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Originally Posted by sergio View Post
I can see myself and others actually doing important things in there with the door closed.
Just what "important things" are you and "others" going to do in there? How many "others" do you plan to do those "things" with in the bathroom? The shower isn't that big.

Well, after you and your wife get out of the bathroom doing important things (not words I've heard before referring to "it"), listen to her about the kitchen. With your water boiling skills, you may not appreciate a nice kitchen, but she needs to like the trailer too.

As for the front pano by the dinette, what you'll usually be looking at is your truck. I like looking at my truck, but I can look at it at home. A rear pano is much better, especially at a back in site.

Any size trailer means compromises. Have you looked at slightly used ones? As soon as you buy a new one, it depreciates a lot.


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Two comments:

I disagree with your "less is more" statement. As far as trailers go, less really is less in every sense. Less room in which to take your stuff along with you, and your stuff cannot be heavy (like water storage, both fresh, and "used").

Everyone starts out thinking they want a small one. Some stick with it, but lots don't...


It has been said on this forum many times: choose your TT first, then get the TV it requires to tow it.

Why? Well, think how long you intend to own the TT, then calculate how many tow vehicles you are likely to own in that time. The Tacoma will be a faint memory when you are still towing the TT, if you buy one you can keep. I don't mean this as a criticism of the Tacoma, by the way. Just that the so-called "two foot-itis" really does exist.

Good luck with your choice!

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
...John Wayne...........................
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if the 17s/19s have REAL world tow-ability, what do the OTHER have?

28 footers and 3/4 ton trucks...

no one has suggested either.

so u've spent a good deal of time inside them, bouncing around ?

thatz awesome, a critical step and should help u pic 1.

the 17 has been discussed n great detail, the threads on that unit might be useful

the shower/head in the 17 IS nice, but with so little water available, showers are irrelevant.

discussions abound the same with 19s.

less IS more sometimes.

less experience=more confusion.

while MORE personal understanding of needs=less need to ask others for insight.

but the 1st post asks about...

-ENLARGING the lp tanks,
-ADDING a 2nd battery,
-PANO windows and
-HIGH end interior walls (whatever those are)
-metal tank covers replacing plastic...

and so on.

so it would appear MORE is MORE as well.

now back to again answering the original questions...

-the PANO windows add weight
-large lp tanks ADD weight
-the aluminum tank covers ADD weight
-and a 2nd battery ADDs significant weight.

with these changes the CARRY CAPACITY goes down to 1 big gulp.

U R headed toward overloading these 2 models (unless u upgrade the axle rating and tire sizes)

so sometimes MORE accessories=less essentials.

NO ONE is suggesting WHAT unit to buy or what tv 2 use....

these are critiques of each unit, focusing on WEAKNESSES to be aware of before spending moola..

u mentioned earlier, that u would NOT be frying things...

so the burnt bacon fat smell must be coming from the 3/4 ton pulling a 28 and the guy parked next door.

boondocking as us folks call it.


of course one could DITCH the tank cover entirely (it's NOT needed for ANY reason)

order a unit WITHOUT a/c or an awning to get back some payload.

and so on.

camping LIGHT means accounting for WEIGHT and spending the pounds on what's MOST important.

i see NO information or acknowledgement of that primary issue here.

define the needs and pick one, then use it and find out if the choice was wise.

and IF the dealer has given U confusing info, email a/s tech/customer support...

they can answer the "what options are included with package x,y or zeee"

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Originally Posted by Aage View Post
As far as trailers go, less really is less in every sense. Less room in which to take your stuff along with you, and your stuff cannot be heavy (like water storage, both fresh, and "used").
Just for fun, I'll disagree with your disagreement!

I think it's good advice to choose the TV after the TT... when that's realistic in your life.

In our life, however, we had to balance out that "we'll have the trailer longer" sentiment with the "this vehicle is our daily driver, and the trailer is our home just a month or so per year".

