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Originally Posted by Wayne&Sam View Post
We dry camp three nights at a stretch all the time with no problem. You learn to take efficient showers! My wife is on Cape Cod for nine nights right now dry camping but taking some showers in the campground facilities. She may also have to start up the generator at some point.

Enjoy your new Airstream!
Dear Wayne,
Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your tips on dry camping. I am eager to work out my "system" as it were. I can see how you guys stretch it to make it work. Sounds good.
Can you share any of your favorite places? And where is a good place to stay on the Cape??
Can't wait until this Tuesday...Getting the trailer brake installed and the hitch and sway bar!! Then, Miles To Nowhere...
Happy and safe travels to you and your wife.

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Originally Posted by Alice&Billis View Post
Congratulations...keep it close to home and simple for that first shake down and consider carefully what type of equipment you'll want to stock the coach with as you get to know your Airstream. Half the fun of a travel trailer is stocking it with good equipment.
Yes my Airstream has better and newer items in it then my home..Just the way I want it.. Be sure to post some photos of it here on this thread too..WE WANNA SEE IT!!!!

"If your not living life on the edge... Your taking up too much room. WANTED, Single lady who loves and has a Airstream. Please send photo of Airstream and Tow Vehicle
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Hey Airboss,
When you say stocking your AS with "good equipment" give me your top 5 favorites. Just curious what they are and why?
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Here's a list of our six most "handy" items for our Bambi:

1. A set of Fagor Multi-Functional Nested Cookware Fagor Commercial 15-Piece Multi-Functional Stainless-Steel Cookware Set: Kitchen & Dining (We got ours at Camping World but I can't find them on their website any more.)

2. "Snapware" stackable food storage containers (for frig & cupboards)...Got ours at Costco, but here's their website: SNAPWARE® : Innovative Home Storage

3. Over cabinet door hooks (Bath Bath & Beyond and Camping Worlds): Bed Bath & Beyond - Forma Over-the-Cabinet Hooks

4. A flexible sewer hose support's one type available at Camping World: Flexible Sewer Hose Support - Product - Camping World

5. A set of leveling's the type we have: RV Leveling Blocks - Product - Camping World

6. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (we have Pressure Pros) them! Not cheap, but well worth the expense. We got ours through 68 Overlander .

You'll have a lot of fun just finding stuff for outfitting your trailer...especially when you can find it in stainless steel or brushed aluminum!
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Dear TB, Greg, Annie & Sadie,
Thanks for your top five favorites! Will check out each of the links you sent in greater detail. How about your top five faves for destinations...
Thanks a lot,
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Congratulations, Chris!

According to the website for "The Largest Boat and Airstream Dealer in Vermont," their sole FC 20 is no longer for, I'm guessing you are the lucky owner. Great choice.

As far as favorite destinations, I'd recommend the Province Lands National Seashore (Provincetown, MA), which is just a little over 5 hours/340 miles from where you are. Wonderful campground near the beach. Be sure to take your bike along, and please do post some pics of your new Airstream (the dealer never put any of this unit on his website).

I don't imagine you'll be sleeping much tonight, so I hope you have a good book .
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Congratulations. Will you sleep tonight thinking about tomorrow?


Stay at or near the dealer for a day or two. Write out questions and go over everything. Ask for more time if they don't give you enough. No one can remember all they tell you, so don't get upset with yourself because you are confused and can't remember something.

After our first night nearby, we came back to the dealer because we found some things wrong and got them fixed.

You will find more things wrong over time, so make some short trips near dealers. Go to the Airstream website, I think there's a contact number and/or e-mail for consumer relations and ask them to e-mail you the list of Airstream dealers.

Woodall's has a book on how things work and how to fix them in RV's. More than you want to know until your stuck with a problem. And then you'll know how that refrigerator works and how ammonia and hydrogen react. A useful library item for the trailer. I'm pretty sure it's on Amazon. You'll want info on campgrounds—we use AAA and Woodall's. Frommer's has one, but it's very limited. There's another guide by Trailer Life, but they are published by the same outfit that puts out Woodall's campground guide, so don't get both.

There are other books about the RV life and read one or two—lots to learn and the more books you read, the more you'll remember.

We love our Doran 360 TPMS—with one axle (I think) you really want to know if you are getting a flat or the tire is too hot (overpressure). The monitor plus 2 sensors runs around $300 for this brand or Pressure Pro.

