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Well, i'm doing it finally, unless i'm not!

I've placed a deposit, I've had my credit checked 3 times, my lifelock has been alerted, and the loan is approved. Did I mention that I haven't told my wife yet? I know I'm suicidal but I have special circumstances that may allow for this transgression! We have never owned a travel trailer before and so we enter this experience with a bit of trepidation. I bought, sight unseen, except for some pictures, an AS serenity 25FB twin 2017!
We live 160 miles from the dealer and it appeared to be a timely deal which appears to solve some problems while incurring others( you don't want the details, trust me!)
A dear friend, (40 years+/-) has an AS, loves it and actually uses it! He is giving me advice which I appreciate even though it's a bite in the ASSET! It has NO end in sight either with hitch, accessories, panels, tonneau cover, and " WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DOESN'T COME FURNISHED!! For that price it ought to come with Tiffany Sterling silver and you choose the pattern! I am having my Propride hitch dropped shipped to the dealer and installed at a rate of $130.00/ hr. (without the promise of a "happy ending"!) ( See Al Gore's adventures in Oregon!) haha! But I digress. Which finally brings me to my elusive point..........How, What, Where, and With what do you furnish it?? China pattern or Rubbermaid, Sleeping bags or linens that match the decor, Staples, like salt and pepper or just steal them from McDonalds, drawer liners of velcro or double sided tape or what? I'm after ideas that you have found that work, not platitudes. I hope that wasn't too harsh! Thanks!, Sincerely too!

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Paper plates, red solo cups, and a set of plastic silverware. Don't steal anything. You will be an Airstream owner and have a reputation to uphold. Use the old sheets and pillows from the house. The dealership will give you a starter kit. Now that gets you started.

Hopefully, this is an anniversary present for the wife. If so, include in the card encouragement for her to furnish the coach as she thinks appropriate. You'll figure out the rest together.

Good luck. Travel safe. Hope to meet you on the road some day. Pat

Edit - Oh - a bottle of nice bubbly and a pair of toasting glasses would be a great touch. If you are tea totallers - nice pinky finger cups and a good pot will do well.

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Greetings from the Florida Panhandle

Welcome to the Forums. We're glad to have you with us. As to your Airstream "furnishings", you can just grab a few plates and glasses from your kitchen and, along with some silverware, you're ready go camping. Our sheets came from Wal-Mart. The towels came from our linen closet. Most of the stuff you use at home will work in the Airstream.

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Fun fun fun!

I will let you know that you will need bed sheets, as these are not included with the trailer . The airstream twin beds are longer than a standard twin. This means the best fitting sheets are called twin extra long (twin XL on the package). This size is also what is used for college dorms, so they are fairly easy to find, especially this time of year. I got our sheet sets at bed bath and beyond. I ordered really nice comforters from a website called The Company Store in twin XL. (standard regular twin mattresses are 75 inches long. XL twin measures 80 inches long.)

I like to buy quality once and be done with it. So it pays to take your time and see what is really needed and then get the right thing. It is much more convenient to have everything packed and ready to go in the Airstream vs. trying to remember everything and bring things back and forth from home to the trailer.

Other basic essentials you will probably want for the first use are:
*towels and soap and shampoos for the bathroom
*food and drinks
*plates, cups, bowls, silverwear (yes to disposable if you aren't ready to buy permanent set now)
*pet food and bowls if you have pets
*If you bring food that needs to be cooked, pots and pans and utensils and hot pads
*Coffee and a way to make it if you drink coffee
*Trash bags and paper towels(we seem to use a lot of each of these)
*RV toilet paper
*Drinking water hose, dump slinky, wheel chocks
*Outdoor chairs, bug spray

You can get going with the above, and then figure out what you want for the long-term as time and budget allow. Get what you really want to use, and remember that you are paying with space and gas for everything you put into your vehicle or trailer.

If you aren't an Amazon Prime member already, it may be a good time to consider if that is a worthwhile option.

