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Wow What a reponse!

Okay to answer the burning question!
I had meant the grammer correction as a joke. I did say that they should be more professional. I was, I thought gently correcting them. I don't want and shouldn't have to allow myself to treated with unprofessional behavior. Then to be blasted that way. Way out of line.
If I'm emailing my family or friends, I might write the same way. I have a boy in college, who text messages me and I still use whole words in my return text. I'm just a product of my age.
Yes, I know the world of computers has changed things and the written word has become more casual. But don't you just expect more from a business.

So, I joked that "ha ha, maybe you should have paid more attention in school, the grammer!" I even miss spelled words (yes that was deliberate!). Then I went right back to a professional request for information on the fees they would be charging me. I told them that I would not require any hitch work and asked when I could set a time for delivery.

Thank you all for the great information
I will find a different dealer outside the Mesa - Phoenix valley. With further reseach I have not found very much good about this dealership, nor it's service department.
I don't mind travelling

an for u all that cant talk rite, lets go get us a bottle of that cheap wine and tel tall tales by the fire!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by airdrmr
Personally, I have NEVER walked away from a transaction at a dealership and said "wow, that was fun" (or easy, or pleasant, etc.) The experience always rattles my cage.
Merideth, I'm sorry your's wasn't a pleasant experience. Ours was. I did my research and had eliminated three dealers in person before I called the dealer we purchased from. I made the offer I was comfortable I knew was fair to both buyer and seller (I had done my research and it wasn't some wild, low-ball offer, but a realistic one) and took care of the entire deal over the phone-site unseen. Because I was realistic and fair to the dealer, I was treated fairly and respectfully when we arrived to pick it up.

Not to Merideth:

Too often people are too concerned about getting the absolute best deal...better than anyone else's...that they feel they have to brow-beat the dealer into submission. It shouldn't be that way. If you are fair you should expect to be treated fairly. If you feel you have to play mind games, go play somewhere else. I don't have the time. In the end, I will be in better shape because I won't lay awake at night wondering if I could have gotten a little better deal if I had just...

I think the traditional Airstream dealer isn't used to dealing with internet savy buyers. This is changing, but change comes slow in a market dominated by non-geeks.

Car dealers are a different story. They are used to technofiles and have to respond to today's market demands such as internet/e-mail price quotes or get left in the dust. But Airstream dealers haven't had the pressure to do so. I'm not surprised that a lot of them don't see e-mail price wars as the "wave of the future" in making "real" sales. Lynn may have dealt with one who has e-mail and a web site (with that e-mail address listed) as a novelty or as a way to get low cost advertising, but expecting to still do business with folks who prefer to do business face to face and one who doesn't take e-mail price request as serious customers.

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I have a real issue with typing - at my age (and this is not sexist) only women took typing in high school. I pass on to every kid I know that typing is one of the most practical classes that will pay off in the future in more ways than they could imagine. That said, most people become dependent on and rely on word processing software to correct spelling errors. It's not that hard to use and should always be used by a professional in business letters OR emails.

I believe you are correct - the customer is always CORRECT. Again, his reply is only a window to look into the dealership and from what you see from where you are - the picture is not pretty. Walk away. You are a product of your EDUCATION not your AGE.
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Lynn, Thanks for keeping your sense of humor through all of those responses - Most of them were polite....weren't they?
I found out earlier in the week in another post, how the written word is not always taken in the way it was intended.
Good luck, find a dealer you can keep. (I mean dealership )
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I agree, definitely, that the wonderful Age of Internet hasn't brought us all closer together by removing boundaries of race, class, age & education. It has only INCREASED the obstacles to effective communication.

And I'm remiss, Lynne, in not offering a welcome to the forums as well! It's always fun when a new member gets a good conversation going in their first try. You'll find a lot of friends here. Some of the forum members are very good typists. Feel free, too, to correct my grammar. It doesn't offend me; to the contrary, given that my living depended on it, I'm always interested in knowing if I'm making a stupid mistake. What cracks me up is when people THINK they've caught me, only to pompously explain that I've misspelled "bated breath" or something.

You didn't deserve the response you got from that punk, but I often wonder what it's like to be a vehicle dealer. Posters today quibbled with the way the sellers phrase their eagerness to sell you something, even. And EVERYBODY & his brother think they need to earn bragging rights of brinksmanship. It would make me crazy. I mean, how low can you go before you show no profit? Do you start dealing in $5 increments? I've never bargained for a vehicle or anything. I know before I even show my face whether they have what I want at a price I'm willing to pay. Occasionally, people try to bargain me down when I'm selling at art fairs but the look on my face usually quashes that tactic.
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What was your letter to them? I never correct any elses grammar. SOme find it insulting. I am not perfect either.
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I sorta wish I culd add something different to this thread but yeah you wuz treated worse than ever dude.

