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If you have aluminitis, no explanation is necessary.

If you don't, no explanation is possible.


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Originally Posted by n2916s View Post
If you have aluminitis, no explanation is necessary.

If you don't, no explanation is possible.

Well put, Mike. You expressed my sentiment posted earlier but much more succinctly.

John S.

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Wink If in doubt....wait 'til it's not.

I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.

"We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know."
W. H. Auden

"The hardest thing about Airstreaming, clearing your head and accepting how others feel its supposed to be done"..

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It's about understanding...

If you need to ask why, you don't understand.
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For me and my wife we just couldn't get past the "80's ugly" interior design of every other travel trailer and fifth wheel. Look closely, they all use the exact same brown mold wallpaper. The also use the same inefficient furniture makers, though the very high end furniture is at least comfortable. Frankly, we didn't feel the slide outs improved livability, just added volume that was poorly utilized.

To us, the purpose of travel is to get outside and explore. The RV is a retreat. Airstream seems to have that figured out.
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A lot of factors have been covered, but here are a couple more..
- Buying an Airstream means you are buying into a Community, whether internet site or WBCCI Club/Unit or just waving at fellow owners like Porsche drivers do, and visiting the other shiny silver objects in a park or campground to chat.. Other than a few fraternal organizations or Good Sam, that rarely happens with Brand X RV's...
- Yeah they are expensive new, but few should buy a brand new expensive RV to decide if they like it or it fits.. By late model used, avoid big-time depreciation, and try it to see if it is right answer.. (This could work for diesel pusher MH or big honking 5th wheel with matching swivel recliners as well..). Nobody can buy brand new RV's and sell quickly without losing money.. Many of us would rather budget for gas and admission fees to national parks than depreciation and monthly payments.
- Hard to explain value of better towing, greater durability and longer life in the abstract.. Much easier after you've towed a topheavy box with overloaded tires.. Again, same rule applies to motorhomes or 5th wheels. If you're going to travel, driveability and durability matter.
- There are so many choices between ancient fixer-uppers 1 step away from being melted into pots and pans and a 3 or 3 year old creampuff at 50% of new list price (somebody else's expensive lesson...)
- If you really want to examine the idea more closely, do attend a Forum Rally and talk to 10 or 20 owners, and see for yourself...

In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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I gots the aluminitis and I gots it bad!!!
Airstreamin' dreamin'.

Follow our blog!
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where did kenmar2 go? did we convince or not?

well ... I find it difficult to tell someone they should make a decision one way or another ... but, we decided on AS because of the style and the way it pulls ... I haven't actually pulled a SOB so that may be a moot point, right there. So the style is why we chose the brand.

I don't suppose AS's are all that different than SOB's cause they all get rattled over the roadway and they all have about the same appliances ... but the shell seems to stay around longer (70% still on the road and all) and they are VERY recognizable ...

when I google Airstream or do a search for Airstream for sale, manys the time that another brand trailer sneaks in and associates itself to Airstream. I guess that is another way it has become such an icon on the American hiways.

Well, Good luck with your quest for the right travel trailer for you and yours, kenmar2, and welcome to the forums! Stick around here for discussions cause there are many threads here that could very well pertain to any old trailer
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Originally Posted by Denis4x4 View Post
The perceived value is greatly over rated! There I said it. They do tow better and resale is better than other brands, but certainly not a money making investment. Almost all of the accessories are from the same manufacturers that supply other RV manufacturers. While all of the reasons cited above are subjective, one of the problems I have is the lack of dealer/service coverage. I've owned boats and RV's for almost 50 years and once you take the time to get the things the way you like them, problems see to go away.

Would I recommend an Airstream? I would include it in a short list of several brands for you to consider.
Dennis' approach is a good one. There are other brands with better QC. If design is important to you, Airstream can be a good choice.


The Airstream is sold; a 2016 Nash 24M replaced it.
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Before we bought our Airstream, we had an "Award," a 27 foot UK design built here in Canada. The company was a bit before their time and were building really nice aerodynamic trailers back in the seventies. Lightweight and with very attract9ve interiors.

The family owned company - reportedly in response to a union making inroads at organizing its workforce - closed its doors in the mid eighties I believe.

We owned ours for quite a few years and really loved it, but it had become a real money pit and it was time to let go.