There we so many things we purchased during the first year or so as we learned more about what we wanted and needed for using our Airstream. Eventually you will likely want a lot of these items: many tools such as drill, torque wrench, air compressor, surge protector, sockets, spare parts, dishes, pans, hooks, paper towel holder, coffee equipment, outdoor gear, BBQ gear, propane camp stove, safety equipment, a lot of storage containers, coolers, blankets, tablecloths, headlamps, flashlights, outdoor speakers, kitchen tools, kitchen "staples" like spices, and pantry items, kitchen linens, bath rugs, yeti cups, water bottles, thermos, lanterns, hiking gear like backpacks, boots, hats, and cleaning supplies like a bucket, pledge wipes, small broom, dish soap, and shower cleaner.

For me, picking out all of these things is a lot of the fun of getting a rig, and I found it very enjoyable.

Piggy Bank
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Ah, nothing sweeter than that first post on Airforums. Seems like yesterday for me, was actually 20 months ago. Thanks to this group, my learning curve was dramatically shortened, and all the help here incredible.

After your 10th post, you will receive a private message instructing you on the proper use of the "secret handshake."

Welcome aboard!
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I did a ton of Amazon prime shopping, and boy did I hit the jackpot on blankets (got the beds each a fleece blanket new from Amazon for $4.) Also bought throw pillow slip covers for $3 and $4 each on there. I had the blue dot camping dishes and coffee pot from our tent camping gear we just transferred over. Got melamine plates and glasses dirt cheap at Target. Added in an extra set of silverware from Walmart. I did it little by little...and have had a lot of fun doing it too!

I think it is great to not start off with a lot and then decide as you go what you guys are going to need.

Oh yeah, I got pizza pans and muffin tins from Dollar Tree. Yup. They work great too.
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You'll place too much stuff in the trailer the first year or so, and then find it wise to go through it all and cull what's not needed after that.

Don't treat it as storage. I know that sounds easy

Bed, Bath & Beyond was my wife's favorite place for awhile.

I will say this, in rebuttal to old stuff from the house: it's the wrong direction. These are expensive and beautiful trailers when kept that way.

Early on it as funds allow, buy best quality.

My folks bought theirs when in their late forties. Far earlier than retirement the TT had nice furnishings. And it was that way for 27-years.

Good luck.
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Watch "The Long, Long Trailer" with Desi and Lucy... a "comical" tale... but in that flick, The Bride insists on the Trailer life.

Take your buddy... and TV (tow vehicle). Have buddy ask most questions... since he is familiar with AS(Airstream).

What follows is not intended to warn.. but provide info. The dealer (usually) may have your safety as a concern.. hopefully.. your buddy will.

No matter the hitch, you need to use the SCALES to properly adjust the hitch. .. to do that the TV and AS need to be properly loaded. Fuel, propane, food, booze (or tea).. clothes... fresh water.... plates, ammunition, etc.. as you will travel. All the things you "need" every day. Don't forget shoes and beauty products you can leave in the AS (quicker get aways).

It is impressive how much weight can be accumulated. Especially by fluids and ammo. (Just kidding about contents.... sorta

Once you reach the end of your day, inventory all the items. Disposable stuff impacts the environment.... a critical consideration for folks... we prefer to wash reusable plastic... microwave safe is a plus, but that can be accomplished by specialized items.

Now, if you prefer, load into your new AS with "new" or duplicate items you have laying match daily needs.. our GALLEY HARDWARE weighs about 70#... This way we have a consistent load of fixtures.. food extra. Food weight varies.. for a day or a week or more.. or buy locally.. we take enough to arrive near location and load up... canned goods are best for transport.. and doesn't need refrigeration.

Load should be balanced front to rear and port to starboard (street to curb). Too much weight in stern or bow may (will) affect AS and TV handling...

It isn't rocket science...but if done really poorly it can become rocket science...or worse, Crash Investigation... and insurance "adjustment" problems..

Much more to know... may the journey be a blessing and the music be sweet! Rock on!...
Peace and Blessings..
WBCCI# 30676
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Go camping. Take pen and paper along. Write down anything you wish you had with you.
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Originally Posted by Rocinante View Post
Go camping. Take pen and paper along. Write down anything you wish you had with you.
This is basically what we did, made a list of what we needed. But, of course, we had no pen or paper so that was the first acquisition after the first night in our AS!
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Congrats! Join the Owners Club, and have real time face to face access with others for your questions! Go to for details. 5809 will be looking for you on your adventures....
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PiggyBank was on target; I reiterate:

The kitchen, often the most used area in your trailer, typically requires the most preparation besides the trailer specific items like sewer hose, water hose, hitch, etc.. The number and type of stuff you take depends on how much cooking you plan to do and who you’ll be feeding.