Shortsighted? Perhaps. But we lived with less on the road for a month this fall and did wonderfully, knowing we'd eventually be home to enjoy that 4th pair of jeans, a bedroom down the hall, etc. Laptops doubled as movie screens, and the bed became our dining room and changing area!

Yet, less did mean more for us in many cases, and sometimes made all the difference in our confidence and where we camped; like at that campground in Monterey late at night, with only a single 19 foot back-in spot left. Phew! Or when we tackled Highway 1's curviest stretch coming back from Bolinas... carving up hairpin turns with our 19-footer that would've seriously given me pause with 25 feet of trailer.

So for us, learning to live frugally, staying polite when stepping over each other, doing dishes after every meal and stopping at laundromats more frequently were worth it for us. In rainstorms, it was so cozy that we were either gonna start a family or get divorced... so we tried to enjoy ourselves.

The only envy I experienced with relation to size was some V8 jealousy in the mountains (we were in our Hi-Hy.)
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In rainstorms, it was so cozy that we were either gonna start a family or get divorced... so we tried to enjoy ourselves.

Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since we are in our 60's we surely are NOT starting a family, and after training "rustyriviet" over 36 years,(including working together all that time) NOT likely we will get a divorce either. Instead we do crosswords, sudukko, reading books and watch movies.

Since I am a night person, and he is a morning person, the seperate bed and dining area are a real plus. Something to keep in mind while selecting your ideal A/S.
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Want or Need?

Hi, you pick and buy what you WANT and next time you might buy what you NEED. While you are boiling your water, you can also watch the condensation drip off of your pretty aluminum walls onto your nice dry bed; And watch your view from inside of your trailer rapidly disappear as all those fancy windows fog up. Just your photo equiptment, if you are really into it, will take up most of your space and weight allowance in these small trailers. With the additions of tank covers, larger propane tanks, and another battery already shows you are already in NEED of a 23' to 25' trailer. Many people are happy with these smaller trailers and many people have traded up to a larger trailer within months to less than one year with the smaller trailer. You have been given a lot of good advice so far by actual owners of Airstreams; [some for a few years and some for several decades] I suggest that you study a lot more before you buy that pretty one instead of the one that will work best for you and your wife. [It took us three years to buy our one and only trailer] GOOD LUCK.

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Some random/off the wall thoughts on the 'mouse fur' lined walls versus the aluminum interiors, and another wall covering (based on a little experience with all).

Our 2005 Bambi has the fur lined walls:

-They are a real challenge to keep clean. Virtually anything spilled or splattered on the fur, while not immediately apparent, seems to eventually yield a brooding, monotone, masterpiece of abstract art at a later date. I'm still waiting for the face of Elvis, or your deity of choice, to appear.
-The acoustic and insulation qualities are significant.
-If you get the 'aluminum dust', do not use a vacuum. Airstream recommended this, and it just made it worse. Don't ask how I know this.
-I haven't noticed the mouse fur absorbing any smells, cooking or otherwise. And , my lovely wife does a lot of cooking in there.
-The fur lining may ultimately start to separate (as in... fall off) from the interior skin. Mine has, and I'm not looking forward to resolving this issue.

Our 1968 Trade Wind has, what appears to be, a vinyl based wall covering:

-It is fantastic to clean, and looks pretty good.
-It provides only minimal acoustic and insulation properties.
-It has held up extremely well over its 41 years of existence.

We have spent several days/nights in a friend's 2005 Safari ( the perfect guest house) with the aluminum skin interior:

-The aluminum skin looks great, and cleans up real good with just an occasional wipe down.
-The acoustics in our fur lined Bambi are significantly better.
-Some kinds of lighting sources can be a little harsh/cold.
-When it's cold outside, and you roll over, and your butt hits that unlined interior, you will get a rude wake up call.

Other thoughts:
-I would really prefer the panoramic windows.
-I have had absolutely no desire to trade up from the 19' to a larger trailer. It's just the two of us, and we're very close.

Hope this helps a little.
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What you buy is usually a well-thought-out compromise of what you want, what you need, and what fits your budget...and it sounds that you are working your way through that steadily with deliberation, and you are wise to gather opinions. You'll get there...

