM Connectors makes heavy duty connections for mobile electronics. They are available from Bass Pro Shops and I have found them at an internet site called Like the moniker that someone on the forums has which says, 'if its worth doing, its worth overdoing.'

I'm in my mid 40s and I'm somewhat gadget oriented. My father, who is mid 70s, liked the 'big band' station on XM so well that he asked me to set him up. Now he has XM in his TV and 5th wheel. My brothers and I hooked him up with a flat panel for his 5th wheel, too, this past christmas. Now he doesn't want to come back in from the road. That would be okay, but we can't get him to answer his cell phone to see how he is doing. He tells my mom that he's leaving for Florida and when we finally get him to call us two weeks later it turns out the he changed his mind and went to Michigan! Gotta' love it!
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Hi I have XM The reason I bought XM was for NASCAR radio but sirus will have NASCAR'S contract starting in 07. I have two moble units one for my pickup the other for my Harley, I also have a base unit for my Airstream, that came with a indoor outdoor antena, I can usualy pick up antena signal from inside trailer if I have a window faceing to the southeast, if not I run the antena out the door under trailer to the top of th electric toung jack and let it sit on top of jack and point antena to the souheast. For my XM reciever I just tune into a station on my Airstream radio and then the same station on my XM reciever and you can enjoy the brodcast through the stereo speakers of your Airstream,s built in stereo. I also use this method in my truck and Harley just move your XM reciever truck trailer bike or you can purchase the boom box for it. Only problem I have now is that I will probably half to look at SIRUS in 07 for NASCAR radio.
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I probably will end up going with Sirius. I like XM equipment better, but I've heard too many people say it's a sinking ship. I also am a huge NASCAR fan (GO Kenseth!!! #17) so I'll be looking forward to the races. I'm prolly going to get the Sportster Replay as was my initial choice. Who knows, maybe by the time I get out of bootcamp, they'll have something better. I'm waiting 'till then.

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I've got an XM MyFi which I have been using in my home, car and Airstream. I love the hardware and the XM service. It seems you can't go wrong with either service. My 2 cents? Go with the one that offers the programming which best matches your interests. Good luck and have fun!

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