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Satellite install from airstream


Hi new to the forum

Just bought a new 2017 30 j classic. Sure is one nice outfit.

Do have a few questions.
It does not have solar.
Is it worth $ 2000 to have airstream install it ? Maybe down the road would help with resale.
We don't boondock very much.

We definitely want to put a satellite dish on the trailer.

Called airstream they said they use the King Dome would not tell me which model. Cost would be $ 2450.00 for dome and install.

Has anyone had airstream install one and what unit was it ?

They want about$ 1250 for the King Dome, $ 150.00 for some kind of wiring harness, and the balance in labor.

I know there are used ones out there and airstream said they would install it but don't want a big mess if it is not the right one and will not hook up to their prewire on top and does not have the right controllers etc. for inside.

We have the dish 211 receiver.

Any input on this would be great.

Do like the forum very much and great information for new owners of an Airstream.

Thank You SJWK

2017 CLASSIC 30 J

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It depends.

We travel (6 months a year) with a Dish Network tailgater which allows us to move the dish away from obstructions like trees. Even with that we still have had a few locations where we could not get all of the channels we subscribe to. If the antenna was fixed to the roof of the trailer our viewing days would have been much less. The tailgater was around $350 with no installation costs. The Dish receiver (211Z) was under one hundred dollars.



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Congratulations on your 2017 Classic!

I just had a solar system installed after significant research. I chose to have a 3rd party expert, Marvin Braun of Precision RV, install a 900W 600AH Lithium system. During my research, I found few that recommended a factory system.

I went with a Winegard Pathway X2 satellite receiver with a Dish 211 box. Main reason for a detached receiver versus a roof installed receiver: wanted to be able to move the receiver away from my rig in case I needed to to get a clear view of the souther sky.
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I opted out of solar as like you I'm not a boondocker for the most part. A 2000kw generator solves any battery charging issues & link two together in parallel & you have the necessary power to run one of your AC units also. Regarding satellite, as stated above the tailgater dish is simple, cost effective & no holes drilled in your roof and BTW $2500 for an installed king dome is twice what it could be done for somewhere else.
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We have the tailgater with our as, we have never used it, most rv spots have cable and if in the country we don't need opinion is that I would not pay extra for it...
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Satellite Install from Airstream

I agree with tydonahoe, we also have the "dish tailgater" and after the initial cost of the tailgater and a receiver, you don't have any charge except when you are ready to use it:
You then call Dish Network and they take your location, usually by zip code, and recalibrate the tailgater to the channels available in the area you are currently located in. You are charged about $10/month additional but remember to call and have them cancel it when you are done using it in your travels to stop the next months charge of $10. Of course, this is only good for DISH Network.
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We WERE using the Tailgator with 211k receiver, but if we went even a couple of weeks without using it, the receiver would become "deauthorized" and we'd have to do the 40 minute song & dance phone call with Dish to get the channels back. We got fed up doing this over and over and told Dish to forget it.
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Have them install it. Worth the money. I paid roughly about the same for the Wineguard something. Sure I could have bought it online for less than $1k. I didn't have the know how, nor the time. Besides, I want the warranty from them if a leak happened or whatever else. The wineguard version for the DTV (DirecTV) was SD, whereas if I had DN (DishNetwork) it would have been HD. I cancelled my DTV for various reasons, I still have the dish, I plan on getting another unit, but this time it will be a DN.

A word of advice, have them install the ON switch somewhere in the front of the BD access because where they put mine was on the side on the left, as I grew into my unit, I used that area for storage, and it is not as easy to access without the storage.

I hope this helps.
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I used a motostat auto seeking dish on my 25 FB use DirecTV. It works fine. However, I would prefer a "tailgater" on my new 30 FC. I assume Winegard makes a DirectTV version? Has anyone worked out the cable feeds to locate a receiver for the kitchen TV and one for the bedroom TV?
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I bought this Dish King Tailgater from Camping World. It works great with the 211 receiver.

If you have two tv's you will need a new splitter. I got mine directly from Monoprice. Cost about $45.00

I called Airstream and got the splitter install instructions e-mailed to me.
A little over $400.00 and about an hour of my time. I agree that the portable is the best way to go. The Tailgater comes with 50 feet of cable. It can be moved around to avoid signal obstructions like trees.
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I also recommend the portable unit. I have the Pathway X2. Be sure to get the X2 as it will pick up both the southern and western arcs - this is important because if your view is blocked for one, perhaps the other will do.

Somebody, please, point me to the road.

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SJWK, no on the factory solar. As mentioned a good after market install will be much more robust and bang for the buck. Marvin Braun does a great job.

Portable on the satellite dish. Less expensive and as mentioned easier if you are around trees. Get an additional 100ft cable and I've never been someplace including forests that I couldn't get a signal. Dome model will depend on whether you want DISH or DirecTV.
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Winegard RoadTrip T4!

I was at JC getting some warranty issues taken care of and also some custom items, one of which was a satellite installed. I decided to have them install the Winegard - RoadTrip T4 in motion dome installed for several reasons. One, is that it is the smallest dome available. Just about 1" taller than the heat pumps. Two, it is fully automatic, just turn it on and in a few minutes your all set. Three, it is permanently mounted, nothing else to haul around or set up. Four, it will receive Dish HD. Five, you can receive the same programing that you have at home for only a few bucks and you can activate or deactivate it any time for no cost. Six, it works great with the new Dish Walley receivers, which are great and very compact. I have two, one for each TV and have the DVR upgrade on the main TV so I have all the same comforts of home! Lester installed mine in September and done a great job! Both receivers and a splitter box are mounted in the cabinet on top of the Blue ray. Nice and neat.
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Here are instructions from Airstream for splitter install
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Satellite 2012 to Present.pdf (833.2 KB, 305 views)
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We have the Dish Traveler by Winegard on our 2017 Classic. Works fine. It is the one NOT covered and is full sized sat antenna. So, in weak areas, sometimes in trees it will pick up a signal where others will not. Had it installed by an AS dealer, we have the 211 receiver. Tried the Wally but the two would not communicate, so switched to the older 211.

I would do aftermarket solar if you are going to do it. We have factory.


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I just finished converting my trailer from a Winegard RM-8000 to a DirecTV Trav'ler. The RM-8000 is the 2000-vintage 18x20 dish that can receive Dish or DirecTV. I used it on DirecTV where it only got SD. It might have gotten HD on Dish, but I have DirecTV at home so I went with DirecTV on the trailer.

My conversion thread is here:


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I just wanted you to think about something. Putting the solar panels on the roof is expensive and in-effecient. This means you have to park you trailer and orentate it towards the sun every time and at different times during the day. Think about this. You get a little, foldable rack that will hold 3 120 watt solar pannels and while traveling secure them on your bed or couch or floor. When you get somewhere put them out on the rack. With a long cord you could have the panels in the sun and the RV in the shade. This is my plan.
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Ok since we are kind of mixing and matching dish and solar topics here, I will follow suit. I settled on a Winegard G-2 carry out dish. Connects to kitchen TV and bedroom TV. Works well with DIRECTV . 50' cables. On a 30 security cable. No holes drilled in roof. Went with a 40 watt ZAMP suitcase solar panel . Plugs directly into ZAMP connector factory installed on battery box. Also on a 30 foot security cable. Seems to keep up with our usage. Oh did I mention no holes drilled in roof? Very important.

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