For cooking basics, several pots and frying pans, a set of nesting mixing bowls, an array of spatulas and spoons, a can opener and a couple of knives will allow you to cook a selection of camping cuisine. Plan on taking either lightweight cups, bowls, plates and flatware or packing disposable versions. All of these items can be sourced from your kitchen initially. Upgrading the dinnerware comes later.

While selecting your cookware, add some plastic food storage containers. These help keep all your food fresh and avoid spillage while you're driving on the road. If you don’t have enough mismatched ones in the kitchen to transfer, Walmart carries a wide selection. Hint: let your wife make the choices.

In general, a kitchen should also be stocked with spices, sugar, salt, pepper and cooking oil. For kitchen cleanup you will need soap, a scrubber, a dish drainer and hand/paper towels. Consider redeploying old hand/bath towels from home before choosing new. Don't forget a small trashcan and trash bags. Extra folding chairs and a tablecloth for the on-site picnic table will make eating outside more comfortable.

In addition to typical camping toiletries, you will need to stock the trailer's bathroom. Use only RV toilet paper or an appropriate one-ply toilet paper in the commode. Bug spray, sun block, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar/bath soap, razor, and a first aid kit are good staples to have on hand.

Likewise, in the beginning, take pillows from home so your first nights offer a more familiar element as the mattress may or may not be to your liking. Some folks add a memory foam topper for a better slumber.
"Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement."

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I agree with SlowMover and SeeMoe,

Your Airstream, with both its "luxury"or at least specific and intentional design,-- fit and finish, look, feel, quality, finishes, and dedicated use and storage areas, is both a tool for beauty and function. i feel very strongly that it is important that there is a place for everything, and everything in it's place, and that the feel, appearance, quality, and functionality of pretty much everything it it is worth some time to choose. Doing this is how you get a space that is beautiful, uncluttered, restful, relaxing, and has the right go-to items for everything you do while camping.

If this not something that comes naturally to you, then here is my advice.

1-pick a color scheme and don't get anything that clashes. Even if it's a bargain. Even if it's just a towel, just a tablecloth, just a blanket, just a rug. In a trailer everything is out and visible all at once. It can look very chaotic and cluttered if there is not visual blending. Be sure to incorporate the colors of your trailer surfaces in your color scheme. (silver/stainless/upholstery/cabinets/countertops/flooring)

2-The right item makes a difference. (this is not about money it's about functionality.) Since one of the reasons using a trailer is so easy is that it's packed and ready to go, you (eventually of course) will want to have all items you need for the trailer as a dedicated items specifically for the trailer. This means that it is a good idea to figure out the best options for dishes, cups, cookware, linens, towels, and food storage. For home you might like big white fluffy towels, but for camping you might better like towels that are thinner and dry quickly in a color that hides some staining. For home you might have a huge cabinet in the kitchen for lots of storage containers and lids, but for camping you might need a fresh set that can nest up and fit in a small area under the sink. For home you might have a lot of kitchen gadgets, but for the camper things need to "carry their weight". A four-sided metal shredder for the camper, instead of a food processor or a set of yeti high ball glasses that don't blow over in the wind, and can work for hot or cold and save space, since they work as wine glasses, beer glasses, highball glasses, and mugs. At home you might enjoy nice heavy oversized dishes that all get tossed into the dishwasher. In the trailer you will be hand washing everything, so things that will be a good size to wash and dry and store are less hassle.

Too much stuff gets in the way. Be ruthless. Pick the right thing and then be done with it.

Piggy Bank
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All certainly good suggestions - new to this myself.
One thing we've learned is towels - lots of towels.
From TV to kitchen to bathroom - never seem to have enough.
Another is flip-flops outside beside the door.
Easy to slip on and off during entry and exit to prevent bringing in the outside.
Best advise I can provide, though, is take you time with everything.
Learn to enjoy the process as much as the result.
There WILL be many frustrations at times.
Those are the precise moments to slow down, relax, and enjoy the journey.

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