Others may make a different decision for a variety of reasons, but your decision will be the right one for you. Your circumstances might change later and you may decide to go larger eventually ... there's nothing wrong with that. We've always known that is a possibility for us...but we made the right decision for us given our current situation and we are very happy with it.

Our choice for a small unit was a conscious one, and so were the model and features. For us aesthetics are as important as practicality, and both are matters of depends on who you're talking to. We happen to love the aesthetics of the aluminum interior. We like the way the light plays on it night and day... We have never regretted having a pano allows a great view. Others may prefer the cloth interior and smaller windows and that's OK for them...we have lived with a cloth interior and will not do that again. And even though it may be a bit warmer and may block noise a bit better...we have never been too cold or much aware of outside noise to be less than comfortable. We kinda like the sound of rain on our rooftop.

So go for it ... gather the information and opinions you need to make the right decision for you ... then get out there and enjoy your Airstream! Chances are you won't regret it.
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i see NO POSTs wherein some1 else is deciding what is RIGHT for the o.p.

or trying to alter their values regarding esthetics.

and the current debate on what is pretty is a sidetrack...

Originally Posted by sergio View Post
...what are the mechanical advantages/drawbacks of the panoramic windows...

...Weight, strength, insulating properties, maintenance?

...One AS owner told me I should not consider the carpeted interior...

...Any thoughts on the carpeted vs. aluminum interior?

...I don't take any pets with me, I don't smoke and I don't fry fish every evening, so is this that much of a drawback?

...Are there any advantages in weight, durability and ease of tank access in having the metal case over the plastic one,

other than purely aesthetic considerations?

...Can these tanks be eventually replaced with the larger tanks found on the Bambi, if needed,

...and will the larger tanks fit inside the standard plastic box on the Sport?

...Is it possible to add a battery, if necessary, at some point in the future?

...any thoughts (pro or con) on the advantages of larger tanks and more battery capacity?

...are any of the other mechanical systems, insulating properties, components or materials used...
and so on.

so it APPEARs the questions ALL relate to function or structure, mechanical systems or LOAD issues.

and payload is NOT a subjective parameter based on perspective.

payload/carry capacity is a number/value established by a/s and LISTED on each unit.

so while it's fine to debate what is pretty or pleasing to the 1 eye or another...

THAT isn't the focus of ANY of the o.p.'s questions.

the questions are about SPECIFICS related to mass, strength, R factor, care, UPgrades (more weight) and so on...

CARPET is commonly used on the FLOORs of some models, not the walls.

so it seemed USEFUL to cover the distinction between carpet and mouse fur.


Originally Posted by sergio View Post
...for several weeks/months at a remote un-improved sites, state or national parks or anywhere I can set up...
means dealing with issues like WATER, perhaps adding solar, and carrying adequate provisions...

it's NOT the size/length of either a 17 or 19 or aesthetics that's at issue...

it is the quotations above that appear to be the focus.

and perhaps, IF the truck/trailer will be capable of HAULING more than a hiker with a back pack.

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Sergio, have you been to dealers to look at them, or have you been looking at them on Airstream's website? We found it was best to spend a lot of time looking through various trailers, even ones we didn't think we'd want to buy. Try out the bed and the toilet to see if you fit. Consider where you are going to put the photo equipment (and food, clothes, stuff). If you are going to boondock for a long period, you may need to bring gallons of water (or beer or something) from the supermarket to supplement the water supply.

Some people do fine with a smaller trailer, some need 34' and sometimes their recommendations will reflect what they want. My wife and I pretty quickly agreed on what size we were most interested in and that fit our needs, but we kept looking at other sizes to make sure we were right—and then we had to decide on trim lines. That was pretty easy since we wanted to aluminum interior, but that's not for everyone. We don't have noise issues with it, light on the aluminum is interesting and cool, some interior light were harsh, so we changed them. With our bed location, we can't make butt-wall contact, so that's not a problem.

Keep weighing all the requirements and eventually you'll figure it out.


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