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We bought our Airstream Safari because it was different. At first we only intended to use it as a changing house and bathroom for our new inground pool. Before too long we wanted to start fixing it up and make it ready to take on the road after the pool was closed. Haven't regretted the purchase for a minute. It still serves both purposes for us, pool house in the summer and a great place to spend our spring and fall on the road.


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You know when it's right!

We can't claim to have done any due diligence. It wasn't about quality or durability. We really didn't know how good they are.
We were on our first day of an eight day trip to Baja in our SOB moho when the motor blew an hour and a half from home. It was spring break and there were no coaches available to rent from the big rental companies (we tried them all to salvage the trip). A CHP officer recommended a storage yard in Yucaipa where they did repairs and, he thought, may have some rentals. We got towed there and were waiting to see if one of the private owners would let us take a coach to Baja. Sitting out front on consignment was a 1985 345. With nothing else to do, I went out and walked through it. HAD TO HAVE IT! About half way down to Baja I casually asked Deb "did you notice that Airstream they had for sale, it was pretty nice?". When we returned the following week she toured it also. Three weeks later, after looking at two more in Northern Cal, we bought it.
The cost was slightly less than twice what a crate motor was going to run for the SOB. It has turned out to be all of the things that the others have mentioned. I own a few classic cars and never get tired of the conversations that they generate. The AS is exactly the same. The projects are fun too! We feel like we have had a part in the coaches design and enjoy it when others appreciate the work. Needless to say, the people we have met at the Forums Rallys have been icing on a very sweet cake.

Ron and Debbie Lawrence
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I liked the look and the fact that it tows easier. My first time camping was with another couple in an sob, it took us forever to set-up the camper, I watched an older couple come in after we had set-up and do the same operation in minutes. When I was a kid in the 50's and the circus would come to town all the performers were in Airstreams, this told me alot about the product. My first Airstream was a 74 it had fewer structural problems and the interioir was in better physical condition than many of the other brand trailers that were a few years old. How often do you see a wooden framed trailer that is 30 years old still in use? Its a good product. I have since become a member of the WBCCI and the family that I have met and grown to love is much important than the Airstream itself.
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Why Buy?

Because we couldn't get one for free!

And if I have to have a trailer in my yard - at least it'll be a good one.
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Originally Posted by Tarheel
When I was a kid in the 50's and the circus would come to town all the performers were in Airstreams, this told me alot about the product.
Does this mean we are like a bunch of clowns?
Couldn't resist...
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I am unaware of any other trailer that evokes this much passion from so many very intelligent and capable people. We enjoy camping very much and have had a lot of SOB's over the years but we've always lusted after the "right" Airstream because in our minds if we were going to have the best trailer we could buy it would have to be an Airstream. When we bought ours we were exactly right, there is nothing finer to tow, to live in, and to look out at when it's not in use and get the old wanderlust going.

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Originally Posted by azflycaster
If you want a 30 year old trailer, what else is still on the road?

Most people do not believe that our A/S is 30 years young

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Always Airstreaming!
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Cool Factor X2

Owning an Airstream is a coming of passage. Sandi and I have been tent campers our whole lives. We have seen all the weather you can imagine from inside a tent. I knew I want an Airstream. I knew I had to have an Airstream. It is one of those genes we are born with. I was the unfortunate kid on the block. My family didn't own an Airstream. Heck, my family didn't go camping. I had to do it with friends. As I grew older (12) I knew what I wanted, to be out of doors and have one of those shiny things. Well when were were ready we did it. From the tent right into our Airstream. Now we are geting married at an Airstream Rally, bought my brother a 1960 Tradewind and looking at an Overlander. An American Icon.
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I was thrust into airstreaming, hopefully before I get too poor I will reap the benefits of the silver bullet Sure looks like fun and I know the 47 year old trailer will look incredible when it is done
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We were both drawn to the AS MHs due to their cool factor. We are attracted to a lot of unusual vehicles and just could not get away from the fact that we had to have one of these. I adore our old SOB (Winnie Brave) but the 310 is just so AWESOME!!! I love the fact that the inside resembles a private jet and the outside looks like it could go to the moon!

We also like the easier care--no roof replacement! Yee-HA!

"Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it remains?"

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American Icon, the cool factor, the unique build, BUT...Airstreams are not the best at quality control. After talking to many, many owners they all say pretty much the same thing. OVER priced and a pain in the ass to maintain. I talked to one of the largest RV dealers (actually I managed to talk to the Maintenance manager) on the WEST COAST. The sell AS and many other brands. He tells me they spend more time on AS for warranty work than any other brand, PEROID, and HE owns a 97 safari by the way. Mostly due to shoddy detail from the factory and leaks....leaks??? HE say they get (in his words) "90 percent of all AS come back for leak repair in the first two years of ownership. They also sell Lance campers...and as a comparison HE told me only about 10 percent of the Lances campers leak in the first two years of ownership. Thats scary to me...I want an AS so bad I can taste it. But am very disalusioned after talking with many AS owners over the past couple of years. Most of them have NEWER AS and most say they would not buy again.???? I am so sad I am almost in tears...I have been planning on an AS for 10 years as a retirement vehicle.

Matter of fact I was at Costco this very morning filling with fuel. (this is what set me off on this rant today). There was a retired couple in from of me with a Holiday Rambler motor home filling up. I ask them about the dealer they bought from etc. and how they liked their motor home. They said it was just over a year old and had just got it out of storage. The loved it....She spoke up and said...AND IT HASNT LEAKED YET. I ask Her why the leak commpent. She told me they sold a 31 foot Airstream before they bought the Motor home. She couldnt wait to get rid of it. She said everything in it leaked including the roof and plumbing. They never could get it all fixed???? SAD. She also told me when they retired a few years ago they bought with some friends who retired with them. The both bought Identical AS's. Their friends are selling theirs too. IT LEAKS? ...god...I am so sad.
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Well most isn't everyone because I would buy again in a second. I think when you read something like these forums it gives all of us all chance to share the problems that we have with our Airstreams. That's part of the purpose. What you don't hear are the vast majority that don't have problems or problems that are so small they do the necessary adjustment by themselves. There isn't a mechanical object made that isn't subject to needing adjustments or fixed at some point. People really like to tell when they think they got a lemon or got screwed by purchasing this or that. It's human nature, but if you base your decision on a couple of complainers your going to miss out on one of the finest trailers built and all the fine people that go with the experience. We're going to miss ya.
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I suppose I sounded like I was opting out of AS as a retirement option. NOT totally, I havent given up yet.

AND,, thank you for some positive. I have come to realize that people who make bold statements here do so because they have issues with their AS and other things? I would hope you are correct in when you say that the majority of owners do hot have the issues that I have mentioned. There are lots here too (almost everyone) that love everything about AS. Some seem to accept the quality...or lack of it and take it in stride. But of course there is a lot of quality lacking in SOB too. And I would guess 80% of all AS owners don't participate in this forum, at least the new owners anyway. As this forum is vastly for vintage owners etc.

I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON AS ARE OUR RETIREMENT VEHICLE. I AM looking for reason to purchase one. I know about the asthertics etc. It is the reason I got interesting in the beginning. I understand I have a great dealer close to me in SPOKANE and have done some talking with them. They seem like great people to me and I have some testimony to back that up. I am rambling here as to find ??? who knows what I will find? Confidence was fleeting but time will help.

I said in another forum where there were some very serious complainers about their AS and the quality that I was going to buy one anyway. It just seems like the thing to do. The adventures, the people, the journey are calling and travel is in my blood. I will always be welcome in an AS anywhere.

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Scared of commitment? It is a guy thing you know. ;-)

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