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wimberley , Texas
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Long Story, I'm New, Questions (please).

Hi. I live in the Texas Hill country. 57, widower, retired. I've been sitting around feeling sorry for myself for the past year. However, the dog and I went to Big Bend in January . We had to stay in cheap motels, but I saw allot of folks having a ton of fun-- they were Airstreamers like you!!!

I decided that week I had to have one, and have been looking ever since. They sell quickly, especially the smaller ones. Question #1: besides Craig's, ebay, what are some other more productive ways of shopping? Do people place newspaper ads? FSBO signs? Network, word of mouth?

Q. #2. My hunt has led me to believe there are 5 tiers of AS for sale:
a. brand new.
b. less than 10 years old.
c. 2 decades old and needing repairs soon.
d. need serious repairs now.
e. Vintages- in great shape.

a. possible, but highly unlikely.
d (don't like repair work) is out.
c. is a possibility, but again, see d.
e. great option, seems like a., expensive and unlikely.
b. possible.

I will not go out and buy a new one--- if I could get a used one before summer. They are so hard to find; I have a '07 Nissan V-6 Nissan Frontier and want to keep it, so it can't be very large and heavy. I will go anywhere to pick it up, especially if I can find an AS inspector on this site. Thanks for your attention; and if y'all have any ideas or suggestions, let me know. Seeing all you Airstreamers really pulled me out of my grief!!!

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Welcome aboard and good luck with your search. Have you tried the classified adds here in the forums? As for the search; you will have to look in all possible nooks and crannies to locate an Airstream that is right for you. If you are looking for something reasonable and camping ready I would lean towards the '80s - '90s. But you never know when the planets will come into alignment and you will find a gem.

If you find one in southeast Pennsylvania, I would be happy to inspect it for you.

Carl, Elaine & Finn The Beagle
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Welcome to the forums! Good for you for getting out and about, nothing better for the soul than being in the midst of nature and amongst good people!!! Best to you on finding your AirDream!

TV1: Black Sheep, 2001 Dodge 3500, 800,xxx miles, a few non-stock parts here and there...
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Hanlon, First welcome to the forum, and welcome to Airstreaming. You've probably hit on most of the common ways of finding used Airstreams, but don't overlook the classified of this site. There are others also, and here is a list of the ones I know about:
RV Online Used RVs for sale, including Used Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Used Campers, and Used RV
RV Online Used RVs for sale, including Used Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Used Campers, and Used RV
Airstream Vintage Travel Trailer Link Library!
Trader Online Magazine New and Used Classifieds For Sale -

Also, you are about right on with your analysis of buying used's about like buying anything else used. It's all about condition.

Good luck with your search, and if I can help you in any way, give me a shout via PM on this site....we are not very far from one another.

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Welcome from Austin!

Hi Hanlon, my condolences for your loss, and welcome to the Forums!

So it sounds like you want something that is recent and therefore in good shape and ready to roll, and you'd like to spend the least amount of money possible to get it (hence the reason you don't want to buy new and take the depreciation hit). Does that sound about right?

All of that makes sense, and if your price range is realistic, you should probably be able to find something. By that I mean, it is unlikely you are going to find a 5-year-old trailer that originally sold for $45,000, for under $25,000 now. Does that make sense? They hold their value fairly well.

Other than ebay and Craigslist, you could check with the RV dealer called Camper Clinic in Buda. They sell new Airstreams, but they also take trades and consignment, and sometimes have used Airstreams in the condition you are talking about.

But Craigslist often has some interesting trailers too. Be sure to check all of the surrounding areas in Central Texas and all of the Texas major city Craigslist listings as well.

Here's a 2004 in Boerne, it's 25' not sure if that's too big, for $27K: 2004 Airstream Classic 25fb

And here's one on the SA Craigslist, a 2006 25' for $30K: Airstream 2006 25fb Safari

Anyway, welcome, and good luck!

