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Brand New (Yesterday) Airstream Owners

My wife, Cris, and I just purchased a 2019 Tommy Bahama 27FB and are excited to join the airstream community. We can't wait to see our first Airstream on the road so that we can flick our headlights, beep the horn, and wave like the idiots we are. We don't pick it up until 4/24 so we will be scouring the forums for useful information and tips. First question, if there is a choice in the camp grounds would "pull through" or "back in" be preferable. For our first experience we would assume it would be "pull through". Again, looking forward to becoming involved with the Airstream community.

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Originally Posted by Docbutch View Post
My wife, Cris, and I just purchased a 2019 Tommy Bahama 27FB and are excited to join the airstream community. We can't wait to see our first Airstream on the road so that we can flick our headlights, beep the horn, and wave like the idiots we are. We don't pick it up until 4/24 so we will be scouring the forums for useful information and tips. First question, if there is a choice in the camp grounds would "pull through" or "back in" be preferable. For our first experience we would assume it would be "pull through". Again, looking forward to becoming involved with the Airstream community.
Welcome! You'll want/need to practice and to be able to back up your trailer when necessary, which could be at times besides when you're camping, but there's nothing wrong with going with pull through sites at first. Our first night was a pull through, and we had a pull-through site for #200 something when we camped on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. By far though, most of our sites have been back in sites, and I am very comfortable now with backing up in any situation. There are courses available that many people find useful, or you could just practice in a big parking lot with some cones to mark where you want to go.

"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving." - Lao Tzu
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Brand New (Yesterday) Airstream Owners

In general, a ‘pull through’ campsite is easier to get lined up into. However, I have seen a few pull through sites that required a sharp turn either entering or exiting. Need to practice a bit with a few traffic cones getting in and out of tight spots.
Learning to effectively back your trailer is a good idea. Again, watch YouTube videos, and find a big empty parking lot to set up cones and practice. It’s also a darn good idea to agree on signals and terms between the driver and observer. Remember to look up. Trees and other obstacles are not just on the ground!
Remember “GOAL” as your best bet. Get Out And Look, after setting the parking brake amp putting the transmission in park (EVERY TIME) is vital to not scuffing your nice new trailer.

Welcome to the joy and madness of aluminiumitis!
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I always ask first for pull throughs. They are generally more expensive, but they are also longer so that you have more room for parking.

I would practice backing up your AS in a parking lot through some cones if you can. Just google “backing up an RV into a site.” Some good videos.

The biggest key: DON’T HURRY. Take your time. Backing up an AS isn’t as hard as a small cargo trailer. Also back up with a spotter. You should always have your spotter so that you can see him/her. My back camera has a microphone that I can hear my wife. If not get some walkie talkies. Also don’t say left or right. Say passenger side or driver side for the direction you want to go. Left and right becomes confusing for some reason.

Also if you have to back up try and get a site that is wide and where you have plenty of room to maneuver. I always try to ask when I make a reservation how wide the site is or ask for a wide site. End sites generally are easier to get in and out of.
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Greetings from the Florida Panhandle

Welcome to the Forums. We're glad to have you with us. Congratulations on your new baby. May you have safe travels and many great Airstream Adventures with her.

This whole RV thing does have a learning curve, But "it ain't launching rockets". Just take your time, ask for help when you need it, and stay calm.

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First of all congrats on your new AS. Your excitement and anticipation is evident and understandable.

Secondly, welcome to the forum. As you know it's a great place to learn and share experiences.

Others have given great information relative to parking. But I would like to emphasize the need to have a spotter. I learned this lesson the hard way! Walkie-talkies are good. Practice makes it better (i've not achieved the perfect rating yet). My DW loves pull through sites as it takes the pressure off of her as a spotter but it really doesn't matter to me. Learning patience, to take it slow and easy, has been the most difficult thing for me.

On a different note you might want to join your local unit of the AS Club. Our group has been a big help to me in many ways.

And post some pictures when you get your new AS.

All the best!
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For backing up etc this video has been worth its weight in gold! We bought the walkie talkies and it has saved the normal disagrements that couples have while backing up! We had never towed or backed up an rv before and we were quite successful in not having to take a long time to back up into our storage spot between a boat and another trailer. The walkie talkies also help not having to talk loud in campgrounds and disturb your neighbors. Lol. We also made the agreement ahead of time that if I asked my husband to get out and look that he needed to do that just to have a second look to help the process along.

PS. We started out at a KOA for our first voyage and those usually have a lot of pull thrus.
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Hello and welcome from Colorado: Congratulations on your very fine new Airstream. These Forums are fun and very informative. Ask any question about your new Airstream and you will likely get informative answers. It does take a bit of experience getting comfortable with all the ins and outs of traveling with your Airstream. We were all new at it once.