Use a wash basin in the sink, pour the water into the toilet when boondocking. The grey water always fills first and the black tank doesn't. If you have to wait for hot water in the shower (maybe you like cold showers), try to capture the cold water in a bucket and use it for rinsing dishes (even better, wash dishes in the toilet, well, maybe not). You'll learn how to use less water quickly.

In a while, get a 12v air compressor to fill the tires in the morning. Very important to have proper air pressure. You need a compressor that can pump over 65 lbs and isn't a $20 toy. Or maybe your tires take 55 lbs, but you'll want one well over those numbers because otherwise it can take a very, very long time to fill a tire. One that plugs into a cigarette lighter socket won't do it—those sockets don't have enough amps to do it right. You need one that hooks directly on the trailer battery. We got as good one at Costco for around $65.

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Hi Steve,
I think I am the lucky winner on the boat/airstream dealer you mentioned. I drove by last night and saw that they had moved my FC into position for tomorrow's detailing and systems check. I must say I am really excited.
Thanks for your tip on the Province Lands National Seashore. I love to bike so that would put that location up high on my list of places to explore.
I'll take some photographs in the next couple days and post (once I figure out how to do that on the Forums).
Thanks for take the time to write me and good luck finding your AS.
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Thanks for the congrats, Gene!! I must say I am pretty keyed up right about now. Just want tomorrow to get here. Thanks for taking the time to pass along your "newbie tips." Very helpful. I will do as you write. Will look into an air compressor as well. Was wondering about the safety/importance of accurate/maintained tire pressure.
What are your top 5 favorite destinations you've adventured to? Thanks for your tips. Sincerely,
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First Night ...

Congratulations! We all know how excited you are. We live in Huntington and look forward to seeing your Airstream around the area.

Concerning your first night out, consider North Beach in Burlington. You can probably get either a full or partial hookup site on a Tuesday ... but call ahead just to make sure since it is a holiday weekend. Returning to the dealership (or home) would be just a short trip and you'd have a good opportunity to check out all the systems. You could also go to Little River State Park just down Route 2 between Bolton and Waterbury, but they do not have hookups. Not the most exciting spot since it is so close to home, but your big attraction will be the Flying Cloud! You will not be sorry to spend a day or two checking everything out, learning to dump, and returning quickly for service if you need to.

Bob, Dianne, and Tess the WFT
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Dear Bd & TT's,
I am so jacked! Feel like a kid wishing the hours til Santa delivered would hurry up!! OMG.
I appreciate your suggestions about North Beach. Great idea!!! I will call them and see if I can squeeze in this week. Have a two day course in Montpeculiar on Tuesday and Wed. so perhaps Little River or something up Stowe way is possible too. Do you guys remember that night before?? Man. This is crazy! Why do we feel this?
I will bring my checklists galore :-)
What fun.
Thanks for your energy and for taking the time to write to me.
Hoping that we run into each other sometime.
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Congratulations on your new FC,'re going to LOVE the Airstream lifestyle! We have lots of recommendations, but they are all West Coast. Let us know if you're ever out this way!
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Hey Linda,
See. I should be asleep by now but in my unbridaled enthusiasm I am here at my mac. Goodness what anticipation! Is Ojai along the coast by chance. Seems like I've been through there before. Ten years ago I rode solo on my bike from Medford,OR to L.A. Might I have travelled through Ojai? I'd love to know your favorite places Linda. I'm compiling a list and see where the wind pushes me here in the coming months. Love that Cat Stevens tune, "Miles To Nowhere." Maybe I'll live that out a little sometime soon.
In any event, thanks for reaching out and for your enthusiasm. Looks like you and your partner have quite the love affair going on with the magic Pearl!
I'll post more thoughts after I claim my Flying Cloud tomorrow.
Gotta get some lights out.
Chris :-)
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Welcome to Airforum,com, Chris!

I've heard it suggested on here that one good idea for the first camping is to do it on the dealer's lot, because it seems almost certain that, with all the little parts and bits on a device as complex as an AS, you will find some things that need attention right away.

By using the TT overnight, you will almost certainly make most or all of the systems operate, and could save some time getting them put right. Most dealers will welcome you as a guest, from what I hear. You could spend some time reading Woodall's!

Just a crazy idea from a crazy Canadian...

edit: oops, I see that Gene already suggested this tactic. So, is it "great minds think alike" or "fools seldom differ", Gene?

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
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