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Welcome to the Airstream world

You have started at the right place in your search......welcome to the have some fun homework to decide the size and floorplan that will make you happy.....there are lots of opinions posted here to help you with that......once you know what you want, you will be amazed at how it will find you...oh, and find some local rallys that you can drop in on to meet the friendly people and see their rigs.....unfortunately or fortunately once you have aluminitis there is no cure but ownership...and this should be an excellent time to buy.....wishing you good luck on your journey.............pj
Paula & Ed
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Your in luck

Wimberly, TX? Pat, check in will you?
What a great neighbor you have...and he will help you out too.
Take a look right here a the Forum Classifieds. Most, not all, are as good a deal as you can find.
Welcome aboard.
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Originally Posted by Melody Ranch View Post
Wimberly, TX? Pat, check in will you?
What a great neighbor you have...and he will help you out too.
Take a look right here a the Forum Classifieds. Most, not all, are as good a deal as you can find.
Welcome aboard.
Jim "Whitsend" is that way as well. Wimberly is will represented in the Airstream community that's for sure!
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with all of the above suggestions, and have one more: be persistent AND be prepared to move fast.

When I started looking, I went to all of those places, AND every day reviewd "for sale" ads in several newspapers - e.g. in Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas, etc. Every day, because you never know what's gonna' come up, and good ones at reasonable prices aren't on the market for long. I also "networked" - told everyone I knew that I was looking, and went to some rallies. I also cruised dealers' used inventory in the Internet.

It took a year of hunting. Then one day, on the ads on this site, one popped up that was close to what I was looking for and geogrpahically not too far away ... I went to see it two or three days later and after a careful look-over, bought it on the spot. By then, the ad had been viewed several hundred times and the sellers had several interested parties (or so they said ...) but I got there first with cash and haggled a bit and we did a deal. Oh, and it was less than half the price of a similar new model and was in near-perfect condition. Good luck!
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Rivet Wimberley Member

Why don't you try to meet up with whitsend (

He is from Wimberley and could give you good advice. Bought my '67 Trade Wind in San Marcos when I lived in Rolling Oaks. That was back in the late '80s.
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This is a good resource to see the different models & layouts.
Vintage Airstream Photo Archives
BTW you need to look at what Melody Ranch has to offer in the classifieds. You could not do better than that Airstream!
1959 "Globester"
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Seems to me that something like this would be nearly perfect for you and your tow vehicle. Finding older modern Bambis (that aren't Craigslist scams) is fairly rare.

Keep on looking - trailers pop up for sale all the time. You'd be surprised what you might find. I looked at a lovely restored 65 Globetrotter for $12,500 last summer (another trailer that would be a good match for the Frontier); just wasn't exactly the right fit for me.

Edit part 2: Not sure of your budget, but don't rule out a nearly new trailer. There are slightly used 2008 Safari Sport 17's advertised for right at $20,000. 2008 22' Safari Sports aren't much more expensive.

Good luck!
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Am I on the right train?

Thanks to all the nice replies to my member introduction. As of today, this is the train I'm on: I am on a nationwide search for a 1984 or newer short trailer in need of fixup. Not real handy, but have the time, think it might be excellent theapy, see lots of expertise here, assume older parts can be had, and have handy friends (who will have to charge me though).

I'm going to hit the road in a week and go to a 10 day antique fair in Roundtop, Texas; hear it is a sq. mile parking lot of RVs and TTs. I'll just walk up to you guys and ask if you'll sell me your 25 year old (or less) small AS. My V-6 Nissan Frontier w/ tow pkg. can pull 6500. The older ASs are lighter, I think. Maybe I'll find one for 5K or thereabouts.

Since I was in sales for 35 years I'm not afraid to stop on a road when I see an AS parked on a farm and ranch- and ask if they'll consider selling it. Chances are, though, in this economy, someone's living in it. Am I on the right train?
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Well it's certainly not going to hurt.

A wise Airstreamer (or 12) once told me, "They are all for sale. Just depends on the price."

I love my Airstream, but I'd have to agree. For me though, the price would be pretty high compared to the condition, since I have more money in it at this point than its condition would seem to indicate...

Good luck!

Oh, and if you want to contact Jim in Wimberly, look up Forum member "Whitsend" and send him a PM. He is one heck of a nice guy.


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