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Its just cool. Sal.

Sal & Nora
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My wife and I are new to RVing. We began our search last fall, primarily looking at class C's. We always admired the look of an AS. The dealer where we made our first stop had an AS on the lot and of course we had to have a look. As the price of gas continued to climb we decided that maybe we should be looking at a TT. By spring we narrowed our choices to two units, a 2011 21' TT with one slide and a 2008 20' AS Safari. While the new unit was "new" and felt roomier it just did not feel right. Maybe it was all in my head but it just did not feel as "solid" as the AS. In the end we paid twice the price of the new unit and purchased the AS. Although we have worked thru a couple of mechanical issues I do not regret making an AS our first RV experience.


Remember its not the destination, but rather the journey.... its what's in the middle that matters the most!
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We looked at many other TT's for about a year and just got frustrated with the similarities betwen all the brands - it was imposible to do any real price comparisons, etc. A busines associate kept telling us to look at Airstream's, but we knew that we could not afford one. But he assured us that there were many excellent used ones around so the search began. We very quickly were convinced of the superior value of Airstream's and quite simply fell in love with them. We towed it 6000 miles this summer and cannot wait until next camping season. I don't think I would ever consider a SOB again.
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The early Clipper interiors -- and the small Streamline trailers of the 1960's -- seem to have the "functional" portion of design aesthetic well tailored to size and use. Nothing extraneous. It's a distinct shame that other manufacturers didn't utilize Streamline aluminum cabinetry.

While on this topic, have all of you had a look at ETN550's My Silver Streak Project (from this post and forward) in re DIY changes to a "granny" interior? (Curtain valances in this instance).

Some suitable changes, new or vintage TT, can take any interior any direction.

Arguably, the Spartan TT's were the nicest of all when it came to interior fit and finish, materials choice, etc.

A good TT is like home buying: worrying over wallpaper, paint colors and a doggy smell shouldn't get in the way of what is otherwise amenable to change, unlike ripping out floors and rotten cabinetry.

I much like Pahaska's functional changes, and am impressed by Bob Thompsons subtle changes on their A/S trailers. Spending time with what others have displayed on AIR beats driving around looking at yet more trailers. There are only so many ways to arrange an interior. Etc.

Seems to take a few years to get it all sorted once purchased. That is the second point: a recommendation of patience.

So, to heck with appliance condition and weirdo wallpaper so long as there are no leaks.

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We had owned a Born Free 23 ft Class C that was an excellent unit and very well built but just too crowded. Sold it and bought a 35 ft Allegro diesel Class A that also was extremely nice with slide out, etc., that was much more spacious. I just never did enjoy driving it and was never comfortable with it on the road. Sold it at my first opportunity.

Some friends had an AS and were completely sold on it so I think some of their enthusiasm wore off on us. We got to looking around and pretty soon we also were sold on AS. After looking at several different models we narrowed our search down and located a '09 27ft Classic online. Turns out the owner was going to be traveling close to where we live so we got to see and inspect it without going very far. We were sold on it from first look and since then we have never back. I think we were very fortunate and blessed to find one that was exactly what we wanted. If I had it to do over, I would do the same thing again.

The only thing I have changed is the tow vehicle to a F 250 Ford Super Duty diesel which is working out quite nicely.

Walter Duffee
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Here's why I wanted an Airstream

Thanks for all the replies, I figured A/S owners were passionate about their trailers and I wasn't wrong.

I've thought about why I wanted one so badly and here's what I came up with:

Back in 1972 I had made my way up to Alaska working on a fishing boat out of Seattle. I ran into some pretty bad luck up there and wound up hitch hiking back to the lower 48 via the Alcan highway, in 1972 the road was gravel and cars sometimes were far and few between.

At one point a very, very large caravan of Airstreams came by - what a site! To this day I still remember what an amazing site (no I did not get a ride )

Among other things when I got back to "real life" I went on to go to flight school and had about a 30 year career as a pilot. The number of hours I spent inside an "aluminum tube" gave me a love of polished aluminum and rivets. There was just no second choice when it came to a trailer, it was Airstream or nothing!
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I have always been drawn to high quality machinery- for cars and motorcycles that meant european products.

For trailers I have always liked the Airstreams and Avions. How could you not like a trailer that was built like an aircraft with aluminum and rivets plus it was aerodynamic. It would be much easier to tow than a square box. I also liked the thought that went into the interiors- plenty of storage and everything had a purpose. And they did not change just to change- only to make improvements. My uncle had a small Airstream and took his family all over the country. He has always had an interesting way of putting things. He said to me: "Dan when you are towing them they are all too big, but when you are living in them they are all too little."

Anyhow, when it was time to buy a trailer, there was only one choice- Airstream. I have never been sorry.
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We looked at a variety of small trailers before we bought our first Airstream - a Basecamp. There are few things made these days that make you feel special... that the time and work you've put into buying something is worth it. Personally, I think Airstream is loosing their way in terms of quality, but they have the timeless look that still fascinates everyone... it's kind of like being a famous rock-star with all the attention you get...