At that time we considered all the options - give up RV'ing? Buy a Class A motorhome? Buy a new SOB?

We decided we wanted to continue RV'ing for at least a few more years and decided that an expensive motorhome didn't make sense for us as we only use an RV maybe 8-10 weeks a year so we decided we would stick with a conventional trailer.

We went to the RV shows and looked at virtually every new trailer on the market. To us, the only one that measured up to our "Award" and would be acceptable was the Airstream.

Although we could have bought a new one, I didn't feel right about taking the depreciation hit and so we bought one a few years old.

We continue to be very happy with it - although have earned that nothing is perfect - not even an Airstream!

I'm not sure they are fully worth the premium cost, but we find ours suits us perfectly in every way, very happy with the layout, it looks and tows great, and the compliments are not hard to take!

We actually had someone stop us once in a car park and ask if we would agree to take their picture standing next to it! That never happened with our "Award" - although it too attracted lots of interest!

In some ways it hasn't quite lived up to my expectations, which were probably not too realistic, but I don't regret buying it at all and would do it again!

It just makes you happy to be out using it!

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Why Airstream, you ask?

Simple rain, Airstreams don't leak if properly maintained, everything else leaks and there is nothing you can do about it. So if you like rain dripping on your forehead in the middle of the night then an Airstream is not for you.

Stay Dry Buy an Airstream!
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Owning an Airstream becomes a lifestyle, hobby and fun. We've had our 19 years, made many changes, have towed it across America twice and we are on our fourth tow vehicle due to all of the use.

We ordered new beach chairs and outdoor reclining chairs last week arriving with the ice storm that hit. So although we are in the Winter season we are preparing for the Spring and summer adventures. I think that is what owning an Airstream will do for you is ensure you dream and are prepared to conquer those dreams.

Best of luck in your adventures regardless of what you choose. We aren't here to convince you to buy an Airstream but to share with you what owning an Airstream is all about.

Enjoy writing the next chapter of your life's journey.

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They look so cute after a bad hail storm.

They cost so much that you carry less weight in your wallet.

Slide outs never leak.

You can tell really cold mornings by the frost on the inside.

I give up - why?
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Because we can.
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It is a scientific/medical fact that some people are born with or develop an aluminum deficiency. There is no cure, only treatment, which consists of involving yourself with as much aluminum as you can tolerate. In my case an aluminum cycle, a new aluminum imac, and an Airstream keep me in good health.

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Why Airstream

It's easy to say...The trailers are great and I have never met such a great group of individuals with the same interests as me (always willing to give you a hand or advice). Personally, I am looking forward to many years of "down the road-ing."
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Why Airstream? Because I love spending a bunch of money on a new travel trailer, new tow vehicle and exotic hitch equipment. The IRS isn't taking enough of my money so I decided I needed some new charities.

Seriously, it comes down to a handful of reason for me. First, the are cool and have style. There just are not a lot of other new travel trailers or other RV's that have great contemporary interiors and exteriors that are not pretty tacky in my opinion. The next is the amount of windows and light. I'd rather have great views from inside and lots of glass, just not common in other rigs. Very light and bright inside along with the reflective interior skin creates a wonderful atmosphere.

The last and most important is I truly believe their is a great community of Airstreamers as many have already mentioned.
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So like you we asked that question too. But no matter how long we looked (about 12 months) and how many dealers and shows we went to it always came back to Airstream. It's like when you buy a new house. We found that we knew it was the right house because we compared everything else to it.
Fit, finish, tow-ability, gas mileage savings boon-docking capabilities the list goes on. But then so is the dealer and the airstream community important. Never once in our search did we meet an unfriendly airstreamer. We finally bought three weeks ago and can't wait to get out there!
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We chose Airstream not just for it's style and ease of towing, but for it's accessability. My wife had a stroke that has left her paralyzed on her right side, and we tried a class C motor home , and a 5th wheel trailer, but the steps into both were nearly impossible for her to navigate.

When we tried the Airstream the steps allowed easier access in and out for her, and we were hooked.


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"Why Airstream?" Why not? In all seriousness, I enjoy having something different from anyone else. I am not the "cookie cutter" type. I take pride in my two trailers...

Jared and Heather
WBCCI # 4998
AIR # 24449
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