Post some pictures when you get a chance. We would all like to see the trailer inside and out.

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Docbutch, WELCOME to the awesome world of camping in the best way possible, IMO!

Waiting these next 10 days are going to be tough, but worth the wait. This forum is the best source of info. Get familiar with it and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I don’t know where you are making the purchase, but be sure to let them know that you are new to RV’ing. Don’t let them rush you through the orientation. Make sure the dealer checks all plumbing, electric, and propane systems. Check for fit and finish of floors, cabinets, latches, etc. Have a flashlight with you so you can see under the cabinets.

On April 24, take a deep breath and let it all soak in!
Long May You Run!


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I would like to add this to your thought process.

There are lots of different challenges with campsites, and different realities even though sites may be described in a similar manner.

For example, a KOA or commercial campground Pull Through is going to typically be a longer, very straight site, with few or no trees or overhead branches. This is the kind of site we do Pull Through.

In state and national parks, and at some other parks in more natural settings like Corps of Engineers, campsites can have lots of overhead trees, boulders, stumps, or other features tight on the side of the campsite pad. Add in a curve to the pull-through, and you have some assessment to do.

We learned this tip from the Long Long Honeymoon (LoLoHo) video about Yellowstone National Park, and have found it very useful.

Just because you can clear obstacles pulling IN doesn't mean you will be safely able to clear them pulling through and out.

On the other hand, if you BACK IN to a pull through campsite, you KNOW you can clear all obstacles when you pull out.

This tip was a lifesaver in Yellowstone, and also in Colorado. Both of which were curved pull-through sites, with lots of tree branches and rocks lining the camping pad.

We back in, and then unhitch and park the truck behind the airstream if that is better.

Then when it's time to leave, you don't have to worry about boulders or branches scraping up the trailer.

Piggy Bank
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I made a point of trying both pull through and back-in sites on our last trip. I prefer the back-in sites and had no issues even though I had to do it by myself and this trip was the first time I've backed a trailer in. Watch the videos and take your time and it's no issue. Practice in a parking lot with cones (my dealer did this with me for about an hour during orientation).

Pull-throughs were great when I wasn't staying more than a night--just driving through. Pull in, level, throw the jack and stabilizers down, plug in (if necessary) and done. But as campsites in and of themselves they were less desirable than the back-ins. They are usually in the middle of the campground and the views were of the campground rather than its periphery. Again, for one night not a huge deal, and it's great to not have to unhitch if you're just going to leave in the morning (though some back-in sites are deep enough that you don't have to).

In any case, learn how to do both because from what I can tell, in the summer it'll more often be a question of what's available rather than what is preferable. In all the campgrounds I visited, though, there were far fewer pull-throughs than back-ins and it seems they are the only ones that accommodate some large motorhomes. So having the confidence and experience with both will allow you more options.
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Welcome to the Forum and congratulations on your new Airstream! We love traveling throughout the country in our Airstream. I remember the several months of waiting to get our custom ordered Airstream and reading Airforums to get prepared. There is a wealth of information on this forum for your reading pleasure.

As others have mentioned, pull-through sites are not always the best when there are trees. One of my worst experiences of getting in and out of a site was at a pull-through at Glacier National Park. It looked like there was plenty of space, but the trees were too close and the site edges too steep making entry and exit extremely difficult for even an experienced Airstreamer. My first choice is always a back-in site.

Congratulations and see you on the road!
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Congrats on your new Airstream! We are newbies (less than 1 year) too! My advice would be to try not to do too many miles between destinations, so that you get to your campsite while there is still daylight and you are not tired. We have been known to talk through clenched teeth while trying to back up into a site after a long day's drive. We have a 22' Bambi FB, which is relatively easy to maneuver and park, but at the end of the day we are lucky if we remember our right from our left. LOL
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A pull through site might be a good way to go for somebody new to pulling a trailer. However you are certainly going to want to practice backing up a trailer because you never know what kinds of situations you’ll get yourself into and backing up is the only way out. Here’s how I execute backing into a campsite. The following only works when you use your outside mirrors. Never turn around and look at the trailer. Place your hand at the bottom of your steering wheel. The direction you move your hand is the direction the rear of the trailer will go. For example, turn your steering wheel to the left and the rear of the trailer will go to the left. Upon arriving at the site I pick a point of reference like the edge of the concrete slab. My goal is to get the street-side (driver’s side) trailer tires as close to the edge of slab as possible in order to maximize the curb-side outdoor living space. This technique allows me to very accurately back up the trailer by making small right/left adjustments to the steering wheel in an effort to keep the street-side trailer tires running along the edge of the slab. A potential hazard is that the utilities can be close to the slab so you’re certainly want to spotter back there helping you out. Safe travels in your new Airstream!

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