Our experiences with RV salesmen has been a line of sleezy, parading as professional hacks. We couldn't find a dealer that would actually quoted a price, just that they were the best place to purchase. I simply conjured a number based on 20% off as "what I've been told" and all of them were happy to beat it. You can sometimes use ignorance as a tool.

good luck with the search and stay far away from a dealer that doesn't ALWAYS treat with you and your business with the utmost respect.

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Had a somewhat similar exp from a dealer here in IL. Bottom line, I bought the first from him and he was the owner.

When it came time to upgrade, he got upset that I was shopping and gave me a somewhat similar song and dance.....needless to say, he didn't get any repeat business and won't if I ever upgrade again.
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I think you also should let customer service at Airstream know that the dealership treats people this way "in the name of Airstream."

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Originally Posted by Silvertwinkie
When it came time to upgrade, he got upset that I was shopping and gave me a somewhat similar song and dance.....needless to say, he didn't get any repeat business and won't if I ever upgrade again.
Yeah, but why should we expect to be treated like kings if they can't expect loyalty? Customers seem to want it both ways.
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I second Fyrsowt: maintaining a sense of humor is the best tactic in life...crying and fuming just don't cut it. And your humor is clearly intact!
It seems important to find a dealer that has good references, is forthcoming and courteous (and hopefully somewhat literate~but let's face it, courtesy and professionalism trump typing skills, and that dolt was neither courteous nor professional...) and, most importantly, you need a dealer who will take care of all the the post-delivery issues. We were fortunate to have such a dealer--with a decent sales manager--fairly close by. The convenience of being able to take future issues to get fine-tuned without traveling long distances is invaluable. A lot of work and patience, but boy is it worth it!
Hang in there.
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I agree

I second JanetB's comments. I HAVE to. I just found out we are "related."

It kind of reminds me of Ruyard Kipling's line from his poem IF..."If you can keep your head while all around you.." Stay on the high road, ask for what you want, and be gracious/appreciative when you get good service. Remember, just like not all dealers/dealerships are jerks, not all customers are princesses or princes.

The customer is NOT always right. But, they ARE always the customer.


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Send a message via AIM to Condoluminum

Apparently this thread has touched a few nerves.. After two more pages of posts, I thought I'd add a couple additional thoughts...

1. I am among few (apparently) who do find the process fun. Perhaps it is due to 30+ years of experience as professional negotiator and negotiation trainer.. It SHOULD be fun, and if not you should practice techniques 'til it is..
2. Dealers are mostly small businesses, run by individuals with strong senses of how to run THEIR business. Some are changing, some are stuck in the past, and some are a pain to deal with.. You are unlikely to ever change a dealership's behavior or practices yourself.. Some (like car dealerships..) may be obnoxious AND profitable, while offering bad customer service, and we should all do our best to avoid making them any more successful by dealing elsewhere.
3. One powerful planning and prep technique is to really put yourself in their shoes.. If you were the only dealer in the state, how aggressive would you be with a local customer? How respnsive would you be to a blind e-mail that might be a trick from a competitor or the factory? While it is inspirational to think all customers are always right and deserve polite and professional treatment, it is unrealistic.. Car dealers are rude to "flakes" and so are RV dealers, often with justification..
4. The market is what it is.. Rare and high-demand units sell for more. Units long in inventory and unpopular sell for less. Dealers will make judgments about after-sale costs of serving a customer in setting a price. A little humor and reasonableness at the bargaining table will make a difference, whether they should or not. Every dealer tries to sell a unit for as much as they can get, and they are motivated to sell what they have to a real person in front of them on any given day.. Anything else is speculation..
5. Buying a $40,000+ "Thing" is still a personal experience.. The internet and e-mail are not going to replace the personal experience. Just look at the range of experiences around e-Bay motors for real world examples. You might close with an e-mail or phone call, but the entire transaction takes personal involvement...
6. Check out the article on buying and selling Airstreams in the Spring 2005 issue of Airstream Life...

In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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I hate to "pile on" on this one but . . .

I really found nothing wrong with the salesman's first reply (other than one spelling/gramatical error). I found your "joking" response to be offensive, even though you have not even seen fit to post the exact words or your reply here. His reply, while probably not in the best interest of the dealership was perhaps no worse than I might have done.

It is poor edicate to "joke" with someone you have not met and do not know well. That is a recipe for disaster, whether talking to a business or trying to make a new friend.

I also think it poor that you provided the text of the dealer responses without the text of either of your messages. It is unfair to try to put all the blame on the dealer in this manner. You have not painted an acuarate picture of this exhcange by only providing us half the information.

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