We ditched the Basecamp, because it was sadly lacking in some areas, but got into a used 22 foot International CCD. In this case, we like the exterior, lots of windows, and the CCD interior again - makes you feel like you are walking into something cool. I'm not as big a fan of the traditional wood-grain interior and much prefer the CCD or Ocean Breeze colours.

Is it worth the price? I'm not old enough, or rich enough, to contemplate $60K+ for some of the bigger brand new AS... I'd expect perfection for that money... and I don't think ANY brand can offer perfection... certainly not Airstream...

For what I paid for my used AS? I think it was worth it for sure.
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Originally Posted by dkottum View Post
Airstreams look exactly like what they are, aluminum travel trailers.
"Function dictates design"
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Yes, thorough shoping. We attended several RV shows, both large and small. My wife does not like the exterior look of the AS but once she went inside, she was sold. Particularly after looking at all of the other TT's on the market. We seriously were considering buying a new Arctic Fox which is a very well made, well insulated trailer but heavy. There is just something about an AS though that is special.

While camping at Dinosaur NM in June playing a game in the AS, a group of young children walked by and we heard them say "hey there's one of those old fashion trailers." Loved it.
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I started out looking at all types of trailers. I wanted something that would not be a constant maintenance nightmare. I grew up with several motorhomes, slide-ins, house boats, 5th wheels etc. ALL of them had rot problems without fail. Most of the problems were corner seal problems where two sheets of aluminum are joined at 90 degrees and sealed with gum tape and a strip of aluminum with about a million holes in it all of which leak. The material under the metal is stapled together white pine with no wood preservatives.

My logic in buying an Airstream was, at least, it is made of alumimun which is relatively rot tolerant. I am hopeing that eventually the maintenance curve will flatten out and I will just have to maintain it for the next 30 yrs. So far, I have replaced the rear floor and fixed just about every system there is. But I have to think that my 30 yrs old trailer is just now having problems mainly from lack of maintenance. I would have gone through at least 3 SOB trailers in this time period. I also like the fact that it is relatively aerodynamic and light.

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Originally Posted by xo1rider
Just curious...

My wife and I decided once we wanted a trailer that it was Airstream or nothing. We never looked at any other brand, for us it was going to be an Airstream or we'd just continue using our class "B" that we traded in for the Airstream.

How about you - what made you buy an Airstream for your first trailer?
My wife and i both without talking about it to each other started to consider a rv one day i mentiond it and she said "i have been thinking about it "after a short talk we both found that we both were thinking airstream. We looked at other rvs but kept coming back to the airstream. Nothing matched our style "old but reliable"smile We went to dealers and got a sticker shock, so off to the internet most were in poor condition, some were as much as a new one. Finally we found it 2008 23 ft. We are the third owner, bought in Canada drove to florida, traded in for a bigger one, bought by local police man who cared for it well. He decided rather than it sitting he would sell. So now it is us, just starting at 60 but after three trips it is just right for us and our pups, couldn,t be better. Not a airstream snob just a happy owner.

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Interesting thread. About 2 1/2 years ago I caught the RV bug. I briefly looked at SOB's and Airstreams but the price chased me away. I live in Mexico so I had to do all of my research online. I must admit that I liked the interior of SOB very much, storage was plentiful, weight and price was quite decent. The problem was that when I was daydreaming I could only picture myself pulling an Airstream. I spent hours on this forum reading what everyone had to say about their Airstream.

Flash forward to February of 2013. I went to the RV dealer that originally showed me the Airstream and many, many other SOB's. They are a large dealership with many makes and models to look at. I thought I went into the show room with an open mind but deep down I knew that it was an Airstream or nothing. I ended up with a Flying Cloud 25'. The buying experience was great and the sale man, parts department made it a very enjoyable experience. Because of other commitment at home all I could do that day was buy the trailer so I still have not used it. Here we are in the middle of June and I will be heading back North to officially pick up the trailer and head out for 2-4 months for parts unknown. No schedule and no agenda. I have no idea in which direction my first trip will take me.
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First, I've been RV'ing since 2006 in a toy hauler (young kids at the time). My wife and I decided it was time to downsize, sell the diesel truck, the 31' 5th wheel and scale it down. We looked for 3 months at everything, and I mean everything. Travel trailers other than Airstreem are all a like, boxes with ugly interiors and terrible use of space. We actually walked into a 30' trailer that met all of our requirements except it had not place to store food. LOL!!! I also couldn't believe how big trailers and 5th wheels were getting - you either opt for super light or super heavy, not much in the middle. I guess this is because newer trucks tow so much more now, I think 17k LB for new chevy diesel? crazy.

On a whim we went and looked at Airstream. Wow, what an incredible use of space! Nice interiors, and all the essentials, and not one square inch that's not included as useful within the design itself.

We went with the International Signature 25FB, I take delivery this Thursday and haven't got a wink of sleep since in anticipation.

I found the story of how Christopher Deam came to design for Airstream very